That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Gabiru Is Here!

1 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Gabiru Is Here! It's been a few days since Benimaru and his comrades joined us.
This stuff sure is nice.
So this is silk cloth, Shuna? Yes, the Hellmoth cocoons it's made from are full of magicules, so it's very sturdy.
I see.
So it should give us some good protection.
That's amazing! You can already weave silk? Great Rimuru! Hiya.
Hey there.
He still won't talk! You came to see us, Great Rimuru! Y-Yeah.
How're things going? Great.
The weaving loom Sir Kaijin made for me is very easy to use.
Yeah? Glad to hear it.
I'm counting on you to make clothes for everyone.
Of course! Leave it to me! Now then, let us go, Great Rimuru.
Our lunch will get cold.
Shion Is your secretarial work going well? Of course, Princess Shuna.
Shion declared herself my secretary.
She kinda looks like one, so I accepted.
Now, she's both my secretary and my bodyguard.
I wouldn't mind taking care of Great Rimuru myself.
Oh, no, Princess.
There's no need for that.
I will take good care of him.
These two seem to have a rivalry going on I think I'll take care of Great Rimuru, after all.
No, as his secretary, I'll do that.
Great Rimuru, would you prefer to have me or Shion serving you? W-Well You need to be weaving silk, right? Maybe I'll have you help out in your spare time What the heck am I asking for?! Very well! You're asking for my help, then? E-Exactly! I'm counting on you! Seriously, what the heck am I asking for?! Well, then, please leave Great Rimuru to me.
Oh, hello, Great Rimuru.
Have you come to eat? Yeah.
Shion said she cooked me a meal.
Want to join me, guys? Oh, I'm not really hungry Yes, we'll just have tea.
I will Oh, he can use the Body Double skill now? go out and scout the surrounding area! I'll bring it out, then.
Oh Sure.
I wonder why the guys reacted that way Is it because, even though Shion looks really capable, it's going to end up being that old trope? I've returned! Please, help yourself.
She's not capable at all! "Not hungry," my ass! They ran away because they knew she couldn't cook! Great Rimuru, help yourself.
Hey, you! Look at me! How dare you just casually sip that tea?! And the old geezer's totally erased his presence! Hey! Go on, Great Rimuru.
Forgive me, Great Rimuru.
Consider this training.
Whew, I'm starved! Please, before it gets cold.
H-Here I go, then.
Yes! Well, hey, it's not like it's poison.
I won't die or— Okay, relax.
It looks like it's possessed, but it's just my imagination! Right, it's just that! A simulacrum.
Simulacrum The tendency to see a face in anything with three distinctly visible points.
The tendency to see a face in anything with three distinctly visible points.
Uh, I don't need that explanation right now.
Guoooogh Help me, Great Sage! Answer.
If you close your eyes and insert the spoon at an angle from the right, you will not die.
Guoooogh I don't really get it, but okay! Mrgh! "Mrgh"? Oh, dear.
Shion Y-Yes?! Next time you make food to serve to someone else, get Benimaru's approval first.
That's just cruel, Great Rimuru! Don't blame me.
You're her supervisor now.
I need Benimaru to do a good job so we don't suffer any more losses like Gobta.
Gabiru the Lizardman continued to earn the cooperation of other nearby Goblin villages.
Granted, it wasn't so much Gabiru's persuasion as it was the Goblins willingly capitulating in fear of the Orc invasion.
This gives us a total of 7,000 Goblins.
Way to go, Sir Gabiru! You're a great negotiator! Not at all.
It just so happens my best efforts are being rewarded.
Don't be so humble! It's pure talent! Yeah! Be more confident in yourself! Indeed.
You will be the Lizardman chieftain one day, after all.
R-Right Maybe I really am pretty great! So, where are we headed next? Are there any more villages around here? It seems there is one more settlement.
But the residents of the previous village had odd things to say about it.
Odd things? They said it was a settlement of Goblins that have tamed Direwolves.
What? Goblins and Direwolves? That's impossible.
I agree.
What's more, they said the leader of these Goblins is a slime.
What?! I don't quite understand that scenario But if that's the case, then if that slime works for us, we'll be able to control the Direwolves, too! Oh! Two birds with one stone! What profound thinking! I'm glad I came along with you! Just leave everything to me! Yeah, Sir Gabiru! Say it! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Really? You just decide the best heat level for tempering by instinct? Sure do.
I can tell from the color of the flame.
I always measure it I measure it the second time around, too.
Right, if the outside's cold, it won't be pliable.
Do you measure the amount of dirt you use when tempering, too? Kurobe and Kaijin hit it off immediately.
Right, you gotta watch the amount, but the quality of the dirt is important, too.
They've been talking about this technical stuff for two hours now.
Oh, I can tell you what the best dirt is.
That'd be great! I came to check in on them, but I couldn't find the right moment to excuse myself, Different dirt completely changes the finished product! so here I am.
Right? Isn't forging fascinating? Y-Yeah So about the water you use when tempering Is Great Rimuru in here? Nice timing! What's up, Rigurd? Great Rimuru, an envoy of the Lizardmen has arrived.
Great Rimuru.
Would you mind if we accompanied you? We want to know what the Lizardmen are up to.
Of course.
Now, then Are we dealing with friend or foe here? Which one's the envoy? That's a rather dramatic entry Hup! I am Gabiru of the Lizardmen.
You will all serve under me.
Consider this a great honor! Yeah, Sir Gabiru! You're the best! So cool! You're on fire! Huh? Remember him well.
This is the man who will be the next chieftain of the Lizardmen! Bow down! Huh? "You will serve under me"? "Consider it an honor"? Bigshot! Who does he think he is? And Shion-san, please stop! You're gonna make this slime way too slim! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Ahem.
Forgive me You called yourself Gabiru, yes? This request to serve you is rather sudden Good grief.
Must I spell it out for you? You've heard the news, have you not? What news? The news that those Orc pigs are invading the Great Forest of Jura.
Oh? Which is why it would best suit you to become my men.
I, Gabiru, will protect you weaklings from the threat of the Orcs! Weaklings! Weaklings Weaklings? Wow I don't see any Goblins.
What? This was supposed to be a Goblin village.
In fact, I don't see anyone weak around here Well, if Orcs are invading, I guess forming a united front with the Lizardmen is one option But I'm not sure I want him watching my back.
He seems pretty stupid.
"What one should really fear is not a competent enemy, but an incompetent ally.
" Didn't Napoleon say that? Ahem! I've heard that there are those among you who have tamed Direwolves.
I will make those of you who have officers in my army.
Bring them to me.
Uh-oh Shion's getting pissed again! Can I kill him? Sure! Wait, no! No! No! Um We didn't exactly tame the Direwolves.
We made them our allies, and I'm the one who did that.
A slime did that? Please don't make such jokes.
Yes, master! He says he wants to talk to you.
Hear him out.
As you wish.
— Menace — Wait, was he always that big? That's his true size.
This size works better for intimidating people, you know? My master has ordered me to hear what you have to say.
So speak.
I'm listening.
Are you the leader of the Direwolves? Wow The other guys are cowering in fear, but this guy seems to have some guts.
Still seems stupid, though.
Your beautiful fur, your keen eyes You truly have a majestic presence.
However It is a bit disappointing to know that your master is a slime! What?! It seems you've been deceived.
Very well.
What this slime has done to you is unforgivable so I shall defeat him for you! Sir Gabiru, you're awesome! Show 'em what you're made of, Sir Gabiru! The peerless Gabiru! Say it! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! A mere lizard dares to insult my master?! Uh-oh.
He's dead.
Hey, what're you guys doing? Gobta! You're still alive? Hey, that's kinda mean.
Of course I'm alive! Notice.
It appears that, in order to counteract Shion's cooking, Poison Resistance he has gained the Poison Resistance skill.
Oh Even I don't have Poison Resistance.
I'm impressed.
Really? Good timing.
Huh? What the heck is going on?! Lizard, if you can defeat this one, I will consider your offer.
Why me?! Wow, Ranga! He's being so calm about this! Yeah, of course.
If you fought him, you'd kill him.
Fine by me.
Having one of your subordinates fight saves you the shame of losing.
Wouldn't you agree, slime? Gobta, don't hold back! Get him! Jeez, why the heck am I doing this? If you win, I'll have Kurobe make a special weapon just for you! Really? That motivates me a little! And if you lose, you have to eat Shion's cooking! Anything but that! For some reason, this conversation makes me very unhappy.
Sir Gabiru! Are you ready? Then begin! Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! We Lizardman, descendants of the great Dragons, could never lose to a mere Hobgoblin How dare you?! Impossible! He disappe— I can't believe what I'm seeing! Is Gobta actually using Shadow Movement? That's that.
The fight is over! The winner is Gobta! Yes! Well done! All right! Bravo! Bravo! This is pretty high! Nice work, Gobta.
I knew I saw promise in you.
Well done showing them what a Hobgoblin can do! I misjudged you.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that rude comment you made about me earlier.
Looks like he's gotten stronger since he fought us.
It appears he has talent that would be worth nurturing.
Is he actually some sort of prodigy? Also, did everyone just naturally believe Gobta would win? I thought You will regret injuring one of ours! You made the first move, didn't you? they'd pick a fight over it and end up beating the snot out of that guy.
It's okay.
I'm a guy who can pick up on the mood.
I'll pretend I expected this to happen.
Good job, Gobta.
As promised, I'll have Kurobe make you a weapon.
All right! As for all of you, Gobta has won this battle! If you want us to help you fight the Orcs, we'll consider it, but we won't serve you.
Take him and leave for today.
W-We'll be back! Indeed.
This is not over! We We'll remember this! Okay, then I guess we'll have to plan where to go from here.
I saw 200,000 Orcs.
The main army is moving north along the river.
Based on the movements of this army and a detached force, I expect they will regroup in the marshlands east of here.
In the Lizardmen's territory, you mean? Two hundred thousand, huh? That's such a huge number, it's hard to even imagine it.
Just what is it the Orcs are after? Orcs are not very intelligent monsters.
If there's something behind this invasion other than just instinct, we should suspect there's someone backing them.
Someone backing them? Like a Demon Lord, perhaps? If that Gelmud guy who came to your village is involved in this Well, there's no proof to base that on right now.
And even if it is a Demon Lord, it might not be the one that made Shizu-san suffer.
I don't know if a Demon Lord is involved, but But? I think this makes it much more likely that an Orc Lord has appeared.
The unique monster that only appears once every few centuries? Yes.
I can't imagine an ordinary Orc leading an army of 200,000.
I believe caution would be wiser than optimism in this case.
I agree.
What is it? One of the body doubles I had scouting the area has made an encounter.
An encounter? They request an audience with you.
How shall I respond? Who is it? I already had my fill of Gabiru, so I'd rather not meet anyone weird.
I don't believe this one is weird But it is a highly unusual encounter.
It's a Dryad.
A Dryad?! Aren't those the girls you see in a lot of games who are, like, tree spirits? Hasn't it been several decades since the last time a Dryad showed itself? F-Fine! Bring her here! Sir.
Ruler of monsters, and all those who are loyal to him, forgive me for this unannounced visit.
I am Treyni, a Dryad.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
Dryad Treyni I'm Rimuru Tempest um, Treyni-san.
So what brings you here? I have come to request a favor.
A favor? Rimuru Tempest, ruler of monsters, I would like you to defeat the Orc Lord.
The Gears Spin Out of Control Next time, "The Gears Spin Out of Control.