That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Episode 1 What is weird about what I am saying? Can't I just live half-heartedly like this? Does there need to be a reason for a person to live? Then, how can a person keep living without any meaning? Really? What is your family like? Family? Family.
This was Reporter Kim Young Jin.
since the PL group's CEO Oh Se Ho fell into a coma 300 days ago due to aneurysm it has been 300 days since the CEO has been able to lead his company.
has caused significant internal tension within the company The former CEO is credited for many patents the company currently holds and for the last 24 years has devoted funds to medical research and grown the PL group to the corporation it is today His only daughter, Oh Young, is the sole executor to his estates and there is no other family Oh Young's fiance, Lee Myung Ho, has been carrying out the CEO's responsibilities Will there be a need to pick a new leader of the company or wait longer for the CEO's recovery, the decision is right before us.
I can no longer act as a substitute CEO, I think while the CEO lives, Young's and my wedding Usually when an elder is unwell, isn't it untasteful to have a big event, Lawyer Jang? Yes, of course.
It isn't right, no matter how much of a hurry we are in.
But, the doctor wants us to be prepared.
What if something happens to the CEO when there is no family around? My father is still alive.
Do not talk about him so carelessly.
All in.
Ace, two pair.
King, full house.
Two poker.
What the hell! You guys planned this right? Why are you only stepping on me? What are you only stepping on me? This isn't the time to smile.
You think that right? There seems to be a lot of them What are you doing Go catch those bastards! Everyone wants to find a reason to live.
So, in order to find that reason some risk it all in a fleeting love others risk it on a moment of passion Either way, it's all the same.
All this will come to pass.
Uh! In this world where people are all looking for a reason to live so I also try to look for a reason to live this dirty and lousy life.
Then will something change in my life? I've lived my whole life thinking that I only have myself to depend on Will there really be a moment of such enlightenment? Then should we start now? You will soon throw me away.
If you believe it, I heard it comes true.
I have nothing more to lose so what's the harm in trusting something that could be just another lie Perhaps living that way would be more interesting You are cruel.
I agree.
Sleep tight, Young.
If you're the eldest son of Pl groups president then Iam Steve'sJobs'long lost son Hey! i'm not sure about the others but i would never lie to you two My mom said when I was eight and my sister was 6, .
got divorced from my dad left your sister at your place and left the house with just you.
but you mum passed away suddenly and that's why you're living like this as a maid I'm serious! Sure, then go to your dad and ask him to give you money And don't live a desperate life like this.
And don't live a desperate life like this.
When my mum was dying, she told me not to look for my dad just for money.
When my mum was dying, she told me not to look for my dad just for money.
I have to keep my word Later, I will become a chef at an italian restaurant.
and confidently stand in front of my dad and my sister without being embarrassed.
Confident? Confident my a Ah!! this hyung seriously! I told you to change your name, didn't I? I told you I dont like you having the same name as my brother, didn't I? And why are you using my address? Ya since when did Oh Soo's house become yours? I only did it because there is no one at my place to receive mail "To Protect" Soo? Ah.
Mom wanted me to be somebody who would protect my sister and the world.
Normally the Soo ("to protect") is not a common chinese character used in people's names but I think it's cool "To Protect", Soo.
Oh Young, She is my sister What chinese character Soo do you use for your name, bro? There isn't a deep meaning to mine Just "Tree" Soo "Tree", Soo? Since I was abandoned under a tree, thus the character "Tree" Soo There were also lots of tree surrounding my orphanage, thus the "Tree" Soo My orphanage director gave me that name Is he being serious? Was he really abandoned under a tree? I asked you a question who did you sleep with last night? I've heard that silence is an affirmation Bro.
lets go eat.
By chance, that girl So Ra.
do you love her? I only love you.
That beggar like You're not painting? Go away nagging first thing in the morning You don't paint, and instead you stay with girls that are desperate.
Where is your wallet? Why do you need his wallet? By the bed Why do you always give her money? It's for the potted plant She always brings the cheapy pots and takes way more She may work at a flower shop but she's a thief And you keep interrupting me in mid-sentence one of these days, I swear I will.
Hey, hey, hey What's that doing there? so why would you go rummaging through somebody else's bed? Crazy.
seriously! Hey, Jin Sung Did he really kill Hee Sun's sister? what are you talking about! They were dating and when he ended it she got mad, got on that motorcycle and schreeech! -Hey! Screee.
There are no towels here.
Bring some.
Okay hyung.
Be more diligent winterizing the plants this year We lost quite a few trees last winter Yes, madame Is the maid at home? i'm not sure.
she should be.
She may be outside cleaning up Oh young is inside though Oh, you're picking it up personally? Secretary Wang is not around? She is in the front garden please sign right here you have a delivery here.
What do you have for me? One secondlet me see Some bills and oh.
Oh Soo? Some bills and oh.
Oh Soo? Your brother's letter is here again He's been writing to you every couple of months since last fall you've not seen them? They were always sent via registered mail .
thats why I gave it to secretary Wang personally.
I've seen them.
Sorry but, the letter Okay! Drive safely.
yes, take care.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!! Mister! ajhumma! Ajhumma!! Are you.
going somewhere? Where else can a blind person like me go? I'm going to the center Should I call driver Park? Since my dad's been sick, I haven't taken the car out to the center I've called for a taxi already You riding the taxi alone.
anyways i have to live my life alone.
Now if dad also were not to be around.
I should try to be more independent, right? I guess I can't be a trustworthy person for you.
Mom and dad divorced because of you and I became separated from my mom and my brother you don't become trustworthy just becaue some time has passed Instead, you always had dad's trust he trusted you more than me Oh, by the way.
after my mom passed away 14 years ago .
news about my brother.
have you not heard anything? your dad said not to look for him.
Wasn't that when my mum was alive? Wasn't that when my mum was alive? I blame my dad it's not like he could stay with me forever But he wouldn't look for my brother leaving me all alone but.
why did you come to my room? I thought you received the mails.
Mail? no.
I thought I saw the mailman earlier Miss.
the taxi is here.
I'll be going then.
Yes, Su-Jeong-Dong post office, please Could you look for the hand-written letter and take me to that address? ah this one? yes, okay.
here you go.
A handwritten letter? Yes.
is it possible to check if we got a handwritten letter at our house today? just a minute.
yesthere was one registered mail that was hand-written yes? Secretary Wang.
the alarm from the president's room.
It got turned on by mistake Nothing is wrong.
,, Miss, turn around and walk straight the building entrance is a little off to the right You remember the unit number? Yes.
Its to the left of where you are.
but excuse me.
you are really the sister of Mr.
Oh Soo who lives here right? Do you wanna meet him before you go? No its alright.
Who is it? WHO is that? Who are you? Youngie.
Youngie? Who is Youngie? Isn't this Oh Soo oppa's house? It is.
I am Oh Soo.
I got your letter the one you sent me letter? Oh.
that Oh Soo Oh Soo isn't home now.
He will be back by around 3.
Please come back then Listen miss,, Oh Soo is not here now.
Didn't you just say you were Oh Soo? But saying Oh Soo is not home now.
I dont understand that is.
Your brother and I have the same name But your brother is not here and I am extremely tired so please dont ring the bell again president.
me? Yes.
I told you to call me Mr.
36th there are so many presidents living here i get confused.
ok but.
you see.
she's already been waiting for about 3 hrs She said she's waiting for her brother you've been waiting here for 3 hours? Not even sitting somewhere.
just standing here? Who are you? me? we spoke at the door earlier Ah.
Do you wanna wait for your brother in the unit? Till your brother returns? should i give you the keys? No.
Ok then excuse me Can you read this letter for me please? here.
My brother's letter should be there i dont know which is which I want to know the contents of the letter Can you not see? Yes.
i'm a bit busy.
Dad is ill.
I want to know my brothers condition and if he is in a state to meet my father Sorry, I forgot you cannot see Let's move somewhere.
There are too many people walking by here.
Oh wait.
Should i hold your hand? I can hear your foot steps.
You can just go.
Just let me know if there is something in front ah.
If you walk about four steps, there is a staircase Hello Young, this is your brother If you have read the letters I've sent.
you may know this He seems to not know that you can not see We were separated when I was six years old.
I was able to see then.
As I've said before.
I'm running an Italian restaurant and doing very well.
He lied in his letter Pardon? Never mind I was talking to myself.
But, aren't you going to come see me? If you change your mind, come find me at the address on this letter.
This address you have is my business partner's home But soon I will buy it from him.
As I've said before, after mom passed away he's been my trusted friend and even shares the same name as me.
Isn't that something? He wrote that.
I'm reading exactly as written.
How are you doing lately? Probably the same talkative and cute Young? You don't seem talkative at all.
Aren't you going to read the letter? I think about you everyday.
How tall you must've grown whether you're still easy-going even without mom or me there living with distant and scary dad.
I wonder if you've been very lonely by yourself Thank you.
I will finish reading Also, I want to know what you think of this.
The hyung that I am living with (Oh Soo) lives off of his face and fists and is a completely player.
I can't believe he wrote this about me Just to let you know, your brother has a habit of exaggerating I'll skip passed the part he wrote about me for my privacy's sake Yes Why aren't you reading? Bro, where are you right now? Near the house.
You need to get out of there The cops are coming after you.
So Ra framed you after she embezzeled President Kim's club and disappeared The word is out on Chung-dam streets The cops are digging around the club and our banks and So Ra is gone Just get out of there for now.
You'll be screwed if you get caught.
Just get out now! Are you listening?! Do you hear me?! What are you doing? Just for a second.
I won't hurt you.
Just stay like this for a sec.
Your brother will be here soon When I leave, go back in the building and ask for your brother Also, the last line of the letter.
your brother says he loves you.
Good bye Wait Wait.
my cane.
Stop right there Hyung, what's going on? told you to stop "Attorney Jang, calling" Yes, it's me.
Hyung, where are you going? Wait Young, you father is in critical condition.
You need to come home quickly! Taxitaxi.
Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! What is this? Your frame job was flawless Iembezzled money from your sugar daddy's club? I've never even visited his office but I somehow falsified his club's accounting statements? Are you sitting there as her legal advisor? You must have put her up to it She's not nearly smart enough to come up with such a scenario Why did you do it? Rot in jail for just a year No.
I'll hire my own attorney and will walk out of here I already spoke to the prosecutioin they told me that I, no.
I mean you, embezzled 5 million won That's more than enough for me to.
-No, you embezzled 70 million won What? 70 million? Embezzlement, illegal gambling, fraud charges on top of that You will not walk out of here The 1 year sentence has been agreed upon by the prosecution It's all because I love you Stay here for a year that I'll be in the states filming I can't bear the thought of you free to screw around while I'm away I'm so afraid that you're going to leave while I'm away After your sentence, go to Switzerland I've put the money in a safe account President Kim thinks you have the money You know what kind of man he is, right? If you stay in Seoul, he'll do whatever he can to get you to give up the money Don't try to fight me Like I said, the prosecution has already agreed and they're in on this too When you get out, wait for me in Switzerland We'll start a new life there Thisis your definition of love? Screw you.
Even if I die by President Kim's hands, you and I are finished.
One year later Darn it, President Kim took everything, your car, cash, all stocks and bonds I was so pissed off so I went to his club and caused a scene.
Then one of his thugs dislocated my shoulder So the next day I went back with a cast then he broke my leg I went back after my legs healed, all set on burning his club down this time he offered me money to stay and work for him But you know me, I spat on his face and lost 2 teeth 2 front teeth.
implant So you spread Oh Soo's ashes here? I'm not sure why but he asked me specifically to scatter his ashes here then he told me to go to PL group if things got really tough said they'd help, if I told them about him he held on to that lie till the end still.
he was nice guy oh.
we have to go to Soo's rooftop room.
We have nowhere else to go I want you to leave this business what! Or go work for Mr.
Kim Have you lost your mind? I've waited a whole year for you and you talk this non sense I'm not joking You told me that it was your dream to build a big dairy farm for your dad It's not a betrayal to go after your own dream Then you do the betraying then it should be fine.
you cant right? why? because you love me.
because we are loyal men.
Now what are you going to do? Are we getting back into the game? Or are we going to get President Kim and reclaim what's lost? You never did listen to me Yes! Here we come, world! You're all dead meat! I can finally return that crummy rental car You won't front us the cash? Why won't you bet on someone who's got 99.
9% chance of winning? You won't front us the cash? Why won't you bet on someone who's got 99.
9% chance of winning? Call president Jang out here! President Jang? Hyung, I'm really sorry President Kim already too over here.
Our hands are tied.
Cut us some slack here.
oh Soo Hey! Here.
its not much What do you take us for? Ah seriously! This bastard Stop Stay down If not for Soo hyung you guys would be soo dead Yes, Man Du, it's me.
yeah, well.
first lets meet and.
what? things to do? are you too by chance avoiding me? hello? he.
was it Mandoo just now? Oh, he's so dead you look lonely Why do I feel so warm? 78 Million won.
The 70 you owe president Kim and my 10% commission plus a year of interest works out to 78 million won When are you going to pay up? 78 million won? I've not seen anything even close to that.
Me neither but thanks to you, I get to see it with my own eyes too.
If i don't pay up.
what are you going to do? You already know the answer to that You can go down for it quietly or You may be lucky enough to take me with you i'll give you 100 days, starting today exactly a 100 days Next time, I'll aim 100 cm to the right Just because I'm being civil to you now I don't want you to think that we're still on friendly terms You'd better get to the hospital I'm a little nervous to be standing here today I'm a little nervous to be standing here today I'm sure it's not because of my disability I'm certain that my dad would had been nervous as well Without further delay, please focus your attention to the screen "Parkland, Celebrating 24 Years of quality clothing at great prices" PL group's main focus going forward will be on progressive design to propel us into the top tier design group Thank you.
today was totally awesome! The way the investors looked at you .
was like they were looking at some celebrity with amazement saying your CEO status should be made permanent Just thinking about how proud of you he'd be if your dad was still alive makes me stupidly.
want to cry its probably just for today I too know that i'm a namesake president When the 3 month term ends, the shareholders will elect representative Kim as their new CEO the shareholders will elect representative Kim as their new CEO Everyone only acknowledged me in the presentation today.
Because a blind person like me is valuable for this project.
because a blind person like me, made a presentation still since its not home or the charity center but a place like this that i've come to.
it was pretty fun Get back home safe Young.
Lawyer Jung, aren't you coming to our place today? Let's have dinner next time.
there is something that your dad asked me to do.
What was the will? i'm going to surprise you.
Wait for it.
I'm closing the door Take care.
yes, this is Lawyer Jung.
what? you found him? Oh ok.
lets first meet What did lawyer Jung say? i'm not sure too.
But wait.
when are you getting married toMyung Woo? Its already been ayr since you got engaged i'm not going to marry.
The engagement was dad's idea.
I have no interest in this why? I thought you had feelings for myung Woo.
dont u? I guess people marry if you like them? -Thats -Why? Because i cant see, i have to marry a person i like? what imeant was Young.
its not that thats what i understood Oh where did he go! where the heck did he go you're looking for your brother? he changed clothes and left earlier he changed and lef.
ahh where does he think he is going in this state i'm really saddened Can you not hear? Bring all the guys! If at least one person isn't there, i'm not going to let you go.
Do you think I'm going to die alone? did you call the guys? what guys would i?.
i did not do that.
You know how many years you fed me? I wouldn't do that hyung.
thought the others might.
you cant do such things of course bro.
i should do such things Hyung even fed me.
just fed u? Is food all that I gave you? you bought me a house too gave me a life too Get him! Are you still innocent enough to trust loyalty in this state? This isn't fun.
Time is going fast, isnt it? you have 97 days now.
Excuse me.
Can I ask you something? Is this.
excuse me, is this Mr Oh Soo's house? yes.
Is Mr Oh SOo here? I am Oh Soo You are Oh Soo? But why is your face hold on.
I am Lawyer Jung uncle you've changed beyond recogntion Ah.
you dont remember me? I,am PL group, your dad's company lawyer I'm your dad's school senior and junior and when you were young we went fishing together.
you dont remember? As PL groups son, even if i starve to death, I wont live like you guys Hyung said to bury him here if he were to die And if living gets tough , to look for PL group and that they'd help if we told them about him 78 Million won.
You now have 97 days.
whats wrong Oh Soo? Do you really not remember me? Noi remember You've grown very old uncle That Winter the Wind Blows Hyung is about to die, so whats so bad if he acts like a rich oppa? To this group, 78 million would be the price for a piece of gum.
I don't know about the reasons but I'll apologize for the past There must be another reason.
Another reason? Money.
Do you know what state you are in? "It must've been hard.
You must have been hurt.
" aren't you supposed to ask that first? Do you think she'll give you 78 million easily? What would happen if she died?