That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Oh Soo? Another letter came from your brother.
14 years ago after my mother died do you not know of any news of my brother, Secretary Wang? Who are you? You Young.
If your PL group's only son, I'm Steve Job's hidden son.
Oh Young.
She's my sister.
Excuse me.
Can you read this letter for me? Can you not see? Yes.
I'm always thinking of you.
I wonder how tall you have gotten.
If your personality is good.
Without your mother and i if you are not lonely on your own.
Your dad is in critical condition.
Secretary Wang, the alarm in the president's room It rang on accident.
Nothing's wrong.
Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Embezzlement, implicated in illegal poker games, and suspected of gambling fraud.
You will never get out.
8 billion won.
If I don't give it to you? What are you going to do? You go alone or if i add power we go together.
Is this Oh Soo's house? I'm Oh Soo.
Episode 2 I'm your dad's company, PL group's lawyer.
I'm your dad's school senior and junior and when you were young we went fishing together.
Do you not remember? As a only son of PL Group, even if i starve to death, i'm not going to live like you guys.
I don't know what memory he has but as he was dying he said he wanted to be buried here.
Saying if it gets hard, go to PL Group and tell them about him and they'll help us.
8 billion won.
Now you have 93 days.
What's wrong Soo? Do you really not remember me? No I do remember.
Ahjussi, you really grew old.
Hyung, what is this? Do you know how much I looked for you? Hyung, what's wrong with your face? Who is that person? Go to your room.
But, Ahjussi, who are you? Why is that person over here this late? Who are you? Oh Soo hyung.
Oh Soo hyung.
Who is this guy? What is this guy doing here in the middle of the night? Huh? Why are you being like this? Tell me.
What is it? Hyung, what's wrong? Did that ahjussi do this? Why are you doing this? As you can see, i don't think we can talk today.
Let's talk next time.
I said we'll talk next time.
I'll call you.
Oh Soo hyung! What's wrong? Did Moo Chul send that guy? Or President Kim? Soo! Soo! If you saw the newspaper than you may know but your dad passed away a year ago.
It seems like your upset that I came for you now but your dad had problems too.
Soo, your one and only sister, Young is waiting for you.
Think about Young.
Ji Kil (Protect) Soo? My mom named me that because she wanted me to protect my sister and the world.
Taxi! TaxiTaxi!! It was your dad who upset you not Young.
It's not her mistake.
Soo, she can't see either.
She's blind.
Your the only person she can lean on.
Soo? Soo? I said I'll call! I will leave for today.
You must be confused.
If you calm down, call me.
Contact me.
What's wrong? What is it? What are you looking at? Hyung, what are you doing? Say something.
Why are you being like this? Identification card.
Lim Min Sook What is all this? PL Group Lawyer Jang Sung? Oh Soo is really PL Group's son.
Yeah right.
Saying his dad passed away Oh soo He was looking for Oh Soo.
He was looking for him.
Really? So what? He's already dead.
Did you tell them he died? No? Why not? I don't know.
I just pretended to be the dead Oh Soo.
What? What? What?! Yeah we're crazy, we're insane.
So what! He looks like he's going to die, so why not help us out? Going to rat us out? Go ahead tell! You brat! Do you think I won't you crazy bastard? -No I think you will do it you insane brat.
Go ahead do it.
Your sister died and she annoys hyung.
Your alive and your annoying hyung.
You two sisters go ahead and kill him.
What did my brother do to you guys, for you to act like this? He threw away my sister.
If he doesn't like her then he has every right to throw her away! If a boy and a girl don't like each other it's natural for them to break up! So what's the problem? Crying for no reason.
Do you know what this bitch just did? She said she's going to PL Group and tell them your the fake Oh Soo.
She said when 91 days pass and you die from Moo Chul's hands she's going to send a flower.
Report Moo Chul to the police.
You really like reporting us.
The police are sure to help if we report a guy who has the police at his back.
Are you saying that because you don't know Moo Chul? Everything that he does is not noticed by heaven and earth which is why his nickname is heaven earth.
Call the police? You are just asking to die! Hyung was stabbed a week agp and yesterday he was beaten to a pulp.
What else do you need to know for you to leave us alone? You psycho! You.
do you want to live like this? A man is so scared of dying? If you're that scared, then what about my sister? Your life is meaningless anyway right? It doesn't matter if you die.
What is the reason that you have to pull a con to you live? Do you actually want to live? Do you actually want to live? You who was abandoned when you were born.
What? You want to find your mother who left you and get revenge? Stay.
If you're my mom than stand there.
If you know me -Taxi!! Taxi.
taxi! I said to just stand there! I won't ask for anything.
I won't ask you for money.
I won't ask to live together! Stay there! After she abandoned me under a tree, she only came to see me once That woman who gave me 5,800 won.
Me? Have any feelings for that woman? No not really.
Then why? You have no reason to live then why? All you have is just forcefully eating each meal like a pig To live do you have to have a grand reason? Even if I don't have a reason to live, I live because my eyes open in the morning, because I still breathe.
Why? If a person doesn't have a reason to live, does that mean he can't? If living like this is embarrassing I'm embarrassed right now.
But you know, Hee Sun Because i'm still alive I want to continue living.
Soo! I told you to not have Hee Sun next to you.
If Hee Joo loved Moo Chul instead of me when she was young would Hee Joo be living right now? Leave.
You're not happy to see your brother? I thought you would be happy.
If you're brother comes you won't be lonely anymore.
and your father has been worrying about you both.
My father is like that If my father was that worried about me being lonely, he shouldn't of gotten a divorce in the first place.
That you should understand - I did understand.
Mom and dad divorced and dad picked Secretary Wang instead of mom.
And the fact that mom chose my brother instead of me to leave the house.
All of it.
I don't need my brother anymore.
I always have Secretary Wang that my dad chose instead of mom and my brother.
24 hours a day.
Suffocating me.
Young Hee But I don't think Secretary Wang would like having my brother coming back.
What do you think? Why would I not like your brother coming.
- That's a misunder-- Are you sure it's a misunderstanding? Since your acting like that I now feel like I want to see my brother.
Wow, what's inside that head of yours? Let's see.
let's see what's in this little head of yours.
Want me to tell you? Yeah tell me.
Haha you're so cute.
But are these the only photos of Soo Young? Fortunately, in his elementary school pictures he was thin so he looks alot like Soo, so I left those.
He wasn't in the middle school yearbook and he dropped out after 8th grade, so there are no high school pictures.
That's the only picture that was taken during his one year at the orphanage, but As you can see, it's right here.
Wow, amazing! Really amazing! It's nothing.
But why did you suddenly change your mind? I can't see someone dying because of money.
Even if they want to.
Its not because you like Soo? You're mine.
I won't give you up even for Soo.
Who is this person? 21 years ago she retired as the PL group secretary.
According to law she is a stranger, but is actually like a surrogate mother? Congratulations, on getting a mom.
This person is a lawyer.
President Oh's high school junior.
The Chairman's right hand man.
Someone you can become close with.
What about her? Yoon Yoon Soo.
It's the name on the metronome.
-By chance.
the mom? -Yeah.
Yes, Ehwa University piano major.
Is that person really her brother? Don't we have to do a background check? Lawyer Jang has already done so.
He met with him directly and confirmed it.
This is impressive.
You're saying that this is all yours hyung? You're rich.
8 billion won is probably like the cost of gum for these people.
It's going to be easy to take money.
They say that people who have more are harder.
I vote that it's not going to be easy.
I think checking as soon as we see the brother is right the right thing to do.
I thought abou it too but what if the contents of the check gets on the newspaper and the shareholders agree? We're on thin ice especially because of the issue of electing a new CEO.
We can do a paternity test any time, so for now What the? What's the matter, Director Yoon? Nothing.
I'll see you later.
What are you? What are YOU? Don't you know that this is a one way? Don't you have eyes? Didn't you see the sign on the way in? You're in the wrong here.
Get your shit right.
When did I say I wasn't in the wrong? I'm sorry.
What are you so sorry about? Did we do it after we saw the sign? It's because we didn't see it.
People can miss things like that, so what's up with all the fuss? Stop.
It's our fault for not seeing it.
Stop it and get in the car.
Seriously I'm going to let this go.
I'm sorry.
I'll take the car out.
Who does that bitch think we are? As soon as we take over this group let's find that guy and Ow! Why? He's obviously a higher-up.
If he comes to see Oh Soo after learning that the CEO's son has appeared Then what are you going to do? First, let's just hope we don't bump into him.
Oh Soo had called.
he said he'd come home this weekend I'll see you then too mommy! -Mommy! mommy! -Young.
-Go in Mommy!! Mommy! mommy!! Brother!! Young!! oppa!! Oppa!! What? The sister can't see? Then its totally easy The only sister that can know your identity the easiest can't see.
This is totally your win.
She can't see so how will she know who you are? A year ago when I saw a glance of her she wasn't average.
So that's why we prepared beyond average.
Hyung is still alive because I didn't declare your death to the government office due to my foresightedness.
Also Ta Dah!! your fake drivers license and ID and the evidence documents that you're owning a Italian restaurant.
The girl's oppa isn't a gambler or a gang but an owner to an Italian restaurant.
On top of it the blueprint to the house too What about the money? First we sold this houes and He sold up-to-date information on high-profile gamblers at a high price.
We're gonna be living it up for a while.
Your mother's side? aunty is one person Unable to be contacted after mom died and I went to New Zealand.
What about your dad's side? No relatives other than his dad, currently living alone.
thats enough then But, if you have to take the money you need tobe on good terms with your sister Hey! even if bro doesn't know anything else, he knows everything about women.
see until now.
All the girls gave him their body, money, and friendship.
If hyung takes of his shirt, takes a shower and flip his hair and wink while smiling then But you see.
that woman cannot see! Aish She's supposed to be able to see then lets eat the cup ramyeon bro! the hand! Soo hyung the hand! what do we do about the wound! its from his childhood so the sister would know about it! What do we do? Whoa! Is this a house or what! Wow! 7.
8 billion for you and 100 million for my dad to build his ranch, there's more than enough for that here.
Just don't notice about the wound.
Secretary Wang, since Young hee is washing up she probably didnt hear me knocking Ok then she'll probably come down once she is done washing up Youngie's brother is here.
Greet him Hello! I'm Youngie's friend Mi Ra But that picture is kind of not right As if you are the owner of the house with Youngie and dad.
Legall, your dad and secretary Wang are strangers but she did her best and to Young she's been like a mother Must have been so thats why she was able to take a family picture so comfortably Thank you For taking of Youngie all this while Vice- president Lee Myung Ho is here/ Lee Myung Ho is Young Hee's fiance.
Dad's choice I'm here.
youngie's brother is here Ah! yes.
Say hello Hello.
I'm Youngie's brother Oh soo.
Nice to.
What the.
i think we've met once before Whenever I miss father, I sometimes visit the office The other day.
parking lot.
am i right? Oh.
Why don't we hear about our tie later from him? But.
the house seems to have changed a lot since i left There isn't much that has changed The paint is new too And the curtains are also different from the color that mom liked Since a lot of time has passed.
without a choice It wasn't to get rid of all traces of mother? Since I hear about traces I thought of something the president said.
"I wonder if my son's wound healed?" He said it so many times with worry When they got divorced, you got hurt Did you say it was a burn wound, lawyer Jang? huh? yeah, yes.
I'm sorry but can we take a look at that scar? I dont really feel like doing so Why? Did the wound heal and even the traces disappear? But don't burn wounds leave a trace even if it heals? I have a burn mark on my ankle and it wouldn't go away even after it healed.
Thats exactly why It doesn't heal.
The wound.
If i think it heal, it gets worse and if i think it gets better after few years, it gets worse for no reason.
So that's why.
Because it's gross.
I don't want to show you.
If its not suspicion then lets stop with it Do you.
remember that? I can't forget.
It's something mother treasured.
Soo hyung's mom was a piano major at Ehwa University.
Anyways, hyung, aren't you going to put it there? I should.
I don't care if you say it's suspision.
I want to see the -I'll take it out for you.
-Ow! What do I do? Aish Sorry, sorry.
What do I do? It's okay.
Give it to me.
It's still ugly, right? Almost like it happen yesterday.
Now this is where it should be.
When I looked for you, you didn't come.
Why did you come now? You looked for your oppa? What do you mean? The day dad passed away, i got a letter from the mailman.
Oppa's letter.
From what the mailman said, letters came regulary.
But I only got it then.
That's because your dad -You'll say he didn't want me to see it.
People passed away doesn't talk.
Young And this would be my misunderstanding.
Because I can't see, i have no way to prove.
So that's why I'm always the weird one in the house.
Right? I'll ask again.
Why right now but not then? I clearly told the person who lives with you to tell you that dad's in critical condition.
Ah That guy didn't tell him He's a bad person so he went to jail So he didn't know you came.
But few days ago they coincidentally met and that's when -Stop.
Whatever the reason oppa will apologize for not coming then There must be a reason instead of not hearing about it.
Another reason? Money.
The dad you didn't get along with isn't next to me now.
Because I look easy.
Lawyer Jang, what is dad's inheritance will? It's all after you.
Without your permission, your oppa is not permitted to get anything.
You heard it clearly, right? What he said.
I'll go to her.
It's a problem between siblings.
Oh Young, let's talk.
I really missed you.
No matter how angry you are, let's talk.
To see the sister that I love The love you give me, I don't need it.
If there is something you came for, then take it and leave.
Though it won't be easy.
What you are saying to me now, I'll take it as you missed me too.
Why? Can I not stay here? What are you talking about.
Of course you can.
Right, Secretary Wang? Of course.
Wow, Young will like that.
Truthfully, if Young was doing well I was only going see her once and then go to Italy to open a restaurant.
But, after seeing her, I've changed my mind.
What happened to Young? What happened to such a bright and happy girl? I need to know the reason.
Why Young became like that and why all the letters i wrote she never received.
The real reason.
After I postpone everything, I'll come in the day after tomorrow.
Even though three months will be the maxium due to the Italian restaurant contract.
Three months is enough.
Plenty enough.
I'll prepare a room.
Oppa, I'll see you again.
Then, I'll see you then too.
But lawyer Jang, last time you said that when you met him, he looked like he fought with someone.
That he even had wounds.
The fact that an owner of an Italian restaurant looked like that is He said he tried to stop a fight between the chef and a drunk customer.
Before, he apologized for showing up like that.
Yeah, did you look for it? Yeah.
I got it.
It's true that he is running an Italian restaurant.
I don't think this is going to be solved easily.
Secretary Wang and that Lee Myung Ho guy are weird aren't they? Secretary Wang and that Lee Myung Ho guy are weird aren't they? You also felt how they saw us as thieves or something right? But that's weird Why give all the properties only to the daughter? What? Report to the police? Yeah! Report! Do it! Hurry and report it.
Go to the country house.
I don't want to show you Soo dying.
You'd be shocked.
Why would Soo die? Did you even know Soo is the son of the PL Group? 78 Million? That kind of money is a price of gum! What? Soo is PL group's son? what to do.
I went up and told Oh young.
that her brother is here and she should come down many times I'll go and see once No I'll go myself How long are you not going to see me and avoid me? youngie.
Youngie! Oh no, the door is open.
I'm coming in.
since we're not six like when we got seperated so Now.
in this situation.
Isn't is right to close the door? Sorry things just got interesting swimming pool? Yes, the maid had brought sandwiches to the swimming pool earlier ok i got it Lets have our meal then Ok, then i'll start since i'm hungry We;ve been waiting so long without eating anything.
and she has sandwiches at the swimming pool.
She has no manner.
Is she always like this? Always, everything her way? She's usually not like this.
Today is it especially since i'm here then? I have to meet Youngie for a bit you should have your meal Bro.
lets just.
i'll come with you too me too Brother is a little scary what do you think you're doing now bro? what do think? i'm going to have a chat wit my sister Do you know how your behavior is now? If you get on the sister's bad side, you won't get a penny.
You heard it too.
All this house property is by her name.
Get on her good side no matter what.
a warm brother all sisters want that kind of brother.
warm with no anger no.
I know a little bit about the though process of women from rich families when everybody at home treats her like a princess.
If someody turns up and steps all over them, then, they go.
They open their hearts wondering what that is.
They're different than us.
Princess and prince treatment work for people like us who's used to getting stepped on all the time but those feel the excitement when they get stepped on.
Look at the eyes.
The eyes.
You don't realize what situation you're in and your instincts are kicking in.
listen to me carefully she is not a woman but your sister i have a sister but you dont right? This time i'm right, don't step on her.
oh right.
thats right she is my sister.
then, as a brother to a mannerless sister i need to step on her really well.
dont follow me Why is he always wanting to step on girls whenever he sees them? but.
A blind person is swimming? its a disappointmentOh Young you're not the sister Oh Young I imagined even if you lack manners you lack too much of it why? because you have a lot of money and have learnt a lot? You can ignore your one and only brother who you've seen in 21 years? really? I got kicked out this house at eight, and lost mom at 18 and even though I lived an orphanage life, I was able to be myself because of my only sister, because of you.
but you.
what? You see me and said "If you have something to take, take it and leave even though it's going to be hard.
"? You like money that much? then let me also talk aoout the money even though dad has made you the heir to everything.
If i sue, the situation will change there are legal precedents but.
i will not sue why? what i want is not money but just one thing for just three months A proper oppa treatment to the oppa that won't be even here in this country in three months.
Oppa treatment? You treat your sister like this and to me a proper oppa treatment? What? i dont have manners? you see my rudeness but cant see the fact that i'm blind in front of you? When you left, when I was six, my eyes were fine.
now that we've met after so long, i cant see.
the feeling.
how is it? your one and only sister, if you loved her like you just said you, now.
before talking about my rudeness before talking about sueing.
how did you hurt your eyes? the eyes that were fine when i left why are they like this now? dont you think you should have asked that first? it must have been hard.
it must have hurt a lot this brother is also hurt because my sister cant see me.
I didn't expect that kind of warmth from you but this is not right The brother that came back after 21 years to a blind sister.
He totally got it handed to him.
Young after that day for the last three days has become even more cold to hyung She won't look at his face, she eats seperately, and she won't even look at him in the eyes.
She originally, can't see.
And Soo is going to live.
Why? Because he's Soo.
Ah Hallelujah.
oh we meet here! ah youngie's friend i work part time here oppa i'll be back oh yes.
I'm going to meet Soo oppa with Young.
So hyung's operation siren rang.
Hey! To the left! Left! Hey!! Left, left, left! Pass!! Ten o'clock!! Hey! I said to pass! Where are you going? Hey!!! Pass! Kick it!! Pass! Go over there and.
Good! A little more.
Right To the right! Again, again.
Yeah to the right.
Jung DongKyu, When are you going to stop hogging the ball? Why aren't you getting your colleague's help? When you go out you don't get help from the people who can see When you go out you don't get help from the people who can see or the help from people who can't see.
This game.
Isn't to prove how good you are alone.
If you don't help each other, if you don't get help from other people.
You can't live.
This game is supposed to teach you that.
Why don't you open your heart? Please, DongKyu.
first stay right here.
i'll just run to the restroom and be back ok, i got it.
come quick stay right here.
dont go anywhere.
ok Oppa! Youngie is over there.
You can go see her Also you need to bring her back for lunch you know right? if secretary wang finds out we came out without the driver.
i know.
Go Fighting, Oppa! give me this one just a minute the bill.
its mine.
its mine i say! oh wait.
crying are you alright? what the hell are you doing? this woman must be crazy why would you carry around coffee and spill it on other people's kids? Ajhumma, you're being unreasonable this person seems to be disabled.
how can you be like this to somebody like that.
If her eyes are not good, she should have just stayed at home Why is she wandering around? dont cry.
lets go Here's your cane shall I help you? be careful of the water there she is my sister.
my sister To the kids at the wellfare center you teach them to accept help without shame when they need it.
but why don't you accept other people's help when your in this state? Those are just words and you do not carry dignity in your disability.
Why have you become so twisted as to refuse the good will of others? what do you want to do? You dont want to accept my help too? Let's go.
I'm sorry.
My sister is blind.
Please move aside.
I'm saying this because I'm sorry I'm saying this because you're crying Something my stupid mind hurries to say Even if I try to bear and block it Even if i try to block my mouth with my hands I love you You discovered that you had a sister with lots of money? Is it the girl next to you? You really must be in a hurry seeing that you're even committing fraud.
But, will she easily give you the 78 million won? But Oh Soo.
suppose the girl dies, what will happen? If your goal is to get money, then there is an easy way to get that money.
It's right now.
When the train comes, push me.
it's right now.
When the train comes.
just push me.
Tomorrow night at 9:55 That Winter, That Wind Blows Episode 3 Preview Oh Soo is weird.
We have to do gene test.
What do we do now, hyung? Hey, what are you trying to do? You were going to betray hyung later, huh? Why aren't you killing you? Do you maybe think her as "woman"? Young is blind.
So your saying young has to stay in her room, eat what's given to her and stay like a furniture and live in her room? I want to look good to you.
I'm willing to do everything.
Bring the thing you promised me.
If you bring it, I'll believe you.
She can see,hyung.
Maybe she knows we're fake too.
If you were tempted by this family's fortune We could've done something.
Father death was of natural causes? Young! My eyes are like this because of a brain tumor? You really think i believe all that? She has a brain tumor? Then it's recurring.
What about the results? The results came in.
Now that i think about it, the man i met a year ago possibly you? Tomorrow night at 9:55 PM