That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 [Episode 4] Who are you? The one inside this room right now.
There's no hair root on the shaver, so we couldn't test it.
We ran the compatibility test with the toothbrush, and 15 genotypes of auto chromosomes matched.
The sibling probability is higher than 99%.
But there is one thing that is strange.
What is that supposed to mean? My dad said you guys jail-walked and he ran into you but my dad's lying? My dad's more honest than the law.
Your dad's got mismatched legs.
What's with the old limp on a motorcycle? What? Mismatched? Stop him.
I'm going to kill you, you punk! What the hell are you doing at the police station? You guys turned off the blackbox too, didn't you? Oppa! Jin Sung, I got this much.
You bastards called my mom too? Want to die? Bastards.
Mismatched? Park Jin Sung.
Moon Hee Sun.
Mom, I'm going to Japan.
My eyes can't see because of my head.
The call cannot be connected.
As soon as you get this text Mean! Liar! I don't smell like a hospital but she said I went to the hospital, that bad Wang ajumma.
Mom, Wang ajumma, didn't take me to the hospital in Japan, but said to dad he couldn't visit me, she lied.
She said not to tell dad, because I can't see, I don't know anything.
But I can see a little.
If I tell secretary Wang ajumma, or dad I can't see at all, they might make my eyes better sooner so I lied.
I didn't go to the hospital, but she lied and said I did.
Mom, before I can't see at all, hurry and come see Youngie.
It's me, kid.
Joong Tae hyung who was like your master once.
You gave me a fright.
Were you scared? But the key to the greenhouse was too worn out.
I just pulled it with my hands and it came off.
Soo oppa's wound was on the left arm.
Alright, like the toothbrush and shaver, you too, if you're evidence, the end.
The DNA test? Of course it was a success.
Though there was a crisis.
Our envelopes got switched.
I thought it was gonna be a fail.
So I wanted to die for the first time in my life.
But this is what they call heaven helps me.
He took the wrong item instead of your stuff.
But what's this room? I turned off the security when I came but we're dead if they find out.
Let's get out.
A little kid.
By chance, your sister? By chance, you were looking at her the whole time you were locked up in here? Jin Sung told me that she is pretty.
If Unnie is pretty then you don't think of her as a woman, do you? Be careful.
I'm watching you with my eyes wide open.
Let's go.
Young, I hung the bell.
Come out.
What's wrong? What are you doing? You didn't answer so in case something happened.
It's not that you wish something happened to me, right? I think I heard you groan in the bathroom just now.
Go out.
Are you hurt? No.
You look ill.
Is that a worry or a desire right now? What? Last time I said if I died, without any question asked, I'd leave my inheritance to you.
Why? You acted like you weren't then, but now you feel tugged? When my eyes really hurt, when I got a brain tumor, you abandoned me without a look, but now I keep saying I'm fine and I'm not hurt, but why are you following me around talking so much like that's what you want? The bell.
No other reason.
The bell.
You and I have two months left now.
After I leave when the wind blows, the bell might sound like this, I thought nevermind.
What is all of this? Ahjumma! Yes.
Do you know who she is to open the door? She said master Oh Soo ordered it so I opened.
Oh Soo oppa said to bring them to redo the greenhouse.
I'm Moon Hee Sun who is like a sibling to Oh Soo.
I run a flower shop.
What are you waiting for and not helping me with these? I don't know what this is about, but everything that takes place here has to go through me first.
It's what Young wants.
If it's not a bother to you that my mom's imprint's left around the house, stop now.
What are you! Want to plant flowers together? I want to be friends with her.
Where do you think this place is for you to butt in here like this you crazy retarded pervert.
I was going crazy because of my dad yesterday and today you show up to drive me crazy.
Want to see me dead from going nuts? Hi.
Don't say anything.
Say nothing.
So, for now, just keep your mouth closed.
Unless you want to see my foul temper blow up.
I make this clear.
This isn't yours.
This is mom's space.
And mom's space belongs to me too.
I don't know about other stuff, but we have to share the memory.
I want to come in.
I want to come in.
Help me.
Say that.
Help me.
Try it.
Help me.
Alright, I'll help you.
Jealous, retard? You and I suit each other.
There's a lot of stuff on the ground.
Stay here.
I thought you might work on this place when you came.
Not 'you' but 'oppa'.
Lamb's ear.
Ear of the lamb.
Mom used to tease me saying this looks like my ears, and I would cry saying no, my ears are prettier.
How did you remember? It's not something to forget.
Ask her.
About the thing I agreed to buy you, It's not easy to buy it, nowadays, right? Yup, it's not easy.
So I'll save that for an event later on, let's plant flowers together.
Like before.
Oh, don't.
Hee Sun, the water's not coming out.
I think your water is stuck? I don't think so.
What's cold? Why? What's cold? Hee Sun, attack him.
Save me.
Got you.
Are you sure you don't need to change your clothes? It's just my hair that's wet.
I'm all wet.
Blow and drink it slowly.
He has no booger amount of interest in you right now.
This sure looks like some door.
How's that a door? It's a wall.
Oh, that's right.
It's a wall.
Hey, what's your name? I'm 23 year old Moon Hee Sun.
What's your name and how old? Retard.
You're not going to be friends with me because I didn't go to college and I'm just a florist? Hey, you! Youngee isn't your friend.
She's unnie.
Unnie my butt.
Unnie my butt.
Moon Hee Joon, the one you dated, is my only unnie.
She seems like an interesting girl.
You dated her sister? You're going to catch a cold.
Let's go out.
My sister's dead.
When my sister died, your brother Oh Soo sobbed like a baby.
What's wrong with you? Am I an enemy or am I a comrade? Hey, let's be friends.
You'll give me your phone number, right? Alright.
Tell me in detail.
What's strange? According to Doctor Lee who examined this, the toothbrush we asked him to test, it's been a long time since it was last used.
He said at least over 10 months.
The DNA was intact.
But it was definitely not recently used.
What does that mean? Anyways we need to check on it more.
Maybe through blood test.
Her oppa Oh Soo wouldn't agree to it.
Then how about if I find this Oh Soo from this letter? It bothers me that there's two people by the same name.
Nice to see you, Jin So Ra.
Chairman Wang, it's been a long time.
What chairman Wang.
I'm just a butler.
Have a seat.
Nice to see you.
Thanks for agreeing to our company's product.
I'm the one who's more grateful.
I was so happy that I took a break from filming in the U.
and flew straight here.
Omo you look more handsome each time.
Really? Sorry, excuse me.
Did something.
No, excuse me.
So Ra, it's Moo Chul.
I know where your beloved Oh Soo is.
Want to meet him once? What? Without question asked? Yes, without question.
If I die, distribute my entire assets to my brother and the charity house half and half.
I'll prepare a seperate lot for secretary Wang.
Young, why are you rushing this? You're not old enough to be writing a will.
And the way I see it, you don't trust Soo whole-heartedly either.
What's your reason for writing a will with no question asked? If for some reason, I just die, since no one can know for sure.
Let's just leave it as a test on oppa.
By chance, Young, are you sick somewhere? Of course not.
I had a thorough health checkup last autumn.
But why don't you confess to secretary Wang? When you're blind the rest of your body is more acute.
I know you like her.
Look at you! What do you mean I like secretary Wang.
Your father and I are You didn't say that to secretary Wang, right? Laughing? Hurry and eat.
Jin So Ra.
Jin So Ra.
How do I use her? Maybe the key's too small? It should be alright.
Oppa! What's wrong with Youngee? She was supposed to go to the classmate party at Joong Tae oppa's cafe tomorrow but she's saying no.
If she's not going I can't go either.
Oppa, Youngee would have a good time at the party too.
Can you talk to her? You don't want to go either? Because you and Joong Tae are on bad terms.
This is so annoying.
What's that talk? What's that talk? That cafe owner and hyung were on bad terms? But before, he said he was close.
I know.
Don't go to the party.
The picture from the greenhouse with Oh Soo hyung's wound on the left arm.
Joong Tae was in that picture.
Don't go.
What? We live in the same neigborhood so I can't really hide from hiim.
And he probably doesn't remember.
Would you remember something from 20 years ago? Even the location of the wound? No.
I'm throwing everything in this anyway.
That riddle Youngie talked about.
I haven't solved it yet.
If I can't, I have to become closer to Youngee fast instead.
That's the only way.
Becoming closer to Youngee is the top priority right now.
Tell Mi Ra we're going to the party.
I'm sorry.
The door was open.
It's so pretty.
If Youngee could see this.
she would really love it.
Secretary Wang, About Youngee's eyes.
They really couldn't be fixed? If they were treatable, I would've done that.
What are you curious about? About Youngee being ill.
The reason you didn't tell my mom.
I did tell her.
But my mom did nothing.
Knowing her daughter had a brain tumor? I was going to tell her about the brain tumor when she came.
I only asked her if she'd come since she's ill.
But Maybe she was offended by my call, your mom said to bring her to the hospital, and hung up the phone from her side.
I would have done that too.
The woman who had an affair with my husband right after the divorce.
Back then, I didn't call as a woman who had an affair with her husband, but as the nanny who looked after Youngee.
I was to the chairman, merely a woman he somehow needed one night, I was to the chairman, merely a woman he somehow needed one night, and the reason he didn't send away Youngee with your mother, was also because he expected that your mom would return if Youngee was here.
The chairman, only wanted your mom.
But your mother, because of her hate for me and for the chairman, she let go of Youngee.
Know that clearly.
After that and until now, I have lived as Youngee's mom.
I am the one who raised her.
Even if you or Youngee don't agree that's true.
You're not the mom.
Don't delude yourself.
You're not the mom.
You're Youngee's nanny.
And legal representative.
I'll let you be that.
The bell's very pretty.
I'm tired.
I got it.
What is it? I heard some key sound.
I think it's the greenhouse key.
Your brother hung it on the doorknob.
Master, how about this one? Hey I'm being called a master now that I came back.
Get used to it.
If you could see me now, you would think I look cool.
It's comfortable.
And nice fit.
Our company makes the best menswear.
I know.
But why are you buying more clothes? To look good to women? I'm a man after all.
Are you on the good looking side? Enough for you to show off.
You don't seem to believe me.
I'm telling you clearly.
I'm going to fix your eyes.
And I'll have you see me, and have you go, oh I was telling you the truth.
The fitting room.
Makeup too.
I bought your clothes instead of mine.
I'm a bit of a snob, so no matter what woman I go out with, I want her to be really pretty.
But you're so-so? Cruddy? Where in the world did you learn that word? I don't even know which outfits are pretty.
I can't dress pretty when I don't know which are.
I have a lot of clothes that suit me.
I don't want more.
The fact that they please my eyes, isn't reason enough? It pleases me to see you.
Is that not a reason? You are pleased? It's ready.
We'll be right there.
I didn't say I will.
I hear it as you will.
Stand up.
When you will marry, instead of dad, You are pretty.
Call a cab.
I don't want to.
Secretary Wang.
How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going! Why don't you want to go to the party? You don't want that first love of yours called Jeong Woo to see you blind? Or you don't want your friends to look at you pitifully like you're some poor thing? Don't just throw your cane around so easily! Let go of me! How long are you going to hide from people? How long are you going to stay alone? What do you know? It's true! Youngee can't be without me anymore.
She can't see anything.
Are you sure? I thought she said she can see on her right eye a little.
I'm telling you no.
She ran into the wall today.
What do you know? They're not looking down at me? Thinking I'm pathetic? Be acknowledged by people? Laughing at me behind me and belittling me.
Making fun of my misery behind me.
Go in front of them so they can't do that behind you! I'm leaving here in two months.
Then you'll just roam around home and the center again.
Jogging and swimming, and read books.
That doesn't sound bad either.
NOW stop playing by yourself, Youngee.
I want through this so I know.
Playing alone gets tiring.
Let's go in five minutes.
It'd be rude to go too late.
Oh, you came.
Where should I put this to be seen.
Why so shocked? That bitch.
This woman's picuture, why are you She's my Joong Tae's lover, you see.
He's been begging me so I decided to be generous.
Maybe here? Oh, my love.
Finally! Happy? So embarrassing.
You are so tempting.
That man is my life's biggest Jin Sung, does Oh Soo still dislike me a lot? Well a bit.
What ever happened to you guys? I'm the one who caused Oh Soo's arm injury.
You're the one? When we were little I was smoking in the school trash yard.
I set a fire and Oh Soo was keeping watch for me, and he got the injury on his arm.
I think his left arm.
Left arm? Oh Soo.
It's me, Su Mi.
Nice meeting you.
I'm Jung Won.
I'm Kyung Hee.
Have you been well? I'm Jung Woo.
Nice to meet you for the first time.
Songie, Baramie.
Get out of there right now.
Why? Joong Tae knows the exact location of your wound.
He caused the injury.
Get out of there.
Get out of there for now and we'll come up with a plan.
Hyung! You twins come out and eat.
Go eat a lot.
Thanks Soo, for coming.
Acutally I didn't want to come.
But for Youngie's sake, I had no choice.
You should know why I didn't want to come.
I understand.
You can hate me.
I'll repay you somehow.
Just know that it's been hard on me too.
At first I thought the wound go away soon.
Me too.
Was the injury on the right arm? Why, it seems like it's the other side? No In my memory it seemed like the left side.
The injury was for sure but the memory is always messy.
Me too.
I understand.
Oppa! Enough catching up.
Come and sing now.
You're good at singing.
Yup, maybe I should.
Soo, I'm really good at singing.
Come listen.
I'm singing it for you.
Youngie, I missed you.
Do you have a girlfriend? Should I tell you or not? I'm married.
Let me see your hand.
That person's name is Han Eul.
Shin Han Eul.
She's hearing impaired.
Hearing impaired? I thought of you so I went to volunteer at the community welfare center and I met her there.
It's like you introduced my wife to me.
Is she kind? She is not kind.
She's like you, the famme fatale style.
A famme fatale that torments men, exactly like you.
How am I a femme fatale that torments men? Me, me! You bothered me! You ignored me even when I said I liked you.
Did you forget? You better sing a song.
What is a married man doing here? I get it, let go.
Let me breathe some fresh air when I'm not with my wife.
Just sing a song.
I'm Soo Mi Ni.
You aren't still angry about what I did when we were younger? Sorry.
Let's meet frequently.
Your brother is really cool.
The kids are all excited about him.
Was that man from before your first love? Why? Do you still like him? Don't believe everything a man says.
Jung Woo said I was a femme fatale.
There has to be a picture that I took with Soo.
I will find it.
It isn't that your memory is strange? You are always uncertain.
You're confused if I'm your girl or the girl next door.
Be quiet and keep looking.
What's going on? Mi Ra's boyfriend is in the middle of proposing to her.
How? While he is singing, he went up to Mi Ra and kneeled.
I think Mi Ra is touched.
Tears are shining in her eyes.
He is giving her a ring.
Mi Ra, let's get married.
Kiss! Hey, Dong Jae! How did it go? Mi Ra keeps saying no and trying to get away.
Kiss! What's going on? Mi Ra keeps trying to get away so the man suddenly went like this.
He kissed her.
Do you know the difference between a kiss and a peck? I know.
Where are you going? Bathroom.
You want me to go with you? I know too.
Please allow my marriage with Young.
Her father gave me permission, but I thought it would be good to also get permission from her brother.
I don't know if I have that right.
I'll take that as permission.
Can you leave first? It's hard to be alone together when her brother is here.
Please take care of me.
Happy House Oppa! I'm here.
I want cotton candy too.
I want cotton candy too.
I want cotton candy too.
I want cotton candy too.
Don't cry.
Bring what you promised to bring to me.
When I cried you always cheered me with it.
Hey Hey.
I'm not a strange person.
I'm not a bad person.
Stand still.
Hey! Cotton candy! Cotton candy! Ajhusshi is not a strange man.
Not a bad person.
Cotton candy come here.
Hey kid.
Did the mood get broken because of me? They left fast.
Aren't drinking too much? Do you think that your position is trouble since my brother arrived? You are suddenly very forward to me.
I always thought that we need this kind of time.
You always just think it.
At our engagement party, did you know after you didn't even stay for a drink? We always have not gone on a date.
It's because you didn't want it.
I thought it wasn't right to leave without telling you.
You already left.
Just wait two months.
I'm someone who is going to leave.
Ta dah.
Cotton candy.
You remembered.
The store that I usually go to was closed, I suffered a bit to get this.
Since it was such a small thing, I thought it couldn't be helped that you didn't remember.
After you and mom left, I always went to that store.
I imagined you opening the door and buying the cotton candy to give to me.
You should have just bought some.
I wanted to be rewarded when mom came back.
Because mom told me not to eat it.
Mom really hated us eating this because she said it rotted our teeth.
Then we would lie and said that we wouldn't eat it.
So mom would take our picture.
I'd get in trouble because I made you cry and let you eat cotton candy.
It's sweet.
Let's go to the river that we went with mom.
It's too cold to go to the river? Hyung said, while he was dying, that he wanted his ashes to be spread here.
He must have memories here.
Let's go.
Stop there! Miss Jin So Ra! This is Oh Soo's house right? Oh Soo? Which Oh Soo? Pl group's Oh Soo, or the conman Oh Soo? Young! Let's go together! Young! Let's go Young.
Be careful Young.
Stop after 10 steps.
Don't get too close to the river.
Good job.
When the train comes, push me.
Young! Young.
Mom said to play by the river, and not go in the water.
Let me touch my brother's face once.
That Winter, The Wind Blows I can't tell anything unless I touch it.
I'm curious about you.
I think you're going to die in my hands soon.
Did you forget it's Hee Jun's memorial today? You only see him and not me? I promise you, I will never forgive you for today.
You're acting strange.
What's wrong? Be quiet! Death from heart paralysis.
I'm giving you two choices.
Kill the fake sister or Secretary Wang, I want to find Mr.
Oh Soo.