That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Youngie! Mom told you to play by the water and not to get into the water.
Let me touch my brother's face.
Your bridge is high.
Let's go.
Episode 5 Who are you? Who the heck are you? I'm Lee Myung Woo.
Oh!! PL Group? Oh Soo's company.
Now that I think about it, I've seen you in the paper.
You're the fiance of PL group's only daughter right? Where is Mr.
Oh Soo? Not the Oh Soo from PL Group but the one who lives here.
that Oh Soo? But why are you looking for that Oh Soo? He's a professional gambler, con-artist with a criminal record.
About the Oh Soo who is probably somewhere running a con, Why are you curious about him? You drive me insane.
Are you alright? I'm alright.
As if!! You don't look okay at all! Wait a minute.
Fortunately, we have the clothes you wore earlier.
Nice going.
what did I tell you? I told you to be careful, didn't I? Who exactly do you take after that you do whatever you want? Why would you go into the river? Especially someone who can't see.
Are you by chance,like the other day at the subway station.
trying to kill yourself? Oppa, I was wondering who you took after.
seeing that you nag so much, I guess you take after mom.
That's funny.
This is funny to you? Today, shall we not go home? You've gone crazy, haven't you? Change you clothes and stay here, I'll go find something warm.
If you stay in your wet clothes, you'll get sick.
Don't go.
Why should I listen to you when you don't listen to me? It'll only take me 5 minutes.
Don't move and stay inside.
Oppa! Oppa!! Oppa! OppaOppa! Oppa.
I have a debt that I have to collect from Oh Soo, which is why I'm staying here.
He's one funny guy, that Oh Soo.
But do you know why his name is Oh Soo? His mom just left him under a tree so they used the word for tree in his name.
His last name Oh is because the director of the orphanage's last name was Oh.
Oh Soo.
This girl's boyfriend.
Oh Soo and girls.
What could be so great about this guy that girls bend over backwards for him? They seem to be broken up now, but who knows if they will get back together.
But why are you looking for him? Oh Soo is looking for him.
they were close, but he couldn't contact him, so.
I doubt they would want to see each other.
What are you talking about? I heard they were like brothers.
Now that I look at it.
It seems like you're looking for Oh Soo without the other Oh Soo's knowledge.
You must be confused because there are two Oh Soos.
So you came to see with your own eyes, which Oh Soo is real.
Here is an interesting photo.
I forgot about this one.
The one next to the cute guys is the con man Oh Soo.
Jo Moo Chul Hello? A guy named Lee Myung Woo came came to see me just now.
He seemed to be very curious about you, Oh Soo.
It looks like you can't die by my hands.
What did you tell Lee Myung Woo? What did I tell him? I gave him an interesting photo as a parting gift.
A picture of the real Oh Soo.
You would have done well on your own.
78 million won is not a chum change.
And you still answer to President Kim.
Would you really have told him the truth? Right? I'm a bad liar, Oh Soo.
The truth that con man Oh Soo is pretending to be PL group Oh Soo is something too wasteful for me to know alone.
Enough with the talk.
I'll go my way and you go yours.
When we do \rWhen 10 days pass, 1 month pass, 2 months pass and then the day where we both have to square our debt will come.
Right? Hurry up, Oh Soo.
The clock is ticking.
Moo Chul Oppa! I'm pregnant with Soo's child.
I went to the hospital, and they confirmed it.
Oh Soo is really mine now.
Let's all get together and celebrate.
Be careful on your scooter.
It's warm.
You went to buy this? Youngie, let's not go home, tonight.
Let's go to the beach.
Let's go to the beach and ride the bike too.
You said so when we were young.
When I get older, instead of a bike you would let me ride a motorcycle.
Let's do that then.
What a bastard.
He is a looker.
I stay in touch with him.
Because of his debt to me.
If there something you want to know, call me anytime.
I'll find him and bring him to you.
Hyung, why are you doing this? Hyung-nim.
What did I say? Huh? I told you not to boss around such young ones.
Huh? I told you not to boss around such young ones.
How many times did I tell you that? 100 times? 1,000? I've cautioned you enough time, didn't I? It's just.
thatI felt sorry for him.
He said his mother was ill.
Said he needed money.
Your mother, told you to do whatever you can to bring money to make her bettter? No, she didn't.
You call that an excuse? If I see you around here one more time I'll kill you myself.
Come here.
Come out.
Come out! Come out now! What? It's me.
It's me.
What about it? So what if it's you? You're blocking the way of a customer, a gangster like you.
You come out! What should I do with you? It's already infuriating that our father drinks, why are you drinking also? Because it tastes good.
Jin Sung.
Instead of being under Oh Soo, come be under me.
Go screw yourself! That punk.
Leave him alone.
Is Jin Sung's sister Jin Mi a regular? She's here all the time.
Jin Mi! Wait for me! Wait for me! Always with that girl.
Is that so? Treat Jin Mi as our VIP from now on.
Give her some spending money.
I understand.
Let's see where our paths lead, Oh Soo.
You go your way, and I go mine.
Put Young on the phone.
She's in the shower so she can't.
Are you out of your mind? Even if you two are siblings.
You both are a grown up man and a woman.
How dare you share one room? I told you already.
That you are not our mother, Secretary Wang.
I'm not asking for your permission.
I'm merely telling you as a courtesy in case you worry.
Hee Joo, I love you! Me too! Is he not picking up? Try calling Young.
Both of them aren't picking up.
Did he forget that it's the anniversary of Hee Joo Noona's death? Out of all the things he could of forgotten, would he forget my sister's death anniversary? He could have forgotten.
While a person lives there are plenty of birthdays for people who are alive why does he always have to remember a person's death anniversary? Hello? Is it Soo? I understand.
It's my dad.
Give it to me.
Are you alone with Hee Sun? What about it? You know Why are you being so creepy? You don't need to be shy.
When your mother and I were alone in the countryside.
It was warm.
Stop worrying about stuff like that and worry about Jin Mi.
She is getting more crooked as the days go by.
Why did you have to use her tuition to buy cows? Because you only like alcohol and cows.
Jin Mi and I don't live better than a cow.
About that.
Before your grandfather died, he told me to buy some cows.
You always insulted grandfather when he was alive, so why are you living just like him? Other people think you and mom work hard in a restaurant and Jin Mi and I are the bad apples.
The money that I saved up working to go to college, you spent it all on cows.
Then you took Jin Mi's tuition to buy cows.
If you see money you go crazy over cows.
Even you when you speak harshly about us, I know that you like us.
That night when the gangsters kept making fun of me for having one short leg, you beat them up.
Hey, hey! Pay your respects to Hee Joo and today with Hee Sun you know Just look after Jin Mi.
Please send her to college instead of making her like me.
Where are you going? Where do you think? To find Oh Soo.
Do you only think of hyung and not me? He is probably at her grave.
Like all the times past, he is probably crying under her tree.
Leave him alone.
Can't just you and I give her our respects? What are you looking at? Are you staring at me because you don't know that I like you? Tell me about your first love.
How tall was she? Was she pretty? What about her personality? Innocent? Energetic? Or elegant? When was your first kiss? Where? I don't have anything to say about that.
What's her name? I forgot.
What is her name? Since her sister's name is Moon Hee Sun Hee Yuh.
Hee Myung? Hee Jin? Hee Soo? Stop it.
Hee Ra? If not Hee Joo? Hee Joo is right? I don't want to talk about Hee Joo.
Why? Because she's dead? Yes.
Why talk about someone who is dead.
We talk about dead people.
About mom and dad.
Let's talk about it later.
When is later? You said you are leaving after two months.
When is later? After I die? You're not going to die.
I'm going to die.
Even if it's not right now.
I can't talk about my first love when I'm sober.
Then let's drink and talk.
Beer? Liquor? Wine? SoJu? Makgulli? I enjoy drinking.
What would you like? The right drink is Soju.
Soju? Okay, let's drink soju.
All night! Just us siblings.
It's sounds fun.
Let's go.
Ok, fine.
For once, let you and I drink until our noses get crooked.
I don't know.
What she loved about me.
I never understood her.
Her mom and dad were the school's teachers.
And Hee Joo was so stubborn about liking me.
They decided to transfer to a school in a remote town.
So I was like, "ahh, this must be the end" but No.
One day, I went to answer my door and.
There she was.
Stood there and said, "hello.
" With a big smile on her face.
You ran away didn't you? Yes.
So? I told her to go with her parents.
But she started to cry and refused to leave.
Omo, so then what? what do you mean then what, then what? After that we lived together.
And you slept together? Of course, I'm a man too.
Oh my god.
Really? Seriously? Haha yeah, I'm serious.
That's when I was first learning braille I wanted to text a friend asking her, "You're doing well, right? But the message I sent her was "You're having an affair.
" But But, she really was cheating on her boyfriend with another guy she came to ask me how I knew.
So I told her to be careful.
Because I am psychic.
Why can't we just sleep here together? Why can't we? br/ Look here.
A grown man and woman don't sleep together.
You're a man? You're an oppa(older brother).
You're an oppa(older brother).
Even an oppa is a man.
And you're not asking me to just lie down next to you and sleep.
You're going to touch me, right? What's wrong with touching you? Geez.
Ahh, what are you so curious about? Everything! I'm 186 cm tall and weigh 76 kg.
All those numbers mean nothing to me.
Lie down.
Right here.
I can't see.
I need to touch and feel to know something.
It's all innocent touching anyways.
I just want to know.
What your hands look like If you have skinny fingers like mine or if they're fat And if they're fat, how chubby are they.
I can tell if you take after dad at all.
This is what it's like when you can't see.
You can't know anything by just descriptions.
When you leave.
I'll remember what my fingers have taught me about you and I would feel less lonely.
Okay, sounds good! Touch them Where to touch and not to touch, you know right? Yeah Our oppa's height one two three five six.
seven, eight, nine hand-spans.
Your hand's a lot softer than I thought.
Your voice is harsh so I thought it'd be rough.
Then, you really know? Do you think I will know, or wont know? I dont know If I touch you like this to be honest, I don't think you'll be able to know well.
According to the standard of us visually-impaired, you are handsome.
How did you know? To us visually-impaired, we always touch the arm like this, so if a man has thick arm and good voice, we think they are all handsome.
And all women with slender arm and pretty voice are beautiful to us.
It's a whole lot simpler than what you people who can see normal nitpick about, right? You are big.
What I know about you.
Give me your arm to rest on like mom did.
Earlier, Why did you go into the river? If I can choose when to die, then I thought that was a perfect moment.
I was happy.
Because oppa you came.
Now why I came to you, the reason I came looking for you is is not because of money, but only for you.
Do you believe that? My ulterior motive.
You're not curious about it anymore? Youngie.
Oppa don't go.
Oppa won't go.
Stay with me.
Alright, I'll be by your side.
If you tell me to stay, I will always.
You have promised me.
What promise? Promise you will be by my side every time i ask you to.
You weren't asleep last night? Fine! Hand.
With a sweet look, and a crayon in one hand, he bought it and came home.
Just a moment please.
I have so many things to draw.
But the white paper is too small.
I drew my dad's face and fell asleep.
I'm going to buckle your seatbelt.
I want to meet that guy.
The man who has the same name as you.
Strangely, the more I am with you, the more I keep thinking about that man.
- I don't know where he is.
- But you guys were close, why don't you know? He conned me.
He's not a good guy.
He's a swindler.
Forget him.
Maybe he had his reason? He was kind to me.
I think something urgent was happening but he took the time to tell me you loved me.
Your brother says on the last line of the letter, that he loves you.
If that person hadn't told me that, I probably couldn't meet you comfortably like this now.
That person, you can't find him? Hello? What's with you? What? Why? Are you crazy? Do you not know what today is? What did you do with Young yesterday that you didn't come home? What, the beach? Even if you are busy with work, have you gone crazy? Hee Sun is furious.
Why? Yesterday was Hee Joo nuna's death anniversary.
What are you? What, I'll remember you alway? What, I'll remember you alway? You're just full of talk.
Go and have a sweet time with some girl and live your life while you forget my sister's memorial? How dare you! Who is it? What call is it? Hee Sun.
Take the phone.
Why? Why are you breaking the wood tribute hyung made? Are you crazy, Moon Hee Sun? We don't need some wood tribute from you.
You're a bastard.
I promise you.
If you don't die in Moo Chul's hands, I will kill you.
What happened today, I'll never forgive you.
Hey Hee Sun.
Come quickly hyung.
Who is it? What's wrong? What was that call? Secretary Wang, come take Youngie home.
Why, Secretary Wang? Aren't we going together? We're not going together.
Something came up for me.
Highway 32.
Around Bongam.
I'll come and wait by the road.
I'll meet you by the entrance to the ranch.
You are acting strange.
What's wrong? You're different from earlier.
Like a stranger.
You're cold.
Be quiet! About last night, I'm sorry.
No, I acted out of my station telling you what to do.
I'm the one who did something to apologize for.
Let's go, Young.
You're not hurt anywhere.
Thank God.
Until when do I need to be inspected like this like a kid? It's not inspection, it's worry.
I don't want to see you hurt.
Let's go.
Did you have a good time with oppa? Very.
We went to the seaside.
We got wind on us and we drank alcohol.
We rode a motorcycle too.
I thought of mom.
Mom, how happy she'd be to see the two of us playing like this.
When I thought of that, you hated me more.
Attorney Jang says he's coming with a will.
Secretary Wang you always said this out of worry for me.
You never know about a brain tumor.
So that's why you are overprotecting me all the time.
Since you never know.
That's why I did that.
If something happens to you, your assets will automatically go to your brother.
Even if you don't write a will.
Will it really? Are you that merciful? You introduced the Lee Myung Ho I said I didn't like to my dad and in the end made him my fiancee.
Myung Ho is a pretty good man.
But I told you I didn't like him! If you distrust me so much, why do you keep me by your side? You can just fire me.
I'm just a hired help to you.
You could just fire me.
Why? I'm still worth some use to you? I become your eyes for you since you can't see.
I manage the company on your behalf since you can't see.
I check around you for you since you can't see.
And I drive you around like this.
But how did I end up this way? Because of your brain tumor.
Don't conjure up stuff.
Your thinking that I did something to you.
That's all your wild conjuring.
No! Then you can just prove that.
I guess soon you will dump me.
It's alright if you dump me.
When there's someone who can protect you comes, I will end up dumped.
I already knew that.
I hope your oppa is a good person who can protect you safely.
Until then, use me up well.
You're late.
I thought you'd come by earlier so I took my time coming here.
You know this place always doesn't seem right to me.
Why is there only one grave? There should be two.
Isn't that the truth? Hee Joo was pregnant with your child.
So there should be two trees planted.
One for Hee Joo.
And for the one who didn't even get to see this world, one for your baby.
Have the baby for what? It's obvious it's going to be just like me.
Why make another bastard like me in this fucking world? Don't go.
Soo, don't go.
We just need to raise it well.
What's so bad about you? Go to your home! Don't fawn around me.
Baby my ass! Soo! Don't go.
Don't abandon me.
Soo! Hee Joo! Oh Soo! Oh Soo! I told you I loved Hee Joo.
But you said you loved her more.
So I said fine.
Be good to her.
Since Hee Joo was my everything.
The first and last woman I loved.
The one I loved much earlier than you even met her.
But you dumped her while she was pregnant! She thought you loved her, so you'd be happy about her pregnant with your child too and she was so excited to go tell you.
But you abandoned her and left.
I was so young back then! Don't you give me that excuse of 19 being too young! Don't say you were scared about having a child because your parents abandoned you! Then I'll finish you here.
Why? Because Hee Joo was 19 years old back then too.
You are a bastard worse than your mom and dad who abandoned you.
I really didn't know she'd die.
You should've known that very well! To her your words were everything! She left her parents to go to you! Think of this pill as my last present to you.
It was hard for me to get this.
The pill is so effective it won't even be noticed in an autopsy of the body.
Death from instant heart paralysis.
Fast and accurate.
You can eat it or give it to the fake sister Youngie.
But between the two choices you have, my vote is that you will give it to your fake sister.
Why? Because you are a trash swarming with maggots.
Moon Hee Joo.
1983 - 2002.
As you know, company stocks can't be sold without yours and stockholders' approval.
This will contains articles and properties mimus the company stocks.
Your share is probably going to come from company stocks.
No need.
I guess you also see me as some treacherous person who is only around to gain from Youngie.
No, it's not that Actually the chairman was ill until his death, so the company's been run by you Youngie went to the seaside.
She really liked it.
It's been a really long time since I went to the seaside too.
Take me to the seaside some time, Attorney Jang.
I'm asking you out on a date.
Da-date? Maybe just to get some fresh air.
If the deceased hyung heard it.
I don't mean that, but how can I deserve a date with you.
But the west coast would be better, right? Or the east coast? You are funny.
Secretary Wang, please don't ever feel lonely.
I am always by your side.
I'll get going now.
You're making a braille book.
You asked attorney Jang for it.
Your hobby is the same as your mom's.
You like cameras.
But where are all those cameras you have? If you keep this pressed you can record too.
This is the power.
Do you actually print out the photos you shoot? I buy them because I just like the shutter sound.
Youngie, should we take a photo? We don't have any photo of just you and me.
Let's take a photo.
First you I don't want to.
This is the will you wanted.
Attorney Jang has a copy and the original.
Secretary Wang.
What? Want me to take a photo for you? I want to find the Oh Soo that has same name as oppa.
I don't know why but I keep thinking about him.
Oppa says he's not a good person.
But I feel like I should meet him once.
You'll help me with this favor, right? You said I should use you.
Alright, I'll look into it.
Before, I thought if you and mom came to see me, you might not be used to me who got too big, so I left video letters.
But now, I'm thinking I should leave this for you as my present to oppa for after I die.
I think my brain tumor's relapsed.
Since two months ago, I've been having headaches.
My whole body feels it.
I was trying to figure out if I should go to the hospital.
I thought hard about it.
But I made my decision as I spend time with you.
I'm not going to have any more surgeries.
To open my head again and into a cold room, go into the surgery room alone with people doing this and that on my brain.
Go through the chemotherapy that's so painful that it feels like my bone's melting.
While you leave during that time.
I don't want that.
If there's time left for me, I want to be with you like now, having fun, living happily.
Oppa, I think you're here.
I'm going to go see you.
Once you kill Youngie, it might take a while for the afterwards.
But you'll take good care of that.
I came to get your apology.
Shouting out orders to me like that.
No one's ever done that in 21 years.
You lived a comfortable life.
I'm tired.
Apologize or else tell me the reason.
You are the exhausting kind.
I think I got hurt.
Go to your room and put on medicine.
About 3 cm up your wrist.
What? Are you going to my room to apologize? I accept.
Chair on your left.
Where did you go after getting mad at me? I'm curious why you became cold all of a sudden.
You're still strange right now.
The mood in this room is cold and heavy.
- Like something bad's happened to you.
- I went to Hee Joo.
Hee Joo? Your first love? Yesterday was her death anniversary.
I forgot it.
So I to her grave.
I don't really know how to comfort someone.
Go to your seat.
I guess I don't comfort you.
What's this? Amulet.
Amulet? A friend got it for me difficultly.
If I eat it when I want to die, without anguish, or pain, or despair, I can disappear in one moment.
Very peacefully.
There's such a pill? Yup.
Then this.
Give it to me.
Should I? Should I just give that to you? Yeah.
Do you know? A very good scent comes out of you.
Maybe I unconsciously really wished for a moment like this at least once in life.
Sharing one room sleeping on the same bed.
What the hell did you do? Let's move Youngie's wedding up, to before you leave.
It's game over.
Hee Sun is going to Youngie right now to tell her all about you.
- Your oppa says he's good and the other Oh Soo is a conman? - He did.
Listen clearly.
I'll tell you why your oppa came to you.