That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Then give this to me.
Should I? Should I just give that to you? Yes.
I won't give you this.
Why? Because there is only one of this in the world and it's not yours, but mine.
Go to your room and sleep.
Let's sleep together.
Turn around and take three steps.
There will be the door.
Then you know the way.
I can't sleep well.
But yesterday when I slept together with you, I slept very well.
Can't we sleep together in my room? I told you that even though we are siblings, we are not suppose to sleep together! Oppa is a man and a man has to be careful.
I don't know where and how to begin to teach you.
You have to teach me everything if you are my brother.
I learned that even a brother is a man after hearing it from you.
I think that if you are my brother than you are just my brother.
After we were separated when I six, everything stood still for me.
The truth that when oppa grows up and turns into a man, is something that I still don't understand.
Still, I'm sorry.
You said you weren't feeling good today.
I wasn't like this before, but after becoming blind, I keep getting selfish.
It's the same as my sense leaving.
It's doesn't make sense for me to be thoughtful to others when I can't see.
I'll leave.
Don't forget to secure the receipt and borrow some money.
Yes I understand Hyungnim.
Hey! When are you going to finish with Oh Soo? I'll do it on my own.
What are you going to do on your own, you bastard? Bastard? That's right, you bastard.
I fed you, I gave you a club, and I have been keeping you from going to jail.
I have the right to call you bastard.
You don't finish the business with Oh Soo and instead just lazily spend money.
You bastard! Hyungnim please restrain yourself.
Hyungnim! What the heck are you?!? If you aren't going to sleep with me, then open the window.
I can only sleep when I hear the chime.
You'll catch a cold, just sleep.
I can only sleep when I hear the chime.
You'll catch a cold, just sleep.
I'm more scared of not being able to sleep than catching a cold.
Leave so I can sleep.
Let's sleep together.
I won.
I can't give you my arm as a pillow.
I think I should get married.
I thought that I had insomnia, but I don't think that's it after seeing that I can sleep with you next to me.
Do I long for a person? Oppa, what do you think of Lee Myung Ho? If your dad I mean, if father picked him then he must be OK.
Not dad's opinion, I want your opinion.
I don't think he is a very fun person.
Like you? You're nice to me, then you yell, then you're warm and then you're cold.
A long time ago, Lawyer Jang told me that I shouldn't meet a man like you.
Then my life will become unkind.
If you know that, then be careful.
Be thankful to the heavens that I'm your brother and not a man.
That pill before.
If you eat what happens? The effects of the drug are very advanced that it can't be detected in an autopsy.
Simple stopping of the heart.
It's fast and precise.
I told you already, that you become comfortable.
Are you sure that you can't give me that pill? You can't because there is only one in the world? Then how you and I both use it? In exchange I will give you this.
It's my will.
That's right, a will.
I will write that if I die for any reason then without any questions asked, my entire inheritance will go to you.
The only catch is that you have to promise to kill me.
I'm fine if you take the pill or if you give it to your fake sister, Young.
Between the two choices that you can make I put a vote on that you kill your fake sister, because you are trash that maggots haven't finished with yet.
This is how you do it.
For the time being you keep the pill and then when need it you give it to me.
That is saying that you agree right? Then let's make a promise.
Now you've made two promises with me.
The promise that you stay by my side if I ask you to and that the pill is both ours.
Answer me.
The pill is both ours.
But you, do you know that? A good smell comes from you.
It's not the scent of soap or perfume.
I don't know what it is, But It's a very good smell.
Young! Young! Young! Oh Soo! Who are you this early in the morning!? I told you that I'm Oh Soo's little sister's friend.
I know.
I know, but barging in at dawn.
I suddenly started to miss Young.
Who is it, ahjumma? I'm Young's friend.
Even if you are a friend, It's only a little past seven.
It looks like the friend who came to decorate the nursery last time.
It's so noisy, I can't sleep.
Is something going on? What? Why are you here? Where is Soo's room? Why are you doing this? Where did Hyung go? Where is Young's room? What have you got to do with this? Get out.
Hey there, What's going on this early? Get out.
The image of them sleeping is something right? I said come out! Hey! Oh Soo!! Get out! Hey, Oh Soo.
Hey you! What do you think your doing? Fuming? What is there to be fuming about? Everything is going according to our plan, what are you fuming about? About what! Since when was them sleeping together a part of our plan? We made her brother die we can't let them be so you and I became accomplices to closer to him So as planned they went to the beach and slept together They slept with their clothes on, not off, just like siblings.
Like real siblings.
I sleep with my sister, you know.
So in the same bed, together? In my house we're like that.
You came, Hee Sun.
How about your Oppa? Don't you dare say a word to her.
Young! Let's go for a morning coffee.
What's your real reason for coming into this house? Young doesn't know anything, she doesn't know about a man's desire.
In the same room on the same bed, what have you done?! I hugged her and just slept.
WHY! Young has insomnia.
Did you know? While you slept peacefully, When everyone in the house slept peacefully, Young alone, couldn't sleep.
She moves around all night.
Did you know? She doesn't know anything? Why did you make her into someone like that? You said you are her mother! Then you should of taught her better! That sleeping in the same room with your brother is unacceptable.
You should have taught her! But, Young doesn't know.
She doesn't know anything.
To me she is still, the same Young, the one that got separated from me, at six years old.
And to Young, I'm the same older brother whom got separated from her at eight years old.
That is all.
I'm very questioned too.
Why, in a sleepless night, not to a mother like you but Even though I'm here brother, who appeared after 21 years, she feels comfortable enough to need me.
Every night she has the same sleeping problems, a mother like you, she never told you or asked you for your help.
Why couldn't she just trust you, what is the reason? I'm very questioned too.
Then just marry her off.
if she needs someone to go to sleep She hates me, and you are someone who is leaving.
Then, the problem would be solved if Director Lee is by her side.
Then I will rush Young's marriage, Before you leave.
Game over Hee Sun went to Young, to tell the truth.
Young, it is the hot chocolate you like at 8 o'clock direction.
And this is our store's handmade chocolate.
Young said it's your gift.
Did Oh Soo and you really ride the motorcycle? Yes.
I have rode on a motorcycle for the first time.
I really like it.
The wind was very cold but, like tasting the first snow, I felt relieved.
Did you also ride on a motorcycle? Did Oh Soo tell you about my sister's death from a motorcycle? He said after my sister's death, he would never ride again.
I asked for just one ride, he refused.
Uh So that happened? I didn't even know that.
Sorry Hee Sun.
It's not his fault.
I asked him to ride on a motorcycle.
Did you know? Your oppa is a conman.
He isn't being sincere when he is being nice to you, he is just conning you.
Hyung! A con? What kind of con? Do you know that there are two Oh Soo's, not one? I know.
Oppa told me that there is my brother Oh Soo and a conman Oh Soo.
And I also met the person who has the same name as my brother a year ago.
Did your Oppa say that he is a good man and the other Soo is a conman? He said that.
That's rich.
Hey Oh Young listen carefully.
It is the other way around.
The other Oh Soo, your brother talked about, is really nice.
That really nice guy?, your "brother" betrayed.
And the brother you have now, is a total con man, gambler, a bullshitting player.
He truly knows how to handle women.
You completely fell for it right? Little sister, my ass.
He comes in need of money, from you who can't see.
A total human trash.
I'll tell you why your "brother" came to you.
It because of money.
He needs to repay a seven thousand dollar debt, he conned out from a woman.
We let you too loose come out.
Come out.
COME OUT! That's his younger sister.
No matter how much you like Soo, you can't even see him with another woman.
Are you crazy? Come out.
You come out! What she said, Is it true? That you were good to me not because I am your younger sister but because you need money.
Is that why? Answer me.
If you saw the will, you may already know.
If I die, everything that's mine is yours.
Its way more then the seven thousand you need.
If you need money, You can just kill me now.
But, like I said before, before I die from me, you wont get a penny.
what are you doing? Follow her.
Who is that man? Not sure.
He looks like a thug right? Oh Soo, the thug? Madam, Soo Oppa and Young fought.
Hee Sun said Soo Oppa is after Young's money.
I will tell you in detail, when we meet next time.
Love can't be seen.
Where it is, I don't know.
A dark path I found.
Now I know.
Now I know.
But then when I turned around, I wake up with tears.
The winds blows your scent.
Faint sound of your voice.
Like the winter, it is cold.
You came in.
Love became a flower and bloomed.
You're not going to tell me why you fought with your brother? Who snitched? Joong Tae Oppa? Or Mi Ra? It was Mi Ra.
She was a good friend, If it wasn't for you Secretary Wang.
It was a small argument between siblings.
By the way, your younger sister hasn't called you lately.
Does your sister still show up and disappear from time to time? Just takes money and doesn't see you? No.
I see her sometimes.
When I go home, sometimes.
Oh, you go home sometimes, Secretary Wang? Of course.
I go home the fourth week of every month.
Are your parents still healthy? After quitting, they are farming right? Yes, They grow strawberries.
You said that they stopped strawberry farming two years ago, because of a hurricane.
You haven't gone home since then.
Lies are always hard to match.
Right? Now, after my brother leaves in 56 days, you and I will play the lying game again.
Wearing each other out.
Boringly, spilling blood.
Your depressed about your brother leaving.
It's ok, the blind one stays and the one who sees, continues on his path.
It's right.
Do you have the heart to marry Myung Ho? Is that why you're having that date today? You said that is what my brother wants.
I'm leaving.
Come out.
I could of told Youngie that you weren't her real brother, but I didn't because of one reason.
I have a crush on you.
I saw it, the way you looked at her, the way you looked so relaxed sleeping with her.
I'm a girl too.
I can feel it, You like her right? What did I do so wrong that I can't ask her for money? What did I do so wrong that I can't ask her for money? Why? Were you embarrassed that i was asking for money? Answer me.
You can't answer me? Ohhh, after that you're just "using" her? And you don't have a crush on her as well? If she knows your her brother, what's wrong with giving you money? It's me asking for it.
What did I do wrong? I have to ask for money so you can live.
So you can live.
You wanted to find the person with the same name as your brother.
That's the business card with a person he has contact with.
I should of given it to Secretary Wang after I met her, but I forgot to give it to her.
General manger, let's go watch a movie together today.
And after that let's drink.
If you're only gonna drink one or two glasses you should drink with me.
I'm better than I look.
Aigoo, eat this well, Yes, yes.
Come and stay inside.
What do you have to do that you have to stand outside? Its cold, and who knows when Jin Sung's delivery will come.
It's ok, go inside.
Why? Honey, what are you doing instead of working? He sold my cow and left us.
he's man, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be working my ass off in Seoul.
What does working in Seoul have to do with him? It is because of our cow dying Go inside, customers are looking for you.
Excuse me.
Did you eat? I ate.
You punk, Aigoo.
He's just doing that.
You know right? Your so handsome my son.
You're diligently working at the company right? And your not doing anything bad right? Yes.
If you gamble and go to prison again, I'm going to commit suicide.
Around, this much soju.
It's right.
Wow your surprising me many times today.
How could you without seeing.
I feel the temperature of the alcohol.
But what else were you surprised by? I really didn't know you liked movies.
Especially action movies.
Truthfully speaking, action movies are ehhhhhh.
The sound of cars, fighting, running, I just hear annoying stuff.
Then we could have watched a different movie.
There was a melodramatic movie.
Melodramatic movies are more ehhhhh.
There is barely any dialogue.
They only play music in melodramatic movies these days.
Truthfully speaking, in melodramatic movies, the one thing i want to see most is When a man looks at his woman, When a woman looks at her man.
Where they met and what they are wearing, what they are eating, stuff like that.
but as you can see I, my eyes.
Next time, lets watch a comedy.
But its really funny, blind people even though we cant see, we say "let watch" To be exact, its not watching, it is listening to comedy.
But every blind person says "watch.
" It is really funny.
Right, Director? Director? Your not listening right? No.
Why wouldn't I listen to you? I'm listening.
This should be full.
But where did you learn to make Soju bombs? From my brother.
I drink well right? Why aren't you leaving? Why didn't you answer my calls? You think delivery is a game? I was busy.
Hitting Hee sun, I am sorry.
Your sorry for hitting her but not for hugging her? Hyung, only your life is important, what's so big about that girl getting smacked? To you and Hee Sun, I'm nothing.
Bro, just worry about your life, not mine.
Young I'm drunk.
If your going to kill me, this is perfect timing.
This is the bar next to C Plus Movie Theater.
Come, kill me.
Hello? Just come work for me.
I gave Soo a hand, cleaning medicines.
But it seems as if he'll give it to his fake sister soon.
Then you, who was with him, will go down as his accomplice.
I'm telling you as a loyalty of living in the same neighborhood when we were little.
Don't hurt your nice parents.
Just split with Soo and come to me.
I will wait for you.
Ah, So Ra was looking for Soo.
If So Ra finds Soo? She will destroy him.
I don't want to, I don't want to drink anymore.
I drank too much as it is.
One shot, one shot, one shot.
We met to talk, not to just get drunk.
Today, you haven't said anything about your trip with your Oppa and you hadn't answered me earlier.
Do you like me, I asked.
One shot , One Shot, One shot.
I love you.
Honestly, I wanted to do this long ago.
Not as a someone your father picked out for you but as a real man.
Young said to pick her up.
Today was fun.
The kiss was good too.
I will walk her to the car.
Hey honey, its me.
Where are you? Who is this? The Director Keep going like this and Just get into an accident? Good idea, but you need to drive well.
Lying to your sister to get money, you still have a reason to live.
You cant follow me to my death.
If your drunk then sleep, stop talking nonsense.
Just in case, don't start feeling guilty.
I, as you know, wanted to die.
Just think of it as granting my wish.
The good times, and what I thought was happy memories.
It was all about the money for you.
I cant help but feel betrayed.
Zip it.
I should just take my seat belt off, so even the lightest crash, I should go flying out.
My nice brother, taking his drunken younger sister home, gets into a accident.
The drunken sister takes off her seatbelt and the startled brother avoids oncoming car.
The rest, we hit something.
Again, right now.
It is a misunderstanding.
Hee Sun was lying.
It is all a misunderstanding.
Let me go! I can kill you right now If i truly wanted to if it was money that I was after I had plenty of oppurtunity At the train station as the train was coming the lake, the beach and now here If I want , I can kill you as you wish But your too easy to get rid off Your saying I can trust you? Your saying I can trust you, my brother? I, cannot trust anyone around me please can I trust you? I know You can trust me You can trust me Young ~This is the last time once the sorrow~ The empty broken promises~ Once they disappear again~ Whats going on? Ask the Director Get out When Young falls asleep, I will go to my room so leave Oppa.
I, had my first kiss today was it good? not as I expected but your first kiss was me Your too when you were young or not Hand what you said earlier That I can trust you, really its true yea i'm sleepy Young Why do I want to live so badly Why must I live, I dont even have a reason to do this to her who cant see an endless lie why must I live like this? Did you really get it? Yea I was happy Brother, since you came Life really isnt much Just living is life All the things I've said Might all of this being a lie? I really wanted just once without knowing, was I looking for this? shit, what am I doing? crazy bastard it better medicince then the one she gave you Bro, you know what she will do Just walk away its the safe that was built with the house its the safe that was built with the house Dont let Hee Seon get involved anymore Hee Seon is already involoved Bro, your identity, DnA everything was her doing secrets, allowing you to even get into this house you hurt her letting see you sleeping with Young who did all that for you who did all that for you I was on your side even after you stole and sold my fathers cows Even after you lived off my family all these years Even when my mother would have to pick you up at the precinct after getting into fights all the time she always begged for your even after my mom got the heart problem I never hated you once Do you know? No matter even if I'm on your side I cant watch you kill someone Going to the beach and hugging and sleeping After getting close to her and kill her? Does that make sense? Bro, its not good for you or good for poor Young Lets empty out the safe Get the stuff ready Mouth Its pure chocloate What is the man's expression like? I wonder how i should put this He's trying to be cool you, dont be like them Why? That woman is now teasing the man.
Saying "later" to a man in that condition.
is foul play.
what kind of condition is it? there you go being perverted! Are you ready for your in laws meeting? Why did you turn it off? You said you've seen it many times before.
It seems different watching it with you explaining it.
Turn it on and talk.
after your meeting with the in-laws, your wedding is to follow shortly right? I figured I would do it before you leave Do you like Lee Myung Ho? Mouth.
Dad picked him.
That's all.
Turn on the TV.
Why won't you turn it on? Lets go to sleep.
You have to go to the meeting tomorrow.
Your skin needs to look good.
Just watch this and go to sleep.
It sure feels good to have Soo go with us on this occassion.
Isn't it the same for you too Secretary Wang? If Youngie likes it then I do too.
"It is your Oppa" Yes, what? Youngie! Something came up suddenly.
I don't think I can go to the marriage meeting with you.
Work? What work? Urgent work.
There seems to be a problem with my going to Italy later.
Do well at the meeting.
I don't want to go.
You go do your work today and we can do this some other time when you are available.
I don't want to go alone on such an occasion.
You're alone anyways.
Get use to it.
Enter by yourself I'll leave soon.
If you were going to be like this, you just should not have come from the start.
What's wrong? What's happening? Oppa is not coming.
He asked us to go.
Ji Sung, its me.
Start right now.
I placed the stuff We'll go home and pack.
Be careful bro.
I will call you once i'm done.
The elders seem to be late.
Director had a meeting , and his parents are coming on their own,they might have a hard time finding this place.
Why? Youngie seems to be taking too long in the restroom.
Why don't you stay seated.
Youngie comes here regularly, the staff will take care of her.
I guess they would.
Of course.
What? You've come all the way till here and you won't come inside? Punk.
You'll be cursed if you do like this.
Father!! Even if they have that much money, she cannot see.
And you threw away Suh In I don't like this.
Myung Ho, at least put an end to this now.
This marriage.
Mom, lets talk later.
Do this meeting.
It was stuffy, so I came to get some air.
Please tell Mrs.
Wang that I might have a cold and have to leave What kind of behavior is this with the elders present please stop it, Cold are very contagious, its best to avoid them You're back already? Yes.
I'll take my leave then.
Please be careful on your way Lawyer Jung.
Youngie, i'm leaving.
Secretary Wang.
Yes? Should I make you some food? No thank you, Young doesnt feel well, so after she sleeps, later Sure.
Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital? Yes.
I heard you were in need of $7.
8 million.
I will give you that money immediately.
Secretary Wang, I know this was all your doing, since I'm not alone to me I have my brother Let's get your eyes tested again.
After you leave? If your sorry should be go on a trip? I told her you was acting to be the heir of the group Hello? Are you Miss Oh Young's brother? your sister is very sick right now.