That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 Secretary Wang.
Yes? Shall I get you something? No thank you.
Young says that she is tired so she is going to take a nap.
Maybe later.
Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital? Yes.
Did my brother come? No.
Why do you think that? I think that my room has the scent of my brother.
I don't know.
Did he stop by? He's not here right now.
I'm going to turn on music.
When you hear it, leave this room without Young knowing.
You're bothering me.
Please leave.
I think we should talk.
Episode 7 My doll! Are you crazy? Why are you worried about your doll when we are trying to run away? Seriously the things that you do Then should I leave it? My sister bought it for me when I was young.
It's like my prized possession.
Hurry and put it back in.
It's hyung.
What did he say? Did he empty the safe? I got caught.
Don't try to contact me.
You're bad! You're a liar! It didn't even smell like the hospital but you said we went to the hospital.
Bad Ajumma Wang.
Mommy! Secretary Wang is in Japan so she didn't take me to the hospital.
But she told dad the hospital can't cure me.
She lied.
Please speak.
I think that you should speak first.
Tell me the reason why you were in Young's room.
I needed Young's diary.
Her diary is in braille so you couldn't possibly read it.
What is the reason that you need it? I can find a way to read braille.
The reason I needed the diary is because of my curiosity behind the mystery of you.
What? My description? Was it really not possible to fix Young's eyes? Did you stop something that was fixable? What are you saying? If not Korea, then there is America and even Japan.
PL group has nothing but money so if everything that could be done was done then it could have been fixed, right? I heard that the amount of money you need is 78 million won.
MiRa told me, that you need 78 million won.
That you and Young had a fight over it.
What if I gave you right now that money? If I give you right now that money, and told you to leave Young.
Then your choice would be? A talisman.
A talisman? My friend went through much trouble to get it.
If you eat it when you want to die then all your suffering, pain, and hopelessness will disappear in one moment and you will be at peace.
How about it? I will give you that money and you take it and leave this house.
I'll pretend to not have heard this offer.
If I give you the 78 million won that you need right now then you are saying that you won't leave? I'm in Young's will.
If I was here for money and not Young, then there was a lot of opportunities.
The fact that you said that you will give me the 78 million won was a mistake.
As soon as I heard that I really began to suspect you.
It is fine that you tell Young that I was in her room.
And before I leave I will very seriously suspect you.
Yes? Secretary Wang.
The bank called earlier saying that you got in contact with them.
They want to know when you are going to move the valuables.
I went to ask Young, but she is sleeping.
Tell them that I will contact them again.
I think our conversation is over.
You stay and watch me and I will start believing or doubting that you came here only for your little sister, Young.
Right? I wish that Young knew that were so many people around her that love her then she would be a little less lonely.
Right? I have an appointment.
Lawyer Jang, can you meet me right now? I have something I need to talk to you about.
It's about Young's brother.
I will tell you when you get here.
Then I will see you then.
Are you crazy? Why did you not take that money? You should have taken it.
She said she was going to give you the 7.
8 billion won (USD7.
8 million), are you crazy? Give me Secretary Wang's phone number.
Tell me Secretary Wang's number.
If you won't ask for the money, then I will.
It's bait.
Bait? What kind of bait? Hey! This is why I don't feel an attraction to you.
Is Soo that confident? He's not the real one, he is fake! If he hadn't gone that way and he took the money then Secretary Wang would have suspected and confirmed Soo and she would have called the police.
You rock head! Ah, seriously.
Ah, seriously.
What are we going to do now? So Ra is out there too now.
Let's just leave here or else you are dead.
Even if we do, I'm dead.
Let's change our plan.
Let's go for threatening Secretary Wang.
What? A threat? What kind of threat? With what? What young Young said in the video in the secret room, that she didn't take her to the hospital.
The way that Secretary Wang, who gets a salary, can give me 78 million won is.
The confession that she spends Young's fortune like it's her own? The reason that she selected Lee Myung Ho, who already has a girlfriend, to be Young's fiance is all a plan.
We know that for the last 11 years you have a plan to take over PL group for youself so give me the 7.
8 billion won.
No, 10 billion won.
You smart ass.
You, stop being a smart ass.
After you save him, stop it.
Live your life nicely.
I was thinking that anyways.
While blackmailing bad Secretary Wang, instead of nice Young.
Lips What? But before we threaten Secretary Wang, What if she find out about his true identity? Before she does, I have to find something on her.
First, if I go hard on her, she won't be able to do anything, Because she has no proof.
You and Hee Sun, keep following Lee Myung Ho.
And you? Something on Secretary Wang.
I will find it.
Go Be careful.
Hee Sun.
Cellphone Cellphone? Jin Sung, give him his coat.
What are you doing with my clothes? You seem a little excited.
Because I get to live Hey Young, Its me Hee Seon.
Give me a call back, I want to apologize for last time.
Hey what are you up to? I want to know if Soo is really happy he gets to live or If he is happy to stay close to Young for a little more, Just want to make sure Why? Did you finish to write the list for items (to be kept in the safety deposit box)? Here it is, Ms Wang The paper are restricted.
Everything seems right Then, I will leave.
Thank you for your hard work You're going to move my safe to the bank? Why? Because it is not safe.
It is the funds my father made.
Up until now, it has been safe.
At home, There are too many people.
Secretary Wang Is suspecting my brother.
I brought Soo, But, For the first time I am wondering if I made a mistake bringing him.
Maybe, Soo might not be any help.
Soo, I wish you didn't trust him.
If I can't trust my own brother, Then me, whom can't do anything without someone, Then who should I trust? Young, at 12 o clock direction, you favorite chocolate is here Eat this and cheer up.
The one and only brother I share my memories with, I can't trust.
Can't trust Secretary Wang, I can't trust you Lawyer Jang, who love Secretary Wang.
My friend here, Mi Ra I cannot trust Young For keeping an eye on me.
I know you get paid by Secretary Wang.
When I was still a child, And made you a loner, you were mad with me, I understand Because you were poor, you needed the money.
Don't make any excuses.
I completely understand.
Secretary Wang There is a reason she is being suspicious of your brother.
I Can't tell you everything But there's a reason I know the reason Not allowing anyone to be by my side.
That's why she taught me Just like now to corner my feelings To lose my one and only friend and my brother So in the end, Secretary Wang will be the only one by my side.
She wants me to be like her, trapped in a jailed home.
Always cold and nasty to others So at the end Making me feeling awfully lonely.
What is her problem? How come that family never has a quite day? Excuse me, Lawyer Jang I don't know how to put this but, Young's brother Soo is a little off.
This book, Mom used to read it to me, but as I read it again, it's so funny.
Why did I like it before? I can't understand why, seriously.
I clearly heard it.
The day before yesterday, when Mira and I went to the hospital and got the examination on my eyes, the doctor told me that my blindness isn't because of brain tumor, but R.
(Retinitis Pigmentosa) He asked why this was neglected, and said that if it was treated in the early stage, I wouldn't have had to stay home all the time.
He said, "there is still some hope, so let's operate it now.
" But Today, that doctor says I heard it wrong.
No, I heard it clearly.
Secretary Wang.
I know you manipulated all.
I should've noticed (something's wrong) when Mira said she would go with me, but instead, she sent you.
Secretary Wang, I'm sorry but, today isn't the end.
Because I'm not alone.
I have my brother I have my brother.
When he comes, he won't forgive you, who made me like this.
Tell me that I can trust you.
Tell me that I can trust you, Oppa.
Please, that I can trust you at least.
Oh, Young.
Oppa, where are you? I heard you went out for some appointment, but are you still out? Yes, I'm not home yet.
Aren't you coming home? I'm coming, on my way now.
Where are you now ? I'm out too.
Out? Yes, out.
By the way, you said you're on your way home, right? Are you almost home? Will I go out to meet you? Where should I go? The way to Joon Tae's cafe, or the intersection of Hansung supermarket? Just go home.
It's cold out here.
I'm not cold.
Where should I be? I'm near both the intersection and the cafe.
Where are you? Miss, why aren't you coming inside? Please come inside soon, then.
The intersection.
Good, I'm near there.
Theen, see you soon.
You can't see love with your eyes.
I can't find where love is.
So blundering to look for it, I guess finally it touched my finger tips.
At that moment, you turned around to me, and smiled at me, which made my eyes open.
Your scent blown by wind, and your low voice I can hear, are soaking into my cold mind like winter.
So love is blooming as snowflakes.
Your scent blown by wind Wow, I'm proud of my sister.
You're good at walking by night alone.
You fool, it's same (to me) whether it's night or day.
are soaking into my cold mind like winter.
So love is blooming as snowflakes.
After fingerprint identification, let's tell Young tonight, so that we can proceed DNA test by blood from both of them as well.
Since he didn't want any inheritence when he showed up first, I have doubted that maybe he's not her real brother.
Giving up all fortunes of PL Group for his younger sister, that didn't make sense.
What if Soo is really her brother, even after fingerprint identification and DNA test by blood? Then we should chase him out, because he's a dangerous brother to Young.
If he's not her brother, we can charge him for fraud or attempt theft.
To proceed the legal and proper DNA test, we have to have Young's consent.
I don't think Young would agree.
And I will do nothing without her consent.
Chairman Oh Se Young requested a few things to me.
"No matter what happens, don't make Young feel lonely.
" "Please find her brother for Young.
" Not leaving anything for Soo was also Chairman's consideration to test his sincerity toward Young.
What else can be more certain to find her real brother than this method? - I also think for Young - Then, you should gain trust from Young first, Secretary Wang.
For the first time, Young started to have trust in a person, Secretary Wang.
What we have hoped for is finally happening.
Giving affection to people and getting affection from them, giving trust and getting trust.
Even if Soo came to Young because of money, 7.
8 million dollars are nothing big for us to give him.
Please leave them alone for now.
Even if Young has Soo beside her, there is still place left for you.
Please pay more attention to new products so that they can be more noticeable.
And get off work not too late.
So, where is that pill? That pill really must be an amulet.
Today, when I took a nap, I was holding it in my hand, and like magic, I felt very comfortable.
It was really amazing.
Give me that pill.
Don't worry, I won't use it easily.
It's only one in the world.
When I use it, I will get your permission for sure.
Because that pill is owned by two of us.
I promise.
Or, whenever I want, you can sleep by my side.
F fine.
But that pill, I will keep it for now.
Give it to me.
I will give it to you at my room.
And, you should give it back to me whenever I need it.
A call from Director, Lee, Myeong, Ho.
I've been calling you all day, but you didn't answer.
I took a nap.
Young What my parents said today was I didn't hear anything.
The postponed meeting with your parents, let's rearrange it some other time.
Please forward my apology to your parents that I was too rude today.
I'd better go now.
What did she say? Just focus on the documents.
Regarding to the M&A case of Hyeon Soo Corporation, don't proceed that.
It's an unconvincing deal to everybody.
- Why are you pushing it ? - Manager Kim! Explain to Secretary Han why I should proceed this M&A for Hyeon Soo Corporation.
Did you ask if I like Director Lee Myeong Ho? Let me see maybe I like him.
How do you feel when you meet him? Does your heart flutter? If my heart flutter, does that mean that I like him? In most cases.
Then, that means I like you.
About the marriage with Director Lee, think it over again.
I have no choice.
People talk about "falling for at first sight".
I have no eyes to see to fall for at first sight.
I can just live with a person who says that he likes me.
You have no interest in the company.
Without his help, I can't manage the company.
Let's talk about something else.
Who is the friend you met today? What did you do with that friend? Did you go to karaoke? What did you do with that friend? Did you go to karaoke? To a cafe? - Or to a club? - Your eyes, let's examine them again.
Before I leave, if your eyes can be fixed, I want to make that happen.
If Secretary Wang interferes with that, you have me, so don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid of Secretary Wang.
When I was littel, I was afraid of her, but not any more.
We just use each other, that's all.
It's not a bad deal, either.
Then, there is no reason you can't have the eye examination.
While I'm getting the examination and the operation, and going through all the hard process, you're going to leave, aren't you? It's not like you're not leaving.
You're leaving.
I'm not saying you shouldn't leave.
If I were you, I would leave too.
You have things you want to do, and the place you want to go.
So, here, in this place like a prison, taking care of a blind sister, that's too boring, I know.
You feel sorry, don't you? If you feel sorry, then Will we go somewhere to have fun? That's it! Yes, that's it.
Let's call Hee Seon.
Jin Sung, too.
Hmm, let's go a field trip! When Mira once said that she had a fun at the field trip she went with classmates, I envied her.
Let's call all, and go together.
Okay, let's do that.
To the green hill, carrying a back pack, Secretary Wang, Young and I will go on a trip with friends.
As Young wrote a will for me, if something bad happens to Young, the first suspect would be definitely me.
We will be careful and I will keep it in my mind that I'm on your list of suspects.
We won We won! We won! Awww, we could've won! Did we really win? What did I tell you? I told you we would win for sure! Hey, smile, smile.
I will keep this moment of victory.
- Aja! - Aja! Are you jealous? Do you want me to do that for you, too? Hey, I'm going to eat rice.
You're cooking rice too, right? Can't you see me? I'm preparing it now.
Make a soup too, putting dried anchovy and kimchi.
Make the seasoning right.
If it's salty, I'm going to pour it all in your mouth.
I'm now regretting to love her.
If it's salty, I'm going to pour it all in your mouth.
I'm now regretting to love her.
You two are just right for each other.
Hey, what are you doing with Hyung's cell phone? Looking at the photos.
Hee Seon, are the photos good? Yeah.
What about me and Oppa? Those are the first ones we took together (after meeting again).
Are they fine? Why do you keep asking questions? If you're that curious, see them yourself! They are all fine and you look super epic pretty.
By the way, the sound of your cutting it sounds awkward and strange.
What's strange? I'm cutting just fine.
Just it sounds like other regular people's cutting.
It doesn't sound like an Italian cuisine chef's.
Fast cutting things is about Chinese food cooks.
All Italian cuisine chefs are cutting things like me.
And you, there are so many good restaurants here, but do you really have to eat the potato soup I made? Yeah.
Oh Soo, it's hard to raise a younger sister.
Just do it enough.
What is my brother's charms? He's the man your sister loved, so although you knew you shouldn't like him, you must have your reasons to like him.
That's why I'm asking you what the charms of my brother you know.
That he is not totally bad.
He's a womanizer, pretty good at lying, and has a mean, dirty temper, and he's selfish too.
All of these are true, but, somehow, you can never say those are all about Oh Soo.
I can't understand well what you mean.
I'm saying he's born to make women worry so much.
Sister my ass Ah, I'm hungry! Hurry up and give me food! GIve me some too.
No way.
You had a headache yesterday too.
Then tell me about Oh Soo.
What 'soo' character is his name? Soo as in protect like you? Oh soo as in pull out? You better tell me.
Or I'll pest you all night so you can't sleep.
Soo as in tree.
His mom dumped him under the tree when he was little.
So soo for tree.
Then his mom's face, he's never seen it.
He did.
When he was 10 something years old.
She showed up out of th blue outside the school and gave him 58 bucks or something.
That's it.
That's sad.
Maybe he became a conman because of his wound in his heart.
Great excuse.
He was always that kind of a bastard.
Trash from birth.
Did he ever love someone? Once.
But the moment th girl said she was pregnant with his child, he dumped the girl without a second look.
And the girl who chased after him, was in an accident and How old was he then? The girl and him, both 19.
I also thought like you,he, who his parents dumped like trash, that he wanted to live like trash.
I understood him, And had sympathy for him too.
But loved a guy like that, neglected home, and gave up on school.
and even became pregnant with his child, not taking responsibility for her, is not something forgiveable.
Who are you to forgive him? What a person can do for another, is not forgive but comfort.
When I first got the brain tumor, what I wanted was to be comforted.
But people were like you.
They didn't console me.
Forget comfort, they forced the 6 year old to be brave.
So cruel.
It's alright Young.
The surgery won't be scary.
It's alright.
You can beat it.
Chemotherapy is nothing.
What else could those people have said? It's okay to be not okay.
Young, it's okay to be not okay.
It's okay to be scared.
It's okay to cry.
If people had said that t ome, I probably would've cried a day or two and been fine.
Maybe because I didn't get to cry then.
Even now when I think about then, at age 6, the tears keep on coming out.
Wouldn't he have been like me as well? At an age he can't even remember.
He was dumped under the tree.
The mom who somehow showed up just gave him 58 dollars and left.
As if that's not enough, the only woman he loved in the world, he lost her forever at the young age of 19.
No one consoled him.
But it's his mistake for not taking responsibility for the child.
It's a mistake.
A huge mistake.
But he was 19, who couldnt even be responsible for himself.
At that age, a child that might have the same life as him, must've been really scary.
You made a mistake.
Thanks to you, I became more curious about him today.
Let's sleep.
Oppa? You're up.
Yes, director Lee Myung Ho.
Meet me today? No way.
Why bring him to the founders party? I have an appointment with Jin So Ra this afternoon.
Then I'll know about Oh Soo the oppa.
But if it's confirmed that he's the oppa after meeting Jin So Ra, the board members who will be suspicious for not telling them about the heir, you and I won't have a way to earn their trust.
We need to crush that suspicion before the party.
It's dangerous.
The board members are conservative.
It's dangerous.
The board members are conservative.
They might to push you and Young out of the chairman position just knowing there is an heir.
Then we should tell Young right away about Oh Soo touching the vault.
Attorney Jang took all the evidence.
I don't have any proof.
You go meet Jin So Ra first.
Dont' be stubborn and let's go in front of the house.
It's only 5 minutes from here to home.
I want to walk.
Maybe I sat in the car too long.
I feel stuffy.
I want to walk.
Maybe I sat in the car too long.
I feel stuffy.
You said you have to do something.
Let's go all the way home.
What do you think I hate the most? Over-protecting.
See you at home.
I'm sleepy.
Good night.
Young, if you could see, what would you want to see first? Tell me.
I just want to know.
What you might want to see the most.
Right now, it's you.
No matter how I imagine and explore, you that I don't really seem to know.
I have to catch that Lee Myung Ho square today.
Like this.
Hey! Nuna.
What! How's Jung Yun Mi's PC test result? I have something to ask you.
This kid I know, her eyes Go to the eye dept.
Go to the eye dept.
She has retinitis, but she's had a brain tumor before so Do I seem that bored to you? To chat with a trash like you? I'm someone who gave up the vice dean position when I refused to operate on the mobster.
How dare a thing like you talk to me.
Yes thanks.
I'll come get it now.
What are you talking about? Isnt it? Isn't it nonsense? Your Oh Soo is the sole son of the advertising giant PL Group? He's a funny guy.
He had me totally fooled too.
No wonder he was so good to Oh Soo.
So this Oh Soo I'm talking about here is the original good-hearted PL Group Oh Soo.
Anyways your Oh Soo's impostering him right now living the grand life.
Even doing some chancy sweet romance with the younger sister of the good Oh Soo.
Is what you just said to me all true? Go to PL and ask to meet with the sole son then.
Then you'll know right away.
Why ask me about it when she's got eyes.
Didn't you say you were going to meet Lee Myung Ho? He seems to be Oh Soo's brother-in-law.
Ask him to let you meet him then.
Oh Soo.
Give me his number.
I have Boss Kim to worry about.
So I can't.
Don't get caught by Boss Kim.
He wanted me to murder when he was jealous of Oh Soo.
Watch out.
The merchandize you wanted is here.
Would you like to check? Yes.
It has a great abrasive feel.
I like it.
Please wrap it.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Customer, are you alright? I'm fine.
Just my head hurts.
You seem ill though.
Can I help? Would you take me to dept store first floor? And if you could call a cab for me.
Your arm please.
Boss Kim Jin So Ra just came out from Jo Moo Chul's home.
And went towards PL Group.
Boss Kim.
So Ra probably asked Moo Chul about Oh Soo, Boss.
So I'm hanging up now, Boss Kim.
I dispose Oh Soo and you dispose me that Boss Kim.
So what's this? You're Boss Kim's striker who handles me? You're going to regret not taking me under you.
You're really really going to regret.
Oh Soo.
Who's this now? Meet me.
I have something to say.
I don't think you should be meeting me right now.
Jin So Ra went to see Lee Myung Ho right now.
I told her you were impostering PL Group son.
But I don't know where those two are meeting.
I'll call So Ra to tell her you're coming and ask her where.
Oh Young.
Yup Young.
Are you Oh Young's brother? I am but who is this? Are you alright? Please don't call the hospital.
I beg you not to call the hospital.
What do we do? Your sister is very ill right now.
We were going to call the hospital but she's saying not to no matter what.
She said to call you.
What are you talking about? I dropped my sister off near the house earlier.
Where is she? I'll be right over.
Jo Moo Chul.
Jo Moo Chul.
Young! Young! Young.
It's me, oppa.
You're here.
Please call the ambulance.
That Winter, The Wind Blows Episode 7 Preview The doctor says it's strange that you're this sick.
I'm scared about me being sick too.
If I have a brain tumor, I'll be in pain again.
Hyung, big trouble! Lee Myung Ho and Jin So Ra just met.
Is he the one? No the one I dated is the one next to him.
Even if Secretary Wang doesn't approve, I will go to the party with oppa.
I will wish for you to have fun.
Happy birthday to you.
I hope you like my birthday present to you.
My conceited thought that I could play with love.
I would be the one hurt the most by this dangerous play I am confident of that for th first time.
Invite Jin So Ra to the founders party.
Let's have and Oh Soo meet there.