That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 Episode 8 The car is ready now.
Come this way.
Jin Sora! Woah! I'm going to go crazy.
Hey Jin Sung, come here.
Secretary Wang is calling.
The call cannot be connected.
Not answer the phone? Her brother is a bit too much.
Tomorrow, Miss should prepare for the anniversary party of the company's founding.
He said they would come early.
He said they would come early.
Where on earth is he taking a blind girl around? Move aside, please! Excuse me! I'm her guardian.
We will take her to the examination room.
As her guardian, you should go to the administration office for the process.
Bro! We have a big problem! Lee Myeong Ho and Jin So Ra are meeting now.
As per your instruction, we were following Lee Myeong Ho to catch him meeting another girl This jerk is not meeting a girl we were hoping for, but So Ra, that "Misery" girl.
I already know that.
What? Did you know that? How did you know that? Are you contacting So Ra again? What the How could you be jealous at this moment, in this situation? Bro, what should we do now? Will we leave now? Just tell me what to do.
I'll do whatever you Okay.
These guys are going to get it.
Got it.
Hey, where are you going?! If you're curious, just follow me.
Do you know all of these men in this picture? Yes.
I'm sorry, but when you have any scandal, you know that there is a condition for us to terminate our commercial contract, don't you? As far as I know, you were dating with one of these people.
Is this the one you dated? No.
As far as I know, that person is already dead long gone.
The one I dated is the guy next to him.
This man? Yes, that man.
Hello? This is Jin Sung.
You know who I am, right? Look around the cafe.
Bro Oh Soo is asking if there is still friendship left between you and him.
Of course.
In that case, he said that you should take care of Lee Myeong Ho on your own, and he would call you later.
Later? I can't believe that.
Give me his phone number.
When he says "he will", he will do for sure.
You know that well, don't you? Just wait.
Hey, kneeling down and begging in front of So Ra might not be even enough, but how could you ruin the game like that? I don't know, I just did what Bro told me to do.
Where are you going? Oh, Dong Il.
Soo asked you to do something.
Your loyalty is still alive.
Even if I called you after a long time, you just say okay without hesitance! Well, what he asked was So, you're saying it wasn't this man, but this man? Yes, that man.
The only son of PL Group.
- Guardian of Miss Oh Young? - Guardian of Miss Oh Young! It's me.
What's wrong? The doctor is looking for you.
Please give me Mr.
Oh Soo's phone number.
Since I haven't got over him yet, I really want to meet him one more time.
I will send the letter for the termination of commercial contract.
That must be unavoidable, then.
Even if it's a scandal of your past, this is too big.
Because of Oh Soo, I lost a commercial deal.
I'm sure Oh Soo must know this, but I'm not patient.
This damn b#ch! That weasel-like face! I will just Bro is now about to die because of her, but how could she nag him? I will just Oh, hey, this is a jackpot, JACK POT! That's right, do it more, more! Ho! Jackpot! I'm not sure In the middle of test, she started to scream and refuse any more test, so I don't know well how the patient's condition is.
I heard that my sister's eyes have R.
? Ah, Retinitis Pigmentosa? But I don't think a patient would lose consciousness because of that.
She had a brain tumor before.
Brain tumor? Then it's best if she gets examined.
Because there is a possibility of relapse.
Doctor, there is an emergency patient arrived! Hurry and get an examination done.
Let's go home now.
Secretary Wang is calling like crazy.
Give me your arm.
You were worried so you're mad.
I'm fine.
It's just fatigue.
Are you a doctor? The day after tomorrow, there is an anniversary party for the company's founding in Pyeongchang.
Because of its rehearsal, I need to leave early in the morning tomorrow.
The doctor said it's odd that you're in a lot of pain like this.
We may find it for sure after the test, but there is the possibility of relapse of brain tumor.
Are you also becoming similar to Secretary Wang? Cold, fatigue, headache Even if I have a simple enteritis, she takes it as a symptom for brain tumor, and make me go through all kinds of test.
Poking everywhere of my body with needle and taking blood Locking me up in a sterile room for days.
Why? So now, will you do all of those on behalf of Secretary Wang? Young I'm also scared of being sick.
But, do you know what I'm more scared of that? In this smelly hospital, being locked with only that boring Secretary Wang for 24 hours.
If I have brain tumor, I will have pain again.
Just wait.
When it happens again, I will get all tests.
Are you mad? No.
Young I will promise, really.
If I have pain one more time, I will go to the hospital.
I don't like you being like this.
You're really a good brother.
By the way, why did you go to the department store by yourself? It's dangerous.
Let's go to the anniversary party with me.
In front of the people of the company, who always look at me as a pitiful disabled person, "I'm not alone, and I have a cool brother", I want to show off.
I hate being in that kind of place.
What if I get sick in the party? I will never tell you that I was sick.
If you come with me to the party, you can watch me if I get sick or not, for 24 hours a day, right? I'm sure you must be a fox with 9 tails.
Even if you don't approve, I will go to the party with Oppa.
It might not be bad for you, either.
Among the shareholders, the rumors that you and Lee Myung Ho treat me like a little doll will be put to rest.
Let's do that then.
In fact, I have some things to take care of tomorrow and the day after so I didn't have time to go to the party.
Why don't you ask your brother to escort you to the party, too? The shareholders would like that.
For the loyalty to the deceased Chairman, they would do anything.
So, when they find that the only son of Chairman appeared, they would be so happy.
Thank you for understanding But, I don't want this dress but the one that my brother got me.
Because my brother doesn't like a dress with shirring so much.
Your father like this dress.
Let's not fight.
I'm in a good mood.
Now, there are only 31 days left.
Until the day my brother leaves, I want to be happy.
Until that day, I hope you can be happy too.
Without any trouble.
Without any trouble.
I took those pictures running around on an empty stomach.
Hee Sun took those pictures, they're great, huh? But there's a problem.
Just stop it, please.
Han So Yoon, what more can I do for you? We're over.
It's over between us.
This isn't enough, right? If Secretary Wang and Lee Myung Ho would insist this relation was already over.
Right? Don't give up.
Follow them closely.
Just because one side wants to break up, it doesn't mean it's over.
And let's see what Dong Il will bring back about Secretary Wang.
But what are you going to do about Sora? She sends me threatening text messages every two hours.
I know how to handle her.
Don't worry about it.
Then, it's different with what you found from Jo Moo Chul.
I know.
As per Jin So Ra, Oh Soo, the brother, often said he's the son of PL Group, and it has been a while since the guy Jo Moo Chul talked about was dead.
Jin Sora Invite her to the anniversary party.
Let her meet Oh Soo there.
I'm curious to see what Oh Soo and Jin Sora will talk about.
Invite her to the anniversary party.
Welcome, President.
Welcome, President.
You've worked hard.
Are you always treated (as a big shot) like this? If you like it, just live with me.
No, I like Italy.
It sounds like you like Italy more than you like me.
I'm still leaving.
I know.
It's nice here, right? Italy is better.
Don't have any hope that I will stay here.
While I was young, do you know what I learned while I was sick? If I have hope, I will be the one that gets hurt.
It's fine.
You leave, I remain.
I know.
Place that over there.
This way.
what are those people doing? I requested this.
Just like you, there was a time I wanted to become a chef.
Chef? A pastry chef.
I want to try making bread.
Just buy it instead? No.
I'm going to make it.
and feed you.
Just wait.
I don't like bread.
I think you'll still eat it.
To egg Yolk, mix the meringue, and add the flour well.
Want me to help you? I'm going to do it with my own strength.
What are you going to do? I'll cut the cherries in half.
You? Me.
Move, it's dangerous.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
This is something I'm going to do.
Have you used a knife at home before? No.
Who do you think Secretary Wang is? To let me use a knife.
However, i've used it once at the disability center.
There was a program for the disabled.
Woah woah woah woah I can't stand back and just watch you use a knife, and you insist that you use a knife, so let's just do it this way.
But this is still my job.
You're just a helper.
Fine, you're the chef and i'm the sous chef.
Slow, slow.
Slow, slow.
It tickles! Knife, knife, knife Slowly.
Hot! It's hot! It's hot! You ok? I'm okay.
It's hot.
I'm okay.
Why did you go to the mall? To buy a present for someone.
Who? Just.
Me? No.
For someone I love.
Lee Myung Ho? No.
Lawyer Jang.
If you wanted to buy Lawyer Jang a present, you should have just asked me.
Why did you go to the mall by yourself? It's dangerous.
I wanted to be the one to pick out the present.
I thought I could at least do that much.
Even without me, is Lawyer Jang someone you can trust? Yes.
Ah! Stop! Stop it! Really! Don't do it! Stop! I said stop it! I told you to stop! Why do you keep doing that? Ya, ya, ya.
Go get washed up.
Young? Young? Young - Young, what are you doing? My bell.
I told ajumma to pack it so that I could hold it while I sleep, but it's not here.
If it's not here, just go and buy one- After you leave, if I think about you.
I wanted to listen to the sound of the bell.
Move over, so I can look for it.
Why isn't it here? Ajumma specifically said she packed it.
Found it! Really? We're really going to go on the lift? Yes, of course.
Sounds fun.
isn't it scary? Hey.
how many socks do you have on? One.
What? One? Sit here.
I'll go to the room real quick.
How come? Please.
Whenever I say something, just say "yes", not "why?" You talk too much.
Stay here.
Hurry back.
It's not like you're a doll or anything, why are your feet so small? We're just riding the lift, is it that cold? We're not just taking the lift, we're going to the top (apex) of the mountain.
The top? It'll be hard for you.
So its not that you don't want to? I want to go.
Then lets go.
Make sure your neck is wrapped warmly.
Its done.
Cute! Lets go.
"Do Ryun Nim"! Its dangerous Young master.
If Secretary Wang and the others find out.
Well then, we should make sure that Secretary Wang and the shareholders don't find out The Miss will be scared too.
I'm not scared.
You heard that right? My sister is not somebody who hides in her room.
I want to get on it.
Then, you'll ride the lift and come down immediately right? No.
We are going to the top of the mountain.
We are going to the top of the moutain.
You heard her, right? We are not pieces of furniture that should be locked up in a room.
If we've come to the mountain, we definitely have to go to the top.
Ok, lets go.
Its scary.
The wind is blowing under my feet.
But, I like it.
All the people, are under your feet.
The mountain too, the houses too, they are all under your feet.
The wind, is nice.
Starting now, I'm going to.
take you to a place with really nice wind.
Wait for it.
We're almost there, let me put you down for a second.
I'm sorry.
Because I can't see.
I'm a bad sister.
Right? Because I make it difficult for you.
Yes, you're right.
Later, meet a nice woman.
Someone who can see.
someone who talks elegantly.
A woman who will listen to you well.
I've met such a woman.
it's very, very boring.
Exactly how many women have you dated.
So many that you cannot even imagine.
You're a player, aren't you? Just the kind of man that women like.
Don't take it off.
What? First just use it.
Till I take it off.
Get on.
This sound.
I, for your sake.
placed a million bells.
Actually, this sound is from the rustling of the frozen branches of the trees.
Later, when I leave.
Even when you lose the bell.
If the winter wind blows.
The trees will always make this sound.
If only, .
you could see this now.
It would have been really nice.
But, more than this, what I want to show you is.
Actually, Youngie, yourself.
More than anything.
It would be nice if you could see yourself.
Because, you are very very.
Its ok to kiss a brother like this right? Yes.
Today, eitherways.
I should sleep here I guess.
If you have to see if I'm sick or not, 24/7.
Then we have to stay together.
Oh wait.
You said siblings shouldn't sleep on the same bed right? I'll go get the blankets.
Lie down.
I'll get the blankets.
If you are going to my room, there is a book.
Read it for me.
Its really hard to raise a sister.
I too,if, like the lead male in this book.
lose my memories.
Will I look for my lost memories? No.
I don't think that would be all that great.
I don't have any memories that I would want to find.
Wait, no.
I would want to find my memories with you.
What do you think? Are you sleeping? Ah, it's hot! Yes? ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ We celebrate your birthday ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Oh right! It's today, isn't it? Go to the living room.
Living room? I hope you'll like it.
My birthday present to you.
After you leave, in the event that you miss me, I want you to listen to that sound.
It's small, but you know that a blind person like me took the risk to buy it, right? Happy birthday.
If I could have stopped, I should have stopped then.
My dangerous acts to get close to Youngie was crossing the limit.
The warning sounds that were ringing from deep within my heart.
I definitely heard it.
I shouldn't have been conceited.
I thought that I could play around with love Those many thoughts that I had that were similar to that for the first time, this dangerous act.
more than that child, that I would get more brutally hurt, I was sure.
From the door to here, it's 14 steps.
I'm sure your brother will assist you, but it's best to remember the number of steps.
Do you like it? Yes.
As for the seaweed soup, eat it at the restaurant.
Let's do it again.
I'm on my way to meet Oh Soo.
Heard they have a anniversary party at the company.
I'm curious to see what Oh Soo will say when he sees you.
But, you should watch out for President Kim.
You know what I mean, right? K.
Let's go! According to your friend Doctor Han, I only have 2 months to live.
Why should I go to Just leave me alone so I can live like this and die.
What did I tell you bastard? If you keep living like this, you will receive heaven's punishments.
What? Punishments from heaven? This woman is really funny.
Fixing YooChul's brain, a guy who couldn't even sit or stand properly, since you fixed him, is the only reason I am speaking with you.
Do I look weak to you? HEY!!! You're the one who should receive the 1000 punishments, why should I receive it? Why did I quick school and become a gangster? If I didn't do gangster stuff and just abandoned my family, my younger siblings.
YOUR younger siblings would have ended up like me.
You know that? Why are we following him when we know where he is going? Don't use your head.
If hyung tells us to, then we do it.
He can meet the girl when he goes to the party or the girl could come to the party.
Anyways, I am going to follow him to the end.
If you don't like it then go back to Seoul.
You're really persistent.
Did you just figure that out now? Can't you tell by how persistent I am with you? I'm really persistent.
You have some allure.
You finally realized my real self.
Should I just go out with you? Since Oh Soo and I are destined not to be, should I just go out with you? Don't toss me old rice (metaphor for doing something halfheartedly).
Tell me again when I'm really in your heart.
And right now focus on him.
You're becoming more attractive as I look at you.
Aigoo, good to see you Secretary Wang.
Yes, the weather today is very good.
I think we set the date very well.
And who is this? Oh, today Chairman Oh's son is coming today? I've seen that lad before.
I don't know if he would remember.
You should ask him.
You should go sit.
They are almost ready to start.
I shall go in first.
Come this way.
Where is Young? She is with Oh Soo after finishing rehearsal.
She told me to tell you that she will meet you at the event.
Is Jin SoRa here? She says that she is almost here.
Ok, then let's go in.
Lawyer Jang.
Yes, go in first.
Come in quickly.
What is this picture that you sent me of Oh Soo? Oppa look at this.
Be quiet.
Because I'm upset over the fact I can't an old picture of me and Oh Soo my wife, I'm a fan of Jin SoRa, was trying to make me feel better and she found it while searching for Jin SoRa on the internet.
Oh Soo is not an Italian chef but was an infamous illegal gambler in ChungDamdong.
What?! ChungDamdong gambler? Truthfully if Young is doing well I was going to just see her and then go straight to Italy to open my restaurant.
I understand, hang up.
Don't tell anyone about this.
Chef? ChungDamdong gambler? I will give a small announcement.
The party will start soon.
Please all guests be seated in their seats.
I will repeat the announcement.
The anniversary party will start soon.
Please all guests be seated in their seats.
Did the woman not come? I wonder.
I will repeat the announcement.
The party will start soon.
When did you learn to tie a necktie? When I was young.
When mom left I wanted to do it for dad in the place of mom.
But I didn't get to because there was Secretary Wang.
No matter how much I think about it, this kind of event is awkward and uncomfortable can't you just go with Secretary Wang? This event could become the last time that I go up as Chairman.
What are you trying to say? There isn't much time until Then someone else could become Chairman.
The shareholders are always worried about me being disabled.
Help me.
Show everyone that I'm not alone, but I have a reliable brother with me.
This is the last gift that you can give dad and I.
Let's go.
I will take you to the back of the stage.
But your hands are sweaty.
It's because I'm nervous.
Don't pay attention to it.
Please applaud.
Shoulder silhouette and color line that really brings out my bodyline, Isn't it really perfect? President Oh SeYoung collected only domestic production.
As the leader of the fashion business, She wanted to be the model student, was Chairman's plan.
Make it short.
I don't want to stand there for a long time.
Please welcome Chairman Oh to introduce the anniversary party Hand.
Wow, he's fully engrossed in the role of the older brother.
The person standing next to me is Chairman Oh's only son and my older brother, Oh Soo.
We are here together because we wanted to introduce him to the shareholders.
If my brother wants I'm always ready to give him the Chairman position but, unfortunately my brother is someone who is not interested in the company and is an Italian chef.
He has plans to leave to Italy soon.
Introduce yourself.
I won't speak long.
Please help Chairman Oh.
The reaction from the supporters are good.
People aren't looking at you with pity.
They must think you are cool.
I'll wait outside.
Our worry is Lee Myung Ho.
Leave SoRa to hyung.
Follow him.
I understand.
Ok, finally you guys are caught.
I have a presentation that is about the improvements of this project.
Room 6078.
Please let me borrow your cell phone.
Cell phone, please.
-- calling President Kim -- Yes, this is Oh Soo President Kim.
By the way, how are you controlling your girl friend? For the debt of 7.
8 billion won (USD7.
8 million) I'm owing to you, President Kim, I'm doing my best to repay but this kind of interference is annoying.
Learn how to control your girlfriend.
Oh Soo.
Stop it unless you want to end your career as an actress.
As much as me, you like being an actress, don't you? Secretary Wang, just a moment ago, Chairman Lee told me that he would support Young for the next election for Chairman.
I think Oh Soo moved the majority of conservative shareholders who were against Young.
That's great.
You did good, today, by handing over the right to escort Young to her brother.
Because of that, everybody speaks highly of you.
Of course I should yield.
After all, it's her brother.
Yeah Youngie, where are you? One second please.
Where is Young? She went out to change her clothing as her outfit is uncomfortable.
She will be here soon.
I saw them talking together, but couldn't hear what they said.
Got it.
The two of them met, but he couldn't hear what they were saying.
When Youngie comes, let's say hello and leave shortly.
Oh, Detective Yoon.
Are you still working for Cheongdam-dong area? Yeah.
I'm looking for a gambler.
I'm looking for a gambler.
his name is Oh Soo.
Could you find out about him for me? What? At home alone? Youngie.
are you sick? Your voice sounds weird.
No, not that sick.
Don't worry.
I'll take some medicine when I go home.
What? Medicine? That medicine.
can't you give it to me? Don't worry, I won't use it so easily.
It's the only one in the whole entire world.
When I do use it, I will definitely ask for your approval.
Where are you? I will come to you right now.
Where are you? I'm fine.
Come home after the party ends.
I'm hanging up.
in any case, I think we should call Secretary Wang.
You seem very ill.
If you do, consider yourself fired.
Don't tell anyone about my current condition, if you don't want to get fired.
Oh my.
You're home.
I didn't know you were coming home, so I was going to go to the supermarket with other housekeepers.
Go ahead and go.
Okay then.
Youngie! Youngie! Youngie! Why would you not let me take that medicine? There is no such medicine in the world.
I want to show Youngie to Nuna.
Are you really dating her? Risking your life? Let me ask you a favor, please! Are you worried only about Young? Aren't you worried about yourself? Hey, Let's end this.
Who the heck gave you that medicine? It's a medicine given to animals to put them to sleep.
Sorry, it's that I've become sensitive.
If you're mad at me, tell me what you're mad about! Right now, I have someone to meet.
Let's talk further after I come back.
Is this Jo Moo Chul?