That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 Episode 9 Young! Young! Who? It's me, Oppa.
Young what about the medicine? I'm sorry, Oppa for not keeping our promise.
But I have to take this medicine.
Give it to me.
It hurts.
I have to take it.
I can't endure this any longer.
Let's take it.
I'll give you the medicine.
Give it to me for now.
Water My throat is so dry, water.
I'll give you water.
The medicine fell.
Let me give it to you.
Take it.
Stay by the house.
I'll come out.
Oh, Mi Ra.
Where are you? Near the house? Come home, quick.
Take the medicine, Young.
Let's go to your room.
I'll carry you.
Can you turn up the heater in my room first? My body is cold.
Then you can take me to the room.
Oppa, it's me.
What's wrong? Young is not well.
Me Young, it's been a long time.
Take me to the room.
Oh, okay.
I'll carry you.
Mi Ra, please clean the kitchen floor.
Yes, Oppa.
Young, are you really okay? You really don't seem well.
I have an emergency.
I'll be right back.
Let's go to the hospital when I get back.
I took the medicine, so I should be fine.
That medicine does it really put you at ease? Agony, despair, sorrow.
Does it all go away? There's no such medicine in this world.
I lied, so you could be at ease.
That medicine does nothing.
Nothing? If it doesn't do anything, why wouldn't you let me take it? Fine.
Write it.
The will.
I'll kill you, if that's what you want.
Young? "If you take this medicine when you want to die you will be at peace.
" "Then give it to me.
" "Should I?" "Should I just give it to you?" You're sweating so much.
Young Go and come back.
You said you had somewhere to go.
Somethings not right.
You're sweating way too much.
That's why, I requested Mi Ra to wipe my sweat for me! I'll call Secretary Wang.
I'll be by your side so that she can't hurt you.
I'll be by your side so that she can't hurt you.
But, right now, you need that woman.
Yes, Secretary Wang.
This is Oh Soo.
Young is sick.
Please come home quickly.
You Why did you come to me? If it's because of Oppa's request, then leave.
It's not because of Oppa.
I wanted to come every day to apologize for telling Secretary Wang.
But Young, it wasn't just for money.
It wasn't because you ignored me when we were young, either.
Just I like money too, but if I tell her about you, I thought Secretary Wang would treat you better.
And the hospital incident in high school? Hospital? You clearly heard it.
My eyes were not because of a brain tumor.
Secretary Wang said, that doctor was a quack.
That he didn't know anything.
Then why did you say you didn't hear that in front of Attorney Jang? I'm.
I'm sorry.
Are you really sorry? Yes.
Really sorry.
Then stop crying and help me.
Wash me from head to toe, and change my under clothes.
This is the last chance I'm trusting you.
I was not sick today.
This is what you'll say when Secretary Wang comes home.
"Young was not sick.
It's no big deal.
" Even if Oppa comes home, this is what you'll say.
Even if Oppa comes home, this is what you'll say.
And what if you get more sick? You'll have go to the hospital.
If I go to the hospital this time, I won't be able to come home.
You remember, right? After Dad passed away, I was in the hospital over a month.
You don't.
want me to be stuck in the hospital again, do you? You don't.
want me to be stuck in the hospital again, do you? No.
I'll change your clothes.
Friend Soo-Min "And your reason for wanting to meet me?" Considering Director Lee Myung-Ho came to me asking me about Oh Soo, it seems you have a lot of curiousity about Oh Soo.
When should we meet? I have a tight schedule, too so I'll call you when I'm free.
By the way, here is the info that Oh Soo is a dangerous person to President Oh.
I give you that in advance.
Drive fast! Okay.
Doesn't seem like he's off to meet a girl, Secretary Wang is next to him Psh.
Even the way she sleeps is cute.
For now today, we retreat.
Does President Kim know you're here? I called him.
I said it was just a casual encounter, but you were a bit sensitive.
I'm yours, is what I said.
And that person believed me like he always does.
Just like when he believed me that the 78 hundred million won was with you.
Why aren't you asking me for money? You wouldn't give me the money, even if I died.
Because you know if it wasn't for money, I wouldn't be hanging next to you, you'll used that against me until the end.
If I was going to grow old and die being next to you, the misery that you are, I would rather come clean with the President Kim, and face it head on.
I plan on meeting Secretary Wang.
I'll give you 3 days.
Finish what you have to do here, and call me.
You don't plan on being the actress you wanted to be? Yeah.
I won't.
What the heck are you doing? Loving you.
You may not like my method, but this is the only way I know how.
3 days.
You don't like it? Should we end this now? I'm okay with that.
But you.
shouldn't you have time to say farewell to your pretty sister? Yeah, I know him well.
How do you know him? He's a famous gambler in Cheong Dam Dong.
He's straightened up now, but about a year ago, he was planning on becoming an Italian chef.
Italian chef? Yes.
And there were rumors that he was some group's son.
But why? Oh.
it's nothing.
You said you had work to do.
Go on.
Oh, okay.
Why did you meet with Detective Yoon? I heard he was bad news! Rumor was that he was working with a hired criminal.
Attorney Son's office manager had some bad things to say about him.
He's working with.
a hired criminal? Yes.
It's just a simple migraine.
migraine! She even ate 3 bowls of porridge.
This is her 3rd bowl, and she ate half.
If Young was really sick, how could she eat? Oh, you can even ask Oppa.
Oppa! Young is fine, right? Why are you guys so loud? Why are you guys so loud? Why are you guys so loud? Oppa said you were sick, and he even called - It's just a basic migraine.
If I was really ill, would Oppa leave me at home to handle his business? Isn't that right, Oppa? I took medicine, so I'm better now.
But since when were you two so close? I thought you guys weren't very close.
From the looks of it today, the two of you get along really well calling each other and everything.
After I wrote my will, it seems Oppa is waiting for me to get sick.
Don't anyone come to my room.
From the medicine's side effects, I'll have to sleep early.
Next time you say Young is sick, be careful.
You know that I'm sensitive when it comes to her health, right? Oh and also - watch out for scandals.
Some company shareholders saw you leaving with Jin Sora.
It's not a basic migraine.
Sorry, but every time you worry about me, I think about the will.
You think I'm being rude? But what should I do? Can't seem to get that thought out of my mind.
If you're not wanting me to be sick, just stop.
Tonight, I'll sleep together with you on the floor.
Tonight, I'll sleep together with you on the floor.
I want to be alone.
If you change your mind, call me.
I'll come.
What should I do? She didn't even have a bit of porridge.
What are you talking about? Mi Ra said she ate three bowls of porridge.
What do you mean, three bowls? She didn't want to eat at all, so I gave her just half a bowl of porridge, but see, the spoon is clean.
Well, at the last regular checkup, there was nothing wrong at all, so don't worry too much, Secretary Wang.
As Young said, it must be a migraine.
Doctor Hyun, just in case, what if Young's brain tumor is recurrent? As you know well, Doctor, I can't live without Young.
Why do you say such things? If Young gets sick again tomorrow, I will be there right away.
Would that be okay, Secretary Wang? Yes.
Then, take care.
I Even if I'm not by your side, even if the wind isn't blowing, now the wind bell will always ring.
Good night, Young.
Young, are you okay? I thought something happened to you, because Bro worried about you so much.
You're wearing a coat.
Why? Are you going to the community center? Why don't you take a rest today? It's sesame porridge, your favorite.
Please give me rice.
That's right, rice would be better.
You're really feeling well today, I guess.
Starting from the direction of 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock, there are fried bamboo shoot, mushroom and beef pickle, spinach, oyster pancake and kimchi.
The soup is wild sesame soup.
Ah, our Miss is really fine now! Secretary Wang couldn't sleep all night, pacing around.
She couldn't even open the door of your room, worrying to wake you up, Miss.
How sad I felt Thank you for your consideration.
Someone didn't care at all if I have insomnia or not, if I might wake up or not, and just came in and out of my room.
Who did that? It wasn't me.
Hey, Bro must have been really worried about you.
Isn't that right, Bro? Let's go to the community center together.
I will give you a ride.
Don't you know that the only time I can be alone is when I go to the community center? You even disturbed my sleep last night.
Why? Are you going to disturb me again, this time? Hey, you're too harsh! Bro was worried about you so much and Forget it.
Eat slowly.
I think it's time to leave this house, seriously.
What's wrong with her? Bro, let's leave this house quickly.
I'm sick of this house and Young.
I will follow Lee Myung Ho with Hee Sun today, just like we did yesterday.
You should go meet Dong Il and see if he found anything about Secretary Wang or her family.
Hey, let's finish things quickly and leave.
What are you doing? I'm having a serious talk with you and Jin So Ra is chasing you around.
Everything is about to be blown up, but you are only worried about Young.
Aren't you worried about yourself? I'm worried (about me), too.
Hyung! Where are you going?! Oh, what? I need to meet you.
I'll be there soon.
If Oh Soo gets caught now, I can't get the money back from him.
If that guy asks you again later, you'd better talk wisely.
Oh, President Kim is sharpening his knife, saying he would kill you and Soo.
He said he doesn't like that you're delaying to kill Oh Soo.
He said he's now confused if you're Oh Soo's bodyguard or President Kim's employee.
Some rumors say that So Ra is dating Oh Soo again.
Anyway, be careful.
Even if I'm a doctor, I can't find what the content of this medicine is just by looking at it.
Hey, what is this? Who gave it to you? Well, isn't there any way to find out this medicine's content? I will check.
My friend is working at the lab of a pharmaceutical company, so if I ask him, he would be able to find out.
Please, I'm counting on you.
Why aren't you paying the money back to me yet? Why? So Ra is really not good for you? Did she really spend all of the 7 billion won she stole? Oh, then it's not good.
I thought So Ra would give you money.
That's why I told her your whereabouts.
Then, why don't you give that pill to your sister? The due date we promised is approaching, so why don't you use that pill? If you don't use that pill, then there won't be any other way for you to find 7.
8 billion won.
By any chance, will you take that pill yourself? Let me ask you a favor.
What favor? I want Young to get examined by Sun Hee.
Who by whom? Sun Hee is the best brain doctor in Korea.
Internet sites say so, as well as all other people.
My sister My fake sister, Young had a brain tumor when she was little, but recently she's in a lot of pain, so I'm asking you for a favor, please! I will pay back the money.
No matter what, I will Are you really dating that fake sister? Dating while risking your life? What a show you're putting up! I didn't kill Hee Joo.
It was an accident.
That wasn't my fault.
Excuses are the only things you can say, right? If I couldn't make excuses at least, I would've killed myself long time ago.
How do you think I could live on? You too, have blamed me instead of yourself who couldn't protect Hee Joo, and are now living like this, aren't you? I'm not being sarcastic.
Both of us, we just made necessary excuses for ourselves.
So that we can live on 28 days.
You only have 28 days now.
I will pay back the money, no matter what, but let's save this poor girl! Persuade Sun Hee, please.
I've seen you like this before, too.
When I told you that I loved Hee Joo.
28 days later, if you would care about only her at that moment when you must die, or if you would find another excuse that you had no other choice, just like you did for Hee Joo, I will wait and see.
Jo Moo Chul? That hitman Jo Moo Chul whom Attorney Son and Attorney Lee are chasing after? Yes.
After Detective Yoon's wife got an illness, he joined hands with Jo Moo Chul.
And that Oh Soo in the photo you have is really the famous gambler in Cheongdam-dong area, and there is another Oh Soo who is dead now but wanted to be an Italian Chef.
Ah, and that Oh Soo of PL Group used President Kim's 7 billion won.
What?! 7 billion won? President Kim is a sponsor of Jin So Ra, who had a scandal with Oh Soo, so there is a rumor that Jo Moo Chul is now pushing Oh Soo as per President Kim's instruction.
There is a girl named Hee Sun, who is going around with Oh Soo, - but she once said - She said Oh Soo came for money.
She told Young like a tattletale.
The money he needs was 7.
8 billion won.
Right? Right.
Since the amount was so huge, I remember that well.
But later, Oh Soo came back and told her it's not true.
Young cried a lot.
So Oh Soo used the money of that thug-like guy, right? It's not clear, yet.
Anyway, thank you.
Where are you going? I can't work today.
I will go home and definitely find the photo of me and Oh Soo! Got it? I went to your father's restaurant, and found out that your father's back got hurt.
Is it too harsh for him to live here (Seoul)? Why don't you be concerned about your own father? Why do you hate me? You used to like me before.
In the past, I remember you used to like me more than Oh Soo.
Why don't you come to my side? I'm not hanging out with a guy who kills people.
If it weren't for Oh Soo, I wouldn't have lived like this.
Some day, let's fight without your knife.
Then, (without your knife) I'm not weaker than you.
Hey! Come over here.
Am I crazy? Why would I come over to you? Where did you get money to buy such clothing? I borrowed it from Yi Seul No I work at a part-time job.
So what? Club Ppajing in Cheongdam-dong, 7 Nights in Itaewon, December in Hongdae, you're always hanging out in those places, so when could you spare your time? A part-time job? You, come over here and spill out the truth! What the You are joking! What did you say? "You are joking?" When was I joking? Do you think I look funny, not pissed off? Where did you get those clothing? Spill it out! Are you crazy? Let go! Let go, you b&ch! What a scene! It's totally a cat fight! Ah, let go! Please! The owner of this building is her, Secretary Wang's sister.
Isn't that interesting? I will look into it further.
See you later.
I think Hyung is crazy, for sure.
Crazy about what? About Young? What's wrong with you, Hyung? Did you forget the appointment with Dong Il? I'm sorry.
I have something to take care of.
What's more important to you than this one? Why? Because you are always caring about Young, you have no time to spare? Why? Because you are always caring about Young, you have no time to spare? Right now, yes.
Hyung! Hey! HEY! Is he really crazy? Hey! Let's call it a day.
And call off to stay outside of Lee Myung Ho's house tonight, too.
Even if I'm mad at Hyung, work is work.
I need to save his life.
Will you come with me or not? I'm coming because of you.
Because your loyalty is so touching.
You're falling for me gradually! I think someone is investigating me secretly, Unnie.
I got a phone call from a real estate agent that someone asked to check the registration book.
Even at our youngest, someone has been wandering around the house since yesterday.
What's going on, Sis? Don't worry, I will call you again.
Miss So Ra, let's meet tomorrow.
See you at the same Cafe in Cheongdam-dong.
Do you think the girl will come? Let's get off and wait.
Let's stay like this, it's cold.
I love you.
Listen to it.
Maybe if you heard it you might be less cold.
After we save Oh Soo, let's get serious.
I'm going to go to the country.
It's too much for my dad to keep working at the restaurant with his hurt leg.
After seeing him today, I don't think it is going to work.
I'm going to the country.
You said you hated your dad.
Do you like him? Even if I do hate him, he's my father.
Let's go to the country together.
You ask for two when I give you one.
I say we should date and you say that we should live together.
Are you crazy? Me, go to the country? I'm a city girl to the bone.
I'm not going.
Think about it more.
Jin Sung, in front of you.
If you don't dislike it, then smile.
Did Young say she wasn't going to eat? She said she ate out.
DNA blood test, for me and my brother? Why? Why suddenly? So far, I was afraid if the story gets out, because rumors in the stock market can be scary enough to affect the company.
And there is the election of the Chairman in March, as well.
But Now, I think it's time to endure everything.
Time to endure? Before you said that your room had your brother's scent and you thought that your brother had stopped by your room.
At that time your brother was in your room.
I think he touched the safe.
It sounds like guessing.
Was anything missing? If he had more time, there would have been something missing.
I've been suspicious from the beginning as to whether or not your brother is real.
So I had a DNA test done without you knowing with some of his things.
But the results said that you were siblings.
But I was told that the sample was strange.
I was advised to have a retest with his blood.
You can't make up memories.
My brother remembers memories that only the two of us would know.
I don't have any doubt about him being my brother.
-But if he had come by my room without me knowing, I am curious about the reason myself.
Since you are curious about the reason, it gives me relief.
I take it that you don't trust him completely.
But from now on when you sleep, your door I will lock it.
I will also keep watching your brother.
A call from Friend, Soo Min.
Oh, Soo Min.
Who is the person who gave you that pill? Why? Hey, that medicine is used for euthanasia of animals.
Euthanasia! Eutha.
nasia? That's right, euthanasia.
By the way, who gave it to you? Who gave it to you? It's a deadly poison, so regular people can't get it.
Who gave it to you? Thank you, Soo Min.
Don't forget your promise to not tell anyone.
Hang up.
Who is? Me You don't look sick today.
Still let's meet with a doctor.
I have a doctor that I know and that person is the best in our nation.
I don't want to hear it.
If it is not a simple migraine Get out.
If the brain tumor is recurrent, then get surgery.
Then the brain tumor and your eyes Everything must get fixed if I get surgery? It sounds quite easy.
I'm thankful for your worry.
So this is what a younger sibling is like.
In my style, if the girl I was meeting was like this I would have asked her what was her deal.
Since you are my sister, my style doesn't come out.
You should be thankful to Heaven that you are my sister.
If you were a girl then I would have scolded you.
It's just a goodnight kiss that a brother is giving to his sister.
Good night.
Tears falling from my eyes.
Whatever I do, I miss you.
As much as I believed in you, It hurts.
So I cry again with no strength.
After staying up all night, chocolate is very sweet.
Do you think that sweetness is from the chocolate? It's because you are with me.
Oh Young, listen carefully.
It's the opposite.
The Oh Soo that your brother talked about was kind and your brother betrayed him.
Did you know? Your brother's a conman.
Him being so good to you is not real, but him pulling a con.
I want to see that man.
I don't know where he is.
He scammed me.
He's not a good man, he's a conman.
Forget about him.
Tell me.
If the man right now is not the real Soo then what happened to my real brother? The Oh Soo we have been searching for has been dead for a while.
Why aren't you saying? You know that there were two Oh Soo's right? I believe that the other Oh Soo is your brother.
Then if we find the other Oh Soo then we can find out the truth about everything.
That's true, but before that, the DNA test will That way could be bad for the company.
If there is an easier way, why would you do such a dangerous thing? If there is an easier way, why would you do such a dangerous thing? It's Secretary Wang, Lawyer Jang.
Do you know anything about M&A of Hyun Soo Corporation? I just heard about it because the shareholders reported it to me.
I'll meet you after I meet with the shareholders.
Oh, Manager, arrange the fingerprint identification of that glass I talked about.
I heard you said you wanted to find a person with same name as your brother.
This is a business card of the person who can contact him.
Where are you going? Young? Sorry! I'm not supposed to swing like that! It's that I've become sensitive.
Excuse me, are you not taking the taxi? I'm blind.
Please escort me to the back seat.
Wait a moment.
What's wrong with you? If you're mad at me, at least tell me why you're mad! I told you I was leaving soon.
With not much time left for us, what are you doing, playing head games? Fine.
Let's talk.
Instead of playing head games.
there's someone I need to meet right now.
Let's talk when I come back.
Let's go.
Here you are.
Is Jo Moo Chul there? I'm PL Group's, Oh Young.
I called because I heard you know Oh Soo from Chung Dam Dong.
It's good that you called.
I was actually wanting to give you a call regarding Chung Dam Dong's Oh Soo.
Ahh - but what should I do? I'm pretty busy so you'll have to stop by my club.
I have your business card.
Just go to the address on there? Yes.
Then I'll see you when you get here.
Wait a sec.
Which card did I give her? I'm sorry.
This is one way street, so I can't go in.
If It wasn't time for me to go to work, I would have helped you to get there.
Just walk straight this way.
Can I help you? Oh.
The door is closed.
I don't think this place is is business.
What should we do? I need to go to hakwon.
Sorry, but could you call the most recent outgoing number? I need to go to hakwon.
Sorry, but could you call the most recent outgoing number? Ah, okay.
My name is Oh Young.
Ah, a person named Oh Young - Yes, I understand.
The place you're supposed to meet isn't here, but it's the Black Jack Club in Ab Goo Jung.
Should I grab a taxi for you? If it's walking distance, I'd like to walk.
It's not easy for me to take a taxi.
Walk straight that way and ask someone along the way.
Thank you so much.
The picture is great, right? Let's use this against Lee Myung Ho and end this.
Yes, Mi Ra.
What? Oppa, Young is acting strange.
Our friend Soo Min called and said that Young has medicine used for animal's euthanasia.
Oppa, Young isn't trying to take that medicine, is she? I'm on my way to Ap Goo Jung to meet your fake sister.
Our play is over now, don't you think? What's wrong? Where are you going? Come here, here! Ah, psh.
Ah cham.
Miss, where are you going? Do you happen to know Black Jack club? Ay, that place isn't good.
Our club is better.
Let's go! Please, just leave.
I'm on my way to Black Jack Cl - What's up? She said she wants to go to Black Jack Club.
Black Jack Club, right? Yes.
I'll take you.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Ya! Black Jack Club is overflowing with people tonight, huh? Let go of me! What's wrong with you?! I said I'll get the phone and give it to you.
It seems like your brother is looking for you.
Just give me my phone.
My phone! You can take everything else.
Please, just my phone! Ay.
Just the phone! My phone! My phone! My phone! Phone.
Phone - Young.
It must have been really easy, to fool a blind person like me.
Really easy.
A medicine used for animal's euthanasia? Why couldn't you kill me? Why couldn't you kill me? I'm so easy.
I can't do anything.
Why didn't you kill me? Why?! That Winter, The Wind Blows Were I pitying?? If that's not it, I must really love you.
We will move hospitals immediately.
We need to catch Secretary Wang.
Why don't you take in the situation? Your going to get caught liking Youngie.
The wound is on the left arm, right? That Oh Soo is not the real Oh Soo.
Let's help Young live.
Let's not let her end up like Hee Joo! No surgery for me.
I want to get married.
To Oppa for the last time, I want to look pretty!Z