That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 Let go of me! What's wrong with you? I said I'll get the phone and give it to you.
It seems like your brother is looking for you.
Just give me my phone.
My phone! You can take everything else.
Please, just my phone.
Just my phone! My phone! My phone! My phone! My phone! My phone! Ah.
It must have been really easy.
To fool a blind person like me, this way.
To fool a blind person like me, this way.
Really easy.
A medicine used for animal euthanasia? Why couldn't you kill me? Why couldn't you kill me?! I'm so easy.
I couldn't do anything! Why couldn't you kill me? Why?! Ah, why did that bastard have to appear? Episode 10 Hey! Who was that? He is Oh Soo.
How can you not know who he is? Hey! Our cute little Oh Soo was one step ahead of me.
How interesting.
Hee Sun said you need money, right? That's why you came to me.
It must have been exciting.
I didn't even know your intentions.
I even wrote the will on my own.
It must have been real exciting.
Why didn't you let me have the medicine? It would have been easy.
Why? Because you are human, does your conscience bother you? No matter how much money is good.
Because you showed up Because my brother showed up, I was excited, laughing, having fun.
Was I pitiful? Or, after I die Were you scared that you'd get caught? If not that If not that, maybe I love you a lot.
That pill was mine.
One day, I thought- why am I living? No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason for me to live.
Why am I trying so hard to stay alive? Even if it ends, there wouldn't be one sad person.
Even if my life ends today, there's nothing to lose.
But, after meeting you, after spending time with you, let's stop.
What about this? I'll leave you.
Then, it'll be all over.
Right? You'll leave? You'll leave? Yes.
That's simple and quick.
Take care.
What's this? It's dangerous.
It ends if you leave.
For you, is it over when you leave? I stay.
But when you leave, it's over? Then go! Just leave! Young.
Jin Sung, bring the car right now! Excuse me, where is the emergency room? Over there.
Is the reason why Oh Soo is dangerous to Young because of the 7 million dollar debt? Why does he have that debt? He was a gambler and took money from a sponsor.
The deadline is getting closer.
Right now, that man only has 3 days.
I am suspicious if he is even truly the brother.
I am more curious about the Oh Soo who died than him.
How did the Oh Soo who died grow up? I don't know, but I heard he was at an orphanage.
An orphanage? Where is the orphanage Oppa was at? Hope I heard it's called Borami.
I'll think over the request.
I have an appoinment.
Why did you meet Jin So Ra? Since you don't believe me, I don't feel I should tell you everything.
Here, this is a huge tumor.
Let's operate as soon as possible.
Hey! What is this? Looks like you can't perform surgery.
What? Were you giving false hope again? That's why I can't trust you.
Let's grab a drink next time.
That woman is Moo Chul's older sister, right? Those siblings are both unfortunate.
Noona! Noona.
Noona, you perform the surgery.
I don't play games where I lose.
Game? A person is dying, and you see this as a game?! Are you a doctor?! If this isn't a game, then are your gambling ways considered a game? The kind of gangster game that Moo Chul plays? What a funny little jerk you are.
Noona! Noona! I think Young woke up.
I met the shareholders who held a confidential meeting last time.
On his own, Lee Myung Ho has taken over Hyunsoo Corporation that has non-operational plants.
The shareholders think that you are the one responsible.
I've never received a report.
If I did, then I wouldn't have called you about this matter.
Among the shareholders, there is talk of making Director Jung of K company, who was loyal to the dead President as the new president.
Then what about Young? Those people too are thinking about this for Youngie's sake.
What Youngie wants, too, is the well-being of the company.
Wake up, Lawyer Jang! They're trying to remove me, saying it's for Youngie! Without me, they can do whatever they want.
Director Jung what? Chairman's loyal? Who's more loyal to the chairman in the world when there is me? You're kidding me.
You said you were leaving.
You said you were leaving.
Leave, why haven't you left? To people who can see, saying they'll leave is their weapon.
For blind people like me who are left behind, it doesn't matter to you guys.
What did the doctor say? It relapsed.
My feeling was right.
If you get surgery, it will be fine.
They said the same thing when I was 6.
"All you have to do is get surgery.
" "You only need chemotherapy 20 times.
" "Just don't relapse.
" Words are so easy.
Young, it doesn't have to be okay, so Do you want to cry? No.
Not really.
Getting hurt so easily, crying so easily.
Do you remember me, the one who gets hurt easily? I still do, it's always the same.
How do you feel when you see this kind of me? Even if I easily turn away, even if I easily go away, I know you who I won't be able forget.
If you see the me who is always like this, still like this, you might call me stupid.
I want you, I want you.
Still one.
Even if it hurts and hurts but still once The way that Soo is crying right now.
I've seen it once before.
When he was hugging my dead sister at the hospital.
I remember.
It's strange, this feeling.
I'm not even angry or mad.
What is this? Should I wake them? Tomorrow is the 3rd day like we promised.
You remember, right? It's best if you plan to leave that place.
You must be uncomfortable.
Sleep on the floor.
Let's sleep together.
Until I leave, let's sleep together.
I guess it's good being sick sometimes.
If I wasn't, then I would be scolded saying we couldn't sleep together.
Are you trying to get killed? What do you mean it's not time yet?! Sora is following you, Moo Chul is following you.
We only have 26 days left.
Make it deal with Lee Myung Ho, immediately.
Send the picture in this phone to him, and let's escape.
We can't get any money from Lee Myung Ho.
How do you know that?! I said it before, but whether Lee Myung Ho makes 78 hundred million won or not is not your business.
If he can't get enough by selling his house, he will sell his siblings' and parent's house, and if that's not enough, he's a smart guy, so he'll find a way.
Before Lee Myung Ho, we need to watch Secretary Wang.
Know where you stand! Your love with Young will be caught.
Your words, your actions, the way you stare, I'm telling you now.
The one who is terminally ill isn't Young, it's you.
You live first, then see.
I'll live.
No matter what.
Even if I'm stuck in a gutter or stabbed by Moo Chul, I'll live.
When I was little, living under a tree in the cold, I lived.
Betraying your parents who treated me like their child, stealing money and leaving, I didn't even feel guilty.
Even after Hee Joo died, I lived.
I'll find a way to live.
I have you, Hee Sun, and I have many reasons to live now.
What are you thinking? The same thoughts as you.
This is Oh Soo's younger brother, Jin Sung.
We need 7.
8 billion won.
We will give you one week.
This is the first time I went against Hyung's word.
If you listened to what he said, I would have killed you.
I've lost Oh Soo now.
Jealous? Let's just go catch Secretary Wang.
Let's date later.
Aiyoo, this little brat.
We cannot switch hospitals.
Whether she gets surgery or treatment, Young will stay here.
The treatment Young has been receiving so far has been from the best Dr.
No matter what you say, I will never let her stay at this hospital.
Starting today, no, immediately, we will switch hospitals.
You're just an employee.
Who do you think you are? - Your words are too harsh.
- You're not even married to Young, which makes you nothing.
Shut up.
Then what about you? Do you think that I believe you're her real brother? No.
I don't believe you.
Since Young believes you, I'm just pretending.
It's exactly the same for me.
Since Youngie doesn't say anything.
I, too, am pretending to believe that I, too, am pretending to believe that you are a good housekeeper and a nanny.
You guys are investigating me? I'm investigating you both.
When we both have a weapon to take each other out, we can meet again and negotiate.
Until then, Young will get surgery and treatment at this hospital from Dr.
Lawyer Jang.
Lawyer Jang! I may not know anything else, but I told you not to mess with the company.
Secretary Wang, what do you mean? Hyunsoo Corporation! The engagement is over.
Secretary Wang! Oh Soo is threatening me.
I'll take it that you don't trust Lee Myung Ho, but Secretary Wang? Young's eyes were not because of a brain tumor.
When Young was little, they treated the brain tumor and neglected the eyes.
That's way, she could use Young like a - Watch what you're saying! Secretary Wang has always thought of Young as her own daughter.
How dare you be suspicious of her? What if I had evidence that she purposely did not treat Young's eyes? Bring it to me.
Don't just speak nonsense.
Before you do so, I will never trust you either.
Fine then.
What's the result on the fingerprint I sent over? Young.
Where are you going? You should lie down.
To meet the doctor.
To the doctor's room.
Please take me there.
Oh Young.
Where are you going? I'll ask you again.
If you happened to be in my shoes, would you get surgery and chemotherapy? I would.
Then, would this be all over? I wouldn't be hurt again, it would not recur.
I would be able to live again? That's not it, huh? What did the doctor say? Young! Young! Are we going home? No.
We're going to Dr.
Hyun's hospital.
Earlier you said we were going home.
You can't go home.
Stop the car.
Stop the car! Just go.
Pres - President! Young! Young! No! What are you doing?! Oppa, it hurts! Oppa, what's going on? Where are we going? To meet the doctor you and Young met in high school.
The doctor who told Young it was just How do you know about I read Young's diary.
Don't even think about lying.
Get in the car.
Oppa, back then I thought Secretary Wang - Get in the car! Yes.
Everyone here, leave.
Everyone leave! You're getting surgery.
I'll make you.
I'm not getting surgery.
On top of that, I'm not getting any treatment.
Why? Do you want to die? I plan on it.
This is the first time hitting you.
The whole time we've lived together, you've hit me 10 to 20 times.
This is the first time I've hit you.
I know.
Is is your idea of revenge? When did you plan this? This cruel revenge? Since you were 6? The first time you were diagnosed with a brain tumor? Did you think that I was using you, too? Just like people at the company and everyone around you? You think that I wanted your family's inheritance so I killed your father, used you, took over the company, forced you to marry Lee Myung Ho, and used you like a puppet to become the company president.
That's the low level you saw me as?! No.
You're not at that level.
At one time, I doubted you.
"You're not human, you're a monster.
" If I had the strength, I wanted to kill you.
So, since you couldn't do that, you want to die and get revenge that way? Then one day, I thought, "When no one is home, she could just push me from the top of the stairs, why doesn't she?" "While I'm sleeping, she could come and suffocate me, but why did she come in the middle of the night, come touch my forehead, my hands, and leave?" If I wanted the company, I would have kept you ignorant.
If I hadn't taught you how to use the computer for the blind, you wouldn't have been able to read a single document.
But, I taught you.
To the one who didn't want to learn braille, getting slapped more than 12 times a day, I didn't give up.
I made you who you are today.
I remember.
"Young, this company is yours.
" "If you want to get what's yours, you have to learn even if you don't want to.
" "This is the only way for a blind person like you to survive this scary world.
" "You have to learn.
" I remember exactly what you said.
Let's get surgery.
If you get surgery, you can live.
Who cares if it recurs? You can get it again.
Young, let's get surgery, hm? I'm so tired.
I won't.
I want to get married.
Oppa is leaving soon.
For the last time, I want to look pretty for Oppa.
If I get married, Oppa will worry less.
That's enough for me.
Fine! I'll put you in a wedding dress.
What reason do I have for not putting you in a wedding dress? We can just do the surgery and the wedding both.
I'm not getting surgery.
You will get it.
It's not hard for me to force a blind person like you to get surgery.
We're going to continue this dreaded fight until you have the desire to live.
Go upstairs.
Is he here? No.
You don't know that doctor's name? Kwak something.
I can't remember.
Excuse me.
Is there an opthamologist at this hospital by the name of Dr.
Kwak? Is he here by chance? Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! As far as I know, that doctor left this hospital 10 years ago to start his own practice.
Do you know the location of his hospital? That I don't know.
Jin So Ra Calling Secretary Wang knows that you approached Young for money.
She doesn't know one thing.
That you are not her real brother.
If you didn't come to meet me, I was going to tell Secretary Wang everything.
But, you came.
I'm telling you now.
Even though I came, tell Secretary Wang everything.
I don't play with unloyal people.
Even after being fooled by you, I have nothing to say.
Just think of it as my punishment for messing around with you.
But, you shouldn't do this to President Kim.
He fed your whole family.
He took a 16-year old punk like you and made you - Love is not about loyalty.
Love is something I know about.
What you're doing to me is being clingy.
You see, love, is very easy.
When the other person says it's over.
It's over.
Telling someone who doesn't want you to love, that's being clingy.
Love isn't about making a deal, so there's no betrayal involved.
Because you started liking somebody.
Just because you force it, it doesn't make it 'love'.
Do you really like that girl, Young? For you to put your life on the line? All humans, at least once remember wanting to die.
Then, they realize that right now is not bad.
She likes you as an older brother.
If you weren't her brother, she would end it right now.
I know.
And when that time comes, I plan on leaving.
Huh, I'm really going to tell.
I'll tell Secretary Wang your real identity! Meeting Secretary Han yesterday was really our last goodbye.
When guys cheat, I thought that I could let that one time go.
For Young, the company is her life.
If you mess around one more time, your end will be very cruel.
I know.
Surgery is more important than marriage.
Before the wedding, if she can get surgery, it will be our priority.
The wedding can be over in a day, but surgery takes a long time.
I think that I'll do as you say.
Find out all of the Boram orphanages in Korea and send them to my email address.
I'll go to the country house first.
I'll go to the country house first.
Young has plans to visit the elderly blind tomorrow.
I want to escort her, but she only wants to go with you.
What's more important is her surgery.
For the first time, we have the same opinion.
But Young doesn't want surgery, she wants to get married.
So that's why I requested the wedding and the surgery to be done at the same time.
Where is Young? Her room.
Did you know that Jin Sung threatened Director Lee? Young and I both knew that Lee Myung Ho had cheated.
Relay the message to Jin Sung.
We can't give him the money.
And watch out.
Young is trusting you, so I'm holding it all in.
But after her surgery is over, your act is over.
After the surgery is over, I don't care whether it's done.
But, when it's over for me, you're going down with me.
Why? Do I seem very shameful? Without even knowing when I'll die, saying that I'll get married, do I seem shameful? Is that right? Is that why you're not speaking to me? I'm not sure whether it will be a short-lived marriage or not, but if that man becomes PL group's successor, then I did what I could to redeem myself.
Don't you think? Get surgery.
They say that when a woman wears a wedding dress, she is the most beautiful.
Count on it.
Young The time we spend together, let's make it happy.
We don't have much time.
What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Wait a minute.
My brother will be here any second.
When my brother comes Oppa! Are you her brother? What are you going to do about my car? Do you know how much this costs? It's 200K dollars! 200K! That was your younger brother? Right? Hey, whose car is this? Lee Sul's father's.
What do I do? Hey! What are you going to do! Oh, what do I do? Why is it so expensive? Stop it.
So upsetting.
Who are you to make such ruckus? Ah! It's cold, eesh! Oppa, where are you going? Stay down.
Hey, where you going? To borrow money from President Kim.
Are you crazy? We have to stop this first, before my parents find out.
Then what should I do? The only person I know who has money is Mr.
Calm down for now.
Let's use our brains.
Let Oh Soo know.
Let's find a way, okay? Oppa! I thought I was going to die.
Oppa, don't worry.
It's been resolved.
An oppa that i know came and paid the compensation.
What is she saying? Seriously.
Yi Seul! I look forward to it.
To see what kind of people Lee Myung Ho's parents are.
I don't know much about them but, I think farmers are all nice.
What do you think, Oppa? The wedding should take place the week before you leave.
Let's go to our honeymoon together.
Oppa, Jin Sung, Hee Sun, all of us.
Sounds fun, huh? By the way, we should make invitations.
Although it would be nice to have a quaint wedding with just family, I think we should invite the company shareholders.
Lawyer Jung should be the Master of Ceremonies.
As I enter walk down the aisle, I'll be holding your hand.
Why aren't you saying anything? By chance, you don't want me to walk down alone, do you? Anyways, you'd better not.
I won't forgive you.
Get out.
Before we go to this meeting, lets talk about the details of your wedding.
The reason I'm meeting you today, is to request you to help me and Oh Soo leave this place.
I am capable of giving that man the money.
I still love him.
But, this isn't something that can be fixed with money.
We need a place where we can be safe.
Help me leave without anyone knowing.
If you can help us, PL group's image will not be tainted, and we will quietly leave this place.
This is strange.
The picture is missing.
I'm sure it was here.
2 months ago someone came asking to see it so I showed her.
Someone came looking for Oh Soo? Yes.
A young woman.
Where is the orphanage Oh Soo was at? "Hope Borami is what I think it's called.
" I'm sorry, but if you can access all of Korea's orphanages, could you search for "Hope Orphanage"? Yes.
I will.
There was no one named Oh Soo at Hope Orphanage.
Yes, understood.
Can I ask you a question? Was there a person named Oh Soo at your orphanage? Lawyer Jang, I found the photo! This was the photo Oh Soo took before leaving.
Look here.
The scar is on the left arm.
He is not the real Oh Soo.
There is a really good wedding planner here.
All the millionaires in our country hire them.
You can just put them in charge of everything.
Wedding ring, invitations, wedding dress, honeymoon, and other things.
Let's have them handle it.
Lee Myung Ho, you know he has a girl? I think it's all in the past.
I heard Lee Myung Ho embezzled company money.
That wouldn't be so easy since Secretary Wang is around.
You're amazing! Really awesome.
What's wrong with your tone? Pretty, kind, cool, smart, rich, and doesn't fear death.
Really Don't joke around.
You are quite uninteresting.
There's one thing I'm better than you on.
No matter what situation, I want to live.
I thought you would understand me, but it seems like no.
You said there was a time you wanted to die.
So, that's why you prepared the medicine.
"Look at the pill and live prepared to die.
" I'm clearly telling you, I want to live.
If you want to live, you live, but even if I want to live, I can't.
I've prepared since when I was six.
If the time came, like now, I should smile as I go.
This moment while I'm here with you, even if it's so nice and warm, I shouldn't dwell.
I shouldn't miss it.
I've prepared it since I was six.
So, don't shake me.
Don't make me have expectations.
Let's go.
Lee Myung Ho.
Here, on the way to Shinhae, there is a coffee shop.
Please come here.
What are you doing? I'm going to go, leaving you here.
You, have no skill in lying.
You don't want to die.
You want to live.
Your just scared that as soon as you admit it, you'll become shallow, but I'm sorry to say, the way you look like right now feels more shallow to me.
Don't go.
Go with me.
Go with me.
"Happily with me till you die"?! Is this exciting to you? It won't happen as you wish.
If you don't say you want to live, nothing will go as you plan.
Where are you going? Go with me.
Come here! What is it? Sun He Noona, Ask Dr.
Cho to perform Youngie's surgery please.
She's a good kid.
Please save her, hyung.
Hyung Please I'll come back tomorrow.
I'll come the day after that, too.
I will.
I just need to die at your hands, right? Let's save Youngie.
Let's save the innocent girl.
Lets not make her Hee Joo.
Let's save this kid.
Hyung! Hyung! Omo, what happened to your face? I'm sorry for calling so late, it's Hope Nursery School, right? I'm looking for a nursery school student that was there long time ago called Oh Soo? There was a person like that? Choi Dong Il It's me.
I know, I can see.
Why are you saying it like that? Don't you think that those words can hurt me? I do.
Then why do you do that? Because you give me pain I'm giving the pain back to you.
I never gave you pain.
That's what you think, go to your room.
Let's talk.
What talk? After you die, if I'll miss you or not, that kind of talk? How I will feel when I leave after seeing your wedding? What talk? Let's talk about what happened at the marriage meeting.
The parents seemed nice.
How would you know, if you can't see? I don't think we can talk today.
I got hurt.
A lot.
I have lacerations on my eyes and mouth and I'm bleeding too.
But, you can't see me.
You don't even want to see.
Because you're scared of surgery.
You neglect your brain and eyes.
Why did you get hurt? Where are you hurt? You don't want to see me, do you? Saying you want to see me are all lies.
Right? Yeah, they're lies.
Are you happy now? No! I'm not that happy at all.
I'm just tired of your lies.
So now, I'm going to leave.
Why did you come? Did you come here in the first place to do this? No.
I didn't come here to do this, but if I knew you were this conceited, I shouldn't have come.
I'm regretting right now.
What do you want from me? Saying you want to live.
The will to live.
Then what will change? I can't even live.
You don't think I'll miss you?! No, I will.
After you came, I always miss you.
Then so what? I can't even see.
I'm scared to die too.
Why do you make me so weak all the time? Why do you keep making me want to live? [Preview for Episode 11] Don't go! Talk with me! Oppa, don't go! Today's the day I abandoned you.
Even if I'm your brother, don't forget, that I abandoned you.
If I look closely, his face when he was little is still there! Let's take off five days.
For having noona treat Youngie's eyes.
If your going to kill hyung, kill me too.
Kill me too! I don't want to forget this moment when I am with Youngie.
It's best if we kick Oh Soo out of this house immediately.
Look at the picture again.
There's no hope in this type of case.
Just let her live what's left of her life happily.