That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 I don't think we can talk today.
I'm hurt.
A lot.
My eye is busted, my lip is busted, and I'm bleeding too.
But, you can't see me.
No, you don't even try to see.
Because you're scared of surgery.
You neglect your eyes and your brain.
Why did you get hurt? Where are you hurt? You don't want to see me, do you? Saying you want to see me are all lies, right? Yeah, they're lies.
Are you happy now? No! I'm not that happy at all! I'm just tired of your lies.
That's why I plan on leaving.
Why did you come here? Did you come here in the first place to do this? No, I didn't come here to do this.
But, if I knew you were this selfish, I shouldn't have even come.
I'm regretting it now.
What do you want from me? Say you want to live, that you have the will to live.
Then what'll change? I can't even live.
You think that I don't want to see you? No! I do! After you came, I'm always missing you.
Then so what? I can't even see.
I'm scared to die.
Why do you make me so weak all the time? Why do you make me want to live? Want to live? No, I don't want to live.
Where are you going? Where are you going? Stop.
Don't go.
Talk to me.
Help me.
Help me! Young, just let him go.
Don't leave.
Don't leave! Don't leave.
Talk with me.
Stop! Oppa, don't leave! Oppa! Mom! Oppa! Mom! Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! Get in.
Take 2 steps.
The car door is open.
Get in, Young.
Here are your clothes.
Your shoes are near your feet.
Put on your seat belt.
If I was able to see, I wouldn't just let this go.
Where are we going? Don't do this, I'm scared.
I'm disabled.
I'm disabled! Don't do this! I'm scared.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Evidence.
Today is the day I abandoned you.
Put these photos in your hideaway room and If you happen to be able to see, look at this picture.
And, even if you're still blind, don't forget.
I abandoned you.
While you're alive, you want to make sweet memories with me before you leave? Forget it.
You don't care at all how I'll feel after I leave here, huh? The fact that I'll yearn for you, miss you, want to touch you, you don't care.
Because if you die, that's it.
If I knew what a disrespectful brat you were a bit sooner making food with you, listening to the sound of snowflakes with you, holding you, those painful, unforgettable kind of memories - I wouldn't have made them.
During that time, if you made those memories just to die, then I'm going to make new memories to live.
I'm going to live! If I have only painful memories with you, then it's going to be easy to forget you after you die.
That's why, I'm like this.
Because I have to live! Even without you.
Even without you, I have to live in this disgusting world! Go to sleep.
Aren't We sleeping together? I told you, until you want to live, we will never sleep together.
I will give you 100 days starting from today.
I clearly stated it already the one who is terminally ill isn't Young, it's you.
From now on you have to live I told you we would win.
Its hot, Its hot.
Are you okay? to a brother, this kind of kiss is okay, right? She likes you as an brother.
If she knew you weren't her brother then she will end it right away.
I want to live Your nose bridge is high.
My brother's height is.
1 span, 2 span, 3 spans, 4, 5, .
8,9 spans.
The ID number is different.
The Oh Soo with the ID you are looking for, wasnt here at our orphanage but an Oh Soo who is a year older was here.
This person is really the brother.
1 year and 3 months ago, he died from a car accident.
While his death has been recorded at the hospital.
There was no death report(certificate) for this Oh Soo Looking closely, you can see his baby face.
You're right.
He looks just like the old photo you showed me before.
Mira, heard it all.
Mira! For the moment, pretend like you don't kow what's going on.
You know that Young has opened up a lot to Oh Soo, right? Yes.
This is Lee Myung Ho.
Women issues of the past are something Young already knows and understands, Don't threaten me with this kind of stuff.
The Oppa that Yi Seul knows wants his money repaid the day after tomorrow.
Ah! How am I going to make that kind of money in two days?! How?! Hey, Jin Sung, Jin Sung, where are you going? You need to clean! Won't you get ready for business! Oh soo hyung Don't worry, it's all been taken care of! An oppa that i know came and paid the compensation.
What is she saying? Seriously.
Yi Seul! Really? When have I ever joked around with you? Youngie ah I found a skilled doctor who can save you.
That person can do your surgery If that person does your surgery, you can live.
I'll see you at night.
"Children's Card" Let's shorten it for 5 days.
As a payment for my older sister to handle the treatment for Young, the date you're supposed to turn your life over to me, I'm saying we go 5 days earlier.
Why? You don't like it? You want to live one more day? Fine Then the day you die24 days minus 5, you have 19 days.
2 weeks and 5 days.
Right? Do you think you can come up with the money by then? I'll bet that you won't be able to.
Since you're focusing your efforts on this useless stuff.
You don't feel sorry to Heejoo? No I don't.
Not even a little.
Why don't you? If I was you I would be sorry, you forgot about Hee Joo and you're loving someone else.
If I were you, I'd be real sorry.
Hyung, you probably would.
Because Hyung, you are always too late like that.
What I'm sorry to Hee Joo is, when she was dying I didn't say farewell, rest in peace, and just couldn't let her go.
That one thing.
While I wanted to live anyway and anyhow, I used my guilty conscious to her as a scapegoat, and lived without care.
Just that one.
The fact you didn't want her baby.
I was really sorry She'll understand, Heejoo.
Heejoo is that type of person the person always ready to understand us.
We loved that kind of person.
Don't make her out to be a shallow person like you.
Should I gift this to the club manager? Sounds good! I'll buy this too I want to give a present to my boyfriend So what you're saying is you know which oppa? Just someone.
An oppa that we know.
Right Jin Mee? Ya! How am I supposed to know? I just went along since you said he had the money.
She just - Unni, what's wrong? Huh? Stay down.
Calling Black Jack Oppa Oh, Yi Seul.
What? You need more money? Aren't you a little excessive? Oh.
Moo-Cheol Oppa is doing well, right? Moo-Cheol Hyung is well.
But why? I promise I won't do it again.
I won't ever do it again! It was because she wouldn't accept Jin Sung's money.
And Moo-Cheol said the money I spent he would get from Oh Soo, so I just - Unnie, I won't ever do it again.
I'm sor- I won't do it again It's already been done.
You went shopping today too, right? This money too- You little punk! Do you have any idea what kind of money you're spending?! Hey, you think not going to college gives you a reason to live any way you want?! When will you guys act like humans? When will you become human? When will you act human! Then, let's take off 5 more days.
In exchange for making Jin Sung's debt yours, let's move up your death date 5 days.
The way I see it you are all but dead.
19 days or 14 days its all the same.
Jin Sung and Hee Sun, don't drag them into this again.
How's that? Ok.
Jin Sung was only until here even for me.
But, I'm not sure about president Kim.
Because the money is his.
First, if I'm to give you a word of advice, Hee sun and Jin Sung,don't be hanging around with them anymore.
The moment they get caught on President Kim's radar, you'll die together.
Thanks for your advice.
Then I'll see you in two weeks.
Each day is so precious, are you crazy? Pretend like you know nothing to Jin Sung.
It's cheap considering they won't mess with Jin Sung again.
Dong Il found a secret to catch Secretary Wang.
Secretary Wang's siblings own buildings here and there.
Hyung Dong Il, thank you for everything until now.
Now you can leave.
I'm calling the police.
The minute you report this i'll be dead.
From now on, stay out of it Don't get in my business ever again.
Yah! Oh soo yah! Oh soo! Oh soo yah! Oh soo! Park Jin Sung, where are you I'm on my way to meet Dong Il hyung.
I'm going to catch Secretary Wang and clear my debt.
Hey crazy bstard, that's not the problem right now! Oh soo is thinking of dying! because of you! President Kim is going crazy because you're spending all of his money.
If he finds out how much you spent on Jin Sung, he's not going to let it go.
Hyung, can't you just get rid of Oh Soo, get out of this situation, and find other work? Samja.
I have stomach cancer.
It's been more than 2 months since they told me there's no hope.
As a result of quietly examining myself, I really seem to have no hope.
Hyung-nim I said it already There are two things in life that I regret.
First, it's letting a nice guy like you work in this dirty business.
The other, is- -Hyung! -Stay out of this.
My debt is my debt, why is it Oh Soo's?! Why is my debt Oh Soo's debt you bastard! Take your parents and leave the city.
That's best for you! If you want to kill Oh Soo, kill me too.
Kill me too! Take your parents and go to the countryside.
Loyalty is something you should show to your parents first.
You can't even protect your family, why are you trying to show loyalty to a neighborhood hyung? Treat Soo's younger sister.
I said that I wouldn't do it Soo came to me begging yesterday.
Oh soo.
Begging me while crying like he did yesterday has happened only one other time 17 years ago.
"Because I love Heejoo Hyung, please stay out of it" What a show.
Crazy bastards.
Yesterday I finally realized why Hee Joo chose Oh Soo over me.
Even if I have to die, I can't let my ego go.
Whether it's for love, parents, you, in front of death.
I refuse to do things that don't make me look cool.
But, Oh Soo is able to get rid of himself.
He doesn't have to look cool.
He's not afraid.
Do you know what I said to Hee Joo when she told me she was going to Oh Soo? "Take care.
Live well.
" "Be happy.
" I'm that kind of person.
I can't look foolish.
Oh Soo abandons himself to keep his love but, me, in order to look good, I lose love, miss the time to get treatment Like you said, I'm getting punished by karma.
Oh Young, she's hopeless.
You can at least try.
You're not a god or anything.
If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
There are thousands of people that need saving, -but you gangster- -She's not a gangster, just a patient.
Do you operate on the guardians? Go to the countryside.
Spend one night with mom and dad.
Abandoning your parents, your siblings, so that you can live.
You did well.
If you stayed and lived with us, you would have ended up like me.
It's best if we kick Oh Soo out of this house immediately.
We should.
I told Oh Soo to come to the house.
But, shouldn't we tell Young- -Let's go to Young's room.
Let's shorten it for five days.
As a payment for having my older sister handle the treatment for Young, The date you're supposed to turn your life over to me, I'm saying we go 5 days earlier.
Looks to me like you already made the decision to die.
Park Jin Sung Hee Sun, Jin Sung, the moment they get caught on President Kim's radar, you'll die together.
Hey, Hyung isn't answering? Wonder if he is really taking you out of this? Hey, this building is all rented out for high rate leases, What you can actually keep by selling it is just one big one.
That amount is a lot! You said her shares are growing every year, then something must be there.
Even though they're educated, how can middle class people own a building in Gangnam? This is definitely embezzlement.
Hey, Jin Sung.
If Hyung says to stay out, then let's stay out.
Even if I have to go into the pits of hell with him, I will.
I'll show you what true loyalty is.
Why aren't you saying anything? You two came to say something, no? You see Go on.
- Young- - Then I'll go first.
It's probably better if you speak first.
Yesterday and today, I thought about it a lot.
I want to get surgery.
Oppa said he knows a doctor that can save me.
Hyun is good too, but I want to get surgery from the doctor Oppa referred.
I want to trust him.
To see whether they can save me.
In order for me to get the surgery before Oppa leaves, please make the preparations.
Yes, yes, understood.
Hyun said that he knows Dr.
Jo very well.
Although she can be stiff sometimes, he said that she's talented.
They say she's a doctor approved by other doctors.
He said regarding the surgery, we can trust her.
What in the world is this.
I can't figure out what runs through Oh Soo's head.
Come take a seat.
Go upstairs.
Lawyer Jang said he wanted to see me- -Young said she would get surgery.
He was going to ask for help regarding the surgery, but it's fine.
The surgery should be done by Dr.
Jo- -Fine.
Something's too easy.
Nothing's easy.
We asked about Dr.
Jo and she's trustworthy.
Go upstairs.
Then if you'll excuse me.
Why didn't you tell him? That boy loves Young.
I think he has for a while.
I overheard their conversation yesterday, and he was genuinely caring about Young.
Well that's because of money- -Money is something we handle.
I believe in karma.
For fooling Young, Oh Soo will leave this house without a penny.
The people who have money to collect from Oh Soo won't leave him alone.
That's none of our business, thuogh.
I can't do it.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's too big.
What kind of huge snowman are you making? You're tall, that's why.
If you weren't blind, you would know that I'm not actually that tall.
Is this me? Yup.
That's you.
Compared to me, you have a small nose, small eyes, small face, small hands.
That's why, you're kind of cute.
you're kind of cute.
I wish I could open my eyes and see.
You will soon.
It's too big.
I don't have a "schnoz".
Ah, give it back! No, no.
Give it! Stop it! Stop what? Then why don't you try to hit me? Did I get you? Yes! Liar.
Did I hit you? You can see, can't you? For the first time, I was happy like a child.
I wasn't scared of Moo-Chul's knife either.
In my 30 years of life, I didn't feel unfair for the first time.
The thought that the world is definitely a fair place, came to me for the first time.
I shouldn't forget this moment being with Young.
So when I take Hyung Moo Chul's knife, I should never feel it's unfair.
Hundreds and thousands of times, I remind myself.
But there are moments when I'm afraid.
Then I'll try to think again.
Till this moment today and the past, the girl who must have been endlessly afraid of death, Young, who is in front of me.
For me, My life is absolutely not unfair.
I'm happy now.
I'm done.
When I get to see, I'm going to walk by myself for 24 hours.
Then, I'll eat on my own.
After that, I'll watch One Fine Spring Day by myself, without anyone having to explain.
And then, that book you read to me, The Little Prince, I want to see your face.
And see what you look like.
Oh! Last time, when you said, The ghost's house What did you mean? Remember, last time when you said- Are you sleeping? Tonight you wanted to stay up and talk.
You're sleeping.
Love is not something that can be seen with eyes.
Where love is, You would not know After feeling around, After looking for it, I think I can finally feel it on my fingers.
Then you turned around and the smile you made, makes me open my eyes.
Blowing softly in the wind, Your scent Sounds I can hear near Your voice Like the winter, My cold heart Coming in to fill my heart Love turns to snow flower Love did It's a plane ticket that leaves to Switzerland in 3 days.
Once you arrive at the airport, someone I know will greet you.
Honey- -Oh, and, Your Switzerland account I froze it.
I know the money Oh Soo owes is with you.
I knew from the start.
Then, why, did you ask Oh Soo for the money? Because you love him.
In 3 days, if you're still here, All the money in Switzerland is mine.
And you, Oh Soo, are dead.
See you later.
I can't do what you asked last time.
Because Oh Soo seems needed to be by Young's side.
I hope we don't have to contact each other again.
I know Oh Soo's identity.
Incoming Call Hello? Hello, this is Oh Soo's girlfriend.
I have something I want to tell you, I wonder if i can see you today? It's Oppa's matter.
I would appreciate it if you don't tell him.
See you at the Green Cafe in Cheong-dam Dong at 1pm.
Why did you sleep on the floor last night? Huh? There were blankets on the floor.
Why didn't you sleep next to me? Oh I was just a little uncomfortable.
Uncomfortable? The other nights you were just fine.
Let's sleep in separate beds from now on.
Why? It's just that the bed is a bit uncomfortable.
Okay, then.
I'll just sleep as close to your bed as possible.
That works, right? Oh by the way, I'm meeting Dr.
Jo and setting a surgery date.
Oppa, do you have a girlfriend? Girlfriend? What girlfriend? No, no.
Just curious.
What are you saying? By chance, do you have a lover? Why do you keep talking about girlfriends since this morning? I don't have any.
Just you.
Really? You don't have a girlfriend? I did, but not now.
Is she pretty? What's wrong with you? I told you I don't have one.
What about your ex? Was she pretty? Hm, yeah, she was all right.
She was probably prettier than me? Uh, uh, definitely! Hey, are you mad? No.
You seem mad, no? Is it jealousy? Why would there be jealously in a sibling relationship? You're my brother, you're not a man to me.
Jealousy for brothers and sisters would be weird.
But why are you meeting a community welfare center student in Cheong-dam Dong? We do that sometimes.
It's just that we haven't been able to since you've been here.
Should I pick you up after I meet Dr.
Jo? Director Lee arranged to pick me up.
We'll go to the company together.
I guess there is such thing as jealousy in a brother-sister relationship.
I suddenly feel crappy.
Right? I'm not the weird one, right? So you were jealous earlier! What do you mean jealousy - we're siblings.
After you meet Myung Ho Lee, go home right away.
If you're late, you'll be in big trouble, okay? Noona.
Take another look at the picture.
Before you arrived, I examined it 10 to 20 times.
There's no hope in this type of case.
I'll bring the patient tomorrow.
After you meet her, then you can diagnose her.
We don't diagnose based on the patient.
It's based on the picture.
Don't trouble the patient for no reason.
The success rate isn't even 10%.
Even if we have a successful surgery, chemotherapy will be the end.
Make the rest of the time she has remaining happy.
A hyung that I used to know had a brain tumor, and at first they all said he would die, but during surgery, the tumor was smaller than expected.
That is a special case.
And her, she's a rehab patient.
If she gets this surgery, and her brain gets messed with- -You're not that type of amateur doctor.
There's no way that would happen.
Let's talk tomorrow.
The patient is so young.
You're not leaving? Oh.
Let's go.
It is 3 o'clock.
Oh Soo Your Oppa isn't your real Oppa.
He is impersonating your Oppa.
Your real Oppa died a year ago.
Everyone around you knows it too.
If you ask Secretary Wang, you'll know I'm telling the truth.
In 3 days, at 10pm, come to the airport.
If you don't come, then the message you received earlier will be forwarded to your sister.
I'm looking at your younger sister right now.
She's very pretty.
I can see why you like her.
But if you had a conscience, you woudn't mess around with a girl like her.
Don't you agree? Be careful.
There are 3 stairs in front of you.
Thank you.
No problem.
Young! You should have waited inside.
The consumer age group for formal suits, is trending lower.
Current generations in their 20s and 30s, characterize themselves, and also create themselves.
As a brand of youthful feel the marketing concept has What? Your brother's girlfriend wanted to meet you but did not turn up? Yes.
Next time something like this happens, don't go alone.
I don't want to say this.
But your brother, Youngie.
Maybe I don't know quite well.
A sister shouldn't Feel jealous about her brother? I guess its not right.
Don't worry about it.
It still is just a little bit.
I was even jealous when my parents were being too close.
I'm just like that.
You know Secretary Han too right? Its all in the past right? I'm being sincere.
Its all in the past.
Truly in the past.
Honestly, my family likes you a lot.
My parents too objected to you initially.
But after meeting you agreed that I made the right choice.
Hearing that, my heart was also beating out of my chest.
I won't forget the Chairman's teachings.
I'll take PL group to the top.
Why did that woman( Jin So Ra) not come.
Also, to me.
What could she have wanted to talk to me about? You weren't listening to me.
You're only thinking about your brother i guess.
Did I do that? You said you couldn't work because your back hurt and now see how well you are drinking.
If I look like I can't drink.
What will this punk look at me as? He came all the way here to see me.
Right Oh soo? Stop and go quickly.
I'm going.
I am going.
This wife, eesh.
This won't do.
Lets go to the restroom.
Ah, cham.
Something bad happened right? What bad thing? Nothing happened.
In your lifetime.
Today was the third time you've missed me.
When Hee Joo died.
You went to jail and in there With No, why? Whats wrong? There is nothing like that.
Oh Soo.
You have to buy me liquor.
Huh? Why wont you answer? Even if you don't buy me soju its ok.
Do you think its a waste to buy me some? No.
I'll buy you some.
Lets all together.
Go live in the countryside.
Seoul is too disheartening I.
Why is that punk here.
Hey you punk! Don't you see your mother suffering alone in the restaurant? Shouldn't you be active in helping her?! That damn boy! Kwak! Shiee What are you? Don't talk to me.
Aren't you curious who beat me up? I'm not curious.
You have no intension of catching Secretay Wang, you don't want to live? Starting from now.
Don't talk to me at all.
Don't act like you know me either.
Today is the last time we see each other.
That is why I came to see your father as well.
What if I say I can't do that? You're not much Oh Soo.
How did you live with that attitude in this line of work? You were really lucky this whole time.
Hey! Hey take me with you.
Hyung! There is no hope in such cases.
Episode 12 Preview Is it ok for me to like Oppa? In the greenhouse, I think there is something only these two know.
Do I look like somebody who would kill Oh Soo to you? You're not a bad underling.
We found the doctor who lied about Oh Young.
What the heck happened between you two? Be quiet.
Acting like its all for youngie's sake.
Don't do that again.
Why did you do that?