That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 There's no hope in this type of case.
I know you.
I can feel you, even if you don't speak.
You are like me, someone who is hurt.
I never learned about love, I know I don't know much about love.
"Your brother isn't your real brother.
" "He is just an imposter.
" In 3 days, at 10pm, come to the airport.
If you don't, this text message will be sent to your fake sister.
Like the white snowflakes, this person is soft.
That person is hurting me.
Episode 12 Young, it's me.
If you're watching this, you'll know that I'm not your real brother.
I'm not sure where I should start.
This is your real brother.
Unlike me, he's very kind, diligent, and a good guy.
A good sense of humor, and popular among the girls.
Your real brother loved you so much.
So much.
Okay then two bills, no just one bill.
Give me one bill.
I'll double your money.
You know my skills, I'll double it, really.
Hey, how are you going to repay Oh Soo's debt with one bill? And, I don't have any money.
You don't have money? Then what about these clothes? These clothes? You don't have money to give, then what about these clothes?! -Ay.
-Hey! Jin Sung! Did you call me? Do I look like someone that would kill Oh Soo? This fool.
It's not a bad sin.
Oh Soo is already finished.
I won't make you regret it.
And your father, I'll give him a cow's worth.
Your ability to see a person's character is so low, that you got dumped by So Ra.
And my dad, he likes Oh Soo more than he likes cows.
This punk! I promise you.
So Ra will never be able to forget Oh Soo.
The more she's around a guy like you, the longer she won't be able to forget Oh Soo.
Hey! Get rid of this guy! Oh geez, coming at me like a bunch of beggars, you should be ashamed.
Does 1 versus 7 make sense?! You should be embarrassed of yourselves! Tell the guys outside to leave quietly.
All of you, scram! Hey, let's go.
Listen up.
There's still time until Oh Soo's funeral.
Jin Sung's debt became Oh Soo's debt, so what's the problem? Why aren't you getting rid of Oh Soo? What, did you get scared? There are rules even among thugs.
That's why I don't like you.
You don't even adhere to this world's rules, or even thug's rules.
100 days after the date that we first promised- If Oh Soo didn't pay, then we agreed that I would get rid of him.
And if I couldn't do that, then you would get rid of me, and Jin Sung was never involved, right? I hate those who can't keep their promises.
If you had a little bit of patience, you'd get your money and Oh Soo would be gone.
I'm warning you.
You can get rid of me, but I can also get rid of you, too.
Don't do anything silly.
Why are you so surprised? I wasn't.
Your face is a bit weird.
I didn't sleep well.
How come? Are you sick? No.
Are you really okay? Yeah.
But Oppa was there something wrong yesterday? No.
Why? Well.
just I thought you came in really late.
You heard me coming in? No.
You weren't home when I fell asleep.
Did you wait a long time for me last night? I should have called to tell you I'd be late.
In my life, no one has waited for me, so I didn't imagine that you'd be waiting.
It's almost time.
Get out.
I need to change.
I'll get the car ready.
Your brother is not your real brother.
Everyone around you knows this.
If you ask Secretary Wang, she'll be able to confirm what I'm saying.
If the hospital says she needs to be hospitalized again, give me a call.
I'll bring her clothes.
Why are you like that? Sometimes, I can't figure out your actions.
What type of actions? Why are you letting me be? You already know who I am.
Because it seems we have the same objective.
Your objective is for Young? Not yourself? I've always been for Young.
I'm not sure when you started to.
Set the surgery date quickly.
And when the surgery is over, you will leave this house empty handed.
When I leave this house, I thought I told you that we're leaving together.
-Oppa! -He's right here.
Come this way.
Lawyer Jang, please come to the house.
I'll do it.
Why are you acting like this since this morning? You get ansty every time I touch you.
No, just that it happens when you're blind.
If something touches you without warning, I get startled.
I can see that.
I'm telling you now, but the doctor we're about to meet is a bit strange.
She might tell you that you can't get surgery.
That there's no hope.
Don't take it personal.
Just keep insisting that you will get surgery.
Got it? Yeah.
Let go of my hand.
I don't want to.
Let go.
Why should I? It's uncomfortable.
If it's uncomfortable, bear with it.
Let's go.
Moon Hee Sun There seems to be something in the greenhouse.
Yeah, you're right.
What is this? There may be a secret in there.
I was always curious.
How Oh Soo and Young shared the same memories.
There seems to be something in the greenhouse that only the two of them know.
How is it? Think of yourselves as consumers, and Please evaluate objectively.
I'm assigning to everyone, your first company project.
Our target group, metrosexual, To successfully groom a person to become one, come up with one marketing idea for presentation.
The chance of the surgery being successful is 10 percent.
After the surgery, you will need chemotherapy, for about 20 times.
While receiving the cancer treatment, The chance of it recurring is higher than you think.
I don't recommend having the surgery.
What my brother said helped.
He said that you would say that.
Whatever you say, he told me not to be discouraged.
I will repeat this again.
It's only a 10 percent chance of success for the surgery.
That's enough.
I'm doing it because Oppa wants it.
I want to live, too, but sometimes, more than the patient, the people around suffer more.
I want the people around me to think that they did the best for me.
For the surgery, I don't expect anything.
I will do it.
There is no hope.
So, tell her to give up on the surgery.
Even with 10 percent, hope is still hope.
What are you going to do about the other 90 percent? Seriously, who are you that she has to get this unpromising surgery, and have her head opened up on the operating table? To a girl who lived up to this point with extreme difficulty, who has only one or two months to live, in your arrogance, you are taking that away from her.
Immediately make her give up on surgery! For me, this one, and this one And this This This.
For Young's chocolate, the same one she always eats.
You know which one, right? What's with that attitude to your customer? Who are you that you're using informal speech to me? Why is this place so unfriendly? It's not like that here.
You better watch yourself.
Let it go.
Did you forget what Attorney Jang told us? Take Young's chocolate and drink to her.
What's funny? To me everything that you do is entertaining.
The weather must be warmer.
The sun's ray on my face makes me feel good.
Hee Seon, what's the color of the sunlight? No color at all.
Just bright color.
Bright is probably different from white.
Right? Hee Seon.
Is it alright for a sister to like her brother? Let's try to coax the money from secretary Wang.
I go and meet with her.
You take Young home today.
Then pack your stuff and leave that house.
This is all of my assets.
Take this, Hee Seon and everyone else, and go to the countryside.
Secretary Wang already knows my true identity.
There is no place to get the money.
Let's live as strangers, is that it? Then Jin Mi's debt is mine from now on.
I'll repay it.
Then the tally of our accounts is at an end.
At least once, let me behave as a person should! When I was young, I troubled your mom because of my fighting, As an adult, I became a gambler and stole the money your dad was going to buy a cow with.
Now, I I have to kill you too? Killing Hee Joo was not enough! Now, Hee Seon too? President Kim has weaved you into this.
Please do me this favor.
Listen to me.
Jin Sung.
They said Youngie can't be operated on.
To a girl who only just made up her mind to live I, now, have to tell her to give up.
I, now, have to tell her to give up.
Because of me, Youngie agreed to go through with such a scary surgery.
She only just made up her mind.
Jin Sung.
All I am is trash.
Even though I was thrown out like trash, because of her, at least once, I wanted to live like a decent person.
Seriously, let's not see each other again.
Sister liking her brother (oppa), what's wrong with that? That can happen.
When I am with oppa, strangely, my heart palpitate and flutters.
I'm funny, right? Not really.
I think I've been alone for too long.
I thought, all this time, I was really doing fine.
I guess, I wasn't.
Having this kind of feelings for oppa.
Jin Sung was uncomfortable at our house.
I didn't know that.
That's why he wasn't coming Why did you stop talking mid-sentence? It's nothing.
By the way, Oppa.
Let's not sleep in the same room anymore.
I don't want to.
It makes me uncomfortable.
It's hurts.
Let go of my hand.
Don't be like this! Sorry.
But, it's better not to do it anymore.
Holding hands Hugging each other Sleeping together.
Why? Last night, Oppa, you I know that you kissed me.
Why did you do that? Because I love you.
Oppa, I'm your sister.
It doesn't matter.
Secretary Wang.
I'm near Joong Tae's cafe.
Please come and pick me up.
I think I was wrong.
It's not that Just Oppa, I'm afraid.
Get in the car.
Oppa, your feelings are not only wrong, but mine are too.
But, let's not do this.
This is not right.
Yes, Doctor I found the doctor who lied to Oh Young.
His name is Park and has a eye center at Shinsadong.
That doctor has a lot of problems.
Also, Don't give up on the surgery We will try our best, even Dr.
Cho think so.
Young likes Oh Soo as a man, so why can't we ask her for money.
Oh Soo is not her brother, she can love him all she wants.
It's a win-win for both Young and Oh Soo.
What's the problem? Don't stop me.
If you do that it's over between us.
Hey! What did you say? That it's over with me? Yes it's over.
Are you crazy? You want to die.
Let's break up.
Aren't you going to hold onto me? Hyung, who always said he was thrown away like trash that he would live like trash.
Because of Young, he wants to live like a person.
I am going to let him do that.
If you tell Young, you will never get to see my face again.
Okay, Go, Go.
Who's going to be sad? If he is going to live like a person, he has to be alive to live like a person.
The patient didn't go blind from her brain tumor at all.
If she been diagnosed correctly and treated sooner she wouldn't have lived trapped at home.
Did something happen with your brother? Why did you call me, you were with your brother.
You didn't do that before.
You can leave.
The doctor you met earlier during the day, What did he say? What did he say? That I could get surgery.
He said he would get a surgery date and contact me.
That's great.
When you leave, please lock the door.
Why do you want to lock the door? I thought you would sleep with Oppa tonight, no? Sleep well.
Young, someone who's never asked, told me to lock her bedroom door.
Did something happen with Young? What happened between the two of you?! Be quiet.
Right now, I am doing everything I can to hold it all in.
So be quiet.
What? Young's eyes, they are because of RP (retinitis pigmentosa), not a brain tumor.
If Young's surgery doesn't go well, if Young isn't able to live Your deceptive eyes that seem like they care about Young, don't do that in front of me ever again.
Why aren't you saying anything? I want to be by your side.
You are by my side.
Why aren't you speaking? I'm just listening to you breathing.
I feel like you're right here.
Oppa, there was nothing between us.
You know, right? There was something between us? Did something I wasn't aware of happen? Tomorrow morning, we can greet each other with a smile? I suddenly want to eat a cake made by you.
Young Let's eat Ramyun! No, it's late.
We will eat later.
Yesterday, when I went to the hospital with Mi Ra, the doctor said that my eyes were not because of a brain tumor, but because of RP (retinitis pigmentosa).
Secretary Wang, I know that you schemed this.
I'm sorry, but, today won't be the last.
today won't be the last.
I'm not alone.
I have an older brother, I have an oppa.
Mom, do I just record like this? Like this? When did Oppa leave? Hm, I went into his room earlier and he wasn't there.
Young, I think I raised you well.
What do you think? You did raise me well.
Very well.
There's no one that's as strong, intense, harsh, and sometimes evil as me.
Right? What are you saying? You always exceed my expectations.
The soup will get cold.
Let's eat.
When the surgery is over, please call me.
Please say that it is urgent.
Tonight at 10pm, come to the airport.
If you don't, your pretend sister will find out your real identity.
I prepared a simulation similar to the patient.
The opthamologist will arrive shortly.
Doctor Jo! -Doctor Jo! -I'm sorry.
You cannot speak with her right now.
I'm not sure what kind of doctor said those crazy things, but just by looking at her eyes, you can tell.
If she was blind due to a brain tumor, the patient's eyes wouldn't be as clear or pretty.
It's wouldn't have been so bad that she was stuck at home.
And if she had gotten treatment immediately, it would've been better.
Doctor Jo.
Doctor Jo! Doctor Goo Ja Sung Yes, Dr.
I thought it would be better to tell you sooner.
We performed a simulation for Young, but the surgery was unsuccessful.
The brain tumor is obvious difficult, but the eye surgery is difficult as well.
is difficult as well.
I'm sorry.
I know I gave you high hopes.
The patient was neglected for too long.
Tell me.
I want to know.
What's the first thing you want to see? From now You No matter how hard I try to imagine, No matter how hard I try to imagine, no matter how hard I struggle, the person I can't figure out.
You Oppa.
What .
? What.
? Who are you? Who are you? If you could see this right now, I would be happy.
But even more than this, the thing I want to show you is the thing I want to show you is just you.
more than anything, I wish you could see yourself.
You are .
very very.
pretty and beautiful.
We can't sleep together.
I told you.
From now on, I'm not sleeping together with you.
I'll just sleep on the floor.
In a few days, even if you want me here, I have to leave.
Let's sleep together.
I keep thinking of you as a man.
I don't think this is right.
I'm scared of this feeling.
Everything will pass.
It's nothing.
How your lips touched mine I keep thinking about it.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
That's not why I said it.
I won't do it again.
I promise.
Please allow me to be by your side.
Oppa, you can probably do that.
But, I can't do it.
Oppa, I'm not scared of what you're feeling.
I'm scared of my feelings.
Oppa, help me.
Just help me so that these feelings will naturally go away.
I'm requesting you.
Go to your room.
Follow me.
Incoming Phone Call Incoming Phone Call Hello? I am the person you believe to be your brother's ex-girlfriend, Jin So Ra.
Oh Soo is not your real brother.
Your real brother is dead.
What are you saying? Secretary Wang knows this truth.
Tell Oh Soo for me.
I will be waiting in Italy, the place we first visited together.
How could someone like you kiss Young? How dare you put your hands on her? I wish I could kill you.
In this moment, if I could kill you, I'd be real happy.
-What?! -Young cannot get surgery.
They can't even fix her eyes.
You saying that you love Young, I don't believe it.
You for living that trash kind of life, you wanted to find that reason in Young.
Then what about you? You weren't trying to compensate for your trashy life from Young? Young's eyes? Yeah, I made her like that.
Young knows it too.
Then why did she pretend not to know? She needs me.
You Are Crazy.
Compared to the pain you caused Young, I'm nothing.
When Young finds out you're not her real brother, have you thought about how she would feel? Going to secret room in the greenhouse, and stealing Young's memories.
Pretending to be the brother that Young missed so much.
Will Young forgive you? Because of a 7.
8 billion won debt, you pretending to love your younger sister.
Do you think Young will forgive you?! Your brother says he loves you.
That Winter, The Wind Blows Preview How much of it was your plan? Today, we are going to get the wedding dress fitted.
Secretary Wang and you too.
The bell chime was thrown in the trash.
Going so far to make me trust you or, Going so far to make me love you too.
Young is acting strange.
Yesterday she wrote a new will.
Right now, I am asking about the conman, Oh Soo.
I am telling you now - About me.