That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

1 Episode 13 Oh Soo isn't your real brother.
It's me, Youngie.
How could a lowlife like you kiss Young's mouth? How dare you touch her with your hands! I wish I could kill you.
At this moment right now, If I could kill you, it would be really great! -What?! -Youngie cannot get surgery.
They can't even fix her eyes.
When you say you love Young, I don't believe it.
You're looking for a reason for your trashy existence, from Young, you're only trying to find it.
Then what about you? Aren't you also trying to be compensated for your trashy life from her? Young's eyes? Okay.
I did that.
She knows it, too.
Then why did she act like she didn't know? Because, she needs me.
You are crazy.
Compared to the pain you caused her, what I did is nothing.
Once Young finds out that you're not her Oppa, did you ever think about how that would make her feel? You went into the secret room inside the greenhouse, you stole her fond memories of the past and, you acted like the Oppa, whom Young missed so much, do you think she can forgive you? Because of the 7.
8 billion won debt, you pretended like you loved her as your younger sister.
Will Young Do you think she'll forgive you?! Your brother says he loves you.
I know you love Young.
Young will get the surgery.
Attorney Jang met with Dr.
Cho a little a while ago, the simulation was not successful but, Dr.
Cho said she will perform the surgery.
The other doctors weren't as confident, but Dr.
Cho said she found a possibility.
When Young enters the operating room, quietly, with empty hands, you should leave.
Because you loved Young, you couldn't possibly take the money with you.
I'll say that for you.
Tomorrow, Attorney Jang will meet the person who fabricated Young's diagnosis for you.
He will meet with Kwak Goo Seok of Jaesim hospital.
Mi Ra will be the witness.
I told you.
We'll be leaving together.
The man I met one year ago, could it have been you? You have a great imagination.
Are you bored? Or did my sister, by chance.
like him? I want to see him.
The more I'm with you, it's weird, he keeps apprearing in my thoughts.
He conned me.
He is not a good guy.
He is a con artist.
Forget about him.
-He is a born trash.
Once Young finds out you're not her Oppa, did you ever think about how that will make her feel? You went into the secret room inside the greenhouse, you stole her fond memories of the past.
This picture.
Take it to the room in your house that seems like a haunted house and, keep watching it forever.
-I'll tell you why your Oppa came to you.
It's because of the money.
Because of the 7.
8 billion won debt, you pretended like you loved her as your younger sister.
Will Young.
do you think she'll FORGIVE YOU? Oppa.
Don't go.
To Oppa.
I kiss like this, right? Jin So Ra A new message has arrived.
[Subject No Subject] I told Oh Young all about you.
I told Oh Young all about you.
How will you survive now, there is only one way.
You come to me.
I'll wait in Italy, where we first travelled to.
How can a human being do something like that? How can a friend do something like that? Because it's hard.
Poor family, too! Lawyer Jang, please calm down.
Please calm down.
Why did you do that? Even as I try to take your side, my heart breaks apart, girl! Office Manager, Jaesim hospital Kwak Goo Seok, turn him in to the doctors, immediately! Let's talk for minute, Lawyer Jang.
Now finally I can tell, in this room, there are many people, whose scents I can smell.
Secretary Wang, and you.
For all this time, Thank you, Jin Sung.
The problem is that to me, who knows nothing but family, Hyung, you're family, too.
I didn't like you when we were kids.
Mom was nicer to you than me.
So, one day I said to mom, Mom, send him back to the orphanage, I said.
She told me at that time, do you abandon your family? We go together till the end.
We're a dream combo, you know? Here is my plan.
We save some seed money.
It may not be easy to get money because of President Kim but, we get the money somehow, and we play a game with President Kim.
And we win in style! Man Doo said he got some money.
I'll call you.
I will not gamble if you're with.
Even if I die.
Okay! I'll just watch.
You play.
And you have to win that game no matter what.
Then you can finally do what a good guy does that you could not until now.
Then you can finally do what a good guy does that you could not until now.
To my mom and dad, a son, to me, a hyung.
To Hee Sun, Oppa.
and to Young When you get a chance to tell Young everything later, be sure to tell her this.
Because of her, you who didn't think much of life before, you who said you will live like trash, having been thrown away like trash, For the first time, even though you were thrown away like trash, you wanted to live like a good guy! That, you must tell her! Follow me.
You're here? Where is Young? -In the greenhouse.
You follow me.
Young, The surgery will be this weekend.
Then the day you leave will also be this weekend.
You too, Secretary Wang are leaving that day, too.
I will remain next to Young.
It won't go the way you want.
At the shareholder's meeting today, I'm going to report the wrong situation.
The damage you've done to the company with your stock dealings, your careless way of handling the duties of Young's power of attorney, the shareholders will not tolerate it.
Also, the harm you did to Young! regarding legal handling of that, I'll proceed after asking Young's opinion later.
You have.
crossed over the line beyond my ability to understand.
You also crossed the line above my capability to understand.
If you care for Young even just a little bit, Until the end, continue as her Oppa who cares for her.
Until the end.
With my best efforts, I'll do that.
Secretary Wang.
Is Oppa here, too? -Yes.
-Youngie, I'm here.
All three of you gathered together here and, what are you all doing? Well, I had something to tell them, so I asked them to be here.
Secretary Wang? Today, let's go to get fitted for a wedding dress.
Youngie, Your surgery, got scheduled for this weekend.
That's good.
Then, I have to pick out the wedding dress today for sure.
So that, after the surgery, there won't be a delay for the wedding.
Should I call Myung Ho? Young, That doesn't seem like a good idea.
-Secretary Wang? Today, only we will go.
Often, remember we used to go out together? Do you by chance.
not want to? Of course I want to.
Alright, let's do that.
I'll get ready.
Lawyer Jang.
The company is doing well, right? Because lately I wasn't able to see the reports.
I'm getting the reports these days.
There's not much going on.
Miss, this bell was in the trash.
Throw it out.
Oppa? Do you want to go travel? The honeymoon, It'd be weird if we go together.
It would be good if we go before the surgery.
Should we go to Italy? Where we first travelled together, I'll be waiting in Italy.
Is it .
too far for me to go? Better than Italy, let's go somewhere better.
Until the end, I said I'd do my best.
The weather's nice today.
Secretary Wang.
How many years did you live with me? Over 20 years? When you first lived with me, what was your age? I was about your age.
You were really young.
That's right.
I was really young, thinking about it now.
I wonder why I thought I knew everything then.
I don't know.
After going through painful love, I pretended to know everything about the world.
Pretending to be old enough.
Even though I was really young.
Your hands are always cold.
My hands are always cold.
Right now, in this room, I can finally understand it smells like different people.
Secretary Wang, and you.
How much of it was your planned deceit - even that I trust you as my brother? If not, up to making me love you.
Right now, this too, you must be watching.
The pain you gave me, I wasn't able to avoid Like this, how do you feel to see me all messed up? Perhaps, You think that you won? They're all pretty.
I don't know which one fits Youngie well.
First, trying it on.
Should we call him? No, just the two of us.
Is there a ruffle dress? You don't like that because your brother doesn't like it.
But you like it.
Please give me the ruffle dress.
I'll get it ready.
Moon Hee Sun Yes, Hee Sun.
You want to see me? That's right.
Let's do that.
Park Jin Mi, Till i come back, wipe all the plates and clean the restaurant.
Got it? I have to go watch movies with my friends today! You still don't get it, do you? Should I tell your parents everything you did? Should I?! Tell what? No! Yeah.
But Ajhussi asked to bring three bowls of dumpling soup.
Aren't you going to pretend you see me? Then don't say anything to Youngie.
Yeah, Man Du.
Hey, you Hey, why is Man Du calling you? Okay, I got it.
I'll be there.
I'll be right bak! -Okay.
Hey Park Jin Sung.
Hey! Park Jin Sung, where are you going!? Hee Sun and JinSung, they're going to get married, don't you think? I don't like Hee Sun.
I don't like you.
Me too.
Just do the plate wiping right.
Let go.
What for? Don't hang around with Mandu.
You're doing something bad again, aren't you? I'll live with you, don't go to Mandu.
I'm thankful for you to say that but, I have to go.
Hey! Park Jin Sung! Hey, don't go to Mandu!! You look so pretty.
Should we take a picture? Please take a picture.
I'll print the pictures right away.
This is the first time we took a picture, right? Right.
You really like the wedding dress, right? Yes, Lawyer Jang and Myung Ho, too.
Your brother, too.
They will like it.
As long as you like it.
You, who took care of me for over 20 years, It's tragic how this is the only present that I can give you.
What do you mean? After I receive the surgery, when I get to open my eyes.
Then, your help will no longer be needed.
You and Oppa, too, I think you should get a place ready to go.
You said, you need money? You have a lot of money.
Just think of it as a donation to charity.
And we're friends, too.
Friends listen to friend's favors.
We're friends? Of course.
I like you.
I'll give it to you.
You're not going to ask how much I need? 78 million won, I assume.
I remember what you said last time.
I may not know much, but I have good memory.
Did Oppa ask you to do this? That's not it.
Secretary Wang Bring the car.
Oh Soo doesn't know.
I don't know if you believe me or not, but it's the truth.
I hope you don't misunderstand or hate Oh Soo.
Oh Soo, was a good guy, enough for my sister to love him.
Help me.
You're rich.
Leave quietly.
I'm about to curse at you.
You love Oh Soo, too.
To you guys, is my love an excuse to get money? This is a life or death situation for Oh Soo.
I trust you'll give the money.
I'm not paying interest, just the original principal.
Between you and me, there's no interest.
Thanks! Tell President Kim that Jin Sung is involved now.
What's going on with Jin Sung and Man Du? Let go of me.
Let's have a drink sometime! Who's there? Oh, me.
This late at night, why are you here? Did you water the flowers? Yeah.
I see.
Did you figure out where we're traveling to? I can't think of anywhere special.
How about our villa at Sa Ri Myun, Mt.
Ji Ri.
Before mom and dad divorced, it was the last place our family went together.
You don't remember? I don't.
You remember useless things like the cotton candy, but you don't remember that? I guess not.
It's #6, Sa Ri Myun.
After father passed away, I haven't gone.
Let's go there.
But, you're getting surgery first.
Let's go tomorrow.
If I can't open my eyes after surgery, I mean, if I'm not alive, then it wouldn't work.
Let's go tomorrow.
It's Lamb's Ear.
"It's Lamb's Ear.
" The ear of a lamb.
When mom used to tease me, and say that this reminds her of my ears, I used to cry and say that it wasn't true, that my ears were prettier.
How did you remember? This thing just have no scent at all.
It's whatever.
It smells like spring.
Last winter was so cold, huh? No.
Since you were with me, not really.
Even though you were by my side, the wind was still so cold.
This spring, just like last winter, seems like it will be cold.
What are you saying? This is Jin So Ra's phone number, Oh Soo's ex-girlfriend.
I was curious why this number was in her phone, so I called it, and she said that she told Young everything about Oh Soo.
Hello? You.
Come home now.
Young knows everything about you.
Who is it? Young's behavior is strange! Come home now! Hang up the phone.
When our trip is over, I'll give you a call.
Let's turn off our phones, it's disturbing.
The phone is turned off, and the person you are calling What's the matter, Secretary Wang? Young is strange.
Even after knowing Oh Soo's identity, why did she go on that trip with him? What? As of yesterday, Young wrote a new will.
She said she'd give everything to the welfare center.
Oh, Director Lee.
What's going on Lawyer Jang? Young texted me the break of our marriage.
Without a word with me.
Also, she told Jung representative and Im reprentative to go to the president election, saying she won't be going.
Did you know? What's going on? We need to find out where they traveled to.
The road is closed.
What about the navigation? It said to go straight, but we can't go by car.
Want to walk? I thought you'd want to turn around.
We already started, it's too late to turn around.
Get out.
Do you remember the last time we were here? No.
I remember it all.
Were you happy? -Who? -You.
I was happy.
Since you had fun, I'm happy.
Hold on tight.
Should we keep going? We're finally here.
I'll put you down.
You're dead.
I'm hungry.
Then we should eat.
By chance, are there no stores around here? Probably.
Can't be.
The key is probably under the board.
We can't sleep here.
Let's go somewhere else.
I'm going to stay here.
There's nothing to eat.
I'm still going to stay here.
Then let's do this.
You stay here, and I'll go down to the village to get something to eat.
I'm cold.
Dad was always good at making fires.
It's my first time.
You're weak, huh? This isn't about strength, it's about wit.
So you don't have any wit.
That doesn't sound good, either.
Ah, okay.
I got it now.
The wit.
I'm getting more sad, My face becomes more and more surprised.
But I'll still smile, so that you won't notice.
Why did you tell me that you loved me first? You made me like this.
Oh no, from my eyes tear falling, I really want to find you, the one who left me As much as I wanted to, as much as I hate you, I get sad.
Don't leave me.
The tears I shed out of longing, My two eyes are searching for you.
It hurts just as much as I love you.
I cry again without strength.
What is that? It's a letter than Oh Soo wrote to Young.
Oh Soo already knows that Young knows his true identity.
If both of them know, then why did they travel I'm sure that Oh Soo is for Young only.
Don't worry too much.
What has Young been doing in here alone? Young is really fine, right? Young.
Young! Young 10:30.
You came after three hours and thirty minutes.
Let's eat.
Oh, the taste isn't too bad.
Want to taste? No.
Then when you eat it, you'd better not say it's not seasoned well.
You can't say that.
If you're like dad, then I know that your soybean paste stew is delicious.
When we came to this place, the soybean paste stew that dad made was really delicious.
You asked dad for his secret recipe, right? You don't remember? No, but mine will be delicious as well.
Count on it.
Just like this, Mom, when shes sitting next to the fireplace, dad would make coffee and give it to her.
Were they in a good relationships then? Go the day I get my surgery.
I'll leave after seeing the surgery end.
That's not it.
When we go back to Seoul, leave.
I'll do as I please.
Tell me about the time you came here with mom and dad.
When you drink tea like this with mom and dad, what did you and me do? Did we pretend we knew each other and joked around inside the blankets? No.
We cried.
Mom and Dad, yelled and fought here.
"I cheated on you because you made me lonely, No.
you were always like that.
" That fight went on till the morning.
Also, mom and dad brought oppa and me and said "Now Soo and mom and Youngie and dad will live together.
" What I told you today, is all lies.
From the beginning, dad cut wood, made miso soup and we were happy.
There was nothing like that.
Those days, like today, no, these past few days, have been horrific.
Should we talk about something else? The Oh Soo that was abandoned under a tree, what was his dream? From the start, was he just a conman? Since you got abandoned by a tree, as much as you made everyone in the world your enemy, was he, like you said, since birth, just trash? I want to drink some alcohol.
I don't care for alcohol.
Let's talk.
You don't need to drink.
I'll just drink.
The conman Oh Soo, what was his dream when he was young? A carpenter.
A farmer.
A fisherman, engineer.
Anything but a conman or a gambler.
Not from the beginning but after I met you.
Right now, I, I'm asking you about the conman Oh Soo.
I'm talking about it right now, about me.
Let's stop it.
You know who I'm, right.
I know.
The one who needs 7.
8 billion won, the conman, Oh Soo.
Why, why don't you do more? I wanted to see how much more you played with me.
Then, let's hear your excuses.
I have no excuse.
I know I hurt you.
Rather than saying those words, if you had just told me that when you were young, the wounds you received from being abadoned like trash, caused you to live like trash, and more so than a blind person like me, that you were more hurt, those words would have been more comforting.
You, who knew I loved you but still fooled me, if you had just told me that you didn't get a kick out of tricking me, it would have been more comforting.
Out of all of the reasons why I can't forgive you, the main reason is that right now, I, the death of my brother who I missed as much as my mother, because of you, I can't even grieve.
Loving a conman like you, let's just blame it on my blindness.
Although I hate you enough to the point where I want to kill you, no matter how hard I think about it, there's nothing a blind person like me can do.
You fooled me good all along.
It is really the end.
You're a hurt person, who resembles me a lot.
I know that I never learned of love.
So I don't really know about it.
But I feel that you are a person who is my destiny.
Like the white snowflakes, my person is soft.
That person is hurting me.
The wind blows Now those who have to leave should prepare their belongings.
I have to leave.
Because I'm her mother.
A mother is someone who surrenders to her children.
Young said she won't be saying bye to you You left the house? Why are you empty handed? Oh Soo, the person to step on, he's the only one.
In my life, I've never had to say farewell to anyone.
I loved you genuinely.