That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

1 Now, we are really over, right? Like white snowflakes, you're my person who is so soft.
That person is hurting me.
The wind blows and it seems like it'll take you far away.
Episode 14 So even today, by your side, I'll stay to protect you.
Come in.
Call Lawyer Jang right now.
We're going to be together tonight.
We are going back to Seoul tomorrow night.
Give me my phone.
What the hell are you doing? It is alright to get angry, or even curse at me.
Even if you do so later, you will feel more at ease.
It's fine.
Being blind I lived being trapped at night.
After meeting you, there were times I had fun.
I can't be thankful, but I have to be understanding.
It was my fault too.
The moment when I first met you, my heart fluttered.
I should have known then.
I am a fool, right? Don't you think so? How is it? If I did this much, I am being very understanding of you aren't I? Don't try to.
You don't have to be understanding.
I won't try to understand how much you are hurting now.
When you were 6 and got the brain tumor.
Waiting for your mom who didn't return.
You must have been afraid.
The dad you believed in passed away.
You trusted him as your brother, but not realizing that you loved that person, a conman And someone who has to redeem himself again Stop it! Even though you don't understand, there is no problem with how you live so don't try so hard.
But, my love to you has always been true.
Go to the living room.
Until I take you safely to Lawyer Jang, you are my responsibility so just sleep.
It's really sad that even in this situation you are my guardian.
I can't see love with my eyes.
I don't know where it is I stumble around looking for it but finally, I have touched it with my hands.
When you turned around back then and smiled at me, I opened my eyes.
Your scent that scatters in the wind, your low voice that I hear, comes spreading into my heart that is cold like the winter.
Love blooms as the snowflakes Tell them to get out.
Leave them alone.
We can increase sales.
The soup is really delicious! Just eat quickly and leave.
Wow, she told us not to just leave, but to eat quickly and leave.
Mom, you are really something.
Oh Soo, why won't you kill him? Are you scared? The Jo Moo Chul that I like, the one that has no blood or tears, the strong Jo Moo Chul.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Nam Shik, don't like someone who doesn't have blood or tears.
As a human, one should have blood and tears.
That's what makes him human.
Ah, what to do with that little You should look for other work as well.
What about starting a tented street vendor? Or manual labor? Ah.
Restaurant would be nice, huh? Mom! Sell this restaurant to me so I can give it to him.
How much is it? Jin Sung! Hey.
Who are you to drag my mom into your gangster act? Who are you to talk to my mother? Hey, kid! For people who live in the same neighborhood, why are you acting like this? Be patient, be patient.
Why are you doing this? Why? Looks good.
Throwing punches to protect your family.
You're not leaving?! Just hold it in.
I came to eat.
Because I thought of my mom.
Ah, Jin Sung.
Why are you doing this? Hold on tight.
Right when we get down, tell Lawyer Jang to come.
I told you to hold on tight.
I told you yesterday as well, but we're going home at night.
We will say goodbye when we have to, but right now, I have to be with you.
What makes you so sure? It's my last effort to feel like I'm not miserable.
You've succeeded then.
You appear shameless.
Hold on tight.
It's downhill.
Get out.
Give me my phone.
Lawyer Jang Tell him you'll be home at night.
If not, I'll take you somewhere even further.
Young, where are you?! It's me.
Young, are you safe? Where did she say she is? What? I request it.
See you tonight.
What did Young say? Stop what you're doing for today, and take a vacation day.
Please go.
What's wrong? She asked us to prepare for Oh Soo's departure.
Secretary Wang, too, you should pack your bags.
As for me, Young asked me to do her a favor.
When I lived in the orphanage, the most delicious food was the spicy rice cake they sold in the tented street vendors.
A number of kids, 30 of us would be sitting lined up down the street, and eat jja jang myun (black bean noodles).
I ate the quickest.
Then the director would say to me, "Hey, eat slowly.
No one's going to steal your food.
But, I didn't believe those words.
I really thought someone would steal my food.
You're like me.
Since I was 6, I always felt someone was lying to me.
Did someone put poison in my food? What would happen if someone pushed a blind person like me down the stairs? What would happen if someone messed with me? I was always on edge.
Just like today.
It's red bean porridge.
I really don't know why you're being like this.
I just want to spend a little more time with you, that's all.
It looks good.
It's in front of you.
I'm not eating.
Wait then.
Do you want some more? Yes.
What's wrong with you? How old? 7 years old.
Then why are you speaking informally? Let's give this porridge to him.
Go and eat.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you so much.
Actually, this is my first time eating this.
I don't know about anything else, but for children to eat red bean porridge, It's too hot.
You need an adult's help.
That's why at the orphanage where they lack help, they didn't really feed us this red bean porridge.
Wow, it's really good.
Eat it.
You'll regret it.
Jin Sung's father says these cows are very pretty.
He raises them because he likes them, but when he has to sell them in order to live, he questions the meaning of life.
I really don't know what you're trying to say to me.
I know.
I have never had to say goodbye to someone in my whole life.
Not even to my mother.
Or even Hee Joo.
With you, I want to have a formal farewell, but starting from yesterday until today, no matter how hard I think about it, I really don't know.
How about a simple "goodbye? Oh Soo, you still remember which day we're supposed to end this, right? There's not much time left.
I look forward to it.
Why not? What's good for you if Oh Soo is dead? Use your brain, brain! I'm saying Oh Soo and I will win at the gamble and pay the money back to you, but why do you not allow us to go in the "house"? Let us enter the house.
I already told you, you can't.
Okay, then we'll go in other houses, so don't interrupt that at least.
Why are you doing this? Their seed money is given by you anyway, but why? Oh Soo will be finished by me.
As well as Moo Chul.
For that, I need a plan.
Laywer Jang.
I'm here.
Did you prepare what I asked you to? Yes.
Then, those people who are leaving need to pack their belongings.
See you in a moment.
Pack your belongings.
I'm sorry for the one-sided notice about our disengagement.
Is it because of Secretary Han? Young that's only the past.
I've told you about that many times.
Withdraw your suggestion for Rep.
Jung and Rep.
Im to run for the next Chairman.
I'm so confident to make our Group grow, more than anyone else would do.
Calm down and think about the company.
Head Director.
Instead of me, you can run for the next Chairman.
Lawyer Jang will endorse you on behalf of me.
Young believes that you would manage the company better than anyone else.
As of today, I'm Young's legal representative, so the shareholders would know that my endorsement is same as Young's.
I will marry Young.
Young will focus only on the surgery.
That's enough.
You may leave.
And don't forget, my father trusted you, Head Director.
I still don't understand why Young should give this money to you.
But Young told me to give it to you.
Take it.
Young said she wouldn't say good bye to you.
Leave this house right now.
It's a relief that Young has you, Lawyer Jang.
Goodbye, Secretary Wang.
Please say (what you have to).
So, this is my share? You let me keep the stocks I have now, and exclude me from the shareholder's meeting and disqualify me as Young's legal representative.
Are you saying that is my share Young gave me? Young doesn't want to you to take any legal responsibility about the embezzlement.
Same for your neglecting her eyes by bribing the doctor.
Since those happened all in the past, so she told me to bury them all.
- Secretary Wang.
- Let go of me! - Let go of me! - Let her go.
Come to my room, Secretary Wang.
Am I no use to you any more? You knew from the beginning, that I ruined your eyes.
But you held it back.
What was the reason? I was young and my father was sick.
I needed someone who would run the company (for us).
Then, why did you hold back even though you knew I embezzled the company's fund? Father told me, that even if the people around me sponge off my money, I should let it slide a little.
So that there would be some people staying by my side.
Do you also think that I killed your father, just like other shareholders think? Your father refused CPR, but I still saved your father's life 10 times, no, 20 times.
One day, your father said to me, "That's enough, stop it, Hye Ji.
"It's too hard for me, so stop it.
Ask Doctor Hyun.
If there is a DNR (do not resuscitate) signed by your father, ask him! The reason I didn't tell you and Lawyer Jang about that, although I was suspected to neglect your father's death, that was only for one thing.
"Please live on, Young, even if you need the hatred toward me as your strength! I had only you.
That may look like some obsession or craziness to other people, but still, you were the only one I had.
The company's stocks? I don't need it! The shareholder's position or your legal representative? I will give them up all.
About the embezzlement, it was because of the resentment toward your father.
While you're running the company, I didn't take any money, not a single penny! I have raised you since I was 26 years old.
Although my parents disowned me for being a mistress, I didn't have my own child, and I raised you! You're my daughter! Young, just leave me leave me by your side I'm sorry.
And I was grateful.
Thanks to you, Secretary Wang, I grew up very well.
No matter what happens to me, I'm now strong enough to live by myself.
But, after the surgery, when my eyes open, I don't want to see you.
I lost my eyes, and you you lost me, the one you've loved for your whole life, the one who was like your daughter.
The calculation, should be exact.
I've loved you as my daughter, but you're looking at me in terms of only usefulness until the end.
Then, I should leave.
Why? Because I'm your mother.
Because a mother is supposed to lose to her children's wish.
The surgery I hope it goes well.
I hope you don't think the world is nothing special, because of me.
If a person kills another person, how serious is their sin? I don't know Legally, about 15 years in prison? In the world, that must be the biggest crime, right? I guess so.
Then, what about your mom's sin for abandoning you? Maybe, that must be less serious (than a murder), right? The sin that you abandoned Hee Joo also must be less than that.
I hope you remember that your mom came to see you at least once.
And I also hope that you can stop feeling guilty about Hee Joo.
You've hated yourself for a long time.
As much as you get tired yourself.
I loved you.
I have no confidence to keep you by my side and love you, but for you to have deceived me, you're not guilty.
Because it was your way to survive, and for me, I had some moments of happiness.
That's why.
Oh Soo! What is this? This is enough for me.
Take it.
I know you're involved with the hitman Jo Moo Chul.
I don't even want to know what's the story behind you two, but this is for your life.
Take it.
By Young's side, please never leave her even for a moment.
She is a girl who really wants to live, but death was always too close to her.
Please take good care of her.
Oh Soo! Oh Soo! I know you.
Even if you don't say it, I can feel it.
You're a person with pain who is similar to me.
You've never learned such a thing like "love," so I know you wouldn't know well.
But you, I can feel you're my destiny.
Like white snowflakes, you're my person who is so soft.
This person is hurting me.
The wind blows, and it seems that it will take you far away.
So, even today, by your side, I stay to protect you.
What about your debt? I still have time left, don't I? Now, Jin Sung doesn't have any debt left, right? Did you leave that house? Didn't you and that fake sister love each other? If you two love each other, you can get the money from her, can't you? Why are you empty-handed? I know, right? See you again.
What a silly bastard.
You make me laugh all my life.
Wow is this really the money from selling your car? With that money, go back to the country side, Father.
Oh, this brat! Oh my, you kiddo! Well done, well done! Hey, you're finally growing up! When you rode an expensive car and lived in a luxury apartment, saying you were working in a company, I could never believe that, but now I can believe you! Hey, you're finally growing up, you brat! With Jin Sung and Jin Mi, if you go to the country side, I will visit some time.
What? Hey, you brat! Are you a stranger to us? What do you mean, "visit"? You should come to live with us! Oh, OH SOO! How long do we have to stand here in a line like this? Is this punishment? I'm sure there's a reason behind it, just wait! She told us to come.
Young, we're here.
Secretary Wang, why did you call these people? Young, have a seat.
Lawyer Jang, take a seat as well.
From your 9:00 to 3:00 direction, there's salad, bracken, radish, mushroom pancake, boiled fish, grilled deoduk, and kimchi.
The soup has spinach and clams with soy bean paste.
When you speak with Young, you should give her directions in terms of a clock.
Ajumma, keep this in mind.
Don't just tell her something is "here" or "there.
Anyway, Miss knows everything.
Listen to Secretary Wang.
Jung Hyung and Joong Tae, please also keep this in mind.
Mira, you should already know well.
-Mira, your salary will be deposited into your account -I don't need it.
I will see Young only as a friend from now on.
I won't accept your money.
Mi Ra did nothing wrong.
I made Mira do something that was difficult to do.
She's a good friend to you.
I know.
Someone should call Young at least once a day.
You all have received a lot of help from Young, so this shouldn't be seen as a request.
Of course.
Don't worry.
Please give these people their meal.
Please eat before you leave.
I should leave now.
Take care, Young.
Let's eat.
I'll drive.
Please go.
Are you going to your real home? Yes.
You'll contact us, right? Of course.
I'll keep my phone on 24/7.
If it's not too much, please call me often and let me know how Young is doing.
I won't do anything to make Young worry.
The people I hate the most are parents who make their children worry.
I'll live well.
She left.
Let's eat.
She should have at least eaten breakfast before she left.
Secretary Wang's spinach soup is really delicious.
Jae Ong, what's mom and dad's address? I know that father doesn't want to see me.
I just lost their address.
The weather is nice.
Stop sleeping, stop! Oh Soo! Oh Soo! He's breathing Hey, Oh Soo! Ah! Wake up! He's been sleeping for 24 hours.
Leave him, so he can sleep.
Why did you sell your car? I said, why did you sell your car? Young didn't give you money? Let's eat.
You left the house, didn't you? Then why are you empty handed? Young said she would give you money.
Didn't she? -I got it, and I spent it all.
-Yeah right.
Hey, you crazy guy.
You purposely didn't accept the money, didn't you? You purposely didn't take it, huh?! You jerk! Hey you crazy guy.
How can you not accept that money? Hee Sun won't call Young, she's sick.
Hee Sun isn't that thoughtless.
Hee Sun knows what you want to do for Young.
Go to the countryside as well.
Dad was excited to sell the shop.
Mom said she liked Seoul too, but she was so excited she was singing.
Jin Mi is happy because if they go to the countryside, mom said she would send her to college.
I guess mom saved some money without dad knowing.
That's good.
It wasn't embarrassing getting the money that I owe from Young? It is you who should be embarrassed, is it? You aren't going to get killed by Moo chul, right? Not at all.
I am going to play the game.
I knew it.
I'm looking into a game we can enter.
I told you not to get into my affairs, didn't I? For God's sake, just leave, please.
Don't you know me? I'm not leaving without you.
How many times do I have to tell you? Do as Secretary Wang instructed.
Have you ever seen Secretary Wang put a water glass here? She told you to put it by the bedside.
Stop it, Ahjussi.
I'm sorry.
I'm not happy with her.
How long has she lived here and she still hasn't learned anything? Have you heard from Secretary Wang? Yeah.
She went to her real home.
Real home? Her father is still distant, but she really likes her mother.
She called me in a good mood, telling us not to worry.
Kimchi stew, please.
She said she's happy because she's able to eat the food her mom prepared.
Her voice seemed peaceful.
That's good.
I want to help you, too.
But, I don't know what President Kim has been telling everyone here, but if it has to do with you, everyone shakes their head.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Stop being sorry and go inside.
We only have one choice.
Gather the players and meet at the hotel.
Where are you going, Hyung? Go and stay with Hee Sun.
This is Oh Soo.
Where are you? What do you think of my conditions? If you accept my conditions, this will all end with no strings attached.
Let's involve Jin Sung in the rigged gambling game.
Call? Omit Jin Sung.
I can't.
You kill me then.
I know what you are calculating.
After you drag me into this rigged poker game, you take all the money, and then I become the grand prize revenge target for those who'll lose while gambling.
Right? I know what you're trying to do so you can't have Jin Sung.
I am meant to die like this, or like that.
Is that not right? Who's going to kill you? Ah, Moo chul.
Moo Chul is who I will get rid of.
If you win this game this time, you are going to be free.
Fine, we will take out Jin Sung.
Once you got all the players rounded up, contact me.
President, are you really going to take out Jin Sung? The one to get rid of Oh Soo is either Moo Chul, or Jin Sung.
You think I am crazy enough to take out Jin Sung? Is your head only for decoration, you punk? Yoo Chul, let's rest for a moment.
Hyung, it is me, Oh Soo.
Be careful of President Kim.
It seems like he's after you.
Oh, it has been awhile, President Han.
I heard that the money matter has ended.
Yes, that is right.
But, what is the youngest son of Sae Hyung Group doing these days? Everything between President Kim and I.
it's all over.
Hyung, you have nothing to do with President Kim now.
I am asking you to quickly leave.
And also, later, later when we meet let's go out for a drink, hyung.
What? You want to have a drink with me? Yes! The two are sleeping.
While hugging? No, separately.
The guy gets the bed, and the girl gets the living room.
Ah, what a frustrating guy.
After eating ramen, they're really just going to sleep.
Sounds good.
Sure, we will meet then.
Ay, just wait.
If you gather more people, the pot is bigger.
Ya, sure.
I will contact you very soon.
Ya, see you.
I know who you are.
Even if you don't speak, I feel you.
Similar to me, you are someone who is hurt.
I've never learned about love.
I know that I probably don't know much about it.
But I feel that you are my destiny.
Like white snowflakes, you're my person who is so soft.
That person is hurting me.
That Winter, The Wind Blows Preview Oh Soo left without the money.
He must really like you.
I want to push back the day of going to the hospital by one day.
At that time Oh Soo said to leave you out and go.
This is really the last time.
Don't say anything to hyung.
Oh Soo doesn't know your intentions that you went this far to protect them.
I saw Oh Soo oppa, and it looked like he was staring at you.
Why are all fairy tales sad? Young, did something happen to you? It would've been better to swindle instead of making her love.