That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

1 Those two are sleeping.
In each other's arms? No Separately.
The guy, on the bed, the girl, in the living room.
Ah, the nerdy guy.
He really only ate ramen and went to sleep! Taxi! Taxi! We decided to take down the Gentleman.
That deal with Oh Soo is already over.
At that time, Oh Soo said to go without you.
What do you think? No matter how I think about it, I can't trust Oh Soo without you.
You seem to have a brain.
Hyung can't play without me.
Let's do it then.
But, don't let Oh Soo find out.
Take a look.
Who gave you a ride all the way here? Why are you not in a good mood? Feels good! Oh Soo left without the money.
I told him to take it, but he said he only needs one pack of checks, so he took just that and left.
Why in the world did he come here? Oh Soo must have really liked you.
I don't want to hear it.
But, we should plant more flowers here.
It's the time to plant flowers, right? What should we plant? Something with a good fragrance No.
Just leave it.
Why? After I get surgery, I will do it.
Then, I will water them.
They are wilting.
By the way, the day I go to the hospital, I'm thinking of pushing it back a day.
They said that I shouldn't show any signs of a cold, and my body isn't feeling well.
It doesn't seem you have a fever.
Don't worry.
Doctor Cho prescribed me some medicine.
Young, by chance, are you thinking of not getting the surgery? Why would I do that? You said I could trust Doctor Cho.
And if I happened to refuse, you wouldn't tolerate that.
Even if you had to knock me out, you would take me to the hospital.
Wouldn't you? At least you know.
I'll make you get surgery.
I see hope.
You said you were going to Gim Cheon tomorrow, right? I don't think I'll take the job.
I'll just be by your side.
You said it had to do with an unfair murder case.
You should go.
I'm not going.
I guess this is my life.
I can't do anything on my own, so you can't even save a person who was falsely charged with murder.
Why didn't you take the money from Young? Are you risking your life to look cool? The effort I put in to save your life, do you know it or not? I know.
The guy who says he knows, acts like this? The guy who says he knows, doesn't accept the money that Young decided to give and leaves empty handed? And then risks his life and goes back to con gambling? You think you're turning over a new leaf? By involving Young in all of your gangster activites, and then not accepting the money she was willing to give, do you think a rag becomes a towel? Hey.
If you're a dirty rag, act like one.
If you're a thug, live like a thug! Don't confuse people.
Yeah If I'm a thug, I should act like a thug until the very end.
Why did I have to fall in love? Why did I have to fall in love? Right? Hee Sun.
When I left that house, I left with dignity.
Because I love her.
Because she loves me too.
In order to see me someday, that girl will live.
That's why, right now we are apart.
At least one time, even by chance, we will meet.
Believing that, I was able to leave that house not only with dignity, but with arrogance.
Without even saying that I'm sorry.
But, Young saw that kind of me, and told me that she loved me.
Did you like it? How do you think Young felt when she said that? She said that she was happy, but she looked lonely.
Crazy guy.
You should have just scammed her.
I shouldn't have made her fall in love? Crazy guy.
I should have just scammed her.
I shouldn't have made her fall in love with a guy like me.
Oh Soo is calling.
Oh Soo is calling.
Oh Soo is calling.
Oh Soo is calling.
Oh Soo is calling.
Your call cannot be connected, and you will be transferred to the voice mail box- If you gamble too, and something happens to you, That will never happen.
If Moo Chul doesn't play, then there's no one that can beat me and Hyung in the game or fighting.
This is really the last time you're doing this.
After this is over, let's go to the countryside.
Save Oh Soo.
Don't say a word to Hyung.
Are you in the middle of your morning kiss? Just act like you don't see us! Oh, and I was trying to get us a game room, but I couldn't.
There's no more discussion with me and President Kim.
Stay out of it.
I got it.
You really got it? You said Moo Chul is out of it now, so I feel secure.
I'm trusting you.
I told you to trust me.
I said it's delicious, first try it.
Good morning.
Oh! Good morning.
Youngie, you came down.
But, why are you all gathered here so early in the morning? Oh, I told Jung Hyun that I really can't eat Ajhumma's food, so she prepared this.
She even went to the morning market.
It smells so good.
Young, when you go to the hospital, you won't be able to eat delicious food.
Eat a lot today.
Thanks to you, it seems I'll be indulging in some good food, too.
Here, here.
Let's all take our seats.
From your 9:00 to your 3:00, Lotus root pancake, fried tofu, spiced sea weed, pickled radish, spiced clam.
And the crab stew is for Jang Ahjussi.
For yours, I took out all the meat part.
Taste it.
It's delicious.
See! I told you that she would like it.
After breakfast, Ahjussi, you should go to Gim Cheon.
The false murder case in which he's a lawyer for, he said he's not going to do it because of me.
We can't let that happen.
Instead, you can choose one of these three people to watch over me.
Oh! I'll do it.
I'll do it.
You heard it, right? Yes, do that.
It's not another job.
Someone's life is on the line.
Then, since you're going to the hospital tomorrow afternoon, I'll make sure to come before then.
A person's life has just been saved.
Let's eat.
You didn't know? Her hospitalization date has been pushed back until tomorrow.
By chance, did Young call you? No.
Lawyer Jang did.
He said it might be pre-surgery jitters.
They said she would surely come tomorrow.
If Young get's the surgery, her eyes will- Let's not talk about the surgery.
And the brain tumor- Don't ask.
I'll come again.
Hey, Soo.
You Do you know about Moo Chul's condition? It's nothing.
Hyung asked for some pain relievers.
Oh, and Hyung wants you to give his regards to your parents.
Crazy guy.
Tell him to do it.
Does he think I am his personal servant? Your call cannot be connected and will be transferred to the voice mail- Hey President Oh.
Why aren't you answering your phone? Give me a call.
Lawyer Jang Young, it's me, Oh Soo.
Is it okay if I contact you sometimes? Not often, but once in a while.
When I get curious about how you're doing.
The green light has turned on now.
I'm blind.
Because I can't get the audio info, is there someone nearby? Which number are you taking? I'll let you know when it comes.
Thank you.
Oh, it's here.
Thank you.
Ah, hurry up and get on.
I'm sorry.
The next stop time is getting late.
I'm sorry.
Get on.
Thank you.
Where are we going? Are we going to eat something good? I'm going to eat the whole pizza, I'll show you.
Do Hoon, stop playing around.
If you guys don't follow directions, you won't get pizza.
Do you want to eat pizza at the center, or do you want to get in a line? Will you guys not get in a line? You'll be in trouble! Get in a line! We will get in a line.
Hey kids, listen to instructions, listen.
It's been a while since we're getting fresh air.
We're in a line! We're in a line.
Let's go.
Was I being too stubborn? Should we have just eaten inside? The kids love it.
You hear them, right? Yeah.
Jung Min! Oh, it's you, Mi Ra.
Are you going somewhere? Jung Min Noona? We're going to eat pizza.
I want to join.
I want to eat, too.
Okay, let's all go together.
How exciting! Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Hey, hey.
Take a step to your left and walk, so we don't run into anyone.
Ahjussi, sorry! Please stop the car! I have an emergency.
I'm sorry, Ahjussi.
Ahjussi! Like the white snowflakes, So soft is my person.
That car is veering into Kyung Gi direction, what should I do? Keep going? Pull up ahead of the car and pull over at the intersection.
It's for real.
Mi Ra, what's wrong? Ahjussi, how long did that taxi follow us? Taxi? I don't know.
What's wrong? It’s nothing.
What's going on? Well I saw Oh Soo oppa.
He was in a taxi and passed our car.
It seemed like he was looking at you.
I wasn't sure but it's true.
Really? How did his face look? Is it okay? I don't know.
He didn't look really good.
Who are you? Who are you to come to me? Soo said his deal with you was done.
Soo said that? Our dealing for the past 15 years, It's over on his terms? You think you suffered the most in this world? More than me, who's sister died.
My parents who lost their daughter.
You are the most pitiful, huh? That's really funny.
All you lost was a one sided love.
But you act like the unluckiest guy in the world.
No matter how much I try, I just can't understand you, really! That is why I am going to try to understand myself.
What? You and the whole world can't understand me.
I will understand myself.
In this world, I won't be the only guy who loved a woman, who died.
In this world, a guy who has been rejected, a guy who's life was messed up because of his poor family.
If you look in this world, there are a lot.
This stuff didn't just happen to me.
Are you maturing? Hee Sun, I too am living.
At the age of 16, my mom, dad, and younger siblings Eight lives were in my hands.
Your older sister who's smile was pretty.
She cried and died in front of me.
It was hard to accept my reality as alright.
If I were to be born again, I wouldn't live like this.
But, I can't help the fact that this is the end for me.
Hee Sun.
Even if everybody in the world curses at me, the way I lived like this, I want to understand that it was because I was dumb and simple.
Because if I didn’t even understand myself, I would be too pitiful.
Smells nice.
So this is what flowers smell like.
Hey, are you sick? Your face is strange.
Go to the hospital.
You don’t look well.
Hyung-nim Let's go to the hospital.
Don't forget what I asked you.
Oh Soo doesn't know your intentions.
Hee Sun and Jin Sung, they all don't know.
If you weren't going around, all this time, taking care of them.
Oh Soo and Jin Sung would have already died by Kim’s hands.
That you protected them like this Go and organize the house.
Unless you budge a little, we're not going to play games with you.
President Kim obviously fraud gambles.
But that much money? Okay.
Let's do it like that.
President Kim is the house, the dealer is you, and the cards, you guys bring it so no one can mess with it.
Let's switch the House too.
To here.
We can't do that.
I have to win you guys' money too but my goal is to step on President Kim.
And if President Kim is out, the money you will win, will be small.
Right? Okay.
Tell President Kim all the rules of the game.
You guys will be deciding on it.
If he says no, tell him to forget it.
This is getting more interesting.
The feeling of wanting to see each other again, holding it dear to our hearts.
Maybe it's better to just live far apart from each other, until the very end.
Then indefinitely, with hope, we'd be able to go on living.
Young What's the matter, Young? Young! Young, is something wrong? You shouldn't say those things.
The person who kicked you out of the house calls you in the middle of the night.
You don't even curse, and with a concerned tone, you ask, "What's the matter?" If you ask me that, then what am I supposed to say? Why? You're having trouble sleeping? Are you scared about tomorrow's surgery? A little.
What do you do by yourself, all day? Don't lie and tell me you're at home.
You can't go in the house.
Because of your stubborn father.
Tell me.
What do you do all day by yourself? Since you say that, I have nothing to say.
I'm used to lying.
What a pitiful life.
I must have lived a long life, to see you joking around with me.
Go to bed.
After your surgery, call me like this again.
Let's hang up.
It's this fragrance.
Why did you come? You couldn't sleep? No.
3 steps to your right is the bed.
You shouldn't go so easily into other men's rooms.
And as I told you before, between Oppa and sister, no "arm pillows".
Just sleep at an attention position.
Should I give you my arm? Yes.
This is fun.
Give me your hand.
Can you feel it? Yes.
This is a mountain The little prince went up to the top of the volcano mountain.
I know that part.
He has a conversation with an echo.
To me, that part is always sorrowful.
It's just an echo, he's alone, but the little prince thinks it's a conversation.
Why are all fairy tales sad? You were packing.
Young, but the truth is, the work here- No, please give the phone to Mi Ra.
What about the work? It's nothing.
Give the phone to Mi Ra.
Tell me.
Mi Ra is busy packing for the hospital.
Mi Ra, some water please.
Ajusshi, hurry and come and make us some spicy crab stew.
What is it, ajusshi? That is.
the work here isn't easy.
It's complicated.
I wasn't going to take the job and go back to Seoul.
The suspect's mother cried all night, asking for help.
Finish your work there.
There's nothing to worry about.
There's people who watch over me 24/7.
Mi Ra, Jung Hyun unnie, Joong Tae oppa.
-But still, if I'm there -The surgery is tomorrow morning.
Tonight they'll only do some exhausting examinations.
If you keep this up, you may come into the operation room with me.
I'll finish up my work here and come to the hospital at night.
I don't want to.
When ahjussi comes, I'll let him take over, then leave.
You were only supposed to be here until 1 o'clock.
But, ahjussi is coming at 4 o'clock.
You said you were going to your job interview.
Is my job an issue now? It's alright.
Mi Ra, let me play the part of a friend, too.
This is a gift for your interview.
Are you really giving this to me? Not if you don't go to your interview.
Hey Make yourself look pretty with that, and go to your interview.
I still have ahjumma.
Stopping by at a beauty salon will take more time.
Go already.
Then I'll pack my bag.
After ahjumma is done cleaning up, I'll tell her and go.
Oh, Are Joong Tae's kids alright? They went to the hospital for gastroenteritis, but are alright now.
Oppa and Unnie are coming to the hospital tomorrow, before your surgery.
But, why did you bring out all those braille books? You only need a couple to read at the hospital.
Since I already read it once before, I read fast now.
You want to be admitted at 9pm, at night? I'm sorry.
Something urgent came up.
The surgery is tomorrow morning, and I'm done with the tests.
Still, there are more tests that you need.
My bags will be there in the afternoon.
I'm sorry.
I'll be there at 9 o'clock at night, for sure.
Attorney Jang will be here at 4 o'clock, so stay closely with Young until then.
I got it.
I'm going then.
Young, I'll do my best on the interview.
Alright, fighting! Her admittance was at 4 o'clock, but it was changed to 9 o'clock.
Who changed the time? I can't tell, nobody made a record of it.
Dr, Cho and Dr.
Goo are now They are doing a surgery.
Miss said to throw away all the braille books.
Yes? They are braille books made by Secretary Wang, but after the surgery, she wouldn't need them, so.
Oh I got a call from Attorney Jang just now, he said he'll be here soon.
Ahjumma, you can go to the hospital with the driver, take care of the room, and both of you can go on a vacation as planned.
But, then you'll be here by yourself.
Why, don't you think I can stay by myself for even 30 minutes? No, that's not what I meant.
Go ahead, when ahjussi gets here, I'll go with him.
I have something to talk to him about regarding the company.
Go already! I got it.
Please get through the surgery well, Miss.
Then, we're leaving first.
This thing just doesn't have a scent.
It's not great.
Hyung, call me later.
Calling Young Attorney Jang is calling Attorney Jang is calling Attorney Jang is calling Attorney Jang is calling Yes, Attorney Jang.
Young, why? Hey, let me go with you.
I'll be getting off in a minute.
You'll ask for money again when you see Young.
No, I'll be back.
Then, when you see Young, tell her I said hi.
Say hi to her? I'll be lucky if I don't get slapped.
As hyung said, I will stay at the hospital, and go in the operating room.
Come onwhyplease answer the phone.
Why Taxi! Young The patient called herself and postponed it? Yes.
You may leave.
Oh Young Young.
I couldn't answer your phone call, so I'm calling you back.
I was also wondering how you're doing.
You're fine, right? Yeah.
But Young, where are you? Isn't today the day you're supposed to get hospitalized? You're right.
I'm at the hospital right now.
I'm at the hospital.
You where are you? You caught me.
I'm at home.
All of a sudden, I got scared of lying there for the surgery.
The thought of lying on the cold surgery table alone was terrifying.
But don't worry.
Lawyer Jang is on his way right now.
I'll go to the hospital soon.
The bell's ringing.
Lawyer Jang must be here.
Lawyer Jang is on the line.
He says he can't get a hold of Young.
Did you watch the video? No.
The video contains all the things I want to say to you.
Young, go to the greenhouse.
Go to the greenhouse, and- I have nothing more to hear from you.
I told you.
I understand you.
Even though you don't have anything to hear, I have things to say.
Don't hang up.
Listen to me.
I'm sorry, but can we talk about our business another time? Right now, Young is- I said, let's talk about our business another time! Another time! Young is in danger.
If I don't go right now, Young will Young will.
You two looked good together.
The love you had.
I always wondered if there was such a thing as love in this world.
There's really such a thing called love.
Just like the time when I first met you, I wanted to say a final farewell.
I'll call you later.
Later, let's talk about us.
Oh Young I had to say this to Young.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
It's not over for us.
Let's meet again.
Even if it's coincidence, for once, I sincerely hope I see you.
Although all those things, I couldn't say because it seemed like an excuse.
Young! I had to say that one thing to Young.
That in this hurtful world, life is no big deal.
If it's gone, it's gone, which is what I thought life was.
But you, Young, became the final reason, for which I wanted to live like a human being.
Can I become the same to you? In this empty world, the final reason why you want to live, can I not be that reason? Young! Young.
Young! Young! Young.
Young! Young.