That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

1 Young! Young! Young! Young! Young! You will need a different line of work with that arm.
Go home kid.
What the heck? Just leave me be.
Shut up! I'm not like you.
Hold on, we're almost at the hospital.
Just hang on.
Moo Chul.
What the heck! She will be fine when she wakes up.
The nurse will stay.
I'm leaving.
Young will be fine.
You don't need to come out.
Moo Chul He's gone.
He was sick.
For a long time.
Jin Sung called me when I was on my way here.
He lived like a dog.
And died like a dog.
We're cremating him tomorrow.
You don't need to come.
You're here in this room.
Sleep more.
I had dinner with Mom last night.
It was like a James Bond mission to not get caught by Dad.
They are out for a walk.
I came to ask you to come back to Young.
It was I who made Young who she is today.
With what justification? - Who are you? - His money that you borrowed was bait.
If you win money with Kim's money, that won't be your winning.
- Even if you had won - You bastard! Let go! Let go! I'm going to kill him.
Watch out for Kim.
I will get going then.
I don't want to wake your brother.
Are you asleep? Young, did you watch the video? Go to the greenhouse.
I know you don't want to hear it, but I have something to tell you.
Young! [You already] You already know who I am.
But Young, will you hear me out in the video clip? By the time you see this.
I won't be there with you.
I can bear with the idea of leaving you.
It's saddens me that I can't do anything for you as a person, to a person.
Right now you Young.
After I met you I thought that the world was fair for the first time.
My life was thrown away like a piece of trash.
But it was not sorry for the first time.
Thanks to you.
Good luck with the surgery.
If it's over between us I wanted to say, stay well.
If it's not over I wanted to say, let's see each other some time.
I want to tell you what I could not tell you.
Starting with what I had thought of you when we had first met.
When I fell in love with you.
How beautiful you were.
And And I want to pay for what I've done.
Also How much your real brother loved you.
Also Young.
Where are you? Young.
I'm hungry.
How about the potato soup I made you? Okay.
I want to stay with you.
I need you next to me.
- Okay.
- I'm going to carry you.
How is it? Is it better than the soup I made you at the cabin? Yeah.
I should become a cook.
I cook for Jin Sung and Hee Sun sometimes.
- They like it.
- I like cooking.
You're eating well.
Attorney Jang is coming to Seoul.
Oh yeah, Jin Sung and Hee Sun are going back to our hometown.
They are probably going to get married there.
- When - When Attorney Jang gets here.
You can go.
I can't forgive you.
I can't understand how you couldn't even make an excuse.
I don't want to admit it.
But I can't be a better person.
Even if you didn't take the money it will not bring everything back to where it was.
I know.
Like what you said in the video.
If it's not over between us After my surgery If I'm still breathing then I will see you then.
Let's talk then.
When that time comes, you will answer all of my questions without hiding anything.
If you had really loved me.
How guilty did you feel while you loved me Did it really hurt you as much as it hurt me when you were lying And Where did you bury my brother, or which river did you spray his ashes? You will answer all my questions honestly.
But We can postpone your excuses for later.
But just in case I have to tell you what I want to say right now.
When you were gone and I couldn't see you The hardest part was that I still missed you.
I guess it wasn't over for me either when I let you go.
Even at the moment when I wanted to end it A part of me still wanted you to run back to me.
When I had slit my wrist, I looked forward to you opening my door instead of feeling scared.
As if I never wanted to die once.
Look at me.
I still have a lot to tell you.
But today This is Not over between us.
After the surgery goes well Later just like now We will be able to talk, right? You and I? Don't cry.
I love you very much.
I love you.
I'm leaving.
- See you later.
- See you.
I hope that you like me when you see me after the surgery.
You said that you were in a hurry.
This is Oh Soo, Secretary Wang.
I know.
I was foolish.
I shouldn't have made you leave Young.
Stay with Young.
You're the only one I can leave Young with.
Young worries about you not taking the money.
She wants you to take them.
I really don't need them anymore.
I read in the newspaper that Jo Moo Chul died of an illness.
Does that end everything? Yes.
Young must be cold.
I think I have to get going.
I will call you when she goes to the hospital for her surgery.
Young! Let's eat breakfast.
We have to hurry to the hospital.
On my way.
I can smell something nice.
How did you know? Huh? From left to right.
Doraji, Jooksun, Gomak, Myungran, and clams.
I thought that soup is best served bland.
It was made with vegetable broth.
Let's eat.
Hey! Pack them nicely.
Help us! Hey! This is the last drink of my life.
Leave me alone.
What is he saying? He says that he will call himself a bastard if he ever drinks again after moving.
I can drop the honorifics then.
What? You know me.
I can really do it.
Should I try it? Hey! Who taught you manners? Did you tell your parents that you're going? I wanted to save the surprise.
What if they get heart attacks? They will beat me up with a club first before they get them.
Pack up already.
We have to pack up the house too.
Move it! Move it! Move it! You look comfortable.
I am comfortable.
Even if this is the end.
I think that I had been really happy while I was alive.
Of course, it will be better if I wake up.
The success rate is higher than 50% with that kind of an attitude.
Why? Because the doctor is not pressured.
The surgery is tomorrow at 8.
I will see you then.
I'm going to the nurse room.
I want you to know something before your surgery.
You can't live alone.
Not because you're handicapped But because none of us can do anything alone.
Just like how I could live because you were there.
Even if you can't open your eyes again after the surgery I don't want blindness to haunt you any longer.
But I'm still sorry.
I'm really sorry.
You're such a bad hugger.
Had I known earlier that you were just terrible at expressing your love for me I wouldn't have been as lonely.
The game is long.
I'm going to Young's hospital right after the game.
You leave first.
I will call you.
Hug me.
Your boyfriend is right here.
I will see you at home.
Hold on.
We randomly select the deck of cards we all brought.
One deck of cards cannot be played for more than three games.
It will be a tournament.
The final winner will win the entire pot of 7 billion Won.
(7 million USD) It will be played in teams of two except for Oh Soo.
He's going solo.
Let's all get started then.
Let's have fun.
Young is getting her surgery tomorrow at 8.
I want you to come before that.
How are you going to win 7 billion? I still have a lot to tell you.
But I don't think it's over between us I'm here, Soo.
7 billion my ass.
You're about to lose your money.
Play with Jin Sung.
- Hold on! - Soo! Are you out of your mind? From now on, you will only be admitted inside with me.
Come in.
You will end up matching up against me later.
See you then.
- I will give you half if I win.
- Get ready.
Excuse me.
What did you say? Hurry up! It's two already.
We're going to get there at night.
Let's go.
- Fold.
- Fold.
- All in.
- All in.
Revealing cards.
A pair of 10's.
Come out.
Are you out of your mind? What's wrong with you? How about it? You should buy in now.
If I lose, I will just have to die.
That's it for me.
But not for you.
You can't get my money.
Your club is sold.
This is the only club you've got.
Yeah, Oh Soo.
You're the man.
- I heard that you're almost bankrupt.
- You bastard! What are you going to do? Are you going to buy in? Or are you going to take our useless lives? You decide.
Bring the chips.
Bring the chips! All-in this game before the dealing.
How about it? Call.
How about you? Hey Potato! This is our last game.
What is it? Okay, the camera is on.
You see what's going on now? If any of us can't get out of here safely after we win They are going to call the cops right away.
Jin Sung you bastard.
We never spent your money, but you said that we have.
You forged documents to turn us in.
So we can't trust you.
Shall we begin now? Good, good.
Deal the cards.
Inhale in.
Exhale out.
- I will see you later.
- What is it? 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King.
Straight flush.
Yes, Mi Ra.
Is Young in surgery now? I'm on my way to Young right now.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
You can keep all this trash.
It's even between us.
Where are they? Daejeongri intersection? Hee Sun, where are you? We're almost there.
Daejeongri intersection.
Hello? Jin Sung! Father.
Did she cry before the surgery? She went in smiling? I see.
Secretary Wang came.
That's good.
Hello? Oh Soo! Hello? Oh Soo! Jin Sung.
Jin Sung.
Jin Sung.
Why? Young.
Wait for me.
[Spring next year] - Hi! - Hi.
Another step in front of you.
- Hi.
- Watch your step.
Watch out for the step.
It was not a lie.
However, it was not waiting for the mosquito Sometimes, it seemed what was coming was different from what it was waiting for.
Whatever comes is what we are truly waiting for.
Just like you.
I can see something new now that I can't see with my eyes.
I can hear people breathe.
I can hear myself breathing.
You've finally met the new world.
It feels good to help people.
Me too.
Stop the car here.
I thought you were going to the welfare center.
We're not there yet.
I know, I like the wind.
I want to walk.
Hey! Where are you going? So Young Chul! Do you know that Hee Sun slept with me? Hey is that true? Yeah.
Get off.
What a loser.
That's the third one.
Can you stop already? I just got a ride on his bike.
Are you mad? You're so cute when you're angry.
You know we're going to Soo's tomorrow right? Which flower should we bring? It was baby's breath last time.
What should we bring this time? Lamb's ears just like Young.
That will be good.
Lamb's ears.
That will be good.
I'm sorry, but we're on a break.
Come back tonight.
You're late today.
It's your break time isn't it? As always, but we left yours.
Will you wait at the table under the sunlight? - We have herbal tea for you.
- Thank you.
The weather is really nice today isn't it? Yes.
It's good.
It's really nice.
You can't see? You have a cane.
You've never seen a blind person? No, there was a girl that I really loved.
That must have been hard.
Isn't it hard when you can't look in the eyes of someone you love? No, it was never hard.
I always felt as if she was always looking at me.
With all of her body and her heart.
Can you see nothing at all? No.
I can see just enough to see that you're very good looking.
How long have you known? About 20 days ago.
Secretary Wang told me after my chemo ended.
I just felt that the bell I heard from your wrist was familiar.
You had never shown me your face.
You only brought tea to me.
Secretary Wang told me.
You were here since 6 months ago.
She said that you told her not to tell me.
I waited for you for a long time.
I waited until you would talk to me.
I couldn't bring myself to it.
I thought that you may not like me when you see me.
No way.
That means, you like me? Can we Ever see each other again? I don't know.