That's So Raven (2003) s02e08 Episode Script

That's So Not Raven

1 My Love For Shoes.
By Raven Baxter.
"So many shoes, but only two feet.
"I wish I could buy every pair that I meet.
Wedges, sandals, slingbacks and mules" Thank you, everybody.
This has always been a dream of mine.
That was so cool! And I'm still in school.
I feel like a fool.
I'll sit on my stool.
Well, actually, it's a seat, but it rhymes with Okay, poem's over.
Yep, that's me.
I'm telling you, Chels, this was an all-time great vision.
But what could it mean? I have no idea.
Now if you don't mind, I'm trying to read the new issue of Teen Look.
I was on a runway at a fashion show in front of a cheering crowd.
Look, they're having a clothing design contest.
The winning design will be modeled on a runway in front of a cheering crowd.
I felt so beautiful and proud.
You know what? Whoever wins this is going to feel so beautiful and proud.
So cool.
Give me that.
Chels, this is it! I'm going to be modeling my own creations! I'm going to win the contest! Okay, Raven.
Calm down.
Now one thing at a time.
Let's figure out that vision.
Three, two one.
I knew you'd get there.
Come on.
William, did you upgrade my video game system? Sorry, Cory, I'm a genius, not a magician.
I thought you could fix anything.
That is true.
But I'm afraid your Game Ball 1 is hopelessly obsolete.
There's only one solution-- Your Game Ball 2.
Cory, you have plenty of money.
Why don't you buy one? The first rule of money: "Never use your own.
" You boys having fun? Sadly, no.
Cory's game system is antiquated and technologically inferior.
Check you out.
What an impressive vocabulary.
The kids call him "Captain Brainy Pants.
" Oh, how cute.
Sadly, no.
They call me that as they taunt me unmercifully.
Well, don't you worry.
One day those same kids will be working for you.
Wait until they hear I don't have the Game Ball 2.
You know what they're going to call me? Hmm? Captain Greedy Pants? That hurt.
But nothing says sorry like a Game Ball 2.
Forget it, Cory.
The answer is no.
Please, Mom?! I got to have it! Cory! Mama, please, I got to have it! Cory, you have a guest.
Right! William, grab the other leg.
Can you believe this? I can be in Teen Look magazine modeling the dress I designed.
I'm telling you, Rae, you're going to blow up.
I know.
All you have to do is beat out, like, hundreds and hundreds of super-talented hopefuls who share the same impossible dreams.
But they didn't have a vision.
Which is cool 'cause Yeah, nice save.
Thanks, Chels.
I'm going to go change now.
Chels, look at that model! You think I have a shot with her? Well, of course, you do, Eddie.
Come on.
Go get her.
Be smooth.
Be smooth.
Be smooth.
Emayshia, we need you in wardrobe.
Maybe half a shot.
Hello, hopefuls.
I'm Victoria Kayne, former supermodel and current editor-in-chief of Teen Look magazine.
Today our judges will decide which designers will move on to the finals at our big fashion show.
Now let's begin.
Our first model is wearing an evening dress designed by Lucy Ulrich.
Don't they make any models in my size? Our next model is Yes, I know what you all are thinking.
Is this a Raven original? I'd be speechless, too.
Excuse me.
Aren't you the designer? This I am.
Actually, everybody, I was designing since I was in diapers.
I used to design my own diapers, in fact.
I used to put little glitter and sayings and, you know, little flowers.
Try and add a little beauty to the doody.
But where is your model? You're looking at her.
I have always dreamed of modeling my own creations.
Ooh, honey, you are working that dress.
Now that is something I would buy.
Well, when you do, just don't rip out the little itchy tag in the back.
My name's going to be on it-- Raven Baxter.
We may have a problem with this one.
Victor, you told me you couldn't clean out the refrigerator because you were working out.
I am.
And flip, and chip, and flip, and dip.
And shake it out.
You don't want to work out, fine.
But why'd you have to go buy that Buff Guy 5000 if you knew you weren't going to use it? I use it.
As a coat rack.
Mom, I want to apologize for my childish behavior the other day.
Well, thank you, sweetie.
Yeah, I've done some growing up since then.
And now I'd like to state my case in a mature way.
What does he want? Game Ball 2.
What? Cory, we just bought you Game Ball 1.
Look, we can't keep buying you stuff that you don't use.
Trust your father on this.
He knows what he's talking about.
I understand your concern, but I think I can change your minds.
William, let's kick it! Y'all ready for this? Have we always had that? Why does Cory need the Game Ball 2? As we begin our First, my life without the Ball.
A life of exclusion, ridicule and ultimately failure.
And now my life with Game Ball 2.
Happiness, popularity, and ultimately success! Your own son's future.
The choice is yours! What do you say? No! Oh, man.
Look, Cory, if you really want a Game Ball 2, then why don't you put this much effort into raising your own money? You could sell your Game Ball 1 and all the other toys you don't even play with.
Okay, fine.
But now you don't get the balloons.
My bad.
"And who will cry with tears so wet "when we say good-bye to that black-footed ferr et?" Very impressive.
Thank you.
Not you.
I'm talking about this article in Teen Look magazine that I confiscated last period.
Raven Baxter is a finalist in the Young Designers contest.
Oh, yes! People, people, let me tell you, dreams really do come true.
Let me see! Let me see! Let me see! What? How can they do this to me? It is me.
I mean, that's my face and that's my dress, but that's not my body.
Let's check it out.
Rae, let us see the picture.
Oh, Raven, congratulations on making the finals.
Um, my dress did, but my body didn't.
Oh, don't thank me.
We've got the best photo retoucher in the business.
Why did you make me look super skinny anyway? I thought you liked my design.
My dear, we love your design.
We just don't love you wearing it.
Why not? Well, let's put it this way: You just don't have the look.
Well, this is the only look I have.
What am I supposed to do? Well, here's how it works.
You're a designer.
Emayshia, our cover girl, is a model.
Now, forget that dress of yours and go and make a new one in Emayshia's size.
She'll model it in the show next week.
Emayshia? No, I make my dresses for me.
You see, I kind of had this, this vision where I was on the runway, right, and I was hitting it.
Let me tell you.
And the lights were flashing and I was bam, bam, bam, bam! Sweetheart, the only way that's going to happen is if you were a size two.
Hey, girl, you're back.
Yeah, I made it in the finals.
I knew it.
I know a winner when I see one.
Wait, Rae, you want to get down to a size two? Chels, I have to, okay? That vision was just so clear.
I was up on that runway, so I must have been a size two.
Okay, you know what, Rae, look This this is a size two.
Chels, I mean, that's the look, and I want the look.
And I'll do whatever it takes to get the look.
Okay, Rae, wait a minute, you're not going to do something stupid like go on one of those crash diets, are you? Girl, no.
Those things are dangerous.
I'm going to exercise.
You know what? We could do it together.
Hey, you want to jog down to the mall and get some pizza? No, Chels, I got to do this old school.
You mean? Yeah.
I'm going to have to sweat.
A lot.
According to my preliminary calculations, our sidewalk sale should yield a hefty profit.
If all that means I'm getting the Game Ball 2, bring it on.
What are you doing on Dad's coatrack? I'm about to get my workout on.
I got to burn a whole lot of calories in a little bit of time.
Ah, thermogenesis.
Yeah, whatever, little man.
I'm just trying to fit into a dress.
No pain, no gain.
Have you considered a larger dress? I know that look.
Let's book.
Beginner's workout.
Arms, arms legs, legs abs Oh, snap and a half abs, arms, arms legs, abs Oh, Dad sprung for the built-in spray-mister.
Go ahead, Dad! This is easy.
Let me put this up a little bit more.
Here we go.
Moderate workout.
Legs, legs arms, arms Mist.
Yes, I am Hey, fly, I'm trying to work out here.
Now get out of my way now.
Fly, you better get away.
Don't bother me.
Don't make me hurt you, fly.
Hey, I'm about to swat, fly.
You better Extreme workout.
Professional athletes only.
Sounds like your sister's in pain.
No, pain, no gain.
Technical malfunction.
Technical malfunction.
Technical malfunction.
Technical malfunction.
Technical malfunction Leg arm arm ab ab Who was I kidding? I'll never get to model this dress.
That was the stupidest vision I ever had.
We didn't sell one stinking thing.
That was the worst sidewalk sale ever.
Let's face it, William, we're never going to get the Game Ball 2.
How could I have miscalculated our profit margin to such an extreme level? I hate myself.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for the "Mega outrageous bargain extravaganza.
" You're looking at it.
Make me an offer.
Oh, I'm not much of a toy person.
Besides, this is a box of crud.
How much is this lamp? I'm sorry, ma'am, I can't sell you that.
I'll give you $20.
Maybe I wasn't clear.
I can't sell you that for less than $25.
Ten minutes, people.
Don't worry, Rae, you designed such a beautiful dress, and it looks good on both of you.
Yeah, but no one's going to see me in it.
Oh, hey, Mimi.
Okay, attitude alert.
I know.
Mimi, hey, did I do something? Yeah.
You sold out.
I mean, I thought you were going to be wearing that dress.
I wanted to, but I wanted to win.
And just once, I wanted to see a regular person out there modeling clothes for regular people.
What can I do? I don't have "the look.
" The That may be "the look," but it's not the only look.
Welcome to Teen Look Magazine's Young Designers Contest, with your host Victoria Kayne.
Ladies and gentlemen, Teen Look's fashion design finalists.
Our first beautiful creation was designed by Kayla Harrington.
Isn't she super? Our next lovely original was designed by Raven Baxter What are you doing up here? I'm modeling my dress.
You should not be up there.
Oh, I think I should.
My baby made that dress.
And I made that baby.
And I helped.
Ooh, it's a pose down.
You walk into a room And all the eyes are on you You are the fantasy Yeah, Rae! Work it! It's like a dream come true Just the way you want it But I know a part of you Nobody ever sees Just look down deep inside of you To see if you are beautiful You got to hold your head up high To be a true original You're ruining my show! You know I think she's actually pretty good.
I don't pay you to think.
This girl does not have the look.
The look? Who says that's the only look? You make people feel bad if they don't look like that.
No one looks like that.
I don't even look like that.
Because in case you haven't noticed people come in all shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful.
Tell it, girl! Speak the truth.
Put that in your magazine.
Just look down deep inside of you To see if you are beautiful You got to hold your head up high Whoo! Go, Raven! To be a true original Thank you, thank you.
This has always been a dream of mine.
Actually, it's kind of like Ooh, male models.
Oh, wait! No, wait! Stop it! We cleaned up today.
We sold everything.
It's all about the Benjamins, baby.
Did I phrase that correctly? Just keep on counting, William.
Corey William What happened?! We've been robbed! But they left money.
I don't know what you did, but you guys are in so much trouble.