That's So Raven (2003) s02e09 Episode Script

Blue in the Face

1 Anyways, I was thinking, if you're not doing anything this weekend, I've got two tickets to a Blue Rain concert.
Blue Rain? That's amazing! So, you like them? Never heard of them.
They're this really cool band, and everyone paints their face blue for the show.
I got to paint this? Don't worry, you'll look great.
I got to get to class! Okay, bye, Devon.
Don't be late, okay, sweetie? Bye-bye, now.
Oh, snap! Yep, that's me.
And remember, your science projects are due Friday, and please, people, a little originality.
No papier-mâché volcanoes.
If I see one more of those things, I'll erupt myself.
You take care of that snake bite, Timmy.
Raven Oh, I know, I know what you're going to say, Mr.
Halloway, but really and truly I'm no hero, 'kay? Anyone would've sucked out that poison.
Your bravery is an inspiration to us all.
You're late.
Now, sit.
Rae, a snake bite? That was worse than your quicksand excuse.
I know I got to work on those, but you'll never believe what happened in the hall.
I know, we are really going to have to do something about that snake problem.
Whew! No, Chelsea, okay? I'm going to the Blue Rain concert with Devon! You are not going to that Blue Rain concert with Devon.
Why not, Mom? Because I got a call from your science teacher, Mr.
He said you've been totally distracted lately.
Raven? Hah? Oh, I'm sorry, Mom, I was thinking about Devon.
Raven, you need to get your priorities straight.
If you don't pass science, there's not going to be a Devon.
Mom M-Mom, what are you going to do to him? Not to him.
To you.
No Devon, no concert, no nothing, unless you pass that science project.
Okay, well, I got to call Devon.
And tell him I got to get my priorities straight.
How cool is that? Dad, a shredder? Can't you just toss your junk in the trash? You're taking a rather simple process and overcomplicating it.
No, no, no.
Cory, William, look.
We shred for many reasons.
We shred for safety, we shred for security, but most importantly, we shred because it's really, really fun.
Hey, mon, I got my shred-locks on, mon.
You put the paper in the shredder Shred it, shred it Shred it all up, now Paper in the shredder William, that's Madison from school! She asked me to borrow a video game.
Is that significant? Yeah! She eats at the cool kids' table.
Aren't we cool kids? We're about this close, but if we get in good with her, she'll take us over the top.
But first, I got to answer the door.
Hey, Madison.
Come in.
What's up? Captain Brainy Pants? I prefer "William.
" Interesting tidbit: I'm named after my great-great uncle, a four-time chess champion Okay.
Here's that game you wanted.
Want to stay and play it? Or we can go outside and hang.
That sounds cool.
If we're hanging outside, I'll have to change into my play clothes.
What's wrong with the clothes you're wearing? What's not wrong? His pants are totally second grade.
And what's with the shirt? Are-are those rubber duckies? Don't they put a smile on your face? Uh, no.
You know on second thought, I really have to be someplace.
But you just got here.
And now I have to go.
Your shirt just cost us the cool table.
Thanks for coming by, you guys.
I just wanted to run my project by you.
It's a papier-mâché volcano! Put your goggles on.
Put your goggles on, y'all.
Watch out.
Watch out.
It's gonna blow! Girl, you are spacing out.
Didn't you hear Mr.
Halloway say no volcanoes? When did he say that? Oh, when you were saving Timmy from that snake bite, that's right.
Well, I spent all of my time on this.
What am I supposed to do? I don't know, Rae, but you had better think of something, because if you don't, there is no concert, no Devon, no love, no future.
You know, you'll end up a a bitter old woman with her 27 cats.
So good luck.
Where am I going to get another project? I'm sorry Madison doesn't think I dress cool.
I don't win fashion contests-- I win science fairs.
Yo, Rae, you should get Captain Brainy Pants over there to help you out.
Ha! The day I go to a little kid for help is, uh, today.
Do your thing, Rae.
Oh, yeah, 'cause remember, Rae, 27 cats.
William, my little scientific genius.
Hey, um, since you're needing some help in the fashion area, and I may possibly need some help with the science project, maybe you and I could make a deal.
My client and I are listening.
Well hmm, I can give your boy a cool makeover with an outfit designed by moi if he whips me up a project that'll help me pass science.
So, by mixing these chemicals in exact proportions, in the proper order, we can change the molecular structure of this compound to produce your science project.
Oh that is so cool! That's like a-a rainbow in a bottle! How'd you do that? It's all in the formula.
We had a deal.
It's time for my man's cool-over.
His what? the outfit.
I got you.
Come here, William.
Come here.
About to hook you up right quick.
Here you go.
Look! Ha! All the cool kids are wearing it.
It's a do-rag.
It's a dish rag.
Okay, look, I have a design in my head, okay? I sat down at the sewing machine, and then then Devon called me, and he wanted me to listen to this Blue Rain song So? William did his part, and what were you doing? Drooling over Devon.
No, I wasn't.
The deal is off the table.
What? Go ahead, William, you know what you got to do.
William, no! One more step, and this formula's confetti.
You know what, William? Go ahead and shred it.
You think that's gonna make you tough? You think it's going to make you a man? Make you cool? Please.
It's worth a shot.
No! Rae, what kind of project is this? This looks like garbage.
Eddie, come on, don't be a project hater.
Oh, y'all don't get it, okay? I messed up.
William helped me, and I forgot to help him, so Cory got mad at me, and they shredded it.
You know, it's due tomorrow, and I really need you guys to help me tape it back together.
Rae, it's impossible.
Yeah, maybe it is.
I had a vision! My face was blue; I heard the music.
I must've been at that concert with Devon.
That means it must've been taped back together! What? Hello? That means you passed your science project.
Yes! Yes! Hey, congrats, Rae.
Yes, congrats.
You did it, little missy.
I did it! I did it! Thank you, guys! You guys are the best.
Oh, thank you.
I'll see you at school.
Yes! Whoo, yeah, I'm going to the concert! Oh, snap! Greetings.
What do you think? Totally duck-free.
Man, take that shirt out your pants.
That's not cool.
My mom pinned it to my underwear.
You're killing me, William.
Madison will be here any minute.
Then I'll sneak out the side door to save you further embarrassment.
What's happening, Cory? He was tucked and pinned! Let me get this straight.
You want to be friends with someone who makes fun of your best friend? Yes.
Are you trying to make me think? Don't think too much.
You got a door to answer.
Hey, Cory.
Cool shirt.
Hey, you know how I do.
Where's Captain Brainy Pants? Oh, I forgot.
It must be nap time.
He's not a bad guy once you get to know him.
What are you trying to say? I don't know.
I'm still thinking.
Listen, Cory, you could be cool, but if you stick up for him, then that makes you a nerd, too.
Okay, I'm done thinking.
If being cool means dissing my friends, then I don't want to be cool.
You were this close to sitting at our table.
And you are this close to the door.
Let me show you out nerd style.
You are making a big mistake.
Buh-bye now.
William, it's Cory.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Apology accepted.
The fascination is still worth my time The situation is hanging on the line No more excuses, I got to find a way I hear the clock a-ticking, tick-tocking away I can see the answer, I can see the light Going to make it happen, going to make it right One more chance to find romance To find romance One more time to make you mine I did it.
Time for bed.
One more chance to find romance.
Time for school.
Put the paper in the shredder And you shred, shred it, shred it all up now Paper in the shredder.
Hey, Rae, did you fall asleep down here? Oh, yeah.
Well, you better get going to school.
And don't forget your lunch.
Is tuna okay? Yeah.
Hey, is this trash? Put the paper in the shredder And you shred it, you shred it You shred it all up now Paper in the shredder.
Oh, Dad, no! No, no, no, you shredded my science project! You said it was trash! No! No, it took me all night to put it together! Now it's no Devon, there's no concert.
It's just going to be me and 27 cats.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! Okay, look, look, look, look.
I'll fix it, okay? Daddy'll fix it.
So you just go to school and I'll bring it to you, okay? Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then, and then, I'm going to get help for my shredding problem, okay? So the amount of air pressure in a basketball is directly proportional to the height of the bounce, see? Good, good, Well researched, Eddie.
And I can do this.
Hey, hey, don't push it.
Take a seat.
Well, we've had some very interesting projects so far, especially Chelsea's attempt to convert brain waves into electricity.
Is it on now? Is it on now? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, now? We'll get back to you.
We'll get back to you, Chelsea.
All right.
And now, at last, we will hear from Raven Baxter.
Chelsea, my dad's not here with the formula yet.
What? You have to stall.
Ooh, it worked! It worked! I had a thought.
I had a thought.
I had a thought.
I can stall.
That's a good idea.
I've been doing that all year.
Should be easy.
Halloway, classmates, friends.
What's up? How you doing? You're not running for president.
Just get to the project.
You know what? Before we start with that project, which we are getting to, Mr.
Halloway, I got a crazy chemistry joke for y'all.
What did the beaker say to the test tube? "You're getting an 'F'.
" You heard this before.
Don't ruin it for the people.
Don't ruin it for the people.
That's cool.
But seriously, people, seriously, all right let's get a kronk up in here.
Awesome! Give me a beat, Eddie.
Raven! At what point do you plan to alter the chemical properties of a given solution, thereby producing a complete spectrum of primary colors? Raven's going to do what? Oh, Mr.
Halloway! You're talking about rainbow in a bottle.
I'm getting to that.
This was just a warm-up.
Maybe I'll get lucky.
A dash of this.
This is what we need.
Set that up.
Ooh, Devon has a shirt this color.
Ooh, these are pretty.
And a dash of this-- bam! We're getting something, people! We are clearly, we're getting something.
It looks like science to me, people.
It looks like science.
Ooh, you guys, it looks so scientifical.
Oh, okay, you can stop now.
Raven, you've produced an unstable chemical reaction! That's got to be worth, like, what, a "C"? Everybody out.
That thing's going to blow.
Come on.
Everybody out quickly.
Quickly, quickly.
I forgot my tuna.
Here I am, baby.
I got your formula.
Where is everybody? Oh, cool! Dad, maybe we should Oh, snap.
Girl, you are so ready for that Blue Rain concert.
So am I.
You know you're not going anywhere for a long time.
Yeah, I know.
I'm talking to Raven.
Well, Mr.
Halloway said this blue's not going to fade for another two days.
I hope you learned your lesson.
Yeah, don't go back for the tuna.
I know, okay.
I was so caught up in having a boyfriend that I forgot about everything else.
And I'm really, really sorry.
And what about William doing your science project? Oh, and that was wrong, too.
Oh, and again, I am so, so sorry.
But am I ever going to see Devon again? When you get off punishment and make up your science project and do your extra credit for Mr.
Halloway, then we'll talk about it.
Victor, how you feeling? Kinda blue.
Guess I better get started.
Just like in my vision.
Devon, what are you doing down there? Well, I figured if you couldn't go to the concert, then I'll bring the concert to you.
Devon, I love that you did that, but if I'm ever going to see you again, I got to get back to work, okay? Just one more look.
Well, everybody, I finished my project.
Rae, I thought you turned your science project in already.
Oh, oh, I did.
This is my other project.
William, come on down.
Come on, Big William.
William, check you out.
Yes, check me out.
Pop the collar.
You look cool.
Bam! What can I say? The man loves his ducks.
Work it out for the people, Big Willie.