That's So Raven (2003) s02e10 Episode Script

Spa Day Afternoon

1 All right, work it out, Rae.
Work it out.
Yeah! I'm just a simple girl With a private jet This is my favorite Myesha song ever.
You know girl, there's only one problem with it.
What? Not loud enough, man! I got a lot of diamonds On my hands and feet But I'm still Myesha from up the street Hello, Mrs.
You girls ever think about maybe turning off the music and enjoying some piece and quiet? No.
Well, if you change your mind, maybe you and I can spend a nice weekend relaxing and meditating at the Silent Gardens Health Spa.
Doesn't that sound fun? Um, Mom, I don't think fun means what you think it means.
Oh, well, I'm going this weekend, so if you change your mind Not going to happen.
Oh, there she is.
Isn't that Myesha? Chelsea, I just had a vision that Myesha is going to be at the spa with my mom this weekend.
What?! Oh, my gosh.
That means I'll just have to get there, ditch my mom, so I can have some real fun with Myesha.
Guess what, little missy? You have got to get me an autograph.
Have her sign right here, next to my cousin's autograph.
Girl, your cousin isn't famous.
Well, not yet, but we are expecting big things from Earl.
Yep, that's me.
Oh, Mom.
This is so fancy! Honey, Silent Gardens.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know I'll show you around.
Isn't' it beautiful? So peaceful and quiet.
Yes, definitely a place where, say, a famous pop star might hang out.
Yes! Raven! Silent Gardens.
I'll just go check in.
And I'm going to check out this yoga class.
Excuse me, diva checking.
Diva checking.
Oh, sorry.
Sorry about that.
Keep doing keep doing Oh, hey, how you doing? My name is Raven.
How do you do that? How do you Oh, there she is! Isn't that Myesha? It is? Well, what a surprise.
Carl, listen, after my yoga class book a Swedish massage for me, and a seaweed wrap for my Truffles, yes.
Oh, and listen.
Make sure we are not disturbed, okay? Too bad we didn't bring a camera.
I'm sure I can dig one up.
This is just too easy.
Oh, what a cute little doggy.
Code Red! Code Red! Swarm! Swarm! Swarm! I just wanted to pet the dog.
Not on my watch, ma'am.
This could be a little tougher than I thought.
Okay, gang.
While Mrs.
B and Raven are at the spa, getting their rub on, we are going to get our grub on.
Did you hook us up with something special? I got a new dish I want you to try.
I'm going to add it to the Chill Grill menu.
I hope it's your blueberry cobbler, 'cause I got on my eating pants.
No, it's not the cobbler, it's even better.
It's my mom's famous pickled artichoke mashed potatoes.
Eddie, remember I made them at the block party last year? Do I-- man, those spuds were off the chain, Mr.
Yeah, I love that stuff.
Well, great, 'cause I made a huge pot.
I hate that stuff.
I don't get it.
is a great cook, but that dish is just pure evil.
Come on, what are we going to do? I mean, we can't tell him, it's his mother's treasured recipe.
We'll just hurt his feelings.
He's my dad, I should tell him.
Okay, who's ready? They are.
Pickled artichokes and potatoes, it's a match made in heaven.
Eddie, I remember at the block party, your plate disappeared like that! So I am giving you a double helping.
Man, Mr.
, this is really going to hit the spot.
And stay there.
And son, you get to lick the spoon.
Thanks, Dad.
Mm, kapowie! Okay, guys, come on, dig in.
Oh, all right.
That's all you had to say, Mr.
, you know? I'm going to start on a second batch.
I thought you were going to say something.
I couldn't! He looked so happy! Well, come on, we've got to get rid of this first batch before he comes out with the second.
Well, where can we stash it? Pants.
Oh, man.
Okay, guys, all clear.
Bring in Myesha for a private yoga session.
Right, copy that.
Myesha, your yoga instructor is stuck in traffic, she's going to be a little late.
Okay, all right.
Okay, I'm not going to let it bother me.
I'm here to relax, so I'm just not going to let it bother me that the whole world is incompetent! Hello, I am the yoga teacher.
I was stuck in traffic, but now I'm unstuck.
So, if I could just, uh, get to Myesha to start my private yoga class Or you can just join the class.
You know what? Can we just get started, 'cause right now, I'm a bundle of nerves.
Ooh, then we should definitely unbundle those nerves.
Let's get started with something that I like to call, uh breathing.
Breathing, okay? We're going to start with the simple breathing.
Breathe in and breathe out.
That's great.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
I'm starting to feel some bad vibes, and definitely some bad breath.
You know what? Myesha's bored with breathing.
And that ends the breathing portion of our program.
So when we going to get to the poses? Right, right, the poses, the poses, right.
The first thing that we're going to pose is, as, uh is a turtle.
A turtle?! I never heard of that.
That's because it's new.
All right, let's get started.
Bring your arms in, everyone.
I said everyone in the room.
Thank you.
Arms in like you're grasping the air.
Legs around, circular motion, arch your back down, head down.
Bring your head into your hands and close your eyes.
Now, I would like all of the boy turtles to the back of the room.
Carl, to the back of the room.
Go on, go on, All right, now, Myesha I'm a good turtle, aren't I? Yes, you are, man.
You're the best turtle I've ever seen, yeah! Myesha, I just wanted to let you know that I'm your biggest fan, and if wouldn't mind hooking a sister up with a autograph and a few pictures.
Here, sign right here next to Earl.
What is this? Carl, back in your shell right now, Zen.
Nothing, girl, just smile big for the camera.
But ow! What are you doing? I have sensitive retinas.
Will you get here out of here? No, stop! Bad turtles! Look, free protein shake! Oh, my Truffles.
Truffles, Truffles, baby, you okay? She dognapped my baby! Will you get that girl?! I want her arrested! Glad that's over with.
There she is! Swarm! Swarm! Swarm! Serenity.
Mom, big problem.
Serenity over.
You are not going to believe what just happened.
Oh, I heard.
Somebody stole Myesha's dog and now she wants to have the woman arrested.
Well, I don't blame her.
What kind of creep would steal poor little ol' Truffles.
He's harmless.
Oh, snap! I'm the creep! Raven, you stole the dog?! No, Mom, it must have jumped into my bag when I was pretending to be her yoga teacher.
What?! Is anyone in there? We're doing a search of the area.
Just a minute.
Rae, just give them back the dog and explain what happened.
Uh, Mom, you remember when you tried to touch Truffles.
These people swarm first and ask questions later.
We need to come in.
It's an emergency situation.
Come in.
Ma'am, have you seen a yoga-teaching celebrity pooch-napper? Excuse me.
Can't a large woman relax in peace? Just because my head is disproportionate to my body doesn't mean I don't deserve my privacy.
A word of caution.
This girl's dangerous.
If you see her, call me.
'Cause I'm taking her down.
That's my stomach, uh, growling.
Hush, stomach.
Stay, stomach.
Stay! Good stomach.
Good stomach.
Okay, Rae, do you want to tell me what's going on? Okay, Mom.
Well The reason I came to the spa with you was because I had a vision that Myesha was going to be here and I wanted to meet her.
So you lied to me.
You didn't come here to have fun with me.
This is fun.
You cleaned your plates.
Time to dirty 'em up again.
Okay, guys, look, I got to go take a shower and get ready for work.
I'm going to leave this for you right there.
Come on, dig in, dig in.
Oh, great.
Oh, okay.
Ugh! That's awful.
Come here.
No way.
No more potatoes in my pants.
You know what? He is right.
We better go dump this in the sink.
The sink.
Chels, you are such a genius.
Really? 'Cause I don't actually really get that a lot.
Hey, can we move this along? This first batch is starting to harden.
It's not going down! The sink won't swallow this stuff either.
Beat it! Now, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! It's gone! Yay.
We saved ourselves.
And more importantly, Corey, we saved mankind.
Oh, man, I got to call a plumber.
There's a weird slime coming out of the shower.
Why does this slime smell like Grandma's potatoes? Well, uh because we kind of dumped them down the sink and they must have backed up through the shower.
Why'd you dump 'em down the sink?' 'Cause Corey's pants were full.
Full of what? Your potatoes.
Dad, they're just nasty.
Guys, why didn't you tell me that you didn't like 'em? Well, because we didn't want to hurt your feelings, Mr.
To be perfectly honest, guys, I never really liked 'em much, either.
So why do you keep making 'em? 'Cause you told me you liked 'em.
Which is exactly what I used to tell my mother.
Okay, look, guys, from now on, if you don't like something, then just tell me, okay? Cool with me.
All right.
Well, Dad, I got to tell you, since we're being honest, your potatoes are rubbing me the wrong way.
Corey, I already know you don't like 'em.
No, they are rubbing me the wrong way! I got to get out of these pants.
Okay, I found out that Myesha's massage is here in five minutes, so we leave the dog, Myesha finds him, we hit the road, and we'll pretend like this never happened.
Oh, Mom, I love that plan.
Especially the pretending part.
Come here, Truffles.
All right.
Auntie Raven's going to leave you here to find your mommy, okay, sugar? Don't go into any more strange baths.
Not good.
Carl, I'm going to be in here getting my massage.
Mom, she's early.
I thought divas were always late.
And listen, you better guard this door, because I heard that maniac is still on the loose! I really need this massage.
This has been the worst day of my life.
And I miss my Truffles.
Who are you? Guten Tag, hello, and "vat's uppen"? I am Inga, your Swedish masseuse.
Then what are you doing under the table? This is where we start, with the lips.
We pull and we pull like milking the cow.
My lips are fine! All the tension is in my neck.
Okay, then, here we go.
Kneading the necken.
Okay, now you're a Swedish meatball.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing? Where is the oil? Ja, the oil.
Where is the oil? Got to get the oil for the massaging the necken.
Here we goin'.
Just a moment on the oil.
Excuse me.
What's taking so long? Oh, wait a minute.
So much tension in the necken.
Got to relax and let it go.
Gotten the oil.
How y'all doing? It's you.
And you got my Truffles! Carl! Oh! I got you now, missy! Come to mama.
Don't you touch my baby.
I'll get her, ma'am! Don't you touch my baby.
Oh, Mom! Mom, are you okay? Get off me, Bigfoot! I believe this belongs to you.
Oh, Truffles.
Oh, baby.
Mommy was so worried about you.
Did the bad little girl hurt you? Oh, no, that was an accident.
Carl, don't just stand there.
Get her out of here.
Back up, Carl.
Wait a minute.
How can you stand there and defend that sick, twisted Uh-uh-uh, hold up, girlfriend.
I know you're a pop diva and all, but nobody talks that way about my daughter.
Well, your daughter stole my Truffles.
Look, Myesha, Raven is your biggest fan.
All she wanted to do was meet you.
Yeah, Myesha.
A couple autographs picture lock of hair.
Raven I think someone owes someone an apology.
And Carl I accept.
Myesha, I'm sorry I ruined your weekend.
And, Mom, I'm sorry I lied to you just so I could meet Myesha.
So that's it, huh? You lied to your own mother just to meet me.
And, girl, that is so cool! That is so sweet! You go, girl! Carl, don't just stand there.
Get me one of my CDs and a pen, 'cause Myesha has some autographs to sign.
Mom, despite everything that happened today, I had real fun hanging out with you.
Really? You know, I do lots of fun things.
You should come to my gardening club.
It's radish week.
Oh, it is? That'd be fun.
Or we could go to a Myesha concert.
Carl, hook 'em up with some tickets.
Yeah, Carl, some tickets.
Backstage passes I would like.
I would like a limo ride, and girl, maybe you could put me on the stage and I could be your backup dancer.
I'm just a simple girl with a private jet.
I'm just a simple girl with a private jet I do not get paid enough for this.
I got so much money and my friends are all in debt I got a lot of diamonds on my hands and feet But I'm still Myesha from up the street She's still Myesha! Isn't that how it goes?