That's So Raven (2003) s03e01 Episode Script

Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy

1 It was so great! Hey, Chelsea, let me talk to you for a sec.
Come here.
Ray Ray, Ray, Ray, what are you doing? Hey! It's just that makeover show I've been watching.
I am so inspired! Hey, Marcus.
How ya doin'? Hat to the front says jock.
Hat to the back Says playah! Ray, you cannot go around the whole school tryin' to make over everybody, if not me, then who? I mean, have you looked around this place lately? Honestly, look at these peop-! Hey, Ms.
You know what? I think you should lose the glasses so the guys can see the eyes.
See? Everyone can use a little help.
Especially that guy.
Tyler? Man, that guy is so talented, ok? He can draw.
Yeah, man.
He's gonna design my new CD cover, you know what I'm talkin' about? Eddie, you don't have a new CD.
Actually, you don't even have an old CD.
Well If I had a copy, it might motivate me.
Art boy is definitely a candidate for a complete Raven extreme makeover.
Yeah, but, Ray, you can't just, you know, walk up to a guy and say, "Hi.
Can I give you a complete Raven extreme makeover?" Hey, Tyler.
Can I give you a complete Raven extreme makeover? Ok.
Apparently, you can.
Yep, that's me.
Your first day of law school.
So, how did it go? I am so pumped.
From learning all this new stuff? No, from carrying those heavy books.
Check out the pyths.
Hey, you guys! I'm so excited.
I'm doing my first Raven extreme makeover.
Ray, it's your mom's first day of law school.
Mom, that's right You know what? A lot of stuff has changed since you were last at school, like style.
Don't you like what I'm wearing? You know what? Here.
Just, maybe, lose the jacket.
I think the jacket would be It would be cute if you lost the j And the shirt's just not workin' for your skin type.
You know what? The pants could You know, I'm Next time you get dressed, mama, come and see me.
I got ya.
I gotta go.
Hey, guys.
Corey, Corey, Corey I signed us up for father and son juggling class! Am I being punished? No.
No, of course not! Come on.
It's a father and son activity like we used to do.
You remember how much fun we used to have.
Good times.
Is it me, or was he just not excited? Well, Victor, you know how you are.
You put so much pressure on him.
When have I ever put pressure on Corey? Well, let's see.
There was father and son bowling, father and son glassblowing.
Let's not forget father and son golf.
Come on, Corey.
Buckle down and concentrate.
Now, show me that swing again.
I hate golf.
I stink at it.
You don't stink.
Your aim stinks.
Now, how are you gonna get better unless you practice? Now, come on.
Now, show me the swing again.
No, see, your grip is too tight.
I told you, loosen up.
Loosen up! Ok, now grip it tighter.
Now looser.
Now swing.
No, not my new big-screen TV! Yeah, golf did not go well.
Ok, I promise, no pressure.
It still stings.
Hey, Eddie, you don't think Tyler's gonna flake on us, do you? Nah.
Matter of fact, I know a little secret.
I love secrets! I love s Wait.
Don't tell me.
That'll ruin it.
First of all, and second Tyler's got his eye on a little cutie at school, and he's hoping that this whole makeover thing will get her attention.
Who's the little cutie? He wouldn't tell me.
Can I show you something? My goodness, we have a problem.
Ok, Tyler just showed me this little cartoon, flippy book thing, and the cutie that he's crushing on is me! That's Tyler.
My goodness, I don't know what to do! He is so not my type.
I don't Well, Ray, since he's doin' this whole, you know, makeover thing for you, it's best that you just set him straight right now.
You know what? You're right.
You're right.
Tyler Tyler, Tyler, Tyler Yeah? Hey, you know how makeovers work, right? Not really.
Well, a makeover is something that friends do to help their friends.
And only their friends.
See what I'm sayin'? So, you're saying you just want to be friends? Exactly! Now that we all understand each other, it's go time! Such a beautiful sight See the stars shining so bright Such a beautiful sight Everything's gonna be all right Feeling so high Lookin' so low Old school.
Old school.
Bad for your skin.
Bad for the environment.
And just plain bad.
Got to go.
Got to go.
Got to go.
Such a beautiful sight Beautiful sight See the sun shinin' so bright Shinin' so bright Beautiful sight Beautiful sight Everything's gonna be all right All I really want Is for the world to see Turn me inside out, what it's all about Gotta be real if you wanna be free Such a beautiful sight Beautiful sight See the sun shinin' so bright Shinin' so bright Such a beautiful sight Beautiful sight It's gonna be all right Presenting The new and improved Tyler Bailey.
Amazing! He looks just like Eddie.
It is Eddie, Chelsea.
- Awkward.
- Yeah.
My boy.
What's up with you, man? Well, he's no Eddie, but we sure did do a pretty good job? He he's perfect! So what do you think of the new you? I love it.
Raven, thank you.
And don't worry.
I know we're just friends.
We're just friends.
Tyler, I've been meanin' to talk to you about that Yo, man, the ladies are gonna love you, man! What do you say we got to the mall for a little test drive? Cool.
Let's go.
Thanks again.
I'll see you guys later.
Bye-bye, my little butterfly.
Ray, he totally gets that whole friend thing.
You know? You definitely don't have to worry about him having a crush on you.
Lucky me.
Chels, I blew it.
I blew it with Tyler.
Who knew underneath all that hair and paint was a really cute, sweet guy? Yeah, who happens to be really hot.
Yeah, smokin'! Look! I did such a great job with Tyler, even picky Vicky is after him.
And she never goes out with anyone.
I know.
Well, she's goin' out with him.
How do you know? 'Cause we're double-datin' at that new Moroccan restaurant.
Hey, Eddie.
Hey, Chantel.
See you tonight? Bring your appetite.
Bring your wallet.
Holla! Man, if I hadn't had that vision and tried to change the future, that could've been me instead of Vicky.
Yeah, Ray.
It looks like you missed your boat, you know? The train has left the station.
The cow's out of the barn.
Elvis has left the building.
Wait a second.
Elvis is still in the building? Will ya just listen, please? Just listen for a second.
Do you remember the vision? If he shows me the flippy book, that means he still likes me! And, yet, he's going out with Vicky.
You're right.
We have to watch this situation very carefully.
Hey, honey.
How's the father-son juggling coming? Terrible.
Nothing but frustration and crying.
Victor, you promised you wouldn't put so much pressure on Corey.
Not Corey.
Me! I can't do it.
Hey, check me out! The man with the magic hands.
That is fantastic! Isn't that fantastic, Victor? Yeah, fantastic, you little show-off.
I am so proud of you, honey.
Thank you.
Make me proud of you, too.
Ok, look, I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your wife, but you have got to get it together.
Hey, I'm I'm trying.
Dad, please.
The juggling class is meeting at our house tonight.
You want the other parents laughing at you again? I just can't do it.
That's because you never practice.
Come on, dad! You need to buckle down and concentrate! And I better not hear that TV on.
Yeah, so, you see anything you like, Chantel? Yeah, the whole right side of the menu.
Let's see.
Let's see.
They're clinking.
Aw, that's so sweet! And disgusting.
She's juzshing his hair.
They're clinkin' and juzshin' and juzshin' and clinking.
This ain't supposed to be happening! Wow, the harringtons are really good! We're up next.
You practiced, right? Yeah.
Juggling? Thank you, harringtons.
Now my dad and I will demonstrate some 3-ball juggling.
Ready? Ok.
Jump in anytime, now.
Hey, I'm right behind you.
A little nervous.
Get it together, dad.
Ok I'm sorry.
Ok, wait a minute.
Wait, sorry.
Not my new big-screen TV! Ok! I guess that's it for tonight.
Everybody Thanks for coming, and drive safely and keep this to yourselves.
Sorry about hitting you.
I just couldn't get it, and I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
Dad, wait.
You didn't embarrass me.
Well, I mean, you kind of did, but that's my fault.
I put too much pressure on you.
No, you didn't.
Well, you kind of did.
Look, it's exactly the same type of pressure I used to put on you.
Maybe we both need to chill out.
You know what I'm thinking? From now on, no matter how bad we both stink at something, let's have fun stinking at it.
Eddie! You better get that hand off my plate unless you want me to eat that, too.
Man, lucky for us those 2 waitresses who quit are our exact same size! Yeah, yeah, it's funny how that works, isn't it? I'm so glad we came here.
Me, too.
No, no, no, no.
No, you sitting wrong.
You sitting wrong.
Girl with girl.
Boy with boy.
Better for the digestive in the tummy.
- For the food, for the - Better for that.
So we move this way.
Hey, what are you doing? There you go.
Better for the tummy over there.
No, wait, no.
I liked it the way it was.
Well, you have to forget the way it was, sweetie.
This is how it is.
What's up with those guys? Yeah.
Are you gonna finish that? That's it.
I've had enough.
Vicky, wait! No.
I don't ever want to talk to you again.
Vicky! Man, do we know how to ruin a date, or what? Yeah, we're good.
Hey, Ray, that was so much fun last night! I feel horrible about the whole thing.
Yeah, me, too.
I'm riddled with shame.
Look, we went there to just keep an eye on him, and my jealousy got to me, and we ruined the whole date.
I guess.
Well, there he is.
Come on.
You know what you gotta do.
Come clean and apologize.
Actually, I was just gonna say run the other way, but that's good, too.
Hey, Tyler.
I I'm sorry about what happened on your date last night.
Eddie told you? Not exactly.
See Doesn't even matter.
Everything worked out for the best.
It did? Yeah.
Can I show you something? Yeah, sure.
It's a flippy book! I bet I bet you drew a cute, adorable girl.
How did you know? It's like you have X-Ray vision.
Well, you know, it's a little somethin' like that.
Let's just flip it.
Flip it.
That's so Vicky.
Yeah, I called her up last night and apologized.
We ended up laughing about the whole thing, so I made this for her.
You think she'll like it? Yeah, I I think she'll I think she'll really love it.
You're an amazing artist.
So, anyway, I'm glad we're friends.
Yeah, me, too.
Hey, Ray, how'd it go? I blew it, Chels.
I guess Tyler and I just weren't meant to be.
I guess we just weren't meant to be.
Let me just fix this collar for you, man.
Mom, she's juzshing me again.
Raven, I thought you were out of the makeover business.
I am.
I'm just doing this to annoy Corey.
Dang, I almost got it.
Dad, we talked about this.
It's ok that you can't juggle.
Yeah, but I'm getting close.
You're getting close to breaking every dish in the house.
Come on, guys.
You're gonna be late for school.
I'm gonna be late for school! Bye, dad.
Bye, dad.
Have fun in school, guys.
All right.
Hey, I'm juggling! Hey, guys, come back.
I'm juggling! This is great! Oh, my I never learned how to stop! Oh, my Hey, a little help?