That's So Raven (2003) s03e02 Episode Script

Stark Raven Mad

1 Check it out, Eddie! You and I are partners for the science project! Yes! No! I mean, no way this isn't gonna be fun.
I can't wait.
I can't wait.
Make way, people.
People, 'scuse me.
Homie, comin' through.
Got to see the list.
Excuse me, stretch.
Your time is up.
But that's what I'm talkin' about! Who's your partner, Ray? Only a Jalen, captain of the football team! Hike! Yes! I'm so excited! Hey, hey, Jay! Hey, Jay.
So I just found out that we're gonna be partners for the science project.
Ok, that's cool.
So we're gonna be on, like, the same team, then.
Go Raven! Go Jalen! All right! So do you have any ideas? Yes, I do.
You meant about the project.
My bad.
Well, we do have to make a model of a human stomach.
So what's the game plan, then? My house, say, around 5:45-ish? Ok.
I'll see you there, coach.
All right.
Bye, Jay! Ray, I can't believe your luck.
Reynolds partnered you up with the captain of the football team.
Yeah, funny how that worked out, Ray.
Well, sometimes fate has your back.
Hey, Mrs.
Thanks for the hookup.
I'll see you at the Chill Grill.
And sometimes you have to give it a 2 for 1 coupon.
Hey, salad bar not included! Not good after 4 P.
! You better read the small print! Yep, that's me.
Ok, do you think Jalen will like this? Ray, for the last time, he's coming here for a science project, not a date.
Ok, but that'll all change as soon as he sees me in this or this or this! Wow, Ray, you're getting really excited.
I think I can hear your heart beating.
That is not my heart, Chels.
Someone is Someone is throwing a ball against my Face.
Sorry, lady! You stay right there, you little nasty! Sorry about your face.
Well, you should not be bouncing balls up against my house.
You're pretty.
Well, thank you.
I try.
You're not so bad of a nasty yourself.
My name is Sierra.
I live next door.
You've just moved in.
Hi, my name is Raven.
That's a nice name.
Can I come in? Well, actually, that's not a very Ok.
You have a really nice house.
Thank you.
Got any snacks? I like fruit roll-ups And your shirt.
That's soft and pretty.
Thanks, I made it myself.
But you really need Wow.
When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Raven.
Wanna braid my hair? No.
I can sing opera.
I think hey, don't you need to be getting home to your mama? Nah, mommy said I should get to know the neighbors.
Then you really should meet the Wilsons, ok? Who are you? I'm Sierra.
Raven's my best friend.
Who are you? I'm Corey, your best friend's brother.
I wish Raven was my sister.
I wish she was your sister, too.
Yo, what's up, little man? Is Chelsea around? Yeah, she's upstairs with Raven.
Could you tell her I'm here? Yeah, no problem.
Be right back.
Chelsea! Eddie's here! Well, I could've done that.
Then what did you ask me for? Hey, cutie, what's your name? I'm Sierra.
Wanna see my scab? No, no.
I'm gonna have to pass on that.
Thank you.
Hey, Eddie.
I was upstairs helping Raven pick out an outfit for studying with Jalen.
Who's Jalen? He's this cute boy from school Raven's been crushing on, so she bribed the teacher to be his partner, and who are you? I'm Sierra, Raven's new best friend.
Bye! Gosh, Raven has a new best friend? She's just a little kid, Chelsea.
I gave her the best years of my life.
All right, would you stop it? We got to get to work on our science project How lack of sleep affects human behavior.
How can I think of sleep when I just lost my best friend? Hi, Raven.
What you doin'? Putting on What are you doing? You are supposed to be at the Wilsons'.
What's this? Deodorant.
What's it for? To make me smell nice.
Now give me that back.
Why don't you just take a bath? Why don't you just take a hike? I like hikes.
We can take one together and sing opera.
Ok, hey, hey, hey! You know who are big on hiking? The Wilsons.
Go hike with them.
Go take a hike.
So you understand Ray's not gonna just drop you and start hanging out with some little kid, right? Of course, Eddie.
I don't even know what I was thinking.
Cool, cool.
Guess what? Guess what? Raven and I are going on a hike.
Now what does she have that I don't have? Chels, enough, ok? We still need 2 people to help with our science project.
Where are we gonna find a couple of suckers to stay up with us for 2 whole nights? Hi, kids.
Hey, Mr.
and Mrs.
sucker I mean, Baxter.
We were just talking about what wonderful and supportive people you are.
What do you want? What's it gonna cost us? Nothing, Mr.
We just need some help with our science project.
Ok, we can do that.
The 4 of us are gonna stay up for 48 hours to see how lack of sleep affects human behavior.
I don't know.
2 days without sleep? Well, I understand, you know, Mr.
Baxter, because you old folk really need your naps.
I do not nap because I'm old.
I nap because I like it.
So are you in or out? I'm in.
Cool, that's one.
, how about you? You can keep me up, you can count me in.
I know.
We'll pinch each other every 20 minutes to make sure that we stay awake.
Starting Now! I'm not even tired! See? My plan is working.
Hello, Jalen.
Come on in.
Did it just get dark in here? No.
We're just saving energy for the environment.
Music? It's to help us focus.
You know, like you do before you play a big game.
Come sit.
Anyways, guess what I found out.
Do tell.
You know that model stomach we have to make? Well, they got a huge one down at the museum.
We should go check it out.
Yes, I'd love to come to the museum with you.
It's dark in here.
Sierra! Hi, Raven.
Did you remember to put on deodorant? Ok, that's it.
You must be Jalen.
And you must be leaving.
Raven uses deodorant 'cause she doesn't take baths.
Get out of here! Stop it! Raven, are you ok? You seem a little tense.
I'm not tense.
Thank you.
You do seem a little tense, Raven.
That's the last thing I am right now is tense, Sierra.
You know what? Maybe I should No, you sit! I mean, please sit, Jalen.
And you need to go.
I can see up your nose, Raven.
You know what? Maybe we should, start fresh tomorrow, you know, when you're not so not tense.
But, Jay Ok.
Thanks a lot, Sierra.
You're welcome.
Wanna see a dance I made up? No.
Go Sierra, go Sierra it's your birthday, it's your birthday go Sierra, go Sierra it's your birthday, it's your birthday Got to stay awake.
Got to stay awake.
Stay awake.
Eddie! Me, too! It's amazing.
My gosh.
I'm not even tired.
I stayed up all night, and I still have all this energy Chelsea.
Chels! Chels, Chels.
You are so tired, you're overtired, ok? I mean, you think you have all this energy, but you're gonna drop in a couple of seconds.
Never! Ok, I am stronger than ever, Eddie.
I may never sleep again.
That's right.
Boo-ya! Ok, what is up with you guys? It's the science project, Ray.
Look, whatever you do, do not let me fall asleep, all right? I mean, I can't mess this up.
Ok, I gotcha.
All right.
So how are things going with you and Jalen? My goodness.
Thanks to that little Sierra, Jalen thinks I'm some kind of screaming freak! If he sees me have one more outburst, I might Eddie? Eddie.
Come on, man.
Your project.
Don't do this to yourself.
Eddie! Eddie, stop it! Work with me, Eddie.
I am not playing with you.
Get do it Jalen.
It's not what it looks like.
He asked for it.
You know what? I i just remembered.
I gotta do something back in that direction.
Well, bye, Jalen! I'll see you at the museum, ok? And ok, the big stomach! Ok, I'll take that as a yes.
Welcome to the hall of digestion, home of the living stomach.
Please no pushing, shoving, or crowding.
It's just me.
This exhibit isn't as popular as we thought.
Well Looks like we got stood up, big fella.
Raven, who are you talking to? Yeah, I'm sorry I've been acting weird lately.
I just want you to know that I'm a sweet, gentle, completely normal Raven, look at me! Look at me! Oh, snap! That little nasty! Raven, who are you yelling at? I was just, you know, practicing my vocals for the science project, warming up, you know what I'm saying? Like, the nasty, nast Nasty.
Me me.
So what was I saying? Something about being completely normal.
Which I am.
So let's sit down and start the project before someone pops up that I do not want to see.
You guys have been doing this science project now for 34 straight hours, and none of you have slept.
So let's see how it's affected your behavior.
Ready? Yeah, man, yeah.
Hi, ball.
I love you.
And it loves you, too.
Ready, dad? Taxi! Ready, ma? It hit my finger.
It hit my Hit my finger! All right, Corey, all right.
Come here.
Throw the ball.
I'm over here.
I'm open.
I'm open.
Throw that ball.
- Yeah, that's right! That's right.
Touchdown, touchdown.
Who's your daddy? It's in the freezer.
Such a beautiful ball.
I love you.
Ok, so according to the data, 34 hours with no sleep and y'all turned into the wack pack.
Hey, you know what? Who's down for a push-up contest? Yeah! 1 So what in the world are we gonna make a stomach out of? I don't know.
Maybe we could just cut a football in half.
That could work, and we could paint the inside of it pink and put butterflies in it.
Butterflies in a football? No, butterflies in your stomach.
You know, like you get before you play a big game.
Right, or Like when you like someone.
Yeah, that, too.
You know, I was a little bit worried about today, but I'm glad I came.
Me, too.
So, you want a soda or something? Ok.
All right, I'll be right back.
All right.
I'll be right here.
Look, Raven, look! Sierra.
Raven, look at me! Sierra.
Raven, look at me! Look at me! My vision! Sierra, what are you doing here? I take a science class at the museum.
No, no.
I mean, what are you doing in there, in the stomach? How did you get in there? I don't remember, but it wasn't easy.
Well, you need to get out.
I don't know how.
So you're saying you're stuck? I'm stuck? I don't want to be stuck! I'm scared.
Ok, ok, calm down, calm down, Sierra.
Ok, I'm coming in to get you right now.
Just sing your opera.
Raven, help me Raven, help me, Raven, help me Raven, help me Here I come, Sierra! Here I come! Sierra! Raven, over here.
Look at me! Sierra.
Oh, snap, Sierra! How'd you get out? Same way I got in.
Well, how do I get out? I don't know.
You little brat.
As soon as I get out, I promise you I will get you! Hey, Jay.
Raven? No! What did I do? Hello and welcome to the living stomach.
Let's see what happens to food on its magical journey through our bodies.
No! Sounds like somebody's hungry.
Nobody's hungry! No! But don't worry, because here comes dinner.
No, I had a late lunch! No, do Let's start with salad Stop it! And croutons.
Don't you chew your food? And now our next course Please.
Please don't be soup.
I can handle spaghetti.
Thanks for Ok, thanks.
I'm full now.
Don't forget the meatball.
Meatball? Ok.
Thank you.
That's enough.
The stomach breaks down these foods by contracting and expanding Hey, this is kind of fun.
And secreting gastric juices.
Ok! This is not fun! This is not fun! And now that our food has been partially digested Partially? It continues its journey through the body.
How y'all doin'? Raven, where'd you come from? Well, after I left the stomach, I think I went into the You know what? You don't even want to know.
Are you ok, though? Look, I wish I could tell you stuff like this doesn't happen to me often, but, it does.
That's cool.
I mean, I know what you were doing.
You were trying to save Sierra.
How do you know? She told me.
Well, you know, actually, she sang it to me.
But I think what you did is pretty amazing.
Really? So, where is the little pumpkin? She went back to her class.
That girl really loves you, Raven.
Lucky me.
Well, no.
Sierra's a sweet girl.
It's just that, you know, every time she comes around, she makes me look like a maniac in front of you.
I don't think you're a maniac, you know, not all that much, but Thanks.
That's so sweet.
We still got a stomach to build.
Yeah, don't really want to think about stomachs right now.
We can get a clean start tomorrow.
Clean would be nice.
Well, see you later.
Bye, Jay.
Jay and Ray.
That's cute.
Raven? You're all messy.
I thought you left.
Scoot over.
Mommy said I could go home with you.
Remind me to talk to your mama.
Raven, are you mad at me? No.
Do you like Jalen? Yes, I do.
He is so cute, but I don't think he likes me very much.
Don't worry.
I still like you.
I like you, too.
I'm gonna be your best friend forever and forever.
Till infinity, double infinity, triple infinity Ok, ok, I get it.
It's gonna be a long time, right? Let's go.
Ray, is school over yet? It hasn't even started, dude.
Come on, I'm so tired.
Well, you have to make sure I stay awake, ok? Hey, how did your date with Jalen go? I may still have a chance with him.
He's so cute and smart and Chels Chels? Chelsea.
Chels, come on.
Come on, girl.
Don't lose it.
Come on, you have a long day ahead of you! Don't play with me! I ain't playin' with you, girl! Stop being like that! Raven? Snap.
It's not what it looks like.
Hey, I ain't seen nothin'.
Wait! Jalen! I'm not a maniac! Maybe a little bit.
But we can talk about that later.
Jalen! Jalen!