That's So Raven (2003) s03e03 Episode Script

Opportunity Shocks

1 Wake up, Raven Wake up, Raven Wake up, Raven Wake up Sierra! Sierra! Sierra, how did you get in here? Your mommy gave my mommy A key.
That is only for emergencies! This is an emergency! I'm bored! Come here! Give me that key! I am not playing! Oh, snap! Want to play house? Want to play dolls? Want to play Jacks? No, but I do have a game that we could play! Are you ready? It's called hide and go sleep.
Ok, how do you play? Ok.
You go downstairs and hide.
Ok? Go.
Go hide! Go hide! Go hide! I'm going back to sleep.
Yep, that's me.
Dad? No! Please? No.
But you No! No! I know what you're gonna say.
No, you don't.
You want to meet Presto Jones when he comes to the Chill Grill.
Dang, he's good.
Real good.
But you can't.
Come on, dad! Presto Jones is my hero! He is the world's greatest business man.
Everything he touches turns to gold.
It's all right here in his book The Presto Touch.
Dad, look at my designs.
I'm made for his new hip-hop line.
This could be my once-in-a-lifetime chance to make my dreams come true! I have dreams, too.
Aren't you too old to have dreams? No.
As a matter of fact, I have something I've been working on for a year The Victor Baxter Chillin' Grillin' machine.
That's what you've been doing in the basement? You told mama you were working out.
Shame on you.
Presto is gonna snap this up.
Wait a second, dad.
You can live out your dreams, but we can't live out ours? Yeah.
My dream is gonna It's gonna change our lives.
Look, check it out.
This side chills while the other side grills.
And you can eject the grease directly into the trash.
Did that just change your life? No, but he might want to change that shirt.
Well, maybe you guys are right.
If you've got some great ideas for Presto, then I say go for it.
Yes! Thank you, daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Keep in mind, the party is Saturday, so I would work on those ideas.
I gotta get back to my designs! I gotta get back to the basement.
And I gotta get I got nothin'.
Now, which fabric should I choose for the outfit for Presto Jones? This one says, work it, girl! Right? But this one says, check you out! Which one? They're both amazing, Rae.
I mean, they're talking fabrics.
They're not talking, Chels.
I know, but Raven thinks they are, so play along.
Raven? My gosh! Now I hear them! Chels, that is not the fabric, ok? Sierra, what are you doing underneath there? Playing hide and go sleep.
And you're not very good at it.
Ok, I've got another idea.
Are you ready? Ok, it's a game called go, go, go.
You count to a million.
1, 2, 3 And we go, go, go.
Rae! Look at you! That little girl is running you out of your own house! You know what? You're right.
This has to stop right now.
What? The game's over? Come on! I didn't even get a chance to be it! You know what? Sierra and you are getting on my last nerve.
She needs to play with someone her own age.
Stanley! I'm not playing with Stanley! I don't even know him.
Stanley's 7 years old.
He lives next door to me.
He is like my Sierra.
He bugs me all the time.
So if we hook up my pain with your pain then we'll both be pain-free? And I'll be able to work on my outfit! Let's do it! A million! Ready or not, here I come! Go! Go! Go! Dad, what am I gonna do? I have a chance to meet Presto Jones, and I can't come up with one idea for him.
Well, son, it took a long time to come up with a moneymaker like my Chillin' Grillin' machine.
Dad, the only thing that machine makes is a mess.
You'll never get that stain out your shirt.
Really? Yeah.
Watch and learn.
How did you do that? That's grandma Baxter's stain remover formula.
It's a family secret, so keep it to yourself.
No, don't worry, dad.
I won't tell anyone.
Except the world.
Thanks for doing my hair, Raven.
Any time, Sierra, 'cause you never know when you might meet someone that you want to spend more time with than me.
Don't worry, Raven.
That will never happen.
Well, who could that be? I was not expecting anyone.
Hello, Raven.
We was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by unexpectedly.
Look who it is, Sierra.
It's Eddie.
And wait a second! Who is this cute, unexpected friend? This is Stanley.
And I'm not cute.
I'm fine.
I'm sure you are.
All right.
Now, Sierra, I want you to meet Stanley, and Stanley, meet my cute little adorable friend Sierra.
It's very nice to meet you, Stanley.
Good thing you did my hair.
It's funny how that works, isn't it? And look what I have here! This is a picnic basket.
I want you to take it, Sierra.
Take Stanley over to your house onto a picnic blanket that I have set up at your house please get over there right now.
Yes! She's gone! Eddie, you're a genius.
Well, I'm just glad I could help.
Holla, Rae.
I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! Bye, Sierra, bye, Sierra I'm free, too Free to be your man.
To us, baby.
Drink up, foxy lady.
Let's get this party started.
There is no party.
However, there is a picnic at Sierra's house, and why aren't you there? Let me explain something.
Sierra's a girl, but I like a woman.
I am not now, nor will ever be, your woman.
Playing hard to get? Well, I'm playing hard to get rid of.
I'm not even playing, you little player.
She loves me.
Sierra! Stanley disappeared.
I can't find him anywhere.
Hey, mama! Now, you know you not supposed to leave your man hanging! Stanley, what are you doing here? It's over, baby.
I'm with Raven now.
You stole my boyfriend? Sierra, you don't understand, ok? I thought you were my friend, Raven.
I'm never gonna speak to you again.
Sierra! Sierra, wait! Wait! Wait a second.
She's gone.
That's what I wanted! Yes! You're exactly what I wanted.
Gotta go.
Let's go.
All right, then.
I'm out of here.
But don't worry, baby.
I will Be back.
I'm not worried, all right? 'Cause you won't.
Little boy I hear you knock on my door Don't want to see you, don't come no more I know you're sneaking all over town You're not bringing me down Bad boy, you better stay away from me Bad boy, I don't want you coming round here Bad boy, bad boy Check it out, Rae.
Your dad had us pick up this life-sized cutout of Presto Jones for the party tonight.
I can't believe he's that tall.
I know! I can't believe he's this thin.
So, Rae, what's all of this on the table for? Well, I am making my outfit for Presto.
However, I keep getting all these little interruptions.
I am so stressed.
So your home girl Sierra's still in the way? No.
Your home boy Stanley.
Don't worry about that little kid, ok? Tonight's your big shot with Presto Jones.
You know what? You're right.
And this outfit has to be something that he's never seen before.
You trying to push up on my woman? You gotta deal with me first.
Rae, is he coming back or something? Yeah.
He's coming to the Chill Grill to mess up my chances with Presto.
Don't worry.
Chels and I will guard the door.
There is no way that that little slugger is gonna get through us.
That's right! I happen to have a black belt.
Since when? Since I bought that black purse.
I gotta match.
Hey, welcome to the Chill Grill, Mr.
And happy birthday to you.
It's an honor to meet you.
Yes, it is.
I gotta find my woman.
Welcome, Mr.
Victor Baxter, owner of the Chill Grill.
This is your table right here.
Well, thank you.
And Speaking of great ideas Who was speaking of great ideas? Now that you mention it How many times have you tried to grill and chill something at the same time? Never.
That's because you've never had the right equipment.
Let's say that you have shrimp that needs chilling And a steak that needs grilling.
Just a few short moments, and Presto.
Pres To.
And I got a few little adjustments to make.
Yeah, you certainly do.
Now Let's get this party started? And nothing says party more than guacamole! No, you did not just guac me.
Yeah, I did.
I see you're upset, Mr.
And I would be, too If I didn't have this, Cory's amazing stain remover.
Yeah, well, something's going to get removed, all right.
Before you do something I may regret, you might want to take another look at that suit.
The stain is gone.
Back off.
Back off me.
Cory Baxter, your biggest fan and future business partner.
What do you have in this stuff? That's for me to know and for you to pay for.
I like your style, kid.
Maybe we should be business partners.
You know, I'll have my lawyer draw up a contract.
No need, 'cause it's already been drawn.
Bam! Look at that.
I will peruse this later, if I have a eye left.
Let's get this party start I'm sorry.
Hello, Mr.
I'm Raven Baxter.
Another Baxter.
Why doesn't that surprise me? Wait, Mr.
I know everyone is coming up to you, but listen.
This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to make my dreams come true.
You're not going away, are you? Nope.
All right.
Well, here is an outfit that I designed for your hip-hop line.
Are you ready? What do you think? Well, actually, it's not bad.
You haven't even seen the best part.
You trying to push up on my woman? You gotta deal with me first.
My vision.
Stanley, no! Hey, hey! Not on my watch! Vision averted, Rae.
Put me down! Nobody comes between me and my woman.
Well, I just did.
All right, there's only one way to settle this.
I'm not about to fight you! I'm not a fighter.
I'm a dancer, and I'm calling you out.
Man! Man, you can't be serious.
I'm 52 pounds of serious.
Ok, lover boy.
Bring it on.
But if you lose, you leave.
And you leave me alone.
I love a good dance-off.
Now, this is a party? All right! I told you I was 52 pounds of serious! Wow, Eddie, you got served.
Man, I'm sorry, Rae.
I tired my best.
This little kid's got skills.
Stanley, she's all yours.
What? I don't make the rules.
Come on, baby.
Hey, hey! Ok, get off! This has gone way too far, all right? You and me on the dance floor right now.
You win, I'm yours.
I win, I'm mine, and you leave me alone.
What? Rae, are you sure about this? Eddie just got served.
Don't worry, Chels, ok? I got something up my sleeve.
Hit it! Can you feel the groove? Can you shake it right? I can make you move And shake it down tonight Lights! Dang, baby! You light up my world! Y'all gonna boogie down Boogie down tonight I'm a shining star See me shining so bright Raven! Sierra! This isn't what it looks like.
It looks like you and Stanley are dancing.
Now get away from my man! No, don't pull on that! Oh, snap This is not good! Raven's smoking.
Yeah, I didn't know she was that good.
No, seriously, dad.
Raven's smoking.
No! This isn't good! It looks like Rae got her wires crossed.
Can you feel the groove? Can you shake it right? I can make you move Shake it down tonight I'm a shining star See me shining bright Falling from the sky Gonna boogie down tonight Well The circuitry could use a few adjustments.
Well, no, sweetheart, that's not a dance suit.
That's a law suit waiting to happen.
No, but But Mr.
Jones, look! All I have to do is just put these 2 wires Wrong wires.
I should Maybe this one.
All right, enough of these amateurs.
Come on, Mr.
Let's close our deal and we're in business.
Well, yours was the best idea I had heard all evening.
Now you're talking! Give me 5 Million.
Just kidding up top.
You know what? Forget about the high-5.
Let's just keep it on the down-low, you know.
You know what? That contract My suit! It's falling apart! What do you have in that cleaning mixture? Cory, did you spray Mr.
Jones' suit with grandma's secret stain remover formula? Yeah.
I just made it super strong so it will work super good.
Yeah, and now my suit is super ruined.
Jones, the formula just needs a few adjustments.
No, no, no.
Your whole family needs a few adjustments.
Now, let's get out of here Before I'm standing here in my natural drawers.
I'm sorry your outfit didn't work out, Rae.
Yeah, but look on the plus side.
Looks like Stanley and Sierra finally hit it off.
Stop it! No, you stop it.
No, you stop it.
Ok, let's start again! Looks like love to me.
I wonder how they got together.
Guess they found something in common.
Maybe it was laughing at you.
Well, now that they found each other, hopefully they will leave me alone.
I heard that.
We'll see you later.
Raven! Stanley and I worked everything out.
Good! I'm so glad to hear that.
I get you Monday through Friday.
And on the weekend, you belong to me.
So what do you want to do tomorrow? Don't touch the suit, ok? Don't touch it! Hi, Mr.
Well, your jacket is all sewn up.
I am so sorry about the inconvenience.
But I'm sure you will be happy with the results.
Thank you, Raven.
This is really very nice.
Thank you.
Jones, if I could just have one more minute of your time Mr.
Jones, I finally figured out what was wrong with my People, people.
Jones is a very busy man, ok? We should just let him be on his way.
Thank you, Raven.
Ok, I'll see y'all later.
That was just an expression.
Ok, now, don't forget me.
I'm sure he won't.