That's So Raven (2003) s03e04 Episode Script

Taken to the Cleaners

1 Here they are! The greatest bad movies ever made.
The frankenteen trilogy.
Ok, which of the worst ones do you want to watch first? Well, there's frankenteen surf party, frankenteen goes to math camp Or my favorite: You know, rappin' frankenteen.
They hit me with the lightning Now I'm very frightening Well, don't get excited, 'cause you ain't invited I thought we were having a movie marathon.
We are.
However, you have a list of chores that mom gave you to do today.
Hey, she gave you a list, too.
I know.
But I'm doing mine.
I got the dryer going, the dishwasher going, and now I got you going.
You're late.
I got a situation.
Who you callin' a situation?! Stanley! Whassup, baby? You miss me? Sorry, Rae.
He's with me.
I got stuck baby-sitting him.
It's a long, ugly story.
Yeah, but it just got shorter and better lookin'.
Well, there goes our frankenteen movie marathon.
I wish we could unload him off on some other sucker.
Wha-aaaat? How would you like to do a favor for someone who loves you very much? Depends on how much love you got.
How about I do all your chores for you if you keep Stanley out of our hair? Done.
And You'll be needing this.
And you'll be needing this.
Whassup? Frankenteen! Frankenteen! yep, that's me.
Check it out.
Frankenteen's break dancing.
That's a pretty cool head spin? Yeah.
It probably helps that his head's flat.
I wonder if frankenteen did all the chores his mother asked him to do.
You promised to take out the trash, pick up the dry cleaning Mom, see, I know where you're going with this, mom, but see, don't worry.
I got it covered.
I hope so.
Because when you leave your chores until the last minute, sooner or later it comes back to blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah blah blah! Raven, are you listening to me? Yeah.
Yeah, mom.
Yeah, I heard every blah i mean word! I hope so.
Hello? Hello, professor.
You did? You will? You have a good day, too, professor.
Nitwit! What was that all about? My absent-minded, irresponsible, bubble head of a law professor lost my assignment.
At least he offered to come by and pick up another copy.
Check out frankenteen doing the robot! Raven.
I'm dusting, I'm dusting.
Raven Dad and I are going shopping later.
My professor is coming by to pick up an assignment.
Be sure he gets it, all right? Raven? I'm gonna print out a copy and leave it right here on the counter.
Got it.
Got it, mom.
Ok? Raven, come on! You're missing the whole movie! I'm not missing anything.
I am multitasking.
I'm watching television, I'm dusting And now I'm picking up the dry cleaning.
Well, actually, I'm having it delivered.
Now, if anybody asks, I have a broken leg.
Eddie, go get the door.
You go get the door! Eddie, she has a broken leg! Hello.
You had to live on top of the biggest hill in San Francisco! So, who's got the broken leg? She does.
Do you want to see it? Chels! So, where's your cast? I broke that, too? Your leg ain't broken! You was just too lazy to come down to the store and pick up your own clothes! Hey! That's right, I got your chips.
Hey, you! You're on my list.
Well, now she's off mine.
Check! See, no big deal.
Your assignment's all ready for your professor.
No, it is a big deal, Victor.
This is not the first time he's lost my work.
You know what? I'm gonna call him back and give him a piece of my mind.
Hold on there before you do something that you're gonna regret.
Now, listen, I was watching Oprah yesterday, and she was talking You were watching Oprah? The Rock was supposed to be on.
The point is I learned that if you're angry at somebody, you write them a letter, you tell them everything that's bothering you, And here is the trick: You don't mail it.
That way you let out all your anger, and nobody gets hurt.
You know what? I'm doing it.
Dear professor nitwit, you birdbrained, air-headed, unprofessional twit! This does feel good.
Here we go.
Man, I used to love this game when I was a kid.
Bouncy, bouncy bunnies.
Shoot, you must've been a real tough kid, bunny boy! You wanna play shut your face and stand in the corner? No.
But I'll play this.
Ping-pong? Ok, listen One, you're not tall enough.
And "b," you're not good enough.
Well, if you think you're so great, why don't we make it interesting? Ok When I win, you stop bugging me for the rest of the day.
But if I win, you have to give me these video games.
Ok, let's do this.
Now, how you gonna play from way down there? Just serve it up Bunny boy! Who wants to buy some video games? Aren't those Cory's video games? Only if he buys 'em back.
He won 'em from me in ping-pong.
I'm sorry, Cor Oops, we're out of popcorn.
You know, ping-pong was my favorite sport in vegetarian camp.
Well, that and the eggplant toss.
Really? Wanna play? Yes, I would love to.
Do you guys have an eggplant? He's talking about ping-pong, Chels! And the only person that's gonna play this kid is me.
Don't worry, Cory, I'll get your games back.
All right.
Well, bring it on, my brother! Hello.
I'm professor Benjamin.
I'm looking for Tina Baxter.
You mean Tonya? Right, right.
How could I forget? - He's one of my best students.
- She.
Of course.
Now, what can I do for you? You came here.
Did I? Yes, I did.
All right.
'Cause this looks nothing like my apartment.
Hey, wait a second! You're that professor my mom was telling me about.
Wait a sec Raven, my professor's coming by to pick up an assignment.
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Blah Blah blah blah blah blah.
I think you're here to pick up something? If you say so.
Let me see Hey, this must be it right here.
Professor Benjamin.
There you go.
Thank you very much.
Now if I could just remember where I parked my car.
Or did I take the bus? I don't know.
And check.
Hey Check out the bling! Hey, my mama gave me that chain! He beat you, too?! He even got me for my shoes.
Aren't they a little big? I'll grow into 'em.
So, what we watching? Hey.
Raven, did the professor come by? Yep.
I gave him the envelope that was on the desk.
On the desk? Rae, I can't watch.
It's too scary! Please, girl, this is not scary.
Raven! Now, that's scary! Mom, are you ok?! No! I specifically asked you to give the professor the envelope on the counter.
What did I do? You gave him the envelope that was on the desk.
I'm guessing there's a difference? Well, the one on the counter is my assignment.
The one on the desk is gonna ruin my life.
Honey, write it down, write it down.
Back off, Victor! Backing off.
Backing off.
Raven, that was an angry letter that was never supposed to be sent.
When the professor reads that letter, I'm gonna get kicked out of law school! I'm sorry.
Raven, I love you, but when I tell you something, I expect you to listen.
You can't just keep spacing out and There you go.
Might as well clean this, too.
I wasn't spacing out, I promise, but I did have a vision, mom.
The professor has not read the letter yet.
So there's still hope? Yes.
He's going to give his jacket to the dry cleaners, and the letter's still in the pocket.
So all we have to do is get down there and get the letter back.
Right! Right! Right! Here you go, kids.
Can't watch a movie without popcorn.
Thanks, dad, but we turned it off.
We did? I thought frankenteen was in that dark basement for a long time.
The reason we turned it off is because we're still trying to figure out a way to get our stuff back from Stanley.
How can a little kid get your stuff? He won it in ping-pong.
He even got me for my shoes, Mr.
Ping-pong? You guys know I was city-wide champ 4 years running.
Wait wait a second.
Dad You can win our stuff back from Stanley.
No, it wouldn't be fair.
He's just a little kid.
Come on, Mr.
You can't let a brother go home without his shoes.
I'm hungry.
Hey, pops, go up in that kitchen and make me a cheese sandwich.
It's on.
Wrist me.
Stanley, my dad's about to take you to school! Ok.
But if I don't learn my lesson, I want that big shiny thing.
My city-wide trophy? That's cute, little man.
I'll tell you what.
If you can beat me, it's yours, but if I beat you, you give back everything that you hustled.
Just serve it up, city-wide! Young man, you don't know who you're messing with.
Excuse me.
Can I help Well, looky here! Boy, you heal fast.
This might be a bad idea.
What up, girl? Well, let's see.
My bike had a flat going down your hill.
And then I stepped in some dog business.
I had to burn my shoes! I'm really sorry about all that, but We need a favor.
Well, do ya, now? Was professor Benjamin here, by any chance? As a matter of fact, you just missed him.
Well! Funny story.
See, I gave him this letter that he really wasn't supposed to read, and here's the funny part, right, mama? He put it in his jacket pocket that he just dropped off to get cleaned.
And if I don't get that letter back What's gonna happen, mama? There's gonna be some serious consequences.
Sounds like you guys have troubles.
Well Too bad I don't care.
Well, all you have to do is check the jacket pocket and give us back the letter.
Don't wanna.
Let me put it like this Please give us the letter back.
Please! Mom! Mom, what are you doing?! Begging.
Which is no way to behave.
There is a way to get that letter back and maintain our pride and dignity.
You ok, Rae? My pride's ok, but my dignity is a little sore.
Let's just find that jacket and get out of here.
Don't worry about your sweater.
No! Mom, we gotta hide! Hold on one second.
This is going right in with the delicate washables.
Mom! Mama! Mom! So I had to pedal up that hill on my rusty, broke-down bike.
And they had the nerve to ask me for a favor.
It's not polite to point, little girl.
Mama, mama, get me off this thing! Raven! Mommy! Mommy! Hang on, honey! Like I have a choice.
No, no, I can talk.
I can talk.
Ok, yeah, I know, the green sweater.
Dang! This thing is busted! Mommy, help! I got you! I got you.
I got you.
I got you! Man, I don't get paid enough for this! I wonder if I can scratch this name off.
I can't believe you won my dad's trophy.
That's not all.
Here's your cheese sandwich Shaped like a ping-pong paddle.
I hope you cook better than you play.
You know, Stanley, I'm the only one who didn't get to play you yet.
Consider yourself lucky, Chels.
At least you still got your shoes.
Well, I still want to play.
What do you say, Stanley? Hey, if if I win, you have to give everybody their stuff back.
Yeah, but if I win, you have to give me your jacket.
You're about my mama's size.
I'm a little rusty.
You got skills.
Well, you should see me at the eggplant toss.
I won! Yay, I get my games back! And I get my trophy! And I get my shoes! Chelsea, that was incredible! Where did you learn to play ping-pong like that? Vegetarian camp was in China.
Rhonda, can you stop this rack? I'm trying to.
I don't want to break it.
How'd you get back here? I can explain.
I came to drop my jacket off.
You did already.
That would explain why I'm not wearing it.
So, is it ready yet? You just dropped it off.
But you left this in the pocket.
Got it! No, you don't! What? No, you don't.
No, you don't.
Hey! Yes, she does! I'm stuck! I don't like this ride! Here it is.
Sir Before you read that, let me explain.
Tisha! Tonya.
Of course.
You know, I must apologize.
I found your assignment.
Excellent job, by the way.
Well, at any rate, I won't be needing this.
Well All's well the ends well.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the cleaners.
But you're at Good-bye, Tiffanie.
So, did everything work out with you and Rae? Yeah.
I think from now on when we talk, she'll be listening.
What about at the cleaners? She and Rhonda came to an understanding.
I got it.
You had to live on the biggest hill in San Francisco?