That's So Raven (2003) s03e21 Episode Script

Chef-Man and Raven

This is it, you guys! Captain Cook-off is about to take down another victim.
This is the best show ever.
It has cooking, smack talking.
Yeah, and that hostess is the best thing on the menu.
And the judges have made their decision! Will it be the Masked Chef Get off the camera! Or Captain Cook-off? Yes! Yes! And the winner, with the most delicious beef tenderloin in a tarragon sauce, our returning champion, still undefeated, Captain Cook-off! Who is the chef? Who is the chef? That would be me! Yeah, yeah! Ok, all you so-called chefs out there.
My crew is out in the street right now to challenge our next opponent.
Right, gourmet girl? Right, dad! Who's ready to get served? Let's go live to our challenge cam, which could be in your neighborhood.
Hey, that's my street! Hey, look! They just ran over some sucker's bike.
Rae, that's your house.
That's my bike.
My goodness! Captain Cook-off's gonna challenge my dad! My gosh! Rae, what's going on? Ok, dad, the door's about to ring.
Go answer it.
You are one lazy psychic.
Sorry, dad, but trust me.
Don't forget to smile! Rae, that guy kind of looks like your dad.
Chels, that guy is her dad! Victor Baxter, chef and owner of the Chill Grill, do you accept the Captain Cook-off challenge? You bet we do! The challenge has been accepted.
And what will our secret challenge dish be? Tune in next week when I take on Victor Baxter.
That is right, Mr.
B! You better take that Captain down.
Shoot! Busting up my bike.
Dad, what's wrong? You look like you saw a ghost? Worse.
I saw a Leonard Stevenson.
What? It sounded kind of scary.
Yep, that's me.
Dad, who's Leonard Stevenson? Chels, will you stop doing that? Well, then stop saying it.
Dad, who's that Who you know.
He's a bigmouth, trash-talking jerk better known as Captain Cook-off.
You know Captain Cook-off?! Unfortunately, and there is no way that I'm doing his show.
What?! Dad No, look! Next time you accept a challenge for me, don't! Attitude! Chels, my dad's really upset.
I have to deal with this.
Dad, what happened between you and Leonard Stevenson? Chels, step away from the door! Sorry! Ok, here's the story.
Le that guy was my top rival at cooking school, and thanks to him, I almost didn't become a chef.
It was our senior Cook-off, and Leonard and I were competing to see who would be named top chef of our class.
We had to make stuffed mackerel.
I was feeling pretty confident, that is until Leonard did his flip.
No one had ever done a double flip before.
I knew I had to try if I was gonna stand a chance.
And that's the story.
Leonard became top chef, and I never flipped a fish again.
You know what? You're right, dad.
I've seen you flip a lot of things, but never any fish.
Our challenge dish is gonna be stuffed mackerel.
Dad, I had a vision.
I know what the challenge food is gonna be.
Humph! If I know Leonard, it's gonna be stuffed mackerel.
You're right! That's a good thing, dad.
Raven, how is that a good thing? This is just another chance for him to humiliate me.
No, dad.
This is a chance to prove yourself, and you're gonna have an edge because now you know what the challenge food is gonna be.
I don't know, Rae.
Dad, how many times in life do you get a second chance? Well, I have thought about this, like, a million times.
So, dad, what are you waiting for? You're right.
This is my chance to show Captain Cook-off who the top chef really is! Exactly! And then I'll be your assistant.
We'll practice night and day And then you'll be one fish-flippin' fool.
Ok, I'll do it.
Yes, daddy, yes.
Look out, Captain Cook-off.
Victor Baxter is coming, and this time, it's personal.
It's personal, baby! Hey, Cindy.
You liked my pants today? Well, if you ain't saggin', you're just laggin'.
Hey, pookie-face! Mom! You know what? I'm gonna call you back.
Yeah, ok.
All right.
Mom, I'm trying to work it here.
I'm sorry, sweetie pie, but I've got a surprise for you.
Flat-screen TV? No.
Snowboard? No.
Inflatable No! Cory, stop guessing it's something educational.
No! I got you a new desk for your room.
Is it broken? Well, some assembly is required.
Well, let's get to work.
I don't suppose you read Norwegian, do you? Never mind.
Which one of these pieces do you think is an utahagen? Cory, where did you get those pants? These old things? I picked 'em out myself.
Well, they are hanging way too low.
Mom! They're saggy.
This is the style.
Cory, you will have plenty of time to sag when you get older.
All right, my rubber buddy, we've been practicing all day long.
It's showtime! Wait a minute! Yeah! Why are you yelling at me?! Sorry, dad, but that's the show.
That audience can get pretty nasty.
All right.
I get it.
Well, come on, bring it on.
Show me what you got! You stink worse than the fish! Congratulations, dad! You did it! You nailed the double! I knew you could do it, Mr.
You are going down, Captain Cook-off.
Thanks a lot, guys, for believing in me, and, Rae, I could've never done it without you.
Rae, no! This is worse than the last time! Rae, what? What'd you see? Chels, I don't know, but whatever it was, it was worse than the last time.
Man! I am so ready, Raven.
It's payback time for Captain Cook-off.
Yeah, that's great, dad, but, what if I did something that made you mess up? What are you talking about? Did you have a vision? Yes, dad, and you were yelling at me, and you said it was worse than the last time.
What was worse than last time? I don't know, but, dad, whatever it is just Just punish me now.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Come on, Rae.
Don't be silly.
How can we worry about something if we don't know what it is? But, dad, I don't want us to lose.
Honey, the only way we're gonna lose is if we don't try.
Victor Baxter.
Leonard Stevenson.
I guess Chels is here.
This is my daughter Raven.
And this is my daughter Julie.
Hello, Raven.
What up, Julie? You know, back in cooking school, they used to call your dad butterfingers.
Really? That's funny.
Well, I bet you had some nicknames, too.
Tell 'em what it was, dad.
My dad's never lost a challenge.
Wait Nope! Never! Well, that's gonna be the last time you say that, 'cause your daddy is about to go down.
Well, I doubt it, because I have a little surprise for you, Victor.
Our challenge dish is gonna be stuffed mackerel.
Actually, I quite enjoy making stuffed mackerel.
It's become a specialty of mine.
Really? Daddy, I thought you said he was gonna start crying.
Don't worry, honey.
He will.
Ok, let's get your new desk upstairs.
Lose the attitude, Cory.
And let mommy fix those pants.
Ok, let's turn it on the side ok.
And lift on 3.
And 1 1 2 Ok, 2 3! Gosh! This is heavier than I thought.
Are you ok, honey? Yeah, I got it.
Back it up to the stairs.
To the stairs.
All right.
Ok, here we go.
Ok, here we go.
We're going.
Going good.
Ok, all right.
It's going well.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Well, hold up your end, Cory.
My end's not listening.
What are you talking about? My pants fell down.
Well, pick 'em up! Ok, I'm gonna try.
Stop, stop! It's slipping.
Forget about your pants! Let's get this thing upstairs.
Ok, just one little problem.
I can't walk with my pants around my ankles.
We're stuck.
It's time for Captain Cook-off's kitchen challenge.
Let's meet our challenger.
Victor Baxter is owner and head chef of San Francisco's Chill Grill.
He's being assisted by his daughter.
Let's welcome Chef-man and Raven.
Yeah! Bring it on, Chef-man! Yeah, baby! Yeah, get your cook on! Get your cook on! Get your cook on! Get your Cook On.
And now are you ready to sizzle? Let's give it up for the star of our show, the undefeated, undisputed unsurpassed king of the kitchen, Captain Cook-off and his daughter Gourmet Girl! Yeah, people, yeah! Hey, you want this? You want this, Chef-man? Keep dreaming! Keep dreaming! Yeah! All right, you guys know the rules.
The dish challenge today will be stuffed mackerel.
Let's start the clock.
Shake hands and come out cooking.
Scallions! Chopping scallions.
Chop 'em, dad! Chop 'em! Chop 'em! Chop 'em! Celery! Chopped celery.
Get it, dad! There you go.
Get it! Chop it! Mush mushrooms! Not good.
Wait, wait, Rae! You know you're highly allergic to mushrooms.
You gotta be careful! I know.
Chef-man and Raven have eliminated mushrooms from their dish.
This could really hurt them with the judges.
What a move! They're gonna get some style points for that one.
Let's see you match that, butterfingers.
Chef-man and Raven answer with some style points of their own! My bad! Ok, if that's the way you want to play.
Hey, Rae, how's the stuffing coming? Yeah, ok.
Quite delicious, actually.
A little spicy You ok? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Just a little tickle.
Oh, snap! How you holding up, little guy? I'm fine, mom.
I can hold a desk.
Would you please stop treating me like a baby.
I do not treat you like a baby.
Yes, you do.
You're right.
You're becoming a young man.
I shouldn't be picking out a desk for you or calling you pookie-face or putting bubbles in your bath.
Yeah No more bub-bubs? Well, you don't have to grow up all at once.
Thanks, mom.
You're really cool.
Cory, you don't like this desk at all, do you? Right now, I can say I hate it.
Me, too.
And we're back.
We're cooking stuffed mackerel, and the action is fast and furious.
Hey, Rae, is the pan all greased? Ready to go.
The camera really does add 10 pounds.
Yeah, to each cheek.
What's everybody screaming about? My cheeks! My hands! My hands and my cheeks! I wonder what else got blown up.
Rae! Rae, Rae! Did you eat a mushroom? I guess so.
I don't know how it got in the bowl.
Rae, no! This is worse than the last time! That was my vision.
No, no, Rae.
We gotta get you to the doctor.
No, no, dad! Now, I've had this before.
It'll go away in about 5 minutes.
I don't care! We gotta get you checked out.
Dad, we can win this.
Ok, the fish is ready to flip.
We just need to add a pinch of salt.
A pinch of salt.
I can't really i can't really get with the pinching.
It looks like the Captain is ready to flip his fish.
Aside from adding flakiness, the flip is essential in winning those all-important style points.
Do the double! Do the double! Do the double! Do the double The audience is chanting for the Captain to do his signature double flip.
I'm sure he won't disappoint.
Do the double! Do the double! Do the double! 1 2 3! I can't believe it! Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has landed a triple! No, he didn't! No, he didn't yes, he did! A triple? That's never been done in fish-flipping history.
You're gonna have to do 4.
A quad?! Do you know how hard it is to master a double? Dad, a great man once said to me, "the only way we can lose is if we don't try.
" What dummy said that? You did.
It looks like Chef-man and Raven are frozen with fear.
If they don't answer that triple, it's all over! Bring it, Chef-man! Yeah, you can do it! 1 2 3 It's not gonna make it! 4! But can he catch it?! I can't believe it! What teamwork! You did it, dad! No, no, Rae.
We did it together.
And you know what? It doesn't matter if we win or lose.
Yeah, but I want to win.
So do i.
The judges have made their decision.
The voting was close, but by a flip, our new champions Chef-man and Raven! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Congratulations, Victor.
You always were a great chef.
You mean it? Of course not, but the camera's still on, so keep smiling.
Who's the chef now, baby? Who's the chef now? Presenting the new Cook-off challenge champion, Chef-man! And Raven! When I say, "top chef," you say, "Victor.
" Top chef! Victor! Top chef! Victor! You guys won? Congratulations! Come on, dad, let's go put that in the kitchen.
Hey, you guys still working on that desk? What have you been doing all day? Cory, pull up your pants! Nobody wants to see your nasty little drawers.