That's So Raven (2003) s03e22 Episode Script

When in Dome

1 And here's me and Jennifer on day 36 of vegetarian camp.
We were in the potato sack race.
Jennifer said we totally could've won if I had taken the potatoes out.
Were you and Jennifer the only ones at this camp? Because I only see pictures of you and her.
That's because we were like 2 peas in a pod.
Which brings me to day 37, "pea in a pod" day.
Here's me and Jennifer decorating each other's pods.
That's Jennifer.
Rae, I'm so excited.
You're finally gonna meet Jennifer! I know.
After 37 days, I feel like I really know her.
Jennifer! Chelsea! My gosh! We should ok! Do it? Ok! Onion! Turnip! Tomato! Squash! We're the human beans of camp wakkamosh That was great.
Hey, how you doing? Wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakkamosh Ok.
My name is Go wakkamosh! Ok Moshy, moshy moshy, moshy, moshy moshy, moshy wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka wakkamosh! Wakkamosh! Yep, that's me.
Ok, the macaroni and cheese is served! Yes! Rae makes the best Mac and cheese.
Why thank you! And the mung bean salad is ready.
Yes! Jen makes the best mung bean salad.
Thank you.
Yeah, if there's anything she loves more than Mac and cheese, it's my mung bean salad.
Really? That's funny.
What is a mung bean? Well, I guess it's among the beans you don't know about! Rae, what kind of beans do you like? Pork and.
You know, like pork and beans.
You get it, Jen? Pork and beans.
Yeah, I get it, I just I find it hard to laugh when I think about someone eating a poor little pig.
I'm sorry I laughed, Jen.
Well, that's ok, that's ok.
Well, here.
Have some salad, Chelly.
Chelly? Yeah.
That's what she calls me.
Isn't it cute? Too! But you know? Why don't you just have some macaroni and cheese, Chels? More mung, Chelly? Thank you.
More Mac, Chels? Yeah.
My 2 favorite foods served by my 2 favorite people.
And medieval knights were brave and daring and chivalrous.
They knew how to sweep a woman off her feet.
Unlike Mr.
Applebaum, who's idea of sweeping a woman off her feet is raising his feet while I sweep under them.
Anyway, copy your homework for tomorrow.
Madison! Pass this to Cindy.
Mind your business! Yeah, right.
"Are we still on for the movies tomorrow?" Cindy! Cindy! From your boyfriend.
Pass this to Cory.
"Cory, we need to talk.
" Well, so did you? No, she had to leave after class.
This is bad.
Bad? Yeah.
Yeah, I got a whole drawer full of notes like that.
A drawerful? Look, the point is the note means she wants to break up with you.
Br why?! Why?! Everything's going great! Well, not according to this.
I mean, you think everything's going along great, then bam! You just got a whole drawer full of notes.
Which I really need to get rid of.
I can't believe this.
She's dumping me.
Well, face it, Cory.
I mean it's over.
The only thing you can do now is come out on top with a little bit of dignity.
How do I do that? You got to beat her to the punch.
Break up with her first and make sure that there are witnesses so everyone knows who dumped who.
There's no other way? No! Now you be strong, and whatever you do, don't go soft and start grabbing and begging and pleading to her saying, "baby, please! Give me one more chance! I can change!" You did that? This isn't about me.
You guys, that was the most fun shopping spree ever.
Could you really call it a spree, 'cause You bought vegetables.
Raven! A tomato's not a vegetable.
It's a fruit! You know, it's really not that funny.
Sorry, Rae.
When we get going, there's not stopping us.
Ok, well, when you do stop, thanks.
I have the whole rest of the day planned out for us.
We're going to the mall.
The mall? Yes, the mall, girl.
And you know what? It's gonna be so much fun because we'll get free makeovers at the Renee Lebeau Cosmetic counter.
You know you like 'em.
Well, you probably didn't know this, but Renee Lebeau tests their products on rabbits.
Really? Girl, well, I bet those rabbits are gorgeous 'cause she be hooking a face up.
I don't know, Rae.
Maybe makeovers aren't such a good idea.
Ok, ok, then we'll go to plan "B".
We'll go to the food court, amd they just opened a brand-new orange smoothius.
You guys, totally vegetarian! Ok? And they come with those little crazy straws, yeah.
But do you know where those crazy straws end up? No.
In a whale's blowhole.
And how do you know this? Because people drop their straws in the street, then they get washed into the storm drains, and then the storm drains empty into the oceans Ok, ok, I get it.
I'm sorry, but we can't do anything that harms, disrespects, or embarrassed an animal, hurts the ozone layer, or contributes to global warming.
Ok, so what do you want to do? I'm up for anything.
I know.
We could go to that new science museum and see the biodome exhibit.
The biodome! Now that sounds super fun! Ok, ok, ok.
I'm ready.
What's a biodome, what's a biodome? It's like this totally self-contained ecologically-balanced living environment.
Not hearing the super fun part.
Keep going.
Ok, well, Raven, I mean if it's really not your thing then Then we can go to the mall.
I heard you, Jen, let's go.
You can go to the mall, and Chelly and I will go the biodome.
Yeah, ok.
Yeah, Rae, you'd be cool with that, right? Yeah, girl, go on, have super fun! Ok, ok.
Super! I'll just like call you see you later! Yeah, because I mean I'd rather go to the mall by myself anyway really.
I'm having so much fun.
Me, too.
Chelly, I'm so glad we're best friends.
Me, too.
Best friends? I thought I was her best friend.
And finally, one of the most exciting features of the biodome.
The carnivorous plants.
Now these babies can actually eat insects.
There goes one now.
Poor little fly.
It's the balance of nature and the circle of life.
And the end of my shift.
The biodome will be closing in 5 minutes.
Please exit through the gift shop, as if you had a choice.
Chelly, wait.
I want to get a picture of us.
1, 2, 3.
Cool! I'm having so much fun.
Me, too.
Chelly, I'm so glad Hey, y'all! What? Rae, I thought you were supposed to be at the mall.
Mall? Why would I be in a mall when I can be in a beautiful, natural, nature, circular, habitual habitational situation.
All right, let's do the dome! Dome's been done.
Yeah, well, we could give her a quick tour.
Yeah, I guess.
I mean if she's really interested.
Interested? Please, girl.
I am totally interested in this whole economy situation, ok? You mean ecology.
Yeah, that, too.
You know what? This is actually pretty cool.
I know, isn't it? I know, it even has it's own weather system, you know to keep everything in balance.
What a great place for friends to hang out.
Yeah, I think so.
You know what? We should take a picture of all 3 of us.
Ok, ok, but let me do my hair, ok? Excuse me.
Rae! Raven! Raven, do you realize how harmful that hairspray is? To my hair? No, I got conditioner in it.
It's ok.
Contamination! Contamination! Contamination! Contamination! What's going on? The chemicals from your hairspray just upset the balance of nature! Yeah, but your hair looks really good.
It does? Really.
People, I think we need to get out of here.
System lockdown! System lockdown! You guys, we're locked in! What are we gonna do? The exhibit's closed and everyone's gone! Attempting to restore natural balance.
H-h-hey, is it getting cold in here? It's snowing.
The biodome is trying to adjust itself by changing the weather.
Thanks to Raven, we could all freeze in here! Ok! Let's not panic, homie! All right? 'Cause it's not like it's a blizzard.
Hello, Cindy.
Hey, Cory.
Did you get my note? Yes, I did.
What I wanted to talk about Let me go first, and I want to make sure everybody's listening! We are over.
What?! You heard me! Yeah, you all heard me! Yeah, I said it first.
I broke up with her.
Cory, why are you doing this? Because you were gonna break up with me first, but, I beat you to the punch.
Not really.
I thought you were my knight in shining armor.
Why is everybody hitting me? Because you're a big dummy.
Hey, I'm no dummy.
I just wasn't gonna let her break up with me.
Break up with you? Yeah.
You know that's why she gave me that note.
"We need to talk.
" She wanted to tell you that she couldn't hang out with you tonight because she's coming to my slumber party.
And then she was gonna break up with me? You really are a big dummy.
Cindy! Eddie.
What's the big emergency? What was that for?! 'Cause you're a big dummy! And I'm a bigger dummy for listening to you.
What are you talking about? I took your advice and broke up with Cindy in front of everybody.
So what's the problem? She wasn't gonna break up with me! Hey, Mr.
If you get a note from girl saying, "we need to talk," what exactly does that mean? I guess it means that she needs to talk.
Well, maybe it's just me.
My bad.
Dad, what am I gonna do? I messed up with Cindy in a big way, and I want to get her back.
Well, I guess if you messed up in a big way, then you need to make up in an even bigger way.
Let me give you, some advice.
Never take my advice.
Ok, now this is just weird.
First it's snowing, and now it's blazing hot.
Way to go, Raven.
You threw the whole biodome out of whack.
Newsflash! Ding ding! It doesn't snow at the mall! That's not true, Rae.
Remember that one time we went to see Santa? I mean there was snow like everywhere.
I wonder how long we're gonna be stuck in here.
I don't know, but we were in line for like 3 hours to see Santa.
Well, at least the elves were handing out chestnuts.
Well, Rae, if you're hungry There's some edible leaves right over here.
You just have to grab 'em by the root.
Yeah, I don't eat tree.
You wouldn't last 10 minutes at veggie camp.
Jennifer! That's where you're wrong.
I wouldn't last 5! You know what your problem is? I'm sure you're gonna tell me.
What's that supposed to mean? It means you've been on my case since the minute you got here.
Well, that's because I could tell you don't like me.
That's because you don't like me.
Well, you didn't like me first.
True, true, because I didn't like you when you came through the door.
Wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka Ok, ok, ok! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Ok, obviously it's starting to cool off, and I think you two should do the same.
Jennifer, Raven.
Man, I am starving.
There's gotta be something to eat in here.
Lipstick? Pistachio shells.
Turkey jerky! Ok, ok! Now if I find some crackers, I can make a sandwich.
Man! No crackers.
Someone jacked my jerky! Come on, Cindy, you're missing the party.
I'm not really in a party mood.
But it'll take you mind off Cory.
Come on.
Bonnie just fell asleep and we're about to draw on her face.
Sounds fun, but no thanks.
Well, you're my best friend, and if you're not coming into the party, well, girl, the party's coming out to you.
Madison! Presenting sir Cory of I'm-sorry.
Cory, what are you doing? I want to be your knight in shining armor again.
He is so cute.
Thank you.
I was talking about the pony.
Cindy I've come to beg your forgiveness in front of everyone.
I'm listening.
Hit it, knave.
Pretty maiden, listen well, for I have story here to tell.
A knight named Cory loved a lass.
They met in Mrs.
Applebaum's class.
She handed him an innocent note.
The knight mistook what she had wrote.
He rode for blocks to her back door to ask for forgiveness.
Please don't be sore.
So, Cindy, do you forgive me? I've seen bigger dummies.
Yes, Cory, I forgive you.
Thank you, Cindy.
Fair maiden? Once around the yard, knave.
All right, but we got to make it quick.
I've got to get stinky here back to my uncle's petting zoo.
Come on.
Don't you hit me.
Man, if I ever find the jerk that jacked my jerky, I'm gonna get him.
What? It's just a vine.
A vine that moves! Chelsea, Chels! Ok, wait! Ok, let's make a deal, plant.
Let's make a deal! Somebody help! Help! He Gosh, Rae! Rae, what are you doing? Ok, ok, ok! I'm not doing anything! This salad with arms is doing all the doing! Get off of me! Admit it, Raven.
You just came here to ruin my friendship with Chelly.
No! I came here to save my friendship with Chels.
What? What are you talking about? Well, I don't want to lose my best friend.
Why would you think you would lose me? Because you and Jennifer have so much in common.
I mean you're both vegetarians, you both love animals.
Wait a minute.
You're jealous of me? Yeah, I guess I am.
Really? Because Because I'm jealous of you.
You are? Well, yeah.
I mean all Chelsea talks about at veggie camp is Raven.
Raven, Raven, Raven! You do? Well, yeah.
I mean, come on.
I gotta tell my camp best friend about my home best friend.
I love both of you guys.
It's really hard for me to see you fighting like this.
Chels, I'm sorry.
Jennifer I'm sorry, too.
Me, too.
Hey, it let go! I guess when you and Jen made up, the plant felt the love.
Natural balance has been restored.
The door's open! We can go home! Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Let's take a picture with the plant.
Ok, we're leaving you nasty! Hey, honey.
You're home late.
My goodness.
Jennifer and Chels and I got stuck in a biodome, and we almost got eaten by a giant plant.
Yeah, right! Go upstairs and get ready for dinner.
But it really Ok.
Let's get these burgers started.
How many times have I told her Raven, you left your bag on the counter again! What a cute little plant.