That's So Raven (2003) s03e23 Episode Script

Too Much Pressure

1 My goodness, Chels.
Pressure is my favorite singer.
If I can just get a glimpse of him, my life will be complete.
Well, this is the place, Rae.
My hairdresser's sister's best friend's cousin said that this was the place that Pressure was gonna be rehearsing for his new video.
Chels, your hairdresser's sister's best friend's cousin is me.
I told you that.
I don't care who you are.
No one gets near Pressure unless your name is on the list.
I'll see at dinner, grandma.
This might be harder than I thought.
You two better not be here to see Pressure.
Pressure? Who is this Pressure you speak of? Rae? I can't believe you forgot.
He's like your favorite singer.
Ok, you two.
Unless you're taking a dance class or waiting for someone taking a dance class, you better get up on out of here.
Well, then we're here for dance class.
No, you're not.
Because the only class still open is for boys 12 to 14.
So if I come here with a 12-year-old boy and sign him up for dance class, then I can hang out and drool over whoever happens to walk by? No, but if you come back here with a 12-year-old boy and 150 bucks for class, then you can hang out and drool over whoever happens to walk by.
Man, Rae.
If only we knew a 12-year-old boy with 150 bucks.
149 Yep, that's me.
No, no, no.
You listen to me, Marty.
If you can't come over here to install that satellite dish today, then don't bother about coming over here at all.
Ok, then.
He's not coming over at all.
What? But Mr.
B, the big game is tomorrow, and the only way to see the game is through satellite.
What's the point of having all this cool stuff if we can't even use it? All right.
That's it.
I'm calling back Marty, and I'm gonna apologize.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, guys.
Guys, guys, calm down.
Calm down.
Look, I'll tell you what.
I'll install the satellite dish myself.
I mean, come on, how hard can it be? Cory, I don't need a phonebook.
I'm not gonna call another installer.
B, these are the instructions.
Excuse me.
Could you all keep it down, please? I am going into the kitchen to make a very important, very personal phone call.
This call is so top secret and potentially embarrassing, that no one can hear what I'm saying.
No, Greg, I will not go out with you.
Why? Because you can't dance, Greg.
I mean, hey, if you would've taken dance lessons when you were 12, you wouldn't be faced with such a long, lonely life.
I'll holler.
Cory Baxter.
Were you listening to every word I said? Yeah.
Raven, you were really tough on that Greg guy.
Hey, hey, I am sorry you had to hear that, Cory, but this right here is the real world.
A girl will drop a guy like that if he can't dance.
Hey, I'm not worried.
You know, I got my moves for the ladies.
You know.
Look at you.
You dance like Greg.
What am I gonna do? Well, there is this studio you could take dance lessons at, and there might be a spot open for you.
Really? You know, I don't want to face a a long, lonely life.
And, you're gonna need 150 bucks.
Maybe lonely's not so bad.
Cory! This is very important.
Now if it's about the money Which it is.
Well, then there's only one thing to do.
Dad, Cory wants to have a mature, man-to-man conversation with you.
Daddy, I can't dance.
That's ok, son.
You're a good dancer.
No, I disagree.
Dad, I need dance lessons.
Dance lessons.
Now this is a very good thing, dad.
Dancing gives a young man confidence.
Exactly how much is his confidence gonna cost me? Dad.
You cannot put a price on confidence.
But if you had to, it'd be $150.
Ok, Cory, if you do this, then you're gonna have to promise that you're gonna stick to it.
Not like the piano, or the karate, or the tennis.
No, no.
Dad dad, I promise.
And you know what, dad? I'll even take him down there myself to sign him up.
Thanks, Raven.
It's my Pressure Pleasure.
149, 150.
Ok, little man, you in.
Studio "A".
I'm there.
Thanks again, Raven.
You're welcome.
Go get 'em.
I guess now me and my friend can, you know, chill in the lobby.
Because that's what we're allowed to do.
And say if someone famous such as my homeboy Pressure should come by for rehearsal, we can holler at him.
Right, because that's what we're allowed to do.
All I know is if you keep talking while my stories are on, I'm gonna toss you out 'cause that's what I'm allowed to do.
Why you gotta be so mean? Hi, are you madame Blecch? Blecch! Accent on the "ecch.
" And you are? I'm Cory.
Do you have any experience with traditional yak dance of Creponia? Yak dance? Do the girls like that? Creponian girls would dive into yogurt for good yak dancer.
Yogurt? Ok.
Let's get to yakking.
There are my dancers.
Come in, my little darlings.
Excuse me.
Hello, ladies.
Those are guys.
What were you expecting? Girls to do the yak dance? There he is.
Chels, Chels, don't look now, but there's Pressure.
Ok, ok! All right, look, everybody trying out for the video, follow Pressure to the studio.
Chels, Chels, Chels, Chels! Let's go to the studio.
Ok, ok! Chels, what are you doing? Rae, you told me not to look.
Forget it, Chels.
Come on.
Let's go try out for the video.
And this time, keep your eyes open.
How y'all doing? How y'all doing? Watch out.
Rae I'm trying to keep my eyes open, but I gotta blink really bad.
Chels, go ahead and blink.
Knock yourself out.
Oh, snap.
Ok, ok.
Listen up, ladies.
Pressure's new video is called Gotta Get You Back.
Now I'm gonna show y'all some of the moves.
It's real simple.
And I want y'all to show me what you got, a'ight? Here we go.
5, 6, 7, 8.
Rock away.
Rock away.
And repeat.
Everybody got it? A'ight.
Let's see it.
5, 6 5, 6, 7, 8.
All right.
Ok, hold up.
That that right there.
That's enough.
Thank you, ladies.
No, wait.
No, no, no.
I was just warming up, Pressure.
I know your routine.
Watch my sprinkler.
Ready? And sprinkler.
And sprinkler.
And security.
It's gonna be like that, Pressure? It's all good.
We still love you.
I touched him! 5, 6, 7, 8.
It's all my fault, Rae.
It was that sprinkler move.
I kept doing the watering can.
It is all good, Chels.
At least I got to see my precious Pressure.
You broke my heart, girl, you tore it in 2 you walked out on me, now what can I do Chels! What? Ok.
It is all good.
I just had a vision.
I'm gonna be in Pressure's video.
And he's gonna be singing to me! My god! Didn't I tell you two to keep it down? My god! I'm so excited.
Wait a minute.
Raven, no.
How are you gonna be in Pressure's video? He just kicked us out.
Well, Chels, as long as we've got Cory, I can come back here tomorrow and make my vision come true.
Right? I know.
I'm never coming back here again.
That's the spot.
Hey, dad, what are you doing? I gotta run a cable from the satellite dish up on the roof into the living room.
Well, why don't you just drill a hole? Great.
Everybody's an expert.
Well, dad, just want to give you a heads up that, Cory wants to quit dance lessons.
What? He promised me he was gonna stick it out.
Don't be hard on yourself, ok? 'Cause you did your best as a parent.
Unfortunately Your best wasn't good enough.
Dad, could I talk to you? Cory, forget it.
You're not quitting that class.
You made a commitment.
But, dad I don't care.
No buts.
We had a deal.
You promised you were gonna stick it out.
But, dad, they're making me wear I don't care if they're making you wear a dress.
You're gonna go to that class.
But, dad End of discussion.
This is so unfair.
Can can't you talk to him? Yeah, tried.
His mind's made up.
This is a nightmare.
I'm s Yeah, it is, Cory.
I'm gonna be in the video.
I hate myself But yet.
Brock, no, don't read the letter.
Don't read the Now he gonna know the truth.
Y'all back for the Pressure video? Ok.
Studio "B".
Pressure? Pressure's here? Pressure.
Who's Pressure? Rae, I can't believe you forgot again.
Pressure's the whole reason you tricked Cory into taking dance lessons.
What? This was all a scam so you can meet Pressure? Hey, ok, man.
I scammed you, but what about all those times you've scammed me? I never sank this low.
Because of you, I have to wear a skirt.
Could be worse.
Cory! Come to class immediately! She seems nice.
This isn't over.
He seems really upset, Rae.
Listen, Chels, I did not sink this low to quit now, ok.
We gotta get into that video.
That's right, my little pets.
Tap those hooves.
Stop! Stop! Cory, this dance is about Wolfie the yak.
He tinkles his bells and prances up the mountain to find his perfect mate.
Speaking of tinkle, can I prance to the little yak's room? And again.
1, 2, 3, 4, and Check it out, Rae.
I've been working on my sprinkler.
Yeah! See, totally nailed it.
You know what? Hold up, hold up.
Look, Pressure's just not feeling it.
You know, I need something fresh.
I need something new.
Hey, I'm new.
I'm fresh.
Hold up.
Didn't Pressure cut you two yesterday? Pressure, if you did, then how could we be here today? You know what? Right now, that doesn't even matter, all right.
Look, this whole video thing is just not gonna happen unless Pressure comes up with a whole new idea.
Then I'm outta here.
My vision.
What am I gonna do? Excuse me, miss.
What you call me? Man! I thought I had problems.
Hey, it's not a skirt, ok? It is a kazitzkah, and it's worn by the manly yak herders.
Is that what they told you? Ok.
It's a skirt, but the only reason I'm wearing it is because of you.
Hold up.
What's a little dude in a skirt got to do with Pressure? My big sister scammed me into taking dance lessons so she could meet you.
Pressure feels for you.
I mean, I got a big sister, too.
Does she make your life miserable? She used to.
So now y'all like best friends or something? No.
Now she drives my limo.
That was cool.
My sister makes me so mad.
I wish I could get her back, you know? Wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Get her back.
Hold on, little man.
I think you just gave Pressure a whole new idea.
Eddie, how's it look? Still a little fuzzy, Mr.
Look, are you sure you're pointing that thing 175 degrees south-southwest? I don't know.
Well, what happened to your compass? A squirrel stole it.
Well, look, why don't you just walk around with the dish, and I'll tell you when it looks good.
Can you see anything? Nothing.
How about now? It's even worse.
Eddie, how can it be worse than nothing? Man.
We're never gonna get to see that game, Mr.
Eddie, I did not climb up here for nothing.
Trust me.
We are gonna see some bone-crushing football action.
Hey bad squirrel.
Hey, get away from those wires.
Come on.
No! Got it.
Lost it.
Got it! Lost it.
Hold it, Mr.
! I can't! Mr.
! Are you ok? I'm fine.
Just get me down.
Right, right.
Hey, hey.
Wait, wait.
What what? That is a great picture.
That is some good football right there.
You know if I cut you down, we're gonna lose the picture, right? Man.
That is a great picture.
Bad squirrel.
Bad squirrel.
Get away from the cable.
Stop chewing the cable.
Here come the pain! Ok, ok, ok, ladies, line it up.
Line it up.
All right.
Now Pressure's back.
The video is on with a whole new idea thanks to my new friend Cory.
Cory? Hello, ladies.
Now Cory's gonna pick one beautiful girl to play the lead.
They're all yours, Cor.
Thanks, Presh.
To be in this video, you gotta have sizzle.
And you gotta have Pop, ok? Psst.
Cory, come over.
Can I help you? Hey, little brother, how you doing? Hey, look, I promise if you make me the lead in this video, I will be the bestest big sister in the whole entire world.
It's a big world.
So what are you thinking, Cor? Well, Presh, you know, I was thinking I would go with, - no, i You know, I think I'll go with Raven.
Thank you.
Thank you.
No reason to thank me.
Seeing you in that video will be thanks enough.
You broke my heart, girl, you tore it in 2 you walked out on me, now what can I do I cried every day I spent without you Gotta Get You Back if it's the last thing I do Gotta Get You Back I gotta see this through Gotta Get You Back if it's the last thing I do I dreamed of the day I'd come to your door just what I'd do, I could never be sure Gotta Get You Back I gotta see this through Gotta Get You Back if it's the last thing I do my friends say move on and I would if I could so when I get you back, it's gonna feel so good Gotta Get You Back I gotta see this through Gotta Get You Back if it's the last thing I do my friends say move on and I would if I could so when I get you back, it's gonna feel so good Gotta Get You Back I gotta see this through Gotta Get You Back if it's the last thing I do my friends say move on I guess I deserved that.
Yeah, you did.
Why do we do these things to each other? I don't know.
We're brother and sister, so, I think it's our job.
Too bad we're really good at it.
Let's watch it again.
Thank you so much.
Thank ok.
Thanks to you for coming to our recital.
I hope you enjoyed the yak dance.
And now, as we say in Creponia, go home! Well, son, I am proud of you.
You stuck to your commitment, and you did what you had to do.
So now I am going to do what I have to do.
Let's never speak of this again.
I appreciate that.
Cory, Cory.