That's So Raven (2003) s03e24 Episode Script

Extreme Cory

I'm Eddie Thomas, and welcome to my exciting life.
Cut! Cut! Cut! Eddie! Your project is to do a video on the most exciting person you know.
How could you not pick me? 'Cause I picked myself.
Ya see, my life is full of nonstop, wall-to wall excitement.
And, Chels, you better not miss a single second of it.
I'm on it! All right.
Now, follow me, and we'll all get started.
Rae, nice shoes! Well, thank you.
I'm just breakin' 'em in.
You know.
Hey, I'm gonna wear 'em to the Ultra Jam concert.
But I have to wait on the right time to ask my dad.
Hey, Chels, did you get that? I just found 5 bucks.
Yeah, yeah, I got it! No, you didn't.
Yeah, I know.
I was kinda talkin' to Rae.
But, hey, look, look, I promise I won't miss any more exciting things you do.
Ok? All right.
Come on.
Hey! That was my 5 bucks! Yeah! Yeah! Man! Yeah! Yeah.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 1, 2, 3! To the extreme! Let's go, guys! Come on, you guys, let's go! Yeah! Cory?! What are you doin' here? I came to check out the X Squad.
Man, they've got the coolest shirts, the coolest nicknames.
I wish I could skate like them.
I bet you could.
Just missin' 2 things Skateboard and some skills.
Well, I'm buyin' a skateboard today.
And as for skills, I happen to be a natural athlete.
Look at you.
Fallin' to the Ex Treme.
Yep, that's me.
Ok, I getcha, Cory.
I hope that skateboard came with a bag of skills.
Ok, this happens to be the top of the line Extreminator 3000.
The guy at the store said, you just get on it and go.
Ok! Get on it And go.
All right.
To the extreme! Cory! How many times have I told you not to skateboard in the house?! Never.
You'd think I would've.
It's so obvious.
You know what, Cory? You definitely have a future in skateboarding As a crash test dummy! Thanks a lot, Raven.
I'm there for you anytime.
Raven, that was not funny.
You shouldn't be makin' fun of him just because he wants to learn somethin' new.
Man, bad timing.
I was gonna ask dad for the money to go to the Ultra Jam concert.
II wonder if he knows I'm not listening.
I better just nod my head.
Are you listening to me? Sure.
I heard every word, dad, to what you were sayin' when you s Hey! Hey, dad, can I have some money to go to the Ultra Jam concert? I knew you weren't listenin' to me! Don't you care about anything else but yourself? Absolutely.
I care about all the great acts that are gonna be at the Ultra Jam! Myesha, Pressure.
Boyz 'N Motion.
You great.
I don't want to hear it.
Look, until you start showin' some support for your brother, you can forget about that concert.
Ok, you know what? Don't worry.
Ok? Did she say Myesha and Boyz 'N Motion? That's a good show.
I should buy a ticket myself.
We would never separate.
He doesn't laugh at me, so why should Dad? And don't you forget it.
Cory Baxter, right? Yeah? I'm Scabz.
This is Razor.
This is my crew Bones, Skids, Bruise, Wheels, and Stitches.
Word down at the skateboard shop is you bought the Extreminator 3000.
Hey, you wanna come in and see it? Yeah! Yeah! All right! Thanks! Let's go! Dude, this board is awesome! Where'd you get the cash? Well, you know.
I moved some investments around, liquidated some assets.
I got a hookup.
All right, so let's see what you got.
Right here? Yeah.
You know, you could do, like, an Ollie this should be fun Cory gettin' busted by the X Squad.
I I'm supposed to be supportive.
I want to go to that concert.
But I do love to watch him squirm.
I'll make him look good.
Cory! Cory, now, you know you are not supposed to be skateboardin' in the house! Remember, you scratched up the bannister and the floor doin' all your little dips and tricks and and grindings all up on the ceilin' with the 170-twist Ollie into a nosedive.
Remember that? It's crazy.
The ceiling? Extreme! Extreme! Extreme! Man, Cory, you gotta hang with us at the skate park.
Yeah! No doubt! Yeah! All right.
We'll see you tomorrow, then.
Let's bizzounce.
Extreme! Yeah, ok! Raven, thanks for sayin' all those cool things about me.
Anytime, home bro.
Just make sure you tell dad how supportive I was.
Yeah, ok.
Man, I can't believe I'm gonna be skatin' with the X Squad tomorrow.
I'm I'm gonna be skatin' with the X Squad tomorrow.
I can't skate! You built me up to those guys! Now I gotta come through! Relax, Cory, ok? All you need is a little practice.
Do the little flippy thing that they did.
Hey, I'm gonna go, shoot some hoops, so keep that camera on me while I rain down on some chumps.
I'm on it! What's for lunch today? Fish sticks and grilled cheese Hey, what was that?! Over the shoulder! No look.
Full court, nothin' but nets.
What?! Is that good?! Is that good? Chels, I just made a one-in-a-million shot.
Man! That would've been great for the video.
You missed it, Chels? This video has to be exciting.
My reputation's at stake.
Well, just do it again.
I'll never make a shot like that again.
Not with that attitude, you won't.
How'm I doin'? Well, you've mastered the bench.
Let's try the board.
I've got it! I'm skateboarding! I wouldn't celebrate just yet.
Check me out! Look out, Cory! There's a step down there! Good boy! See? Raven, I did it! If we keep practicin' like this every mornin', I'll be ready for the X Squad.
Every morning? I am not gettin' up every mornin'.
Cory, we need to talk.
See, I think I think you're ready right now! I am? To the Extreme.
Thanks, Raven.
Cory? Yeah, I know.
I won't forget to tell dad how supportive you are.
Good boy! Yeah! Us to the extreme! Yo! What's up, Exers? Yeah, what up, Cory? Y'all bring my shirt? Slow your rope.
I need a nickname first.
You know, I was thinkin' of, Moneybagz With a "Z.
" Dude.
You gotta do something extreme to earn that name.
And you know the shirt's 29.
How extreme are we talkin'? Extremely extreme.
Yeah! Extreme! Yeah Hey, champ, how'd it go? Did you make it into the X Squad? No But I need an X-ray.
I think I broke my ankle.
Here you go, Cory.
You know what? I never shoulda sent you out there.
I just wasn't ready.
How bad does it hurt? Really bad.
Can I at least get you a refill? If it's not too much trouble.
Trouble? Please! Whatever you need.
Poor little guy.
It's movie time! Yeah! That little phoney! Oh, snap! Here you go, you poor little baby.
Drink your milk, and Raven will adjust your bandage for you.
No, no! No, thank you.
It's adjusted just right.
It is? Let me make sure.
No, it's ok! I knew it! You little faker! You'd better come clean right now.
Here's what happened.
I was at the park, and the X Squad said if I wanted to join, I had to do somethin' extreme.
You wanna be in the X Squad or not? Yeah, I'm down.
All right.
I'm down! I'm down! What happened? My ankle! It hurts! Ex extremely bad! Yeah? Well, maybe you're just extremely chicken.
Poser! Poser! Poser! Nice try.
And that's why I can never face the X Squad again.
They're gonna clown me To the extreme.
Cory, be realistic.
You can't stay in this house forever.
Of course not! Just for a couple of years until everybody forgets.
Cory, now, listen.
You need to go down there, look those kids in the eyes, and say, "listen! "I don't do anything than I don't want to do, and I don't want to do this.
" I don't want to do that.
Cory, trust me.
They'll respect you if you stand up to them.
You're right.
I'll do it.
All right! Talk about excitement! Now we find Eddie opening his locker.
Maybe later, he'll tie his shoes.
I do not need the attitude.
Ok, Chels? And now we see Eddie getting annoyed.
Of course I'm annoyed! Ok? I told everybody I had this exciting life, and all you got on camera is that we're having grilled cheese on Wednesday! And fish sticks.
Excuse me.
There's such thing as courtesy.
What planet are you From? Help C- Chels! Chels! Are you gettin' this? Wait just a sec.
Something's wrong with the camera.
Everything's green! All right, that's better.
Ok, Eddie.
What'd you want me to see? Eddie? Eddie? Hey, dad! So, did you talk to Cory about the big sister, supportive, there-for-him thing? Yeah, he did tell me that you've been great and you've given him some good advice, so I guess you've earned the concert.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, dad! You know what? I am really proud of you.
Could you get me a Myesha t-shirt? And a Pressure hat.
A Pressure poster.
You're gonna need some more money.
I sure will! And a Boyz 'N Motion mug.
Hey, dad, did, Cory already go to the park? Yeah.
He left a few minutes ago.
You know what? I already got a mug.
How about a button? Yeah.
Dad ok.
You know what? Thank you very much, but I have to come back.
I have to take care of something.
Ok? And when I come back, dad We need to talk about your musical interests.
Check it out, fellas.
Look who's walking.
Hey, guys, there's somethin' I gotta tell you.
I don't do anything that I don't wanna do.
'Preciate that respect.
Dude, you're the biggest wimp we've ever met.
Ok, maybe I got some bad advice here.
Ok, what do I have to do? You gotta ride the half-pipe.
That little bitty thing? I would, but, you know, I don't have a board Or a helmet Or pads.
Here I go.
Tell my parents I love 'em.
Dudes, man, dudes, cover your brake, man, yeah! Who are you? The name's E.
, 'cause I, like, totally live in the emergency room.
Get it? Who's your crew? I never heard of you.
, baby! Original extreme! Yeah! Raven, what are you doin' here?! I'm tryin' to keep you from getting hurt.
So, where's the rest of your crew? Yeah, man, they're not with us anymore.
You mean They're up in In Canada, for sure! They retired.
I mean, like, totally.
Once you've broken every bone in your body, you've done it all, right? That's what I say.
Yeah! So, what kind of extreme stunts are you dudes into? Show him, Razor.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah.
Yeah! Dude.
You call that extreme? For sure, not.
My mom could do that.
You know what? I didn't get a plate in my skull for doin' baby stunts, man, for sure.
Baby stunts? Yeah, that's what I said! You dudes are punks, man! For sure.
You wanna see somethin' extreme? You better follow me.
Come on.
Watch this, man.
Watch this! Yeah, man! Let's see you ride down those.
The stairway to nowhere? No one can ride that.
You'd break into a million pieces.
Yeah, you would! But, I mean, once they put you back together, you'd, like, totally stand tall.
Well, not tall as you would have before, 'cause you woulda lost some bone mass.
But that's beside the point.
So, who wants to go down first, dudes? Scabz, how 'bout you? Forget it, man! Am I feelin' that someone's tryin', to chicken out here, man? Stop sweatin' me.
I'm not chicken.
That's just too dangerous.
See, no one likes to be pressured into doin' something that they don't wanna do.
Now that we learned our lesson, rock on, man! E.
, let's see you do it.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah.
If you're as extreme as you say you are, it should be no problem.
Yeah! Yeah! Cripes! It's tubular, man! But do you really, really want me to do it? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Maybe you didn't hear me.
I said, "did you really, really, really want me to do that?" Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This is ridiculous.
This is my sister Raven.
Man! How y'all doin'? Dude, you brought your sister down here to punk us? Hey, I didn't, but It worked.
Thanks for havin' my back.
If you guys go around tellin' everyone I punked out I'll just say the same about you.
Dude, come on! We've got a reputation! The X Squad never backs down.
All right.
Look, Cory, if you don't tell anyone we backed down, we'll really teach you how to skateboard.
All right! Cool! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Wait, dudes! Dudes! Dudes! Man, are we are we ok? To the extreme! To the extreme! Extreme! Aaahhh! Yeah! How do you stop this thing?! Burnside boardslide! Help me! I don't like this! Help! Hey, what's that called? I don't know.
Somethin' with a "g" in it.
That's gotta hurt.
Dude, if your sister survives this, she's gonna be a legend.
Camera's on.
Let's see something amazing.
What do you think, something's gonna fall right out of the clear blue sky? I am not Ok.
Did you get it? Yes! Got it! Cool.
Out of tape.
So, how was the Ultra Jam? Too bad you couldn't use your ticket.
You know, it was pretty cool.
You don't look like you had that much fun.
You know, it would've been a lot better without all the yelling, shrieking, and hysterical screamin'.
Yeah, well, those girls can get pretty excited.
Girls? I wish.
I was talkin' about dad.
I lost my voice.
But that was the best concert ever.