That's So Raven (2003) s03e25 Episode Script

The Grill Next Door

1 Hey, dad.
Hey, kids, check it out.
I've added something new to the menu jerk chicken.
You're gonna eat the chicken and call it names? Chelsea, it's ja-mai-can.
Well, I don't care what ya makin', it's still rude.
Sorry, chicken.
We got some news for ya.
Yeah, Mr.
There's a new restaurant openin' up right next door.
No problem.
Heard about it.
The Chill Grill can handle a little competition.
Hello, Victor.
Leonard Stevenson.
Don't tell me that's your new restaurant next door.
I won't tell you But it is.
What happened to your cooking show? Captain cookoff? I decided to take a break and spend some quality time with the family.
Really? I bet you did.
Canceled Leonard, what is your problem? Ever since cooking school, you've been trying to outdo me.
Not just trying, succeeding.
What's the name of your restaurant? It's something catchy, yet brilliantly original.
The Hill Grill? Yeah, that is catchy.
Chels, it's just the Chill Grill without the "c.
" And original.
It's just a big ripoff.
Anyhoo, my grand opening's tomorrow, and I just came by to Let's be honest.
I came by to rub it in your face! Good times, good times.
Jerk chicken! Dad, you ok? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey, come on now.
We got good food.
We got loyal customers.
We've got nothing to worry about.
Well Chill Grill's out of business.
What? Now we got something to worry about.
Yep, that's me.
Rae, are you gonna tell your dad about your vision? No! Because I don't want to worry him, and it's not gonna come true, Chels.
You know why? Because Leonard Stevenson is not gonna put my daddy out of business.
That's right, ok? And we're there for you, Rae.
Ok? Anything to save the Chill Grill.
All right, let's brainstorm.
Got anything? No.
Well, he's going out of business.
At least we tried.
Is that Cory's band? Can you feel it? Can you feel the love? Nothing feels better than feelin' the love everybody knows that when push comes to shove nothing feels better than feelin' the love That actually sounded good.
Thank you, thank you.
You've gotta admit, Cory and the boys have reached a whole new level since I took over the vocals and, William lost his clarinet.
Wait a second.
Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that Cory and the boys can be that gimmick we're looking for to help the Chill Grill.
What better way to bring up business than a house band who can bring in kids and their paying parents? All right! Our first gig! Yeah, man! Yeah! Y'all better practice up.
Your gig's tomorrow.
Open up.
This is the po-lice.
Ok! O-ok, I was never here! You didn't see me, you guys! Chels! Chels.
They're probably just here about the noise.
Chels? Who's who's Chels? I am so sorry, Offi cer.
You're under arrest for being fine.
Santa gave me a bullhorn for Christmas.
It was on my list.
Really? Well, Santa is now on my list.
You can have it, baby, from my lips to yours.
Chels, now we can leave.
Got a nice sound there, but you're missin' one thing.
Yeah? And what's that? Me.
I should be your band's lead singer.
I'm our lead singer.
What's the matter? Afraid I'm gonna show you up? Yeah, right, like you gonna sucker me into letting you sing.
Ok! Ok! One verse.
Give me some nasty energy, boys.
This is Stanley's world he's got all the girls you gotta understand he's a maniac he belongs in your band hit me now, That was awesome! Dude! You rock, man! He was all right.
Now, if you'll excuse us, Stanley.
We have to rehearse for our gig.
What are you doing? Stanley's bigger than 2 clarinets! He could bring this band to a whole new level! We're already at a whole new level.
That level was like the old level compared to this level.
Man, we got enough levels! Come on, Stanley.
You're not joining our band.
I'm sorry.
I tried my best.
You'll be sorry.
Hey, Mr.
We were just over at the Hill Grill.
So, what was it like over there? Well, it's pretty much like here except there's people.
Yeah, yeah.
And the food's good.
Hey, neighbor.
You know the only problem with an overcrowded restaurant? There's no room to gloat.
Boy, lots of gloatin' room in here.
Dad, don't listen to him.
The crowd'll be here any minute because Cory and the boys have a very loyal following.
Yeah, they're all over at the Hill Grill now listening to my band.
You copied that idea, too?! Yeah, what do you call them, Ory and the oys? That's good, but no.
Stanley and the guys? Yeah, that Stanley's amazing.
I've never seen a kid with so much talent, like, "wowh!" You guys should come see the show.
Wait, it's sold out.
Enjoy the quiet.
I can't believe he's doing this to me.
Cory, I told you to let Stanley in our band.
What? What? Stanley wanted to join the what? The band? Yeah, but he wasn't good.
He was better than good.
He was off the shizzle.
A moment? Come here.
Now, listen, I didn't wanna have to tell you this, ok? But I had a vision that the chill grill was gonna go out of business.
No! This is dad's dream! He loves this place.
That's why we have to do whatever it takes to keep it from happening.
And you know what, we might be able to get those customers back if you had Stanley in your band.
But it's my band, and he just wants to take over.
Cory, ok, you know what? I know this is gonna be a big sacrifice, but you have to put your feelings aside and do this for dad.
All right, I'll do it for dad.
Ok, that's him.
Cory, stay strong.
Hey, Stanley.
Hey, Stanley! I was just telling Raven here how much I admire your Let's cut the jibber-jabber.
What's shakin', pretty lady? Wish I could rearrange the alphabet so I could put "u" and "I" Together.
So, Cory has something to tell you.
Ye Stanley? I made a mistake, and I want you to be in my band.
You had your chance, but you blew it, fool.
M- man, come on! All right, I I'll tell you what.
Whatever Leonard's paying you, I'll top it.
Forget it.
Man, every man has his price.
Name yours.
Ok But you will have to change the name of your band from Cory and the boys to Stanley! Stanley and the boys? Nah, just Stanley.
Listen here, you little band-stealin', alphabet-rearranging Do it for daddy.
For daddy.
Stanley The band's new name Is Stanley.
See? Look how easy that was.
Deal done.
I'll holler.
Yeah, no, you don't.
Ok? Now, look, I got one more stipulation.
What else could you possibly want? Hey, mama, what do you say we take this steam we got between us out for a ride? You wanna go on a date with me? That's funny.
It ain't gonna happen, though.
Deal's off.
I'm stayin' at the Hill Grill.
Come on.
Do it for dad.
For dad.
I can't believe I have to go on a date with that Stanley, that little pint-sized, playah-wannabe, can't-get-a-woman- without Come on, Rae.
It's cool because you're helping your dad save the Chill Grill.
Yeah, yeah.
And We're gonna be doing our part, too, because Eddie and I are gonna perform a little magic trick, you know, to warm up the crowd before Stanley goes on.
We are? Eddie, is that an egg under your nose? What kind of question is that? Put this over your face! Abracadabra.
I'll be right back.
Rae, you're all out of eggs! Chels! Look, you keep right on trying, all right? And I'm gonna make myself disappear.
Eddie? Eddie? Eddie My gosh, he's really good! Hey, sweet thing.
Don't you knock? Knock-knock.
Ok, baby, here's the plan.
A moonlit boat ride around the bay, a romantic dinner on the pier, then a little slow dancin' for dessert.
Ok, ya little nasty, here's my plan.
We're gonna take a bus ride down to the Chill Grill, you gonna order a burger from the kiddie menu, and there is definitely no dessert.
That doesn't sound like much of a date.
You know, Rae, his plan was much more romantic.
Know what, baby? Deal's off.
Wait, wait, wait! No, no! No, it's not, no, it's not.
I was just playin' with you.
You can have some dessert.
Hey, how about a cookie? Thanks Cookie.
May I say you look beautiful in that candlelight? Hurry up and eat.
Hey, guys, how about this turnout? We get all our regular customers back, plus more.
Yeah, Stanley really has a following.
I didn't know he was so talented.
He sings, he dances.
And he does great impressions.
You should hear him do Mary-Kate and Ashley.
It's like they're both in the room.
We get it, Larry.
Cory, are you ok? I mean, I know Stanley took your spot.
Hey, if it's good for the Chill Grill, it's good for me.
Here we go.
Hello, and welcome, everybody, to the fabulous, original Chill Grill.
That's Chill Grill with a "c.
" Thank you.
Before I bring up Stanley, I just wanna Hear that, mama? They love me.
And some day you will, too.
Eat your vegetables.
Please welcome the magical stylings of Chelsea the magnificent and her assistant Eduardo the reluctant.
Thank you, thank you.
Prepare to be amazed as I attempt to divide my assistant Eduardo in half! Attempt? Now you know why I'm reluctant.
This night is speeding by! Ok! Look, I know you don't wanna be here, but I just wanna let you know it's one of the greatest nights of my life.
Stanley, thank you.
That was so sweet.
Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little something to show How much I enjoyed being with you.
Hold out your wrist.
You got me a bracelet? Close your eyes.
It's a charm bracelet, and I'm your charm.
No, no! You've gotta get me out of this right now! What's the rush, baby? This date is just gettin' started.
Give me the key, Stanley! Don't make me shake it out of you! Shake me, but, baby, just don't break me.
Yuck and yuck! And now our second panel! And now, the moment of truth.
Yeah, well, the truth better not hurt.
Hey, Chelsea, you did it! Thank you, thank you! I am Chelsea the magnificent! Ok, all right, miss magnificent, you can put me back together now.
What?! Good night, ladies and gentlemen! Chelsea! Chelsea and Eddie, everybody! Chelsea and Eddie! Chelsea and Eddie! Ok, guys, here you go, the person you've been waiting for, let's give a big Chill Grill welcome to Stanley! Hear that, mama? They're playin' our song.
Everybody, hop it up with my lady, Raven! I'm not his lady, ok? You are my lad-y I'm never your lad-y never say never, my lad-y never, never, never, never, never you my lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady Ok, you know what, stop! Stop playing.
Stop playing.
Stop! Now, listen, everybody, I'm sorry, but I am not his lady, ok? Ok.
Well, if that's how you feel, I'll let you go.
Thank you.
Listen up, everybody.
The party's movin' to the Hill Grill.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Look, he was just playin'! Stop! No, no! He was just playin' with y'all! Party ain't goin' nowhere.
The party's right here.
Raise the roof.
Hit it! Hit it! Give me a beat! I'm his lady yes, you are my lad-y Make it funky break it down break it up come on, owwh lover, lover this is solid love and you're exactly what I'm dreamin' of all through the day and all through the night I give you all the love I can with all my might reunited and it feels so good reunited 'cause we understood there's one perfect fit and, sugar, this one is it we both are so excited 'cause we're reunited, hey, hey All right, that was great.
Now, un-unite us, please.
Sorry, baby.
I seem to have misplaced the key.
Well, I'm gonna misplace my foot upside your head.
Take a bow! Well, thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you very much.
My dad owns the place, so I will be back.
However, I ain't playin' with you.
Hey, now, that was off the hook.
What a performance! Reunited and it felt so good.
Chels, can you get me one of them sharp magic thingies that you did during your show? Sure! You can't cut through these handcuffs, baby.
They're solid steel.
Really? But who said anything about cuttin' through the handcuffs? Look, I found the key.
Hey, good evening, guys.
Come again.
What can I do for you, Leonard? I gotta hand it to you, Victor, nice crowd tonight.
They came for Stanley, but they obviously stayed for the food.
I give up.
Excuse me? You win.
I'm going out of business.
Really? You're taking this well.
Yeah, well, it kind of helps that I was closing anyway.
I got offered a new reality show, cooking for the world's most beautiful models.
Man, you got You know what? I wish you the best.
Really? Did I mention it shoots in va-ii? Hawaii?! You It it's all good.
It's all good.
Aloha, Victor.
Don't you wish you were me? Not really.
I got everything I could ever need right here.
Great night, dad? Yeah.
Couldn't have done it without you guys.
Hey, we're family.
That's what we do.
Yeah, I gotta confess, though, I thought the Hill Grill was gonna put me out of business.
Well, it doesn't look like that's gonna happen, does it? Great night.
All right, Stanley, you got about 10 seconds to say what you have to say.
I'm sorry I handcuffed you on our date.
Apology accepted.
Can a sister shake on it? Yeah, I guess.
Sorry, baby, but sometimes love can make a man do some crazy things.
I'm takin' you out on the town.
Ok, well, not all of me, really.