That's So Raven (2003) s03e26 Episode Script

Point of No Return

No, he didn't! No, he didn't.
He did not! No, he didn't! Sounds like he did, Rae.
Hang up the phone.
All right.
He didn't do it, girl.
Rae, when you come home, the least you can do is talk to me.
Say, "hi, dad.
" Hi, dad.
So what do you want to talk about? Well What happened in school today? Well, Tyrone asked Amanda to Crystal's party, but he is still going out with Beverly! So I was, like, "no, he didn't.
" And then Chels said, "yes, he did," and I was, like, "no, he didn't.
" Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae.
I'm sorry, I meant what's happening in your class.
The other part of school.
Wait! Wait, wait, wait.
My math teacher did give me a note.
Let me get it for you, dad.
Hey, what's up, girl? Do you have any books in this book bag? Of course, I do.
That was the travel iron.
My bad.
Comes in handy, though.
What was I looking for again? The note.
From your teacher? Right.
Here it is! Wait, wait.
Well, it says that your math class will be starting trigonometry.
Trigo-what? And it says that you have to buy a special scientific calculator.
What? There's no more room in here! Rae, do you even listen in class? Of course, I do, dad.
How else would I know that Tyrone was datin' another girl? Please.
Rae, your education is important, and you need to get this calculator even if it does cost $100?! What?! For $100 I could pay a nerd to do my homework.
Really? I only used to get 10.
I mean Here's your money.
Thank you.
Yep, that's me.
Rae, the calculator department's on a different floor.
In a different store.
In a different mall.
Hey, hey.
As long as we're here, we might as well see what is new.
Hey, you know I'm down.
Eddie, I don't know where you get the Patience.
You always end up shopping with us girls and you never complain.
Yeah, well, it's a sacrifice I make for my friends.
Excuse me.
Yes, that is definitely your color.
Come on, Rae, let's go get your calculator so we can find an outfit to wear to Crystal's party.
Bam! I'm gettin' it! Rae, it's 89.
Actually, Chels, with sales tax that's 97.
I thought you were bad at math! No, no, no.
This is not math, ok? This is shopping.
And I'm gettin' it! Just gotta find one in my size! Rae, come on.
You cannot afford this top.
Yes, I can.
My dad gave me $100 the other day, and I am gettin' it.
That money is for your calculator.
Rae, what are you gonna tell your dad? I'm not gonna tell him anything because I'm gonna buy the top now, wear it tonight to Crystal's party, then return it tomorrow.
Yeah! Then you can use the money to buy your calculator.
That's brilliant! Chels! And wrong.
Why is it wrong again? You can't buy something and party in it if you know you're gonna bring it right back.
Yes, I can.
You know why? 'Cause I'm gettin' it! And it's the only one in my size.
Come on, baby.
Are you ok? Just a little internal bleeding.
I'm really sorry.
It is pronounced Frahnk.
I would like to purchase this shirt.
Really? Goody.
No one's ever bought a blouse here before.
Keep in mind that the mannequin is not included.
Of course.
Just take this top off.
Here ya go.
That's gonna leave a mark.
I'm sorry, Frank.
It's Frahnk.
Well, it's that time of year again.
I have to get my shots? No.
Dentist? No! Tomorrow is the 50 percent off sale at Carrington's boys' department.
It's time for our annual father and son shopping trip.
No!! Son, what is wrong with you? Gimme a shot.
Pull my teeth.
Anything But our annual father and son shopping trip! I thought you liked our annual father and son shopping trip.
Yeah! When I was 5.
Now I'm too old! All my friends go shopping by themselves.
Name one.
Pete who? Pete Saladbowl.
How come I never met Pete Saladbowl? Because he's always out shopping by himself.
Rae, did you get it? I sure did! And I'm about to go upstairs and try it on! I mean I mean try it out.
See if it works.
See? You see that? You always let Raven go shopping by herself.
No, no, no.
That's different.
She's older and more responsible.
Look at her rushing up there to do her homework.
I am so proud of you, Raven! It fits! I mean It Calculates.
So There's no escaping this nightmare, is there, dad? That's the spirit.
Chels, listen Rae, would you come on? We're gonna be late for the party of the century! Seriously.
And if we get there next century, we'll be too old to dance! Relax, people, ok? Thank you! Some relaxation, 'cause a party ain't a party till the shirt shows up! Bam! Yes! Just like I saw it, only, of course, better.
Yeah, yeah, you're beautiful.
Let's go to the party.
No, wait, wait.
I gotta put on the finishing touches! No! No! No! No! Where did it go? Get out of the shirt! Get out! No! Can we talk about this on the way to the party? What? Eddie! I can't go to the party like this.
I have to get this stain out! Rae, don't worry.
That stain'll never come out.
Chels, it has to come out.
'Cause I have to return it tomorrow so I can get my money back to buy the calculator! Ya had to get it.
Well, now you got it.
How am I gonna return it with this big stain on it? Toss it and run.
I want my money back.
Toss it, grab the money, and run.
You know what? This is all my fault, so I'm gonna stay here and try to get this stain out.
You guys can go to the party without me.
Ok, bye! Bye! Hey, y'all ain't goin' nowhere! I knew it was a trick! Is it coming out? Yeah! Great.
She means the stain.
This stuff sprays out really well.
It must be the ez-flow nozzle.
Give me that! It actually looks like the stain's getting bigger to me.
It does! No! Maybe this is a stain enlarger! Chels, stop it! I'm gonna have to put it in the washing machine.
You mind if I put my drawers in there? No! Well, she gonna do the load anyway.
Hey, Rae.
Is the stain gone? Yep.
It's gone.
I'm glad I didn't put my drawers in there! Well, what happened, Rae? I don't know.
I used extra-hot water 'cause it was extra-stained, and it extra-shrunk! Now you need an extra $100 to buy that calculator.
I can't tell my dad about this.
We gotta start stretching.
I don't know how that's gonna help, but ok Hey, Chels.
I was talking about the top!! That makes more sense.
Yeah! We gotta wet it and stretch it, and it'll go back to its regular size.
It will.
Rae, how much longer do we have to do this? I think we overstretched.
No, you guys, you have to overstretch, because when you let go, it's gonna snap back into shape.
All right, let go, but stand back, ok? Ok.
Ok, go! Wait, wait, just a little bit longer.
Just give it a second.
Come back to me.
Come back.
Oh, snap! It's not snappin' back! We gotta start over.
Here, Rae.
You can borrow my lipstick.
Not that part! You know what? Maybe if I put it back in the washer, it will shrink back to its normal size! Yeah, and then we can go to the party! The party's been over for hours.
You know what? I know you guys are mad at me.
But when we look back on this We're gonna laugh! And laugh! I'm gonna put it in the washing machine.
Well, it took all night, but it looks as good as new.
Let's just return it and get out of here.
I know.
'Cause if my dad knew I spent that calculator money on this top He would be Right over there! My goodness! That's right, I forgot! Today's their annual father/son shopping trip! We gotta hide before he finds us.
Dad, this is so embarrassing.
I hope no one I know sees me here.
Cory, there's lots of kids here shopping with their dads.
Dad They're babies.
What about that kid right there? He's about your age.
Him? He's the dad.
Come on.
Let's just look around.
My goodness.
That was a close one.
I just wish this was over and the shirt was out of my hands! Rae! Now wish for a calculator.
Follow that rack! Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it! Man! No! Give it back! No! Get down here! I worked too hard for you! Give it back! IAm So sorry! You! A- are you ok? Aside From the excruciating pain From this hot, boiling coffee, I feel just peachy.
It was an accident, Frank.
It's Frahnk! Now, how am I gonna get this stain out? Well, Frank, I can tell you what not to do No, why Did I ever leave house wares? Now, you will excuse me Because I'm going to go down to my car right now and I'm going to have myself a good cry.
Let me just get Dut dut Now what? Follow that elevator! So, ladies, what brings you to the boys' department? Where else do you look for boys? Hey, Cory.
What do you think of these? How embarrassing.
Hate to be that Cory kid.
Yeah, me, too.
How embarrassing.
Cory, did you hear me calling you? Now, they say these are irregulars, but I say, who cares? Nobody's gonna see your underwear, right? Do I know you, sir? Ok.
Dad! I cannot believe you just talked about my underwear in front of those girls! I'm sorry, son.
I can see how that can be a little embarrassing.
A little? Don't worry about it.
I'm sure they forgot all about it.
Want me to go over there and talk to 'em? No, please, dad! You are making it worse! Dad, I have my own bank account, I do my own taxes.
I am incorporated in 3 states.
I think I can handle picking out my own stuff.
You know what? You may be right.
I'll tell you what.
You can go shopping on your own for 30 minutes, then I'll come back and see how you're doing.
Thank you.
Meet you at the cashier.
I'll be there.
And No talking to strangers.
I know, I know.
It's just I love you, son.
I seriously do not know that man.
Yes, I got it! Good, Rae! Can we return it now? Not till I figure out a way to put the sleeve back on.
It never ends! Tough break, Rae.
The tailor's out to lunch.
No problem.
I know how to work a sewing machine.
I'll do it myself.
Are you sure, Rae? It looks pretty professional.
Chels, a sewing machine is a sewing machine.
Ok? Thank you! I sewed myself to the machine! My goodness, you guys! A little help here, please! Are you sure you can't get outta there by yourself? I can't.
I am sewed in! It's safe.
Let's go.
What, what, what? You guys, come back! We have been up with you all night, little missy! Yeah, Rae.
We're gonna go home and take a nap! Wait, wait, but y'all remember, we're gonna laugh about this! Bye! Holler! Hello! Frank! There's a customer in here.
He wants his suit altered.
Can you do that for me? We'll take you now.
There's a maniac out there trying to get me.
And now I think I'm seeing her everywhere.
Ok Yes! Hello.
No! Are you the seamstress? Si.
Do you speak English? Si.
Ok! Do you understand what I need you to do? Sew.
Can we get started? Si! Great.
This is a nice suit, isn't it? Si! W- what's your name? Sue.
That figures.
So, sue, when will the suit be ready? 6:00? 6:00.
That's wonderful.
So, am I done? Shoo.
I'm gonna take the suit off and leave it in the dressing room.
See you soon, Sue.
Who? You Sue? Si.
Check it out, dad.
So how did I do? That's a lotta stuff, Cory.
Don't worry, dad.
You know why? 'Cause everything was on sale.
And I even got some irregulars.
What? These aren't mine.
I'm holding them for a friend.
Nice cover, son.
But you know what? You did a good job shopping.
I think you might be ready to go solo.
You mean it, dad? Seriously? You mean no more father and son annual shopping trips? Now it's the End of a tradition.
I'm gonna miss it.
Me, too, dad.
It was fun.
Yes! But on the plus side, I'm happy to report that I have 2 such responsible kids.
'Scuse me.
My nightmare continues.
Nice to see you again, too, Frank.
It's Whatever.
I'd like to return the shirt, please.
Really? Is there a problem with it? No.
Not at all.
It's in perfect condition.
Well, if it's perfect, why do you want to return it? Because It wasn't exactly Really what I was looking for The occasion I had to wear it.
Very well.
Really? That's it? Yeah.
I can get my money back?- Yay! Don't dance Yet.
What you need to show me to get your money back is the receipt.
I don't think I have the receipt.
No receipt? Well, then, I only have one word for you.
Next! No! I ain't playing.
Step back, ok? Actually I left it in the pocket Now that I think about the situation.
Let me just get it for you, 'cause I really need to give you this top back.
Just wish I could get the receipt! Here it is Right here.
That's it? It would appear so.
It must have, you know, shrunk when I washed it.
You did what? I had to get rid of the stain! The stain? Raven? Dad? What are you doing here? I'll tell you what she's tried to pull the wool over my eyes.
She wore this, she stained it, she washed it, she shrunk it, and now she has the audacity to come and try to return it! Frahnk, why? Why? Raven, is this true? Si? Dad.
How many more dishes do I have to do? Well, let's see.
The shirt cost me $100 plus $100 for the calculator.
And at a nickel a plate, you'll be done by You'll be done by the time you finish college.