That's So Raven (2003) s03e27 Episode Script

Country Cousins (1)

1 What is all this? We are cleaning out the basement, so if there's anything you want to keep, you better grab it now.
And you better hurry up before miss toss it all out gets her hands on it.
Hey, look.
Hey, that's me.
I was 4 years old.
I was so cute.
Yeah, what happened? Hey, look at this old newspaper.
And that girl I remember her.
That's your cousin, Betty Jane.
Betty Jane.
That's right.
We used to play together on her farm.
Hey, whatever happened to her? Yeah, we used to We used to visit with them all the time.
We were really close.
And then, suddenly, they just stopped talking to us.
Why? What happened? After our last visit, they stopped returning our phone calls, they returned our letters and our Christmas cards, and they never invited us back there again.
Like they were complete strangers.
Cousin Raven, I been waiting all these years to see you again.
My goodness.
I just had a vision about Betty Jane.
I was on the farm, and she said she was so happy to see me.
I don't know how that's gonna happen.
I know.
I'll write her a letter, and I'll tell 'em that I'm coming.
I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear from me.
The nerve of that girl inviting herself down here after what that family done did to us.
Now hush, Delroy.
Now, this girl right here, she's trying to make the peace.
We gonna welcome her with open arms.
I said open arms.
Yep, that's me.
Thanks for coming along, Chels.
Are you kidding? A chance to be on a real farm and walk for what seems like forever on a hot, dusty road till your feet get blistered and sore.
Wouldn't miss it.
You know what? They said that it should be close.
It's only a stone's throw away from the bus station.
Well, then Chels, nice toss.
Thank you.
I always had a good arm.
You know I was star pitcher at vegetarian baseball camp.
Well, think you found it.
There it is, Chels, just like I remember.
That's one creepy scarecrow.
Yeah, I remember him.
That's Percy.
They used to tell us this really scary story about how at night, when the moon was out, Percy would come to life, sneak into your room, and steal your soul.
Chelsea? Chels, come back here, girl! You know I got heels on.
I can't run after you.
Chelsea! Knock knock.
Anybody home?! Knocky knock.
Hey, Raven Baxter in the farm hizzouse! My goodness.
I remember this place.
And, look, there's a portrait of my great-great granddaddy.
That must be them.
My goodness, they're probably throwing me a welcome party.
Ok, act surprised.
I'm ok.
Yep, we are definitely family.
Cousin Raven.
Cousin Vicky? Look at you, all growed up.
And I'm guessing you must be Chels-ea.
You're a good guesser.
Ok, try this one.
I'm thinking of a number between one Hey, Chels I didn't mean to startle you.
I was fixing some boards in the guestroom, and Make sure you mind that hole.
Yeah, Chelsea, you're in charge of minding that hole.
What? Why am I always in charge of minding the hole? We was very surprised to hear from your side of the family after so many years.
Well, you know, family is very important, and I had a "feeling" that we would reconnect.
Well, yeah, I guess it's time to forget about the past and move on.
Yeah, what did happen in the past? I said forget about it and, move on! Ok, moving on.
So what can we do to help? Why don't y'all go help Betty Jane with the milking? Milking? Like, a cow? My goodness, I have the perfect outfit.
Hey, Cory, I'm making me an Eddie special.
You want some? Yeah.
What's in it? A little tomato, you know, lettuce, Turkey Pretty much everything but the light bulb.
Ok, well, count me in.
This is really cool, you staying here while your mom's out of town.
It's like I finally got a big brother.
It's like I finally got a little brother.
Who needs to learn how to share.
Hey, wanna make some crank phone calls? Yeah, I'm down for whatever.
You know me.
Ok, I'm gonna call the health club and see if they have any dumbbells.
I know that one, and then you ask 'em, "are they as dumb as you?" That's good.
I was just gonna see if they had any dumbbells.
Hey, guys, what are you up to? We were just calling the library, Mr.
They're still open, right, Cory? Yeah.
They're still open, and they've got lots of books left.
You guys are going to the library? You know, just keeping our options open.
That's better than making crank phone calls.
Ho ho.
You got it.
We're growing up.
Funny, funny.
Man, thanks, Eddie.
You had my back.
Raven would've sold me out in a heartbeat.
Well, you know, that's what big brothers are for.
Yeah, man.
Sandwich race.
Now remember, Trixie, no matter what cousin Raven's family done did to ours, auntie Faye says we have to be nice.
Thanks for listening.
I'm Chelsea.
I'm Raven's friend.
Raven'll be down in a minute.
I'm Betty Jane.
Nice to met ya.
And who's this beautiful girl? This here is Trixie.
I think she likes ya.
Yeah, I know.
I'm, like, a total cow magnet.
Wanna milk her? Really? Yeah.
Come on, pull you up a stool.
Honey, you pretty good at this.
Yeah, my uncle has a farm.
I've milked all kinds of things, cows, goats, roosters.
But you can't milk a rooster.
That one didn't really work out too well.
So, what's taking my cousin so long? She's picking out her special cow-milking outfit.
What kind of an outfit do ya need to milk a cow? Hey, y'all.
Got milk? What is buzzin', cousin? There you are, all dressed up Like a cow.
Well, you know how I moo.
See, the thing is, this here is a workin' farm.
We gonna be milkin', not modelin'.
I get it.
Just a tad.
Rae, Rae, you've gotta try milking.
It's so much fun.
Ok, ok.
So I guess this is the pump right here.
Something coming out? You see, Raven, the milk's in the udders.
The other what? Them thangs underneath the cow.
I knew that, cousin.
Just a little family fun.
You know how we do.
All right, so Now grab them there.
You mean that right there? See, we just met.
That's a little bit too personal for me.
Rae, it's really easy.
Just do it.
Yeah, just pull and squeeze.
Ficky, ficky, ficky.
How am I doin'? How am I doin'? Great, except there's no milk coming out.
Maybe she's empty.
See, you gotta Pull and squeeze at the same time.
Like this I got it! Yeah, so did i.
My milk! Come back here.
What are you My milk! My bad.
Let me help.
Help me! Ok.
Chels, she's stuck.
A little help, please.
Don't worry.
This happens to me all the time.
Yeah, it's only gonna hurt a little bit.
Ok, maybe a lot.
There you go.
That wasn't too bad.
Cousin Raven, I've been waitin' all these years to see you again.
I knew you were gonna say that.
And now I can't wait for you to leave! Mama! I didn't know she was gonna say that.
I can't believe I got off to such a bad start with Betty Jane.
Rae, don't be so hard on yourself, ok? You know what? I'm sure she's forgotten all about it by now.
I'll never forgive what cousin Raven did to me! Mama, my head hurts! I'm sure she didn't mean it.
Not, hold still, Betty Jane.
This ice'll take down the swellin'.
At least cousin Vicky's on your side, Rae.
Try to get the boot! Raven! My bad.
Want some of my ice, mama? Hush up.
I just can't win with these people.
Rae, listen, you came here to end a feud between your families.
They know your heart's in the right place.
You know what? You're right, Chels.
I can't give up.
I just have to make sure I don't do anything else to insult them.
Or hurt them.
I just have to fit in.
Starting with the way that I dress.
Yeah, yeah.
You know what? That's a good idea, actually, Rae.
For dinner, you probably shouldn't wear anything with sequins or studs or glitter or feathers This could be a problem.
Hey, man, your shoelace is untied.
Yeah! 2 points.
Man, Raven never lets me win at sockball.
Let you win? Cory, I didn't Right, right, I let you win.
That's what I did.
Well, you know, that's what big brothers do.
I'm sorry.
Guys, we're going out to dinner with the Coopers.
And remember, Victor.
It's their turn to pay the bill.
How come they always go to the bathroom when the check comes? I got to remember that one.
Anyway, we won't be late.
All right, mom.
Have a good time.
Ok, sweetie, and remember, Eddie's in charge.
Hey, don't worry.
I got everything under control.
Hey! I got it.
This time, we go to the bathroom when the check comes.
Mama like the way you think.
So, what do you want to do, Cory? Want to write some rhymes? Well, you know, we could go down to the arcade and hang out with my friends.
No offense, Cory, but I don't want to hang out with a bunch of little kids.
Ok, well, I'll just go by myself.
I don't think your parents would let you go to the arcade at night alone.
Man, Eddie, come on.
I'll be back before they even get home.
They'll never know I was gone.
No, my brother.
I think that's a bad idea.
Man, you're soundin' just like Raven.
What's the fun of havin' a big brother if he's just like your big sister? All right, man.
You got one hour.
Thanks, Eddie.
You're the best.
Well, I know.
Just bring me back a corndog, my brother.
I'll being you 2, cool bro.
Man, now I gotta play with one hand.
Talk to me.
Cory, you're late! What if your folks come home and you're not here? Man, I don't know! Cover for me! What am I supposed to say? Man, I don't know.
You'll think of something.
Eddie, come on, don't be like that right now.
I'm goin' for a new record.
No worries.
My big brother's got my back.
He had better get my corndog! Now, y'all remember, be nice to your cousin Raven, no matter what bonehead thing she might have did to you.
I mean it! Wait, now, now.
Don't waste that ice! Put that in the sweet tea.
I'm Chelsea.
Hey, child! Why don't you sit down and join us? Well, thank you.
Raven'll be down in a minute.
She's just changing.
Who is this cute little thing? Hi! I wouldn't get too close to Baby G if I was you.
But she's so adorable.
Shake it, shake it! A bull's-eye.
Hey, y'all! Gal, this here is dinnertime.
Why are you dressed for milkin'? I'm sorry.
I was just tryin' to fit in.
Well, you don't.
Delroy! Hush up! Now, come on and grab a seat, child.
I'm your auntie Faye, and this fool right there your cousin Delroy.
Fool?! You gonna let that woman call your husband a fool? She just tell it like it t-i-is.
I can't hate on it.
La-la-la-la-la! And this little gem right here, this here's Baby G.
What's the "G" stand for? "Girl.
" See, cousin Well, that's what it said on the hospital tag, and we all thought it kind of fit.
Well, she is really cute.
Cootchie-cootchie! Careful, Rae.
Booyah! You weren't supposed to duck.
Well, now, let's eat up, ok? Ok, ok.
Betty Jane, fix your little sister a bottle.
Ok, mama.
Here you go.
Yeah, baby, you like it, don't you? Yeah.
This Mac and cheese is slammin'! I hope that means that you like it.
I love it.
Lookit there.
Least that girl got good taste in the food.
Yeah, that's good.
It's always nice cookin' for family.
They called me family.
You're on a roll.
Keep going.
And I love these potatoes! Can somebody pass the gravy? Did you just say the "G" word? What, y'all don't like gravy? Lord! What's wrong with gravy? No! She keeps sayin' it, mama.
Make her stop! Now, child, now, child, listen to your auntie Faye.
We don't speak of the "G" word in this house.
Why not? Why not? It's 'cause of your daddy! That's why not! Wait a second now.
What does my daddy have to do with the You know.
It rhymes with "travy.
" Tell you somethin' about your daddy, girl.
Last time your daddy stepped foot in this house was the last time we saw that antique gravy boat.
I can't believe this whole family feud is over a gravy boat.
Not just any gravy boat! But your great-great grandpappy's gravy boat.
Yeah, see That boat right there, child.
That boat was in our family for generations, through the good times Through the bad times.
Well From the heartache To the supper! See, the point is, that boat was always here.
Now it ain't.
Plus It poured a nice puddle of gravy.
And we all saw your daddy eyeballin' it.
Next thing you know, that gravy boat gone missin'.
My dad is not a gravy boat thief! Yeah! And he's no eyeballer, either! Well, now, child, now that the situation is on the table, the finger of suspicion does point to your daddy.
But I've never even seen the thing.
No, I'll tell you why you ain't seen it, child.
That's 'cause your daddy sold it.
That's why you're livin' up there in that big ol' house in San Franciscie.
And we have never Had g Gravy again.
Honey, I'm sorry.
That child done hurt your feelin's.
You gonna get over it.
I was so young, I don't even remember what it tastes like! Child, it's ok.
You done made me lost my appetite.
Me, too.
Me, too! Now, now, see what you done? Lord! You had to go and say the "G" word.
I think coming here was a bad idea.
You think? You nasty! Little gremlin.