That's So Raven (2003) s03e28 Episode Script

Country Cousins (2)

Previously on That's so Raven That's one creepy scarecrow.
Cory, you're late! Cousin Raven! Cousin Vicky? I can't wait for you to leave! Mama! Can somebody pass the gravy? Lord! Last time your daddy stepped foot in this house was the last time we saw that antique gravy boat.
I think coming here was a bad idea.
You nasty! Yep, that's me.
Can you believe it, Chels? This stupid feud is over some stupid gravy boat.
Thank you, Chels.
And you know what the worst part is? They blame my dad for stealing it.
Hole! Thanks, Chels.
You know what? My dad's not a gravy boat stealer, and I'm gonna prove it.
I came all the way out here to bring my family together, and-! Chels! Dude, you're supposed to be on the hole patrol.
I'm sorry.
But look, Rae.
That creepy scarecrow keeps staring right at me.
Yeah, that's Percy.
Yeah, he used to creep me out too when I was a little kid.
Auntie Faye used to tell this scary story.
Like, when the moon was out Kind of like tonight Percy would come to life, sneak into your room And steal your soul.
Kind of silly Chels? Bus station? Hi.
Yeah, I wanted a one-way ticket back to San Franciscky, and pronto.
Chels! Come on, dude, it was just a story.
Lights out! What? It it's 7:00.
I know, but bein' that it's the weekend and all, we like to stay up a little later.
Well, I guess we better get ready for bed.
Cory, boy, when you get this message, you better already be here! You were supposed to be here 2 hours ago! No! Man! Your parents just pulled up.
I don't know how much longer I can cover for you, man.
Hey, Mr.
and Mrs.
B! Back so soon! Gimme some love! How was your dinner with the Coopers? Expensive.
They stuck us with the check again.
Really? Well, what about your plan to, you know, sneak into the bathroom before the check came? We did, and when we came out, the check was there, but the Coopers were gone.
Well So I hope you guys had a better time than we did.
Where's Cory? He's out.
Like a light Upstairs, sleeping.
Sleeping at this hour? Yeah, well, the little fella was just you know, plum Tucker tired, so he just went to bed early.
Really? 'Cause we brought home desserts.
Dig in.
We're gonna see if Cory's still awake.
I know what you're up to, Eddie Thomas.
You do? You want both desserts.
I cannot get anything past you, Mr.
B! Yeah! That's why I'm the kid, you the adult.
I'm just gonna go ahead and, you know, go in the kitchen and dig in like you said I was.
Everything's cool.
What do you know? He is asleep.
Wait a minute.
He's not snoring.
That's my boy.
Snoring like a buzz saw.
But where's that cute little whistling sound he usually makes? He's getting so big.
I know.
He never lets me kiss him good night anymore.
Why don't you go and sneak one in? That was so sweet.
I think he's ready to start shaving.
It's like he grew up overnight.
Well, let's go see if Eddie's lovin' that dessert.
Dang! Delicious! Eddie Thomas, I cannot believe you got Cory into bed so early.
Even we can't do that.
We are so lucky to have you here.
You know what? You could use a little shave, too.
Cory, you better pick up this time! Pick up what? Man, I thought you said you were gonna be right home! Chill, big bro.
Are my mom and dad home? Yeah, man, they're in the living room.
You did cover for me, right? Yeah, I told them that you were upstairs sleeping.
What'd you tell 'em that for? Now I gotta go to bed.
You little ungrateful You better had brought my corn dog.
Rae, I can't sleep knowing Percy's right outside the window.
I can't sleep knowin' it's only 7:15.
What was that? I'm sure it was nothing, Chels.
Is that nothing, too, Rae? Now that was a little some some.
At least that creepy scarecrow shadow's gone.
Ok, ok, ok, Chels, ok.
Percy is gone.
Maybe he went to the bathroom.
Ok, ok, Chels.
Go home!!! Is he still behind us?! Girl, you look back and tell me! We got 'em good tonight, Percy.
"Go home.
" Betty Jane.
She tried to scare us with that scarecrow to make us go home! Well, it worked, Rae.
Let's go pack.
Come back here.
I came here to make peace And if Betty Jane wants a fight, it's on.
All set.
Payback is gonna be sweet.
Here comes Betty Jane.
Ok, call my cell phone.
It's on vibrate.
You know, Rae, I'm not really a vengeful person.
But Let's stick it to her good.
That's not Betty Jane.
We scared the wrong person.
Don't go soft on me now, Rae.
Who is this? It's for you.
You have reached a number that is very, very sorry.
Raven, what is wrong with you?! Mama, what's all the holler? Mama! Betty Jane, are you ok? Honey.
Raven scared me and made me drop the eggs.
Why does she keep hurtin' us, mama? I'm sorry, ok? I was just tryin' to get back at Betty Jane for scarin' us last night.
I don't know what she's talkin' about.
You put Percy in our room last night.
How do you know that? I had a A a a a somethin' somethin' I can't really say.
Just like you can't really say what your daddy did with our gravy boat.
You know what? This trip was a mistake.
We're going home.
Come on, Chels, let's go.
Hello, bus station? Yeah, it's Chelsea, and this time, it's for real.
Dad, yeah.
We're coming home.
I tried.
I just can't get along with these people.
Now are you sure you didn't take the gravy boat? I did not take their gravy boat! Ok, ok! I'm sorry, dad! I'm sorry.
I was just double checking.
Hole! Yeah, well, I need to get outta here.
I wanna leave here while I still have my dignity! I'm ok.
Thanks, Chels.
Now see whatcha done did? Ya woke the baby.
I'm sorry, auntie Faye.
We're getting out of here.
We won't be any more trouble to you.
Come on, Rae.
We don't wanna miss the bus.
Rae, thank you for bringin' gravy back into our life.
Chels, we are not going anywhere.
Hello? Bus station? It's Chelsea.
Auntie Faye, I know this trip has been a disaster, and it seems like everything I touch, I destroy.
But Is it possible that we can stay for lunch? Well Auntie Faye, I have to.
I'm not sure how.
But We're gonna be celebrating today, and I had a really strong feeling that we can bring our families back together.
Ok, then, girl, you got one more chance.
Thanks, auntie Faye.
Ok, ok.
I'll meet you guys at the arcade in 10 minutes.
All right.
You're not goin' to the arcade.
You promised your parents you'd do your homework.
Nah, I'll do it later.
I'm gonna sneak out.
Cover me.
Look, I don't think so, Cory.
Mick, come on.
You did great last night.
Just come up with a better excuse.
Like I'm takin' a nice, long bubble bath.
Look, your parents are cool, man, and they really, really trust me.
I'm not gonna mess that up, Cory.
That's how I like to roll Solo.
Ok, 6 letter word for "turns to ice.
" Freeze! I am good.
Let's see.
How you do this? Victor! Honey, my mom wants to talk to you! Coming, sweetheart.
Well What's up, Cory? Hangin' out? Hey, Eddie, do you mind getting me down from here? I thought you said you was rollin' solo.
That was a joke, man.
It was a jokey joke.
Yeah, it was a jokey joke.
A jokey joke.
Jokey joke.
I'm just playing.
Eddie, please, please.
Stop beggin', boy.
I'll see what I can do.
Wait, dude.
You were very charming to my mom on the phone, honey.
That's because I love her baby.
And her baby loves you.
Victor, someone's trying to break in! Backwards? All right, who are you?! Cory! Don't move.
All right, you guys, you pull and I'll push! You can do it! You can What were you eating? Cory, you're supposed to be home doing your homework.
What would make you think that you could possibly get away with something like this? Because I let him get away with it last night.
Last night? Cory went to bed early last night.
Y'all are gonna laugh.
That was me.
What?! But I went in, I went in and and Eddie! It wasn't the highlight of my night either.
You guys are right, all right? I am like a big brother to Cory.
And I should have acted like it.
No, man, you did, but I took advantage of you.
I'm sorry.
It's cool, man.
Well, that's that.
Let's watch some TV! No, you are going up to your room, young man.
If you don't mind, I'd like to keep him company.
Yeah, go ahead.
Yo, hold up, little bro! It sure is hard when we have to punish them.
I know, but it's our job to be the responsible adults.
Yeah, you're right.
Come on, let's go crank call the coopers.
Victor! Crank call your mom? Victor! I'm kidding.
Rae, are you sure this is a good idea? Chels, we're family.
I'm sure they want to make peace just as much as I do.
Tough crowd.
All right, everybody, we are here today to solve the mystery of the missing gravy boat.
What? What mystery? We had it, your thievin' daddy took it Mystery solved.
Yeah, have a safe trip back.
No, you guys, I'm serious, ok? We are going to find that missing gravy boat.
Now, let's go back to the night it disappeared.
Auntie Faye, what do you remember? What I do remember is that that night, I had so much to eat, I had a bad case of the winds.
Nasty Yes, you did.
And I excused myself to the barn and I asked, Vicky, I asked you to wash the dishes.
Yes, well, I do remember washing the dishes.
And then I gave the gravy boat to Delroy to dry.
So Delroy had it last? Look, ok, y'all ready for this? Yes, I did have the gravy boat.
And I was gonna dry it, but my drying towel Thank you very much Was saturated, so I put it out on the post to dry Which was the worst mistake that I ever made Because that's when your daddy snatched it and run out of the house.
You know, Raven, you sure are asking an awful lot of questions.
What were you doing that night? Well, all I remember about being in this house was playing with Betty Jane.
That's right.
We did actually used to like each other.
Yes, you did.
Y'all two were like two peas in a pod.
I peed in the potty.
You know, the only reason I came out here was because I found this picture.
I remember that! The little pail and shovel.
Didn't we used to play that game? Buried treasure! Yes, you too little scamps could bury anything you'd get your hands on.
Oh, snap! Look at all this stuff we buried! An old hair brush, a set of keys.
Take it away! Take it away! You've got auntie Faye's Sunday teeth.
Now she can chew gum in church again.
Hey, look what I found.
The gravy boat! My goodness! It was us that took it.
Well, we were just little kids.
We didn't know any better.
Yeah, but it caused all that trouble.
And just think, we could have been friends for all these years.
Well, it's not too late.
Raven! Thank you for bringing gravy back into our lives.
I was hoping you were gonna say that.
I'd like to make a little speech.
I know I'm not a member of this family, but I'd like to say that even though Raven came here and spilled your milk and broke your eggs and clunked several of your heads Where was I going with this again? Sit down, Chels.
Thank you.
Ok, and I would just like to say that it is so great to have our families back together again.
And I would like to say Pass the gravy.
Yeah! All right.
Here you go, Baby G.
Baby likes the gravy.
Yeah, that was good.
"So, thank y'all for a right fine visit.
"We hope to be in your neck of the woods someday.
With much love from your country cousins.
" You did it, Rae.
You brought our families together.
I am so proud of you.
You guys expecting anyone? Surprise! Cousin Vicky! Auntie Faye! Betty Jane! Cousin Delroy! It's been a long time.
Guess what I brought? I brought the gravy! Enough for three weeks.
Kissy, kissy.
And who is this little sweetie pie? I wouldn't do that, dad.
Let's go.
They staying here for three weeks? Come on in.