That's So Raven (2003) s03e29 Episode Script

Food for Thought

Hey, Eddie.
Where's everyone going? To the cafeteria.
Our cafeteria? People are normally running away from that place.
Well, I heard some new company is taking over our whole school lunch program.
Hey, I bet it's because of my letters.
I wrote the school board and I asked them to serve us healthier food.
I also asked for solar-powered pencil sharpeners, rubber animals for the science lab, and herbal soap for the locker rooms.
Or was that my letter to Santa? Can we just get to the cafeteria, please? What? What is all this? I'll tell you what it is.
Miles of meat? Chicken chunkies? Crispy town?! Sugarville express?! It's paradise.
Yep, that's me.
Man! A food court in school? This is like being at the mall, y'all! Man, if they put a shoe store and a gym, I may never go home.
But, you guys, come on, it's all junk food.
I know, Chels.
That was my letter to Santa.
Welcome to the new Bayside food court.
The honorable judge Foodie presiding.
All fries.
This food court is now in session, and, thanks to your good friends at Trans-Infinity farms, I hereby rule that lunchtime is now funtime! Now, remember, kids, that this is a trial program, and you are the jury, and in 2 weeks, you will get to vote on whether or not the food court stays in session.
Well, I'm sure we all came to a verdict when I say, "let's eat!" I object! What? Chels.
I'm sorry, but I don't see any healthy choices.
Well, that's because you haven't seen our nutritious salad crispies.
This lettuce is deep-fried.
But you admit it's lettuce.
Well, yeah, but Case closed! Now, will everyone place their order in the court? Chicken chunkies! Miles of meat! No.
Sorry, William.
No can do.
My schedule's jammed.
You're gonna have to play catch by yourself.
All right.
Cory, honey, I know you're busy, but have you made time for your homework? Homework? Mom, I barely have time to play catch with William.
Cory, I hate to nag, but here it comes.
Did you forget about your history assignment on the gold rush? It's due in just a few days.
No, I didn't forget.
It's on my "things to remember" list.
Now if I could just remember where I put that.
Cory, you've got too many things going on.
You have to set your priorities straight.
Get organized.
Hold on, mom.
Hold that thought.
It's Tokyo.
Tokyo, the city? In Japan? Yeah.
You know, I go the hook-up for the new gameball game Extreme golf attack 22.
Yoshi San, konnichi-wa! Thank you, judge Foodie, for making this the best week of my life! Hey, Chelsea, check out my maxi-sized onion ring.
Eddie, come on.
That onion must've been bigger than your head.
Rae, what are you eating? Well, I maxi-sized my hot dog.
Why have a foot-long when you can have a yard-long? Because no human should have a yard of anything.
Hey! Hey, Chels, all right, look at this.
This is 3 feet Of wienery goodness.
Man! My pants are a little tight.
They must've shrunk in the wash or something.
Wait a minute.
You just bought those.
Did you even wash them yet? No.
They must've shrunk in the bag.
All fries for judge Foodie! Food court is now in session.
Is everyone loving our delicious Trans-Infinity farms lunches? Guilty as charged! Well, because you find our lunches so appealing, I sentence you all to our new breakfast program.
Start your day with Exhibit A Choco-choco-chip chunk pancakes with fudge-flavored sauce.
Wait a minute.
You guys, come on.
We can't have dessert for breakfast.
The judge said we can.
Impressive résumé.
Thank you.
I majored in economics, but I felt a minor in international banking would give me a competitive edge.
Son, I like the way you think.
Son, what's going on? Excuse me, sir, but unless you have an appointment, Mr.
Baxter is not available.
Wait a minute.
I am Mr.
Baxter, this is Mrs.
And who are you? Mom, dad, say hello to Brad.
I'm about to make him my new executive assistant.
I got the job.
Thank you, sir.
I won't let you down.
Now get out.
Give us a minute, Brad.
Cory, you're a child.
Children do not have assistants.
Mom, you told me to get organized.
That's what Brad does.
Cory, forget it.
We're not gonna pay some guy to schedule your play dates.
You don't have to.
I'm paying him with my own money.
Really? So how much does this job pay? Victor, you're not working for Cory.
I cannot believe you guys got fs on your math test.
For your information, I got an F+.
What is happening to you two? Hey, relax, Chels.
Ok? Have a porta-pie.
The food court has take-out now? Yeah.
I got jellybean and sausage.
Well, actually, I ate the jellybean.
Ate the sausage, too.
Don't worry, Chels.
We can study with the new study snack-pack.
See? I got a ruler, some pencils, and 7 deep-fried mozzarella sticks.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
This isn't a ruler.
It's beef jerky with numbers on it.
Yes! Break me off 3 inches Don't touch my jerky! Get off my jerky! Look at you two! Fighting over a meat ruler.
We should go outside, you know? We should get some fresh air, exercise.
That's too far.
Don't you guys see what this food's doing to you? Like what? Trust me, Chels.
Nothing is wrong With us or this delicious food.
Hey, Rae.
I saw the future, and it was huge! It was, like, attack of the giant booties.
Really? What'd you see? The whole school was getting fat, Chels.
I'm talkin' about a lot of junk in the trunk coming.
See, Rae? Now, that could be your future if you keep eating at the food court.
You're right, Chels.
I'm done with the food court.
Starting with these cheese sticks.
Cheese sticks.
Something must be done.
Rae, this is unbelievable.
Come on.
Lunch period ended 2 hours ago, and they're still packing it in.
These people don't know what that food is gonna do to them.
Somebody's got to speak the truth.
People, people! Listen to me.
Please, listen to me.
Put down the pies.
Do not maximize.
You got to exercise! Or the scales will rise, and so will your thighs! Who wants some fries?! Yeah! Yeah! Hall fries? Yeah.
Isn't this great? Now snack-time is anytime.
What's up with your face? You're breaking out? It's just a couple of zits, ok? Right? Well, homey, those zits called a couple of more zits, and now they're having a zit soirée.
Y'all sound ridiculous, ok? I can stop eating anytime I want.
Eddie! Hey, it's not mine.
I'm holding it for a friend.
A brother's got to eat.
They voted yes.
Now we're gonna get our food sent to all the schools! We're gonna make zillions! I know! What'd you see? My goodness, Chels.
If this school votes yes to the food court, then Trans-Infinity farms is gonna put food courts into all schools! No! We have to stop them.
Yeah, but how? Cory Baxter enterprises.
Brad speaking.
Please hold.
It's William.
He wants his game back.
Tell him That I'm in a meeting.
He's in a meeting.
He says he can hear it.
Handle it, Brad.
I'm He's And you're Up I'll Ater Nice work.
Anything else? I have a report about the gold rush due tomorrow.
It's worth about half my grade, so I'm thinking, what, 10 pages, pictures.
Hey, maybe even paint a rock gold.
You know Me.
Sir, I'm I'm not very comfortable with that.
Ok, you can do it at my desk.
No, no, I just meant See, I think homework should be your responsibility.
You just Think? Ok.
Let's review your résumé.
"Computer skills, "fluent in French and Spanish, racquetball.
" I don't see anything here about thinking.
I'm just I'm just saying that education is very important, and if I do your homework, you won't learn anything.
Listen, I didn't hire you to give me a lecture.
I got parents for that, and they don't cost me a dime.
Excuse me? Mother! Father! I was just telling Brad here how much your wisdom inspires me.
And I was just telling Cory I quit.
Brad, buddy You can't quit on me.
Sure I can.
It's one of my special skills.
Come on, Brad! Hey, who's gonna answer my phones?! Who's gonna do my chores?! Who's gonna finish that report?! Y'all didn't hear that last part, did you? Cory, you asked Brad to do your report on the gold rush? I guess y'all did hear it.
Cory, it's due tomorrow.
You were supposed to be working on that all week.
Now what are you gonna do? Hey, dad.
You still interested in that job? I got an opening.
Cory, get to work.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on, Victor.
Couldn't I just ask him how much the job pays? Food court is now in session! All fries for judge Foodie! Students, are you ready to reach a verdict? Yes, we are, your honor! Now, I am sure you're all going to vote yes to making the Trans-Infinity farms food court your school's official nutritional provider.
But, before we can celebrate, I'm supposed to ask if anybody objects, so if there are any kooks, haters, or weirdoes out there who are opposed, speak up now.
All right, then.
All in favor Hey! We object! Seriously? Yes, and before you guys vote, there's a few things that you need to know about the food court.
Like how delicious our new cheese-pumped chicken chunkies taste? No, like what's actually in your food.
Yeah, and what it's doing to us.
What it's doing is making everybody happy.
How many of you feel good when you eat food court food? Yeah.
Yeah, but how many of you feel sluggish and weak a few minutes later? Yeah, ok.
And how many of you think your pants are shrinking? Yeah, they're not.
And how many of you think your faces are breaking out? Yeah They are.
Yeah, guys, but the food tastes so good.
Yeah, see, that's the thing.
We did a little research.
Research? That sounds like school.
You kids want to learn or eat? With all due respect, these are my friends, and I'd like to hear what they have to say.
They're we're gonna eat.
Well, since we're in the food court, we might as well present the evidence.
First and foremost, Trans-Infinity farm is not even a farm.
It's a factory! That.
Well Yeah, that's what farms look like nowadays.
We keep the sun out To keep the freshness in.
Well, we took a couple of samples of the food and sent it to the science lab, and this is what we got back.
Here is what a typical student has put in their body since the food court has been in session.
This much salt Exhibit A.
This much sugar Exhibit B.
And this much fat.
Exhibit All right, I think we have seen enough.
All in favor Of hearin' what my homegirls' got to say, put your hands up! Chels, they're liking it.
Ok, time for our big finish.
I'm on it.
Thank you.
Now, all that salt, sugar, and fat makes our bodies want more salt, sugar, and fat.
Bo-o-oring! And when we eat more, we may get bigger and bigger.
You can eat junk food once in a while, but if you eat it all the time, it can make you seriously sick.
The kids are onto us.
It's a disaster.
This is gonna cost us zillions.
But you have the power to vote no and make it stop! Now, that can't be good.
Chels, turn it off! Make it stop! To the right! To the right! Ok, Rae, but I don't really think it's gonna work.
Chelsea, help! Rae, you stop floating and come down here right now, ok? Please! Somebody help me! Let me down! I'm ok.
Hey, how you doin'? Judie Foodie, I find you guilty of giving us food that's bad of us! Food court Gotta go! All fries! Court is out of session! Harold, just drop it! Yeah, whatever.
Well, guys, I guess it's back to mystery meat Monday.
Why? Why? I mean, isn't it possible to have good food that's also good for you? Right on, Rae.
Hey, all in favor of organically-grown, macrobiotic vegetarian lunches Now you're just trippin', Chels.
Well, how about a salad bar and maybe some normal-sized veggie burgers? Chels, that That actually sounds pretty good.
Hey, wasn't Cory supposed to get his gold rush project back today? Hold up there, mister.
Hey, guys.
Before I tell you what grade I got, remember, I did the whole thing in one night, with no help.
" "D.
" Man, you guys are good.
Well, at least you did it by yourself.
Yeah, with no help from Brad.
Speaking of Brad, he called before.
Really? Does he want to come back to work? No.
He said to watch the Yolanda Jenkins show at 4:00.
Welcome back.
We're talking to former assistants about their abusive bosses.
Judge Foodie She wasn't even a real judge.
Yeah? At least your boss wasn't a 12-year-old monster! That must've been terrible.
I'm writing a book about it, but so far, all I have is the cover.
My week with the beast.
That sounds abs Hey, on the plus side, you know, that's a pretty good picture of me.