That's So Raven (2003) s03e30 Episode Script

Mr. Perfect

Thanks for walking me home today, Andre.
And yesterday and, the day before that.
That's a lot of walking.
You know what that means? Yeah, yeah, I really think we need to start taking the bus because my feet are getting swollen, crusty, and bumpy.
I'm talking about you being my girlfriend.
Ok, please forget everything I said about my feet.
I'd love to be your girlfriend, Andre.
So I'll see you later.
Bye, boyfriend! Man! What are you guys doing here?! Eavesdropping.
How much did you hear? Nothing.
Except that you got a boyfriend! I know! I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend! Hey, hey, he might be a winner.
Don't mess this up, Rae.
Ok, I know he is perfect.
He's cute and kind and perfect and sweet and funny and perfect! Did I mention he was perfect? You guys are gonna be together forever.
I can't go out with someone like you.
We have to break up.
No! What's wrong? Andre and I are gonna break up, and it's gonna hurt him really bad.
I guess forever's not as long as it used to be.
Yep, that's me.
Why can't I keep a boyfriend? Well, you are kind of high maintenance.
And you tend to be bossy.
Don't forget nosey.
Excuse me! Ok? It just so happens that in my vision I broke up with Andre.
So there's something wrong with him.
Hey! But maybe I can find the problem, fix it, and then we won't break up.
The old find and fix.
Good plan, Rae.
Why do girls always think they can fix a guy? You don't have to fix me, baby.
I come with a lifetime guarantee.
Stanley, how'd you get in my house? Hey, doors can't keep my love out, baby.
Especially since I got this new lock picking kit for Christmas.
Out! Ok, baby.
But my love is like a boomerang.
It keeps on coming back.
Well, my foot is like a pendulum.
It will keep on swinging! Ok, I'm going.
Thank you.
Boomerang, baby.
Cory, you're late.
Sorry, dad.
I was on my way home when I passed by a construction site, and bam! Something hit me.
What? You got hit? Are you ok? What hit you? A brick, a loose board? We will sue them for every penny they're worth.
Dad I got hit by an idea.
We can't sue for that! Was it rusty? Dad, listen to me.
All the construction workers were eating from brown paper bags and lunchboxes, so I was thinking, what if a truck pulled up that served quality food like you do at the Chill Grill? Those workers would pay good money for that.
You mean like a catering truck? Not just a catering truck, dad.
More like a Chill Grill on wheels.
Yeah! Yeah, people like to eat good food, and they don't always want to go to a restaurant.
Yeah, this city is filled with hungry, lazy people.
That's a really good idea.
So are we in business? Let's do it, partner.
Ok, I saw Andre go into this classroom.
I'm gonna keep an eye on him and see what his problem is.
Give me a 7.
7! That's what I'm talking about! So that's it.
Andre's got a gambling problem.
Nothing I can't cure.
Ok! Break it up, you sickos! Raven? Andre.
You have a gambling problem.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
And you know what? We are going to get you help.
Ok? And I just want you to know I will stand by you no matter what.
Raven, I'm not gambling.
I'm a tutor.
I'm doing a math lesson on probability.
Proba-what? Probability.
You know, the odds of different numbers coming up when you roll the dice.
Right! So, what are the odds that you could, you know, forget this ever happened? Hey, Raven, you're my girlfriend.
You care about me.
It's ok.
It is? You are so perfect.
Ok, everybody, continue on.
Snake eyes! You know what? I feel so bad about this morning, thinking that Andre has a gambling problem.
But, Rae, you had your vision.
You're gonna break up with him for something.
Yeah, maybe you ought to cut the guy a little bit more slack next time, Rae.
Yeah, you're right.
I can't really jump Vandalism! Rae, your boyfriend's spray-painting the wall! So that's it.
He's a tagger! Ok, calm down.
All right? This is nothing that we can't work through together.
Andre, you could get in serious trouble for graffiti.
Let me fix this Hey, Raven, stop! You'll ruin my mural! Mura-who? The principal asked me to create an inspirational mural to promote learning and good values.
And, I support that 100%.
So take that.
Ok! Brrring! Hey, was that bell? I think it was.
I'm late for something.
Bye! Rae, Andre is not a tagger, and he's not a gambler.
You're just trippin'.
I hope so.
This is the one vision that I don't want to come true.
Then, Rae, stop looking for trouble.
I guess you're right he's cheating on me! You see if? Do you see it? Who is trippin' now?! You two-timin' cheater! I stood by you when you had a tagging problem, a gambling problem.
You're gonna cheat on me with some hussy?! With a bad weave? Girl, let me talk to you Oh, snap! She ain't even real.
Raven, I'm teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Resuci-ha? I'm a CPR instructor.
My bad.
That's it, Raven.
This boyfriend-girlfriend thing, I don't think it's working out.
I'm breaking up with you.
What? Why? Why would Andre break up with me? Well, let's see, Rae.
You spied on him, embarrassed him, and accused him of being a gambler, a tagger, and a two-timer.
But other than that, we're perfect for each other.
You know, it's kind of funny.
In your vision, you broke up with him, but in real life, he broke up with you! How is that funny, Chels? Well, it's not funny "haha" Andre was such a nice guy.
He was a teacher, an artist, and a healer.
Wasn't much there to fix was there, Rae? Ok, ok, I admit it! I messed up, but, you know, it's not too late to get him back.
I mean, all I have to do is just show him that I'm worthy of being his girlfriend.
I think you showed him enough for one day.
Ok, son, what do you think? Dad, it's awesome! We are gonna make a fortune! And check out the best part.
The best part? Here it comes! "Baxter and son.
" Dad, I thought we were gonna call it the Chill Grill on wheels.
I know, but every father dreams of the day when his son wants to follow in his father's footsteps.
When you say "follow," what exactly do you mean? The whole restaurant business from the bottom up.
You're gonna learn dicing and chopping and frying and scraping the grease off the grill.
That's a lot to follow.
And the best part is, when you turn 16 This is your car! Ok, Andre, now, I'm sure you got a good reason for breaking into that locker, right? See? There you go again.
I'm just fixing it.
The janitor's out sick today.
You are so good.
And then I get this crazy idea that there must be something wrong, but there's not.
You're wonderful.
I just wish that you'd give me a second chance so I can show you I can be wonderful, too.
Well, we did have a pretty good thing going Until you went bananas.
Ok, ok.
Let's not speak of the past, or fruit, really.
Let's only talk about the future, like, this afternoon.
You can walk me home.
We could take the long route.
I really would like to walk you home again.
You would? But I can't do it today.
I'm volunteering at the children's center.
Ok! Ok, hey! I will volunteer, too! 'Cause, you know, a sister need the money.
Just kidding.
Well, that would be cool, but today's not a good day.
The board members are coming to check out the program.
Ok, but I want to help, too.
Well, we do need someone to run story hour.
Great! Perfect! Hey, that's really cool, Raven.
That's really cool.
I'll see you there.
Bye, boyfriend.
Now, how do I kill the hour with them little nose-drippers? Ok, son, this is it.
The dream is about to come true.
Baxter and son.
Dad, maybe we should talk about that dream.
Son, we'll have plenty of time after we finish servicing our happy customers.
Come on.
What took you so long? I was about to eat your tire.
That won't be necessary, my good man, because you are the first customer at Baxter and son.
That's right.
I'm Baxter, and that's son.
An I'm hungry.
Give me 6 cheeseburgers, pastrami on rye, 2 orders of onion rings, 3 large fries, and A diet cola.
I'm watchin' the old waistline.
Ok, son, this is it.
Let's get those burgers goin'.
It's showtime.
He said cheeseburgers.
You want that to go, right? Ok.
Come on, son, you gotta move faster than that.
Ok, we need pickles.
Pickles? I will get the pickles for you.
I need cheese! One thing at a time, dad.
Come on, get those buns movin'! Dad, I'm movin' as fast as I can! Hamburger buns.
Got it.
Ok, you wanted mayonnaise, right? Gotcha.
No pickles, I got you.
Andre, the board and I are going to have a look around.
If we like what we see, we're going to keep the program going.
Thank you, Ms.
I'll catch up with you in a minute.
Ok, boys and girls, we have a special treat for story hour.
You're going to be hearing little red riding hood.
Actually, it's little red Raven from the 'hood.
You put on a costume.
Well, you know, it's all for the children.
Plus, I know I messed up, and i I really wanted to make it up to you.
And, yes, I do look good in red.
Yes, you do.
Hey, I'll catch you later.
Ok, bye.
Hey, everybody, are you ready for story time? Yeah! Yeah! Ok, here we go.
Once upon a time, little red Raven from the 'hood That's me Was gonna take a basket of goodies to her grandma's house.
That's me.
I hope my little red Raven gets here safely with my basket of goodies, which will all be vegetarian, 'cause meat comes from animals Animals who are sent to a cruel and bru Ok, thank you, grandma.
Anyway, little red Raven couldn't ride the bus because it was broken, so she had to walk all the way through the woods by herself, which was very dangerous because that's where the mean and scary wolf lived.
That's right! I'm mean, I'm nasty! I'm the wolf! Now, where them 3 little pigs at? Wrong story.
Right Where is my basket of goodies? Thank you guys for helping out.
It's really going well.
You started story hour without me? Stanley! Is that my woman? I love my ladies in red.
Hey, hey! What are you doing here? My mama dropped me off.
We both decided we needed some space.
Listen, all right, you're just gonna sit here.
You're gonna listen to the story.
Can you do that for me? Anything for my lady.
Story on, baby.
Thank you.
All right, so little red Raven Move over, freckles.
That's all mine.
Ok, one number 2, chips and pickles.
2 number 3s, extra chips, extra pickles.
And 4 number 2s, hold the chips, hold the pickles, no olive.
Dad, slow down! I cannot keep up! Hang in there, son.
I know it's tough at first, but you gotta be able to handle the pressure if you want to learn the business.
I don't want to learn the business.
What? Sorry, dad.
I was trying to tell you.
I don't get it.
I thought this is what you wanted.
It's what you wanted.
You don't want to follow in my footsteps and become a chef? No.
You know, I just want to think of great ideas and make a lot of money.
Yeah, well, you do have a knack for that.
I hope I didn't ruin your dream, dad.
No, son.
My dream has always been for you to follow your dream.
And my dream is to have lunch before dinner! Sorry.
Son, you think you can make it through lunch? It's showtime.
Ok, I need 2 number 3s, extra chips, extra pickles, extra olives.
Here we go.
Open up! The wolf was at grandma's door.
Is that Is that little red Raven here to bring me my basket of vegetarian Goodies? Yes, it is I, little red.
That doesn't sound like you, little red.
I'm not opening the door.
Then I'll huff, and I'll puff Wrong story! Fee, fie, fo, fum! Wrong story! Somebody get this fool a script.
The board members are happy so far.
Everything cool here? Everything's great.
Thanks, Raven.
Hey, boyfriend.
Boyfriend? Sit down, Stanley.
Think I'm gonna sit down when somebody's movin' in on my woman? I'm gonna mess him up.
You are not messin' up anyone, ya lil nasty.
Rae, calm down.
He's just a little kid.
Shut up, old lady.
That is it! You're goin' down! Catch him, Eddie! Gotta catch me first, dog breath! Stanley! Gotcha.
What you catch, you get to keep.
I'm gonna keep you, all right.
Get him, Chelsea.
I got him.
Come on.
You know what? You know what? This is what we have to do if you can't stay still.
I like this game.
That ought to hold ya.
Raven? What's going on here? How could you tape a child to a chair? It's not as easy as it looks.
First, you got to catch him Andre, how could you let this happen? No, no, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, but this is not Andre's fault.
He's doing a great job here.
This This is all my fault.
You better not have damaged my kissin' lips.
Stanley! What's up, Shirley? I know Stanley from our downtown center.
And he certainly can be a handful.
So I'm not in trouble? No, but you will be if you don't use stronger tape.
Keep up the good work.
The program will continue.
Keep an eye on him for me, please.
Andre, I'm so sorry this didn't work out.
It's just that being your girlfriend is too much pressure.
You're so perfect, and I don't know if I can live up to something like that.
What do you mean? I can't believe I'm really gonna say this, but I can't go out with someone like you.
We have to break up.
That's what you get for pushin' up on my woman.
Sorry, my brother.
He's slippery.
Are you ok? Yeah, I'm fine.
Listen, Raven, I don't want you to be perfect.
You don't? No.
I'm not perfect.
Nobody is.
I just want you to be Raven.
So, does that mean we're still boyfriend and girlfriend? It's cool with me if it's cool with you.
It is ok with me.
Hey, you better back up off her.
Story hour ain't over! That's right.
I'm sorry.
And so, the handsome prince and little red lived happily ever after.
She broke my heart, freckles.
You don't know me like that.
We're closed! Hey! Down here! I'll have a cheese sandwich.
As it turns out, my son and I are not gonna be in business together.
That's a sad story.
Why don't you make that cheese sandwich in the shape of a teardrop? Good-bye, Stanley.
So that's how it's gonna be.
What's this block of wood under the wheel? Stanley, don't mess with that.
That keeps the truck from rolling down the hill.
I'll tell you what keeps the truck from rolling.
You making me a cheese sandwich.
One cheese sandwich coming up, and make it quick.
One cheese sandwich.