That's So Raven (2003) s03e31 Episode Script

Goin' Hollywood

1 Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Better Days ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Better Days back in the fifties things were simple as could be a crisis was a pimple they marched back and let you be at dinner everyone said grace life was at a slower pace people wore a happy face those were Better Days Yeah.
Here's your favorite Better Days cast Hey, yeah, I like that song.
Yeah, we liked it, too, until you sang it.
Nick west as Skip Hopper He is fine! And Ally Parker as America's sweetheart Lindy Hopper.
Gee willikers! Gee willikers? Mr.
B, did they really use to talk like that back then? Eddie, that was a little before my time.
Really? 'Cause, you're pretty old.
I am not that old! Gee willi I mean, word up.
We'll be right back, but first, it's time to announce the winner of our win a part on Better Days contest.
Yeah, guys, this could be me.
I sent and my entry and my picture.
Son, don't get your hopes up.
The odds are a million to one.
Cory Baxter! Raven, did you just have a vision? Yes! Cory Baxter! I'm goin' to Hollywood! So, what was your vision? Never mind.
Yep, that's me.
Dad, how cool is this? We are backstage on a Hollywood set.
Yes! Is that Will Smith? Hey, Will! Ray, I don't think that's Will Smith.
Dad, ok, please don't ruin it for me.
I gotta go back to my friends and tell 'em something.
Guys, check it out.
Look who got a script.
So who do you play? I am the delivery boy.
That's great.
Where are your lines? Here they are.
Ready? Delivery? That's not a line, that's a word.
Well, that's one more word than you got.
Look! Look! There's Lindy.
Hey, everybody come on over, don't be late we're gonna have a little party won't it be great we're gonna rock around the block we'll be bopping and we won't stop Hi! I didn't see you there.
I was just practicing for the sock hop.
I'm going with the boy next door, so don't miss the next episode of Better Days.
I might even get my first kiss.
Me kissing a boy? Gee willikers! Cut! That's a five.
Hey, Ally, we're waiting here! Let's go! Let's do it! Ok, chill, dawg.
Sorry, boys Somebody's got to work around here.
All right, anybody beat a full house? Jeez.
Yah! Come to mama! Hey, hey, don't hate.
I mean, you can lose again tomorrow.
Man, you know, you're nothing like you are on TV.
Thanks, dude.
I'm Ally.
Yeah, I'm Cory, the contest winner.
Yep, I'm gonna be playing the delivery boy this week.
Cool! Another kid on the set! Yeah.
You know, we should do some kid stuff.
You want some coffee? How do you take it? Ally! Who was that? Dava, our director, and that's her unhappy voice.
I am not happy! Tell me this isn't true.
"America's sweetheart to start public school.
" Well, that's a pretty good picture of me, isn't it? So It is true! Public school? Ally, it's a cold, cruel world out there.
Kids are mean, they bite, they scratch, they call you names.
Trust me, I was one of them.
You still are.
Dava, I have been acting since I was 5 years old.
I've never been to a regular school, and I'm not getting any younger.
Look, I just want to be a regular kid.
You don't need to be a regular kid.
You play one on TV.
Who are you?! Me? Hi, hi.
I'm Cory, I am Cory.
I'm the contest winner.
See? He's a regular kid and he wants to be here! Dava, it's a done deal, ok? I'm going to public school.
Fine! Do you have any idea what you're doing to my stomach? Powdered milk! What took you so long? All actors on set! Ok, I have a surprise for everyone.
This week, we have a special guest star.
He's amazingly talented Well, I wouldn't say amazing, but Neither would I, sweetheart, I ain't talking about you.
My bad, my bad.
You've seen him on all the covers of the teen magazines.
Please welcome Justin Banks.
Thank you.
Nice to meet you, Ally.
Welcome to the show, Justin.
He is so fine.
Yes, he is.
See who I got you for your first kiss, and how do you repay me? By going to public school.
Look, my cousin Carly goes there and she's gonna look out for me.
Well, fine, but I hope you know what you're getting into.
I mean, it's hard enough being the new kid, but the new kid who happens to be a celebrity Powdered milk! Stomach bothering you? It's for you.
Carly, I can't believe I'm actually here! You know, I just want to take it all in.
What did I just take in? That's the boys' bathroom.
I usually hold my breath till I get to the lockers.
You know what? I have got so much catching up to do.
I mean, what's first? Join a club? Run for class president? I've always wanted to be a cheerleader.
See? U-g-l-y you ain't got no alibi 'cause you ugly, yeah you ugly Excuse me! I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry I'm sorry Wait, what are you doing here? You're on TV.
It's Lindy.
Chrissy, Chrissettes This is my cousin, Ally.
She goes here now.
Really? Well, then, welcome to the real world, or as I call it, my world.
This is like an episode we did.
You're the mean girl who gives everybody a hard time, but you really have a heart of gold, and we're gonna become the best of friends.
I must have missed that one.
But, you know, you're nothing like that Lindy character on TV.
Thanks, dude.
I like her better.
No, she didn't.
Ok, what are you doing? You don't talk to Chrissy Collins like that.
I'll just have my agent send her a muffin basket.
No, no, no Ally Parker, America's sweetheart, it is an honor! How are you? I'm arvin, yes, I am.
Arvin Barrington, your biggest fan right here.
This picture goes right on my new "I know Ally" website.
Here's my card.
"Arvin Barrington, school activities commissioner.
" Yes, and the current activity I'm commissioning is our school talent show.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
I mean, a real school talent show.
You know, sign me up.
Well, you know I play the flugelhorn.
I bet you do.
Ally, this is gonna be huge, and what better way is it to let everyone know that you're here than to get up on stage and be the star you are? Dude, no star trips here.
I mean, I just want to be a regular kid, you know? Maybe I could pull the curtains or something.
Ok, you know, maybe you didn't hear me.
I play the flugelhorn.
I heard you.
But Ally, look, did I mention it's a fundraiser, and if Ally Parker was in the show, we could probably raise enough money to finally replace those those faulty old air filters that just Ok, drop that act.
I'll do the show.
Great! Back up, everyone, all right? Superstar is about to audition.
Arvin, what did I tell you? I don't want any special treatment, ok? Hit it! Move your body move your body What is this? You know, Ally Parker's gonna be the closing act of our talent show.
What?! I always close the show.
Ok, chill, dawg.
I didn't know it was your spot.
I mean, you can have it back.
I've got it.
You two could both close the show with a dance-off.
Now, that is gonna sell tickets.
I am a genius.
Thank you.
Arvin, forget it, ok? I'm not gonna be in the show.
What's the matter, America's sweetheart too good to be with regular people? Ok, this is ridiculous.
Whatever I say or do around here is wrong.
Maybe that's 'cause you don't belong here.
Not helping, Carly.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Juggling George Washington, war hero, father of our country, entertainer.
And now, Chrissy Collins! Come on, Chrissy! Come on, come on, everybody get down come on, come on, y'all, let's shift down make it move, now you're on a roll shake it now with your body and soul can you feel the Busta move and now, show some love for the beautiful and talented Ally Parker! Come on, Ally! We're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down Come on, come on, y'all, let's shift down come on, come on, everybody, get down make it move, now you're on a roll shake it now with your body and soul can you feel the free flow from head to toe? When you busta move, can you feel the glow? We're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on up, we're gonna party on down we're gonna party on down For the website.
Now, that has gotta hurt.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Ok.
Ok, stop! Ok, I can't kiss Justin Banks like this.
At least the swelling has gone down.
Yeah, but it still hurts.
When you kiss a boy, your nose is touched, right? Well When I do my love scenes, see How would I possibly know that? Ok, what am I gonna do? I got it! Just stick your lips out real, real far.
That way your noses never touch.
A little more.
A little more.
Little more! Now, that is where you live! Yes.
Delivery! Ok.
De Livery! Deliveree! You need to work on your delivery.
What'd you get? Nothing.
These are empty, but I found them in Will Smith's garbage.
Yeah, baby.
Yeah, I'll be in touch this afternoon.
I'll have my people call your people.
I love you.
Your mom says hi.
Guys, guys, look, ok, please.
I need to get into Character.
Character? Your character holds a box.
We'll be watching from the audience.
Never change.
Love ya.
Only in Hollywood.
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Better Days ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Better Days back in the fifties things were simple as could be a crisis was a pimple Welcome to the taping of Better Days! All right! Yes! All right! Now, now, now, now, now, we're gonna start the show in a couple minutes, but once you hear the bell, we have to stop and get ready, ok? But in the meantime, if anybody in the audience has any talent and would like to come up here, well, who knows? This is Hollywood.
You might get discovered.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
Hello! My name is Raven Baxter.
Nice to meet you guys.
I'd like to sing a little song that my mom sang for me.
There once was a farmer that had a dog and Bingo was his name Bingo was his name! It was his name, it was his name Hey, hey, thank you # It was his name # it was his name, Ok, thank you, thank you very much.
Rae, Rae.
Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae We gotta start the show.
Thank you! Don't make me call security.
Give 'em a hand.
Give 'em a hand, guys.
Thank you very much.
Better Days will come right back.
Here we go! I hope Ricky likes my party dress.
If he doesn't, I just might have to clobber him.
Gee willikers, that must be Ricky! Yes? Come on, kid.
You got one stinkin' word.
I bet you want to say "delivery"? I'll just take this, then.
Delivery! If Ricky doesn't get here soon, I might flip my lid.
Don't do that.
You have a nifty lid.
Ricky? Your brother let me in the front door.
Lindy, you look ginchy! Thanks, Ricky.
You look ginchy, too.
Can i Give you a good-night kiss? A good-night kiss? But, Ricky, we haven't even gone to sock hop yet.
I know, but, golly, if I don't ask you now, I'd flip my lid.
Really? Delivery! Cut! Not you, sweetheart.
Back up.
I can do it! Out! Out! Hey! Action! Really? Cut! Cut! What is the problem? Nothing.
Is it my breath? No! Well, the scene is not working and I got it, I got it.
Let's make it a comedy moment.
Now, the first kiss is usually kind of awkward, so when Justin leans in to kiss you, you bang noses, ok? What?! No! No Ok, ok, everybody, places, places! Action! Really? No! Cut! You don't want to kiss me, do you? I really do.
Ok, ok, ok, ok, now, what what What is going on with you? What? Ok.
The truth is I hurt my nose in school because I got all competitive with this girl.
Is it broken? No.
It's just hurts a little, and I can't kiss with it.
I'm sorry, everybody.
You are all getting muffin baskets.
You see? You see? I knew it.
I knew this school thing was a bad idea.
I should have sent you with a bodyguard 2 bodyguards! So do you have to cancel the episode? Do you know how much that would cost? Probably my job, the job that pays for my house and my ex-husband! No, no, no, no Calm down! Calm down! Really? Ok, I can fix this.
I hope.
And Action! I'll get it.
Thank you.
Yeah! Yeah! Now, where were we? Cut! Terrific show, everybody! Great fix, cutie.
Sorry about that.
I'll see you Monday.
So, how was your first kiss? Well, it beats the flugelhorn, I'll tell you that.
Thanks for standing in for me.
Wait till we tell everyone at school tomorrow.
Carls, I'm not going back to school.
Why not? Everybody was right.
I don't belong there.
So that's it? You're giving up? But I thought you wanted to be a regular kid.
I do.
I just didn't know how hard it was.
Hey, suck it up.
What? You don't know how it is.
Ally, everybody has something to deal with.
They're too tall or too short or Too quirky.
You just happen to be Too famous.
I just don't want to have to face those kids again.
You don't have to do it alone.
Well I guess your "superstar" cousin won't be showing her face around here again.
You're back! Yeah, thanks to you! The nose, the nose, the nose! Sorry.
Hi, girls.
And the winner for best supporting actor in a comedy with one word or less Cory Baxter, "delivery"! Thank you.
Ok Thank you.
You know, Cory, would you, just one more time? Why not? De-livery! Deliveree.
Wake up, Hollywood.
We gotta fold laundry.
I could be a big star one day.
Well, until then Delivery!