That's So Raven (2003) s03e32 Episode Script

Save the Last Dance

1 I can't believe our prom's finally here, you know? It seems like yesterday that we were riding bikes, chasing butterflies, running through sprinklers.
That was yesterday, Chels.
Really? No wonder my shoes are wet! Well, Chantel and I are ready for the prom.
She bought a new dress, and I bought a whole case of frozen burritos for the limo ride.
Well, I have been dreaming about this night forever, you guys.
I found the perfect dress Do you have a date? Do you have a date? I found the perfect shoes I've rented the limo She ain't got no date.
Let's not focus on the negative, ok? Yeah! That's right! Exactly.
There are more important things about going to the prom than just getting a date.
So you ain't got one either? Eddie, we're not worried, 'cause we're both intelligent, attractive young women.
But you could help us out by dropping a few hints that we're available.
See what I can do.
Hey, y'all, we got 2 desperate girls right over here lookin' for prom dates! Eddie, that's not Such a bad idea.
How you doin'? How you doin'? I'm Raven.
How you doin'? Hey! Whassup? How you doin'? Yep, that's me.
Whassup, ladies? So, y'all get some prom dates yet? I've been, you know, spreadin' the word.
Yeah, we know.
We heard you over the P.
I wouldn't want to go to the prom with anyone else but you.
I'm gettin' a date! I'm gettin' a date! I'm gettin' a date! I'm gettin' a date! I'm gettin' a date! Ok Who is he? I don't know! I don't know! But he was this tall, this wide, and he had the most adorable left ear.
It was so cute! Rae, he sounds perfect for you.
Yeah, yeah.
Except for one thing you don't know who he is.
I'll know him when I see him.
I heard the announcement.
If you don't have a date for the prom, I'd love to go with you.
Trevor, that is so sweet! Come here, let me see You know what, Trevor, thank you, but I'm going with a different ear.
Different guy.
I guess I'm too late.
Keep your head up, man! What are you doin', Rae? Trevor's a great guy.
Yes, but it's not the guy.
I want the guy in my vision! Yeah, but you don't I want him!! Here comes my man he's gonna find me just you wait and see he's down around the corner and he's looking out for me here comes my man he'll deliver he'll arrive on time and I don't need to worry 'cause my man'll treat me fine here comes my man, here comes my man I don't get this genetics stuff.
It's just a fancy word that means you inherit things from your parents.
You mean like money? No.
Like your hair color, eye color, stuff like that.
I'd rather have money.
It's a scorcher out there.
Hey, how's the studying going? We're learning about genetics.
Well, son, you hit the jackpot, because you're gonna inherit a lot of good things from me.
Like money? No But there's a good chance you'll be tall like me.
That would be nice.
And I have perfect eyesight.
Hey, that can come in handy.
And dynamite dance moves.
Well, 2 outta 3 ain't bad.
I think I'm gonna finish mowing the lawn.
It's a scorcher out there.
Hey, this is interesting.
It says hair growth is one of the most common traits that you inherit from your parents.
Why couldn't he have money? You know what, Rae? It doesn't matter if your vision doesn't come true.
Ok, you know why? We're going to prom together.
We don't need dates.
We've got each other! Ok! Chelsea, hey If you're not going to prom with anyone, I was thinking Yes! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Great.
I'll call you.
Ok! I was this close to going to prom with you.
Which would have been really fun.
Hold still, you.
Hey, any boys call for me? What are you doing? We have to eat with those tongs, you nasty! I found a hair on my back.
What do you mean, It's startin', little bro.
The hairy Baxter curse.
There's a curse? Yep.
Just ask cousin Stephanie.
She's got it bad.
I thought that was cousin Steve! Nope.
It's Stephanie.
But on the bright side, she saves a lot of money on sweaters.
I knew my dream date would come.
I'm comin'! I'm comin'! Hey! I knew it was you.
Who were you expecting? My date.
You got one? What date? No.
I'm keepin' hope alive.
That's him! That's him! Ok Ok Ok Can I use your can? I'm guessing you're not my date.
I'm Felix, your limo driver, and my tank is full, if you know what I mea Ok, ok! Second door on the left.
Thank you.
You're funny.
I can't believe I turned down all those nice guys 'cause of my stupid vision.
Now I don't even have a date for the prom.
It's ok, Rae.
Look, everything's gonna work out.
Of course it is.
Rae? Dad? Sweetheart, look, I know I'm not your first choice, but who's to say a father can't dig out his old tuxedo and escort his daughter to the prom? I'll say it.
Dad I can't go to the prom with you.
That's more pathetic than not having a date at all! Baby, I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to help! It's sweet.
It is, but I'd rather go with my friends.
Okey-dokey! Good to go! And Whoever has the yellow toothbrush, thanks.
Who was he and why was he using my toothbrush? That's the limo driver and we'd better hit the road.
Nasty! I told Randy we'd pick him up at 7:30.
Who's Randy? My date, silly! His name is Danny.
I think I know my own date's name, Rae, ok? I've known him since the third grade, and his name is Danny.
Then why would I buy him this mug that says Randy on it? Sheesh! Ok, question number 10.
If both parents have blue eyes, what are the chances that the offspring would have blue eyes? Cindy, I'd rather talk about your eyes.
What's wrong, Cory? Nothing, nothing.
Are you wearing gloves? Yeah, yeah, see, it's cold in here.
It's the hairy Baxter curse! Yes! Thank goodness it was just a dream! All right.
Hey, what's up, Cory? Devon?! Man, what are you doing here? Did you move back from Seattle? No, but my dad had a business trip so I thought I'd come with him and surprise Raven.
Well, the surprise is kind of on you because she went to the prom.
I knew I should've called first.
Hey, but don't worry.
You can see her tomorrow.
I'm just in town for tonight.
So who'd she go to the prom with? I don't know.
Well, whoever she's with, I'm sure she's having a great time.
All I need is your love, baby What's the matter, Randy? You don't like your present? You know, I don't really know how to tell you this, Chelsea, but, my name's Danny.
Not according to your mug.
No, seriously, Chelsea, if this relationship is gonna go anywhere, I really think you should probably call me by my name, which is Danny.
Did Raven put you up to this? His name is Danny! Ok.
"Danny" it is.
Stop the car! What is it? Cute guy right across the street.
Right hair, right height.
Might be my date.
What date? Hey! Yoo- How you doing? Girl in a limo.
Would you mind taking off the hat, please? Hey, that's not a hat.
You nasty Drive, drive, drive! Tonight on unexplained oddities, Man, beast, or hairy genetic freak? God! Son, don't sneak up on me like that.
You make the hairs on my back stand up.
Why do you gotta say it like that? What is wrong with you? Look, dad, I don't want to get the hairy "backster" curse.
The what?! According to genetics, if you have a hairy back, I'm gonna have a hairy back.
They're gonna me bigfoot.
Look, first of all, you're not necessarily gonna inherit everything I have, and second of all, everybody inherits traits they like and traits they don't like.
Do you like the hairs on your back? Well, no, not at first.
In fact, when I first started dating your mother I always wore turtleneck sweaters.
And then one day, one hot, hot day, I remember thinking, "why am I wearing a turtleneck sweater to the beach?" And then I realized right then and there I have to accept myself for who I am.
So I took my turtleneck sweater off, and you know what happened? Everyone ran screaming.
She saw the little tufts of hairs and she thought they were cute.
All that time I was worried about nothing.
So I guess I shouldn't be freaking out about this? That's right.
The traits you get make you who you are.
Which is a really cool kid.
No! Thanks, dad.
The doors are locked.
The sun roof opened.
Snooky-puss, how long's Raven gonna be in that minimart? 'Bout as long as it takes her to find a guy that she Pictured as her date.
No luck.
Cashier was kinda close, bur his shift doesn't end till midnight, so Couldn't have been mine.
That's it, Rae.
No more stops.
Ok, you know what? You're right.
I held you guys up long enough.
We'll just we'll just go to the prom like we planned together.
I'm fine with that.
Speaking of fine, excuse me.
Excuse me! I'm gettin' stuck here! It's a little tight.
You guys, can you please hit something? 'Cause I'm a little stuck in this position.
I can't get out.
Nothing's happening, Rae! Felix, we have a situation.
The sun roof is jammed.
Can you hit the manual override or something? Kid, it's a limo, not the space shuttle.
All right.
Let's just try pulling her out.
On 3.
1, 2, 3! Stop! Stop! No room whatsoever! This isn't working.
Rae, are you ok? Yeah.
Everything's peachy keen.
Can't you see I'm stuck?! Don't you get no attitude with us.
Ok, you the one that broke the car.
This is not my fault! I am just trying to find my prom date.
What date?! I've had enough of this.
We may be stuck in here for a while.
Might as well crank up the tunes.
Felix, at least you're gonna to keep me company.
Keep you company? I ought to drive you under a low bridge! I'm going back to that service station down the road and see if I can find a mechanic.
Meanwhile, don't touch anything! Well, what if I have to scratch my foot? Great.
Now I got to scratch my foot.
Guys, is it really right to party with Raven stuck in the roof? I don't now.
It actually looks like she's gettin' into the music.
Somebody, scratch my foot! Ok, Raven, Raven, calm down.
Now, you're in a bad situation, but it's a beautiful night.
Except for that one cloud.
Why did I say that? Perfect! What else you got for me? No! No, i No! My hair, my hair.
You know what? This is all my fault and that stupid vision! I'm not gonna have a date for the prom.
I might as well accept that.
At least the rain's letting up.
That's right.
That's right! You better turn around and apologize to me.
After all that I've been through tonight, you better come back here Raven, is that you?! Get over here! Yeah, it's me! Who wants to Devon? I must be dreaming.
I can't believe it.
We were just on our way to stop for gas and then Then on our way back up to Seattle.
What are you doing here? My dad came down for business and I came along to surprise you.
You did? Yeah! I stopped by the house, but Cory said that you were at the prom.
I was i was I was on my way there.
I just got I got stuck in a little situation.
You're stuck? Little bit.
Same old Raven.
Just a little wetter, little muddier, and a little slipperier.
Rae, are you ok? I am now.
Devon, you're not in Seattle anymore.
Unless we're in Seattle.
No, no, we're here.
You're in there, so stay in there.
Go back down, hurry up.
Get going.
Going down.
I can't believe that we would run into each other like this.
But I'm sure you want to get back to your date.
I would if I had one.
You you mean you're not seeing anyone? No.
Me, neither.
Devon, my man! You really are here! I told you.
Hey, hey, a little privacy.
Going down.
So How long are you here for? I'm going back tonight.
But my dad's going to be coming down on business all the time, so we'll be able to see each other again.
Good, Devon, because I really missed you.
I missed you, too, Rae.
This one goes out to Raven and Devon.
That's our song.
Would you like to dance? I'd love to.
I have to admit, I'm glad that you didn't go to the prom with someone else.
I wouldn't want to go to the prom with anyone else but you.
I bet this isn't how you pictured it.
This is exactly how I pictured it.
Tow truck's here! And you don't care.
Going down.
I kiss your little button.
I kiss your little button.
We are so obnoxious.
What's your Cologne? I bought that just for you, baby.
That's pancake syrup.
Man, I can't believe all this year in math class I was calling you by the wrong name.
Well, at least you got it right now.
I'll never forget you, Danny Farber.
It's Warren.
Warren Farber? Man, was I off.
It's all fixed.
We can go.
Fine with me.
I'm paid by the hour.
Would you like to dance? You know how to robot? I don't know.
You tell me.