The 100 (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

The Warriors Will

Previously on "The 100" RAVEN: According to Shaw, this place is a civil war waiting to happen.
Come on, McCreary.
We didn't come all the way back to earth just to kill each other.
Tell them that you were planning to let us die.
No! [ALL SHOUTING] OCTAVIA: The hydrofarm is barely feeding us now, so if this is the last living valley on earth, then it should be ours.
What would it take for you to share the valley? DIYOZA, ON RADIO: Short of an unconditional surrender, nothing.
Octavia will never surrender.
That's why we're gonna take her out.
Omon gon oson.
Bellamy [GASPING] We'll be in the valley.
We'll have peace.
INDRA: The child with Clarke is a real Natblida.
Give Madi the Flame.
Ascende superius.
BELLAMY: Madi, I hate to put this on you.
This is how we stop the war.
MILLER: Step away from the child right now.
Arrest the traitors.
MADI: If we run, Gaia, Indra, and Bellamy will die.
They made their choice.
- Madi.
Get away from me.
I'm going back.
Oh, no, you're not.
It's 50 miles to Polis.
Now get down from there.
Let go of me.
Madi I'm sorry.
Are you OK? I said no.
That thing is not staying in your head.
Yes, it is, and if you want to take it, you're gonna have to kill me.
- Madi - What? You're willing to let Bellamy die and Indra and Gaia.
- Why not me? - Get in the Rover.
- No! Get off! - We are not doing this now.
Let me go! Stop! Why are you doing this? I need to go back.
Commanders don't run away.
Well, it's a good thing you're not a Commander.
Damn it, Madi.
I thought the Flame was supposed to make you wise.
You're acting like the child who attacked me in the woods.
Octavia won't run away, and because of you, she'll get her war.
Want to bet? What are you gonna do? I'm gonna tell Diyoza that the eye is down.
I'm gonna tell Octavia that she knows.
She can decide not to march or march and be destroyed.
Either way, problem solved.
Now get in.
Clarke, be careful.
The worms.
Two problems solved.
Now get in the Rover before I take you up on your ultimatum.
[DOOR CLOSES] - Nash - Yo.
MCCREARY: Check everything cracks in the floor, the mattresses.
Junkies can be very resourceful.
[COUGHING] Diyoza's book.
You don't look so good, Doc.
That makes two of us.
Your lungs, they're I can hear the fluid filling up in them.
You're drowning.
You're not even getting wet.
Well, fix me and get your fix.
Place is clean, boss.
Oh, I can see the convulsions coming.
Shut up and get out.
Go find Diyoza.
You two, guard the door.
No one gets in or out.
You knew she's pregnant.
It's mine.
Did she tell you that? No, but I can see why she wouldn't brag about it.
Do it.
Kill me like you killed the other doctor.
Put us both out of our misery.
I got a better idea, a contest your disease versus mine.
[RATTLE] Something tells me you'll break before I die, Doc.
50% of our people won't march.
Fear of sandstorms has put a dent in morale.
We're letting it be known that we're taking the long route to avoid them, but BRELL: Don't be a coward, Miller.
It's not the sandstorms.
Tell her the truth.
It's Madi.
The fact that there's a supposed Commander out there has complicated things.
"Complicated"? You just told me half of our people are refusing to march.
I'd call that more than complicated.
Maybe if you hadn't tried to kill her, - the believers would - We don't need them.
Even at half strength, we outnumber Diyoza's army.
Still not enough, not without the worms.
MILLER: Maybe, maybe not, but we still got the element of surprise.
I say, we go win this war, and once we do, the rest of Wonkru, they'll follow.
[SIGHS] If you disagree, then say so because otherwise, you're no good to me.
Either you're Wonkru, or an enemy of Wonkru.
My advice you can either unite us behind the real Commander or remind those who refuse to march what happens to our enemies.
Your real Commander's a child who showed up yesterday.
Blodreina's kept us strong through 6 years of hell.
Now you're advising her to stand down or kill half our people? That's not what I'm advising.
In case you hadn't noticed, Madi's gone.
That ship has sailed.
Clarke's not gonna bring her back.
She means the fighting pits.
BRELL, that's her brother that we're talking about.
And Indra and Gaia.
I'm aware.
I'm confused.
You want me to kill the people who conspired to bring you back your precious Commander? No.
I want you to bend the knee to her, but I know you won't.
You want your army to march? Show them what happens when they don't.
[BUZZER] - - [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Oh, now, this is perfect.
And here, I thought the time of the Commanders was over.
It was.
Now it's not.
The day you asked me to be your second was the best day of my life.
Did I ever tell you that? You accepted me when my own people wouldn't.
You gave me the strength to be more than I ever thought I could be.
I gave you nothing.
That strength was already there.
You betrayed me, Indra.
I betrayed Blodreina.
What's the difference? Octavia kom Skaikru was my second.
I taught her when to attack and when not to.
I advised her to do what's best for her people, not herself.
I am what's best for my people.
Why are you here? They're refusing to march, aren't they? You wouldn't surrender, and you won't give up the throne to the rightful Commander, so now you'll use fear to bend Wonkru to your will.
I suppose it worked before.
Will it work now? If I put you and Gaia and Bellamy in the arena will they march? Probably, but you already knew that.
Give me another option Indra, please.
There isn't one But if it helps to clarify things, I promise you, if you put us in the arena, I won't be losing a daughter.
Gaia will win.
I will have her take my life right after I take your brother's.
I have an appointment.
We need to monitor my progress every two hours to make sure the cure actually worked.
Now I'm going to have to ask you gentlemen to step aside.
ABBY: Let him in so I can do my job.
Please have a seat on the table.
We'll have to think of a less shocking way for you to contact me.
I'm sorry.
From what I can tell, Diyoza, your friend Kane, and most of the defectors are safe.
McCreary's sending patrols, but OK.
That's not why you're here, Vinson.
[EXHALES] Deep breath.
[VINSON INHALES] McCreary took my pills.
I thought I could handle it.
I can't.
I hate to see you suffer, Abby, but perhaps it's for the best.
No, it isn't.
My body isn't strong enough.
I'm already in withdrawal.
Another deep breath.
If my blood pressure goes any higher, I could have a seizure.
My heart could stop.
Then treat McCreary.
- Absolutely not.
- Abby No.
I said no.
Everything OK? ABBY: Fine.
Tell me what you need.
I wrote it down.
ABBY: You're all set.
Your lungs are clear.
and I'll see you again in two hours.
Shouldn't you be working on a plan to get Bellamy out of jail? What if I told you I had one? Then I'd throw you in the pits with him, and Indra would kill you, too.
I need you to go see him.
Indra has weaknesses, and if Bellamy is gonna survive You tell him yourself or, better yet, call it off.
You're a dictator, right? He poisoned me, Monty, with your algae, just enough so it wouldn't kill me.
I wonder if he had help with that.
Now, do you want to save his treasonous ass, or don't you? Because, for some reason, I still don't want my brother to die.
Then don't go through with it.
- You're the damn - Monty, I've always liked you, but if you call me a dictator again Not that.
Two days ago, these plants were on life support.
Now look at them.
Imagine what the algae can do in two weeks or two months.
Let me show you something.
Cooper's farm log says, this section hasn't blossomed in years.
Well, guess what.
A flower.
Not just a flower, an apple blossom, ghost apple, to be exact.
Flowers become fruit.
The protein crops are rebounding, too.
Octavia, if I'm right, I can do the same thing to the topsoil on the ground.
It'll take longer a few years, maybe more but the point is, we don't need Shallow Valley.
You don't need to march to war.
Bellamy doesn't need to die.
Hey, what are you doing? It's a nice story, Monty, but the ghosts can have this place.
We march as soon as the fight in the pit is over.
I would like my brother, your friend, to be with us.
Last chance.
Will you help me or not? No not if it means taking more lives to do it.
OCTAVIA: Must be nice, playing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden while the rest of us fight to survive.
Actually, no.
It's awful.
Not as awful as fighting a war you don't need to fight.
You fight to live, or you die.
That is how we survived, even when this farm stopped feeding us.
If you were here, you'd understand.
The farmers won't save the world, Monty.
The warriors will.
- Madi? - No! No! - Stop! Wait! No, no! - Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
- No.
Don't do this! - Do what? - I'm not doing anything.
- Try it again, please.
You're making a mistake.
I can save you.
- Madi.
- I can save all of you.
- Oh! - No! No! No! No! Stop! BECCA: With my serum, you don't have to live in the bunker anymore! The Flame can change everything! - No! - Hey, wake up.
You think he's saving you, but he's killing you.
- Wake up.
- No! [PANTING] Clarke.
It's OK.
You're safe.
They burned her alive.
Burned who, honey? Becca Pramheda.
I I felt her.
I was her.
That wasn't a dream.
It was a memory.
Listen to me.
You don't have to deal with this anymore - because I can just take out the Flame.
- No.
I'd just put it back in.
You'd have to destroy it.
It's OK.
[BUZZER] [GATE OPENS] [GATE CLOSES] [DOOR CLOSES] Remember lily pads? God, you used to hate that game jumping from table to chair to bed first one who touches the ground loses But you never once said no, and you always let me win.
Do you remember the last time we played? I cut my lip.
I bled all over the place.
I was so worried that someone would see it on the floor and find me, but you took care of that.
You cut your own arm open so people would think it was your blood.
Long way from that to poisoning me.
Not really.
I did that to save you, too, from yourself, from fighting a war that could destroy the last survivable land on earth.
Well, you'll be happy to know that the worms are gone.
Clarke took them along with the usurper you tried to replace me with.
And you're still ready to go to war, even though Indra has told you how many of your people would die? What kind of leader does that? You have no idea what you're talking about.
Don't I? O.
, you turned this place into a story from your childhood.
I mean, the Red Queen? It's a joke, and I can still tell when you're scared.
I came here to save your life.
Now I'm not so sure I should.
Well, this should be good.
Indra has a weakness.
Her shoulder never fully healed from the bullet Pike put in her the last time you chose the wrong side in a war.
So you came here to help me kill the woman who made you who you are.
I love Indra I do but she's not my blood.
You are.
Now make her take the hammer.
It's too heavy to wield with one arm.
That means you need to get the sword.
Octavia, would you listen to yourself? Gaia will go for the staff, and you'll worry about her after you take out Indra.
Tell me you understand.
I wish I did.
I wish I knew what made you this way, and I wish that I could have been here to take the burden off you these last 6 years, but I'm here now, and the way I see it, you have two choices.
You either call this thing off and make a deal to share the valley, or you watch me die in that arena today because I'm not fighting.
Everybody fights.
I won't.
We'll see.
There's no coming back from this, O.
If you do this, there's no coming back.
I know you're still trying to save me, Bell, but you can't save someone who's already dead.
We're home.
You didn't take it out.
Why? Because I can't destroy it.
You were crying in your sleep.
Have you seen enough now to know that you don't want to see anymore? - Yes - Good.
But I have to.
The other Commanders want me to see it, to feel it.
- That's how it works.
- Let's get one thing straight.
You are my child, and I will protect you with my life.
For now, I'm letting you keep that thing in your head, but if you so much as think about challenging Octavia, I will take it out faster than you can say, "ascende" - OK.
- Good.
Fine, so what's the plan? The plan is to stop the war.
Now let's go find Diyoza.
What? Do you see her, too? I know it's why you're scared of me having the Flame.
Commanders die, Madi, all of them, badly.
I won't let that happen to you.
[DOOR OPENS] Hey, Vinson.
No luck, Doc.
[EXHALES] Just kidding.
[RATTLING] Hey, what was that? My prescription.
ABBY: He's telling the truth.
He he needs it for residual swelling.
Yeah, and what's in the other hand? Show us.
I know what it's like to need something.
Vinson, wait! Pull the trigger.
Pull the trigger.
Pull it.
Get off me! No! Go ahead, Doc.
I'll clean up when I'm through.
No! [SHOUTING CONTINUES] [GATE OPENS] We don't have much time.
After I take Bellamy's life, I'm coming for yours.
When you see my guard dip, exposing my throat, you strike.
No, Mother.
That's not how this ends.
Gaia, we have to give them a show.
You, of all people, know it's not enough just to be the last.
I don't care if I'm the last as long as my Commander is safe.
Gaia, listen to me.
You kill Octavia, the guards kill you.
[GATE OPENS] [GATE CLOSES] What happens if we don't fight? It's been tried.
You get executed.
Good, means she'll have to do it herself if she can.
After all this, you still think that because you're her brother, she won't kill you? I have to.
Let's hope we don't have to find out.
You might be right.
She might not execute you or me, but Gaia? MAN: Move now.
I'll kill you quickly, I promise.
[BUZZER] [GATE CLOSES] [DOOR CLOSES] OCTAVIA: We gather here today to remind ourselves what happens to the enemies of Wonkru.
It doesn't matter who you are.
If you choose sides against us, if you divide us, if you defy us, then you are not us.
Before we give these traitors a second chance to be called brother sister, or seda, we pay tribute to those who have died so that we might live.
CROWD: Omon gon oson.
Be the last.
[CROWD CHEERING] MAN: Bellamy, watch out! Damn it.
[CHEERING] [CROWD CHEERING] No! [PANTING] I said, be the last.
MONTY: Stop! BELLAMY: Monty, get out of here.
OCTAVIA: Guards, take him away.
MONTY: Octavia told you we have to march, that we have to fight for the one place left where we can survive, but she knows that's not true.
Monty, you do not belong in here.
The hydrofarm is working again.
Soon, it'll be processing enough food to feed all of us here.
Using the same techniques, we can grow crops in the wasteland.
Ask Octavia.
She's seen it with her own eyes.
MAN: Is that true? [PEOPLE MURMURING] MONTY: Go to war if you want to, but at least tell them that they have a choice.
Is this true? [PEOPLE SHOUTING] CROWD: Nou Blodreina nowe! Nou Blodreina nowe! Nou Blodreina nowe! Blodreina, what are your orders? [PEOPLE SHOUTING] CROWD: Nou Blodreina nowe! Nou Blodreina nowe! Stand down.
CROWD: Nou Blodreina nowe! Nou Blodreina nowe! You fought well.
You, too.
CROWD: Nou Blodreina nowe! Monty CROWD: Nou Blodreina nowe! Nou Blodreina nowe! You did it.
CROWD: Nou Blodreina nowe! Nou Blodreina nowe! Where'd she go? - We have to find her.
- Why? She didn't shoot us, right? That's got to mean something.
INDRA: It means she lost the battle, not the war.
We should split up, but be careful.
There are people here that would give their lives to save Blodreina.
[ALARM BLARING] - What's that? - The fire alarm.
The hydrofarm.
[CRACKLING] MONTY: No! - What did you do? - Took away the choice.
You still have one stay here and die or march with me and live.
[ALARM CONTINUES] MADI: I don't understand.
Why are we going the long way? I'm guessing Diyoza sleeps in her ship.
We're gonna come up from behind.
Soon as she see us, she'll know her eye in the sky isn't working.
We should have something to use as leverage so she doesn't attack.
It's how Bellamy saved you the moment he got back to the ground and got the bunker open.
I mean, by now, he's probably dead.
[GUNSHOT] Do you remember now? COSSER: How can we remember what we never knew? NASH: Guy's got a point.
[GUNSHOT] - Hope.
- I don't believe him.
I'm telling the truth.
We don't know where they're hiding.
Um, then you're no use to me.
What are you doing? They're killing the defectors.
Those are my people.
[GUNSHOT] Your mother's a defector, too.
What is it? Nothing.
[COUGHING] Bury the bodies.
Should've left one alive.
Dig the hole.
CLARKE: Shh! Where's Diyoza? We don't know.
McCreary's in charge now.
- I can take you to him.
- Madi, get behind me.
And the doctor? Where's she? Uh, gas station.
Please, don't shoot me.
I can take you.
They'd have heard the gunshot.
Mom? Oh, my God.
Mom? Mom, mom, hey.
Hey, wake up.
- What happened to her? - I don't know.
Mom? Mom, please [PANTING] Wake up.
Wake up.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] We got rations here for everyone, 6 days' worth.
That's enough to make it to the valley.
I'll be right behind you.
And so will we.
INDRA: Our Commander is out there.
A warrior's death awaits.
Ready? Come on.
Our family's waiting.