The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (1985) s01e01 Episode Script

To All the Ghouls I've Loved Before

Once upon a midnight dreaming, I woke up to a ghostly screaming.
So I gazed into the crystal ball to see what was new.
And what I watched was truly shocking.
The demon chest, it was unlocking.
Unlocking the 13 ghosts of Scooby-Doo.
Yikes! Hey, Weerd, I heard something.
Wake up.
I heard something.
Yikes! What is it? It's the 13 ghosts inside the chest.
Oh! They sound mad, Weerd.
What do they want? They want out of there, and we're gonna help them.
Why? Oh, those are the meanest ghosts on earth.
They hate us.
But once we set them free, they'll love us.
We'll be heroes.
They'll give us parades, dinners.
But we can't open the chest.
It can only be opened by the living, which we are not.
We are ghosts.
Correctamundo, Bogel.
But just listen to the chest.
That signal means that living ones are coming this way.
They will open the chest.
Heh, how can you be sure? Because these living ones are among the stupidest on earth.
Well, gang, like, here we are.
Honolulu, Hawaii.
Oh, ha, ha, boy, just get a load of those white, sandy beaches.
Look again, Lindbergh.
That's not sand, it's snow.
All right.
Who's the wise guy who moved Hawaii? Hawaii is over the ocean Hawaii is over the sea Scooby, you're the navigator.
Where's the map to Honolulu? Honolulu? Hmm, right here.
Scooby, this is a map to the Himalayas.
Himalaya, Honolulu, what's the difference? About 7000 miles.
Oops! - The foolish ones are approaching.
- But how will we make them stop here? By pulling a little black magic out of the old hat.
We've lost Engine 1.
Like, this is not the time to panic, Scoob.
We've still got Engine 2.
Now, this is the time to panic.
Like, we're in serious trouble here.
Abandon ship.
Cowards and canines first.
Uh-oh! How embarrassing.
Get this thing out of here.
Phew! Yikes! Shaggy.
Hang on, Scooby.
Whoa! Yikes! Scrappy, Daphne.
Help! Landing gear down.
Here goes nothing.
Hey, he's getting away.
Stop him.
Uh-oh! Here he comes.
Grab him.
Howdy, folks.
What can I do you for? You can leave town, you little con artist.
You've caused nothing but trouble since you arrived in Yursovania.
That's right, mayor.
This town's got trouble, with a capital T.
And that rhymes with B and that stands for bad luck.
Bad luck? You said it, pal.
Flim Flam's the name and I'm gonna change your luck from bad to good with an amazing new discovery, Lotsa Luck Joy Juice.
It's a lucky charm in a bottle.
Lotsa Luck removes all unwanted curses, jinxes and evil spells.
It's also a great rocket fuel and a darn good dandruff remover.
I want you and your bottles gone.
The brakes don't work on the ice.
I can't watch.
See, mayor? I told you this town had bad luck.
So long, sports fans.
Scrappy, look out for that ox cart.
Whoa! The silly ones.
They're here.
Mm Oh, boy, that was that fun.
But how are we going to get to Hawaii? Perhaps I can be of service.
Flim Flam's the name, selling's my game.
With just a touch of magic.
Very impressive, Flim Flam.
Gee, that's keen, Flim Flam.
But how can you help us get to Hawaii? Simple.
I'll just call my travel agent.
Hey, you kids.
You're all under arrest.
Some travel agent.
Like, what's the charge, officer? Crashing in a no-crashing zone.
And for aiding this fast-talking fugitive.
What will we do, Uncle Scooby? I don't know, Scrappy.
Now we'll pull their plane in here.
Uh, what for? So that when they come and get it, we'll make them open the chest of demons.
Hear ye, hear ye, this court is now in session.
All rise for the right honorable Burghermaster, presiding.
Burghermaster? Mm, yummy.
Order in the court.
We'll order 50 chili cheeseburgers, ha, ha.
- To go.
- Now, listen up.
I want every one of you out of town by sundown.
No problem, Your Honor.
We'll leave just as soon as we gas up our plane.
Plane or no plane, I want you out.
The last coach leaves the hotel at sunset.
Be gone by then.
Like, you heard the man.
Let's roll.
Hey, what happened to our plane? It was here a little while ago.
Like, it's gone.
Check this out, guys.
It looks like the plane was dragged inside that temple.
Shh, shh! They're at the door.
Oh, great.
This place is totally locked up.
Huh? You weren't supposed to lock the door.
We want them to come in.
Oh, yeah.
I forgot.
Forgot? Why, you dimwit.
I'm gonna take There must be a way to get into this temple.
There is.
I have a friend in town, a mystic.
He knows all about this temple, even how to get inside.
Sounds like a deal, Flim Flam.
Lead the way.
- Ooh, ooh, they're leaving.
- Just unlock the door.
They'll be back for their plane.
And when they let the 13 ghosts out of the chest We'll be one of the guys.
Full-fledged ghosts.
Howdy, you crazy nuts, you.
My mystic friend's in the back room, follow me.
And now, it's my great pleasure to present the mystic wonder of the universe.
The one, the only Vincent VanGhoul.
What do you want? Can't you see I'm in the middle of supper? I hope we're not the main course.
Hey, Vince.
It's me, Flim Flam.
I've got some live ones here.
Well, why didn't you say so? Gather around.
The great Vincent knows all.
We're trying to find our airplane, Mr.
I see your plane inside the temple.
But you must not enter.
Why not? Because that's where the evil spirits dwell.
Evil spirits? The same evil spirits who put a curse on this town.
Like, what kind of curse? The curse is this: Each night, when the moon rises, the townsfolk turn into werewolves.
Maybe that's why everyone wants us out of town.
Did you hear that? They know.
Too bad.
Now we can never let them leave.
The moon will be rising soon.
You must depart immediately.
Like, if not sooner.
Thanks, and lots of luck to you, V.
I'm afraid you're the ones who will need the luck.
What's the big rush, kids? We've got a stagecoach to catch.
The coach can wait, but the stage is this way.
Have some refreshments.
Oh, boy.
The show's just about to begin.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome that singing sensation of the ages, Ghoulio.
To all the ghouls I've loved before Who travelled in and out my door I'm glad they came along I dedicate this song To all the ghouls I've loved before I see you're enjoying your drink.
Mm, I'll say.
What is this stuff? The house specialty, freshly squeezed wolfbane.
Did he say wolfbane? That's the stuff that turns people into werewolves.
Oh, come off it, Scrappy.
There's no truth to that werewolf story.
So, like, what was that? The bluebird of happiness? All those in favor of leaving say "aye.
To all the ghouls I've loved before Who travelled in and out my door I'm glad they came along I dedicate this song To all the ghouls I've loved before Zoinks, he's a werewolf.
Like, they're all werewolves.
Come on, Daphne.
We gotta get out of here.
Daphne? Yikes! Please, Daphne, don't hurt us.
We'll get you home.
We'll get you help.
We'll get you a manicure.
Like, to Honolulu, Hawaii, driver.
And step on it.
Like, on second thought, we'll take the bus.
Quick, guys.
Down here.
Gee, Daphne, you're sure in a lousy mood.
Then why not try some Lotsa Luck Joy Juice.
It's you.
Hey, that stuff really works, Flim Flam.
You heard it, folks.
Another satisfied customer.
I guess Vincent was right about the werewolves.
And about us leaving town.
Like, let's split already.
No, Shaggy.
Not until we get in that temple and recover our plane.
Face it, Scoob.
We're doomed.
And now they can get in easy.
The trap's all set.
And here comes the mousies now.
The chest of demons is as good as open.
Hey, there's a hole in the wall.
And, like, there's a hole in your head, Daphne if you think we're going in there.
No way.
I'll give you choice, guys.
A, you can go inside with us.
Or B, you can stay out here with them.
How about C? None of the above.
Yikes! We're safe at last, Scoob.
I don't know, Shaggy.
In the immortal words of the great confused one run for your lives! Those two look particularly stupid.
Yeah, they're the perfect ones to open the chest of demons.
Let's lead them down to the crypt.
All right, you party animals.
You asked for it.
We're back to normal.
We're human again.
The curse has ended.
It's a miracle.
Nope, it's Lotsa Luck Joy Juice.
A lucky charm in a bottle.
On behalf of everyone in town I want to thank you for saving us from our monstrous curse.
Oh, it was our pleasure.
But when did all this werewolf business start? Many years ago, the townsfolk captured the 13 most hideous ghosts in the world.
These spirits were placed in a chest within the crypt of this temple.
But before the chest was locked the spirits put a curse on the town, turning us all into werewolves.
That's why we tried to scare you off.
So you wouldn't learn the awful truth.
So then where's our plane? Your plane? Why, I haven't the slightest idea.
Like, the exit door's gotta be around here someplace, Scoob.
I think we found it.
But, like, what is it? It's a brand new car.
Yes, a Ghoul de Ville convertible and tonight, it could be yours on Let's Make 'Em Squeal.
Like, our favorite show, Scoob.
And here's the host of Let's Make 'Em Squeal Haunty Mall.
Hi, boys.
Ready to do some squealing? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right then.
How's about trading me your new car for what's behind Curtain Number 1.
It's the Mystery Flying Machine.
Hey, like, that's our plane.
Yes, sir, you'll be flying in style in this twin-engine craft fully equipped with its very own inflatable rubber ducky.
My rubber ducky.
Or you could trade for what's behind Door Number 2.
A doggy dream house.
Yes, this custom-built, split-level puppy palace includes its own factory-installed fire hydrant.
Oh, please, Shaggy.
Please, pretty please.
Like, gee, I don't know, Scoob.
I think we should really go for the plane.
Can't make up your minds? Then how about trading for what's in the box.
And let me just say this there's something inside this box that's so amazing so incredible, so astounding, it will take your breath away.
- Like, sounds pretty good, Scoob.
- I'll say.
Well, boys, what will it be? - Take the box.
- Take the box.
- Take the house.
Take the house.
- Don't be a dummy.
- The box.
- Box.
We'll be right back with their big decision after this message.
We've looked everywhere, Daphne.
Our plane's just not here.
Then where could it be? I'll bet Vincent VanGhoul knows where it is.
Of course, I know where it is.
I'm a mystic.
I know all.
And I know your plane is downstairs in the crypt of darkness.
How'd it get down there, Mr.
VanGhoul? It was taken there by two spirits whose only goal in the afterlife is to lure folks like you down to the crypt to open the chest of demons and release the 13 ghosts.
Because the chest can only be opened by you, the living.
Ha, ha, fortunately, no one but a complete fool would ever open that awful box.
No one but a real dodo, a cuckoo bird, a total loon.
Which reminds me, where are Scooby and Shaggy? Uh-oh! We're back.
And now, it's the moment of truth, boys.
Will you be trading for the plane? The house? Or for what's in the box? - The plane.
- The house.
- The plane.
- The plane? The plane.
- Have you made your decision? - Yes.
Heh, heh.
- We'll take the box.
- The box.
So you took the box? Now, tell us why.
I guess we both just had a dumb hunch.
Well, let's just find out how dumb your hunch really was.
Oh, I hope we're not too late.
Uncle Scooby, don't open that Never mind.
Like, what'd we win? Thirteen ghosts, in a wide variety of shapes and powers.
And they're all yours.
Ghosts? Yikes! Just listen to them cheer.
Those demons love us now.
And they're coming over to thank us.
You're welcome.
There go the 13 foulest specters and ghouls on earth.
And they'll haunt the world until they're returned to the chest.
But how could anyone ever trap ghosts inside that thing? You'll think of a way.
Who? Us? Ha, ha.
You gotta be joking.
This is not a joking matter.
Those ghosts can only be recaptured by the ones who set them free, namely you.
Zoinks! You'll be needing my help.
So to contact me, simply use this crystal.
I'm in the Yellow Pages.
Hey, gang.
Let's get rolling.
We've got some spooks to capture.
And guess what.
Flim Flam's coming with us.
Neato, huh? Scrappy, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
There's just one little problem, guys.
The plane has no gas, remember? Not to worry, Daphne.
I've taken the liberty of filling the gas tank.
- With unleaded or regular? - Neither.
I filled it with a few cases of Lotsa Luck Joy Juice.
Oh, no.
Happy ghost hunting.
So long.
And aloha.