The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (1985) s01e02 Episode Script

Scoobra Kadoobra

I seek the spirits who will not rest the 13 ghosts from the demon chest.
By the vapors of Vahishnu, I've found one.
And the dark power of this spirit is beyond belief.
I must warn the others.
Hey, like, it's Mr.
- What's up, Vince? - Listen, all of you.
You are closing in on one of the 13 spirits from the chest.
Which ghost is it? It's Maldor the Malevolent.
The master of black magic from the Dark Ages.
And he seeks the Wonder Wand of Zagraz.
The Wonder Wand of Zagraz? - No, the Wonder Wand of Zagraz.
- Oh.
With the wand's mystic energy Maldor's black magic would become all-powerful.
He could rule the world.
- How do we find him, Vince? - He'll find you.
But I suggest you travel to the castle of Princess Ezmerelda.
That's where the Wonder Wand is hidden.
We're on our way.
Like, what's with this eerie fog? How far to the castle, Scrappy? About five miles east, according to the map.
Yikes! Maldor? Come and get me, mortals.
I dare you.
This is a warning to all living mortals that whosoever opens this chest of demons will release 13 of the most terrifying ghosts upon the face of the earth.
- Let's get them, Bogel.
- I'm with you, Weerd.
Only you can return the demons to the chest.
Why us? Because you let them out.
Phew! That Maldor's nothing but a flash in the pan.
More like a flash in the van.
But he can't scare us off the trail.
Right, Uncle Scooby? Wrong, Scrappy.
Yikes! - Where are we? - In the wrong forest.
My spell has made every inch of your beautiful forest as evil as I am, Princess Ezmerelda.
And you shall sleep till the end of time for denying me what I want: The Wonder Wand of Zagraz.
According to my compass, we're completely lost.
Maybe Vincent can tell us where we are.
Calling Mr.
Come in, Vincent.
- Oh, rats.
He's out to lunch.
- Did somebody say lunch? Ha, ha.
No use being lost on an empty stomach, right, Scoob? Right, Shaggy.
Let's eat.
Come on, guys.
Let's see if we can find a road sign.
What's this? There are mortals nearby? And my spell has missed a spot in the forest.
Like, this is the life, eh, Scoob? You said it, Shaggy.
I'll show them life is no picnic.
- Like, care for a sandwich, Scoob? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, there's nothing like a picnic for a quick pick-me-up.
Yikes! We'll snap you two like twigs.
Time to, like, leave, Scooby.
Whoa! Let's get them.
We're getting close to something, Flim Flam.
I think you're right, Scrappy.
Hey, it's our van.
Which is where we started from.
We're as lost as ever.
And speaking of lost, where are Uncle Scooby and Shaggy? I think I hear them coming now.
- Rats.
- Nice of you guys to drop by.
Quit fooling, Flim Flam.
There's a couple of monster trees after us.
Trees? Why, I'll turn them into toothpicks.
I'll bite their bark off.
I'Il Where are those two? We'll tear them limb from limb.
Hey, did you bushes see a human and a dog run by here? SHAGGY, DAPHNE, FLIM FLAM & SCRAPPY They went thataway.
Yeah, thataway.
Thanks a bushel.
Looks like we're really branching out, Scoob.
Yikes! This evil forest must be Maldor's work.
If we can't capture Maldor before he gets the Wonder Wand of Zagraz there's no telling what he'll do.
Those mortals refuse to give up.
Which means I will have to take matters into my own hands.
The road's not wide enough.
Hang on.
- Whoops! - Uh-oh! There goes the crystal ball.
Oh, no.
That's our only link to Mr.
Those fools.
They've gotten the crystal wet.
It could short-circuit.
We've gotta go after it.
But how? We'll build a raft.
Good idea, Flim Flam.
Good work, Scoob.
Thank you, Shaggy, ha, ha.
Avast, you swabs.
Follow the bouncing ball.
And everybody sing.
Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream This is the worst dinner music I've ever heard.
Life is but a dream Or more like a nightmare! This is beginning to get quite annoying.
Sorry about that, Mr.
We're just trying to find the castle.
Try looking in this direction.
Like, I think he found it.
We'll be there in a snap.
Just be careful, guys.
Maldor has made everything in this forest evil.
Oh, I don't know, Daphne.
Like, we interrupt our program with this special editorial from the Scooby-Doo Show.
Here is correspondent Scrappy-Doo reporting from the Department of Television No-Nos.
I'm here with TV no-no expert Loretta Cutitout.
Cutitout, I believe you have some concerns about the show thus far.
Yes, Mr.
We must caution you in the use of fire in the previous scene involving the fire-breathing dragon.
Oh, so you wanna cut out the dragon, eh? You got something against dragons? No, no, no.
It's just that fire is dangerous and should be avoided.
Don't try to talk your way out of it, Ms.
Admit it.
You hate dragons.
But You don't understand.
I sure do.
You wanna cut out this honest, self-respecting dragon and put him out of work.
What's he gonna do? He's gotta eat.
He's got a family to feed.
Have you been down to the unemployment office lately? But l I never realized Of course you didn't.
So next time you wanna cut something out, Ms.
Cutitout I hope you'll think twice.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Hmm, that's better.
Now, back to the news room.
Scrappy-Doo signing off.
This has been an editorial from the Scooby-Doo Show.
We welcome opposing viewpoints from responsible dragons.
We now rejoin our program already in progress.
Yikes! In the immortal words of the great confused one ta-ta for now.
To the castle.
Yikes! All right, come on, dragon breath.
You're not so hot.
Hey, fire face.
Let's talk turkey.
With a talent like yours, you could really go places.
I can see it now.
Demon dragon barbecues.
A whole chain of them.
All we need is a catchy jingle.
If you're in a hurry And want a great big feast Drag on down to Dragon's And just say, "Where's the beast?" All right, all right.
We'll make it a drive-in restaurant.
And to get you there, you'll need a used car.
It's Flim Flam and his dog, Scoob.
Howdy, neighbor.
Flim Flam here.
Me and my dog, Scoob, will eat a bison if you don't go for a test drive in this.
It's a 1924 Conestoga station wagon, incomplete with no wheels or engine.
It's yours to push off the lot for just $1495.
Or a 1953 highway wreck, dredged up from the East River.
Just $2595.
All right, then.
Here's my best deal on the lot.
It's a 1946 compact Spitfire made for dragons on the go.
Go ahead, get in.
See how it feels.
Huh? What'd I tell you? Fits like a glove.
No dice, eh? Then here's my final offer.
Don't hurt me.
I beg of you.
I'll do anything.
Then try running.
Phew! That was awful.
Nothing's gonna keep us out of the castle now.
I wouldn't be so sure.
How are we ever gonna get past those guards? Piece of cake.
Step right this way for the super-deluxe package tour of Princess Ezmerelda's castle.
Where do you think you're going? This here castle's private.
You're interrupting the tour.
On your right is the snake-filled moat, and straight ahead, the main drawbridge.
Ah! Oh.
Ah! And once inside, we'll visit the plush torture chambers.
Uh-oh! Do the trespassers have anything to say before I pass sentence? Plenty, Your Honor.
For my first witness, I call my Uncle Scooby to the stand.
All right, Mr.
Doo where were you on the night of December 3rd, April 4th, May 5th? Uh, I don't know.
Oh, pleading the fifth, eh? Playing coy, eh? Trying to deny it, huh? I object.
The defense attorney is putting words in his client's mouth.
Yuck! Face it, Mr.
You're guilty.
Ipso facto and change-o.
I advise you to throw yourself on the mercy of the court.
I'm sorry.
My client pleads temporary insanity.
And the prosecution drops all charges.
Seize them.
There, now.
And to think you planned to capture me.
But I couldn't allow that, now could I? Listen, you horned toad, we want out.
You'll stay here until my work is complete.
Like, how long will that be, sir? Until I find the Wonder Wand.
And then I'll destroy the world starting with you.
Don't worry, Scooby.
There's gotta be a way out of here.
Oh, no, there isn't.
- Who are you? - Me? I'm Zagraz the Wizard.
Zagraz? Then it's your Wonder Wand that Maldor's after.
Pity that I lost it.
You see, in the right hands, the wand fills the world with beauty.
But in evil hands, it could destroy the entire planet.
Ooh! Like, no wonder Maldor wants it.
I wouldn't tell him where the wand is hidden so he locked me in this terrible place.
Don't worry, Zagraz.
We'll find a way out.
But there is no way out.
Have you tried the exit? I've never noticed that before.
The door's stuck.
Give me a hand.
Like, all it needs is a little pu Yikes! Scooby-Doo, where are you? - Hey, what? - Hey.
Hey, what can I do you for, guys? Whoa! It's the kitchen, Scoob.
Yummy, let's eat.
Where am I? Welcome to my slumber party.
And here's your hostess, Princess Ezmerelda.
What have you done to her? She refused to give me the Wonder Wand so I gave her the sleep of the centuries.
I trust you'll join her.
Hey, Scoob.
How about some Scooby-Doo stew? Right-o.
Scooby-Dooby-Doo, looking for you Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you? - Make sure you stir the soup, Scoob.
- Okay, Shaggy.
No, no, no.
Hey, here, let me take a taste, Scoob.
Huh! Oh, boy.
Like, on second thought, Scoob, ha, ha, let's eat out.
It's this one.
You're getting closer, boys.
Okay, try again.
A winner every time.
Around and around she goes.
Where she stops, nobody knows.
We know.
It's under there.
Well, let's take a look.
Ha, ha, see you around, ratfinks.
Yikes! - Hello, Flim Flam.
- Hello, Scooby.
Well, at least we're all still in one piece.
But where's Daphne? Help! At the dentist? Spell of darkness, trance so deep Now and forever, sleep You creep.
What're you doing to Daphne? Not half as much as what I'm going to do to you.
- You have the Wonder Wand of Zagraz.
- I do? Good doggy.
Here, boy.
Give me the wand.
Good doggy.
Drop it.
- Yikes! - Run, Scooby.
You won't get far.
She's under Maldor's spell.
Daphne, wake up.
Please, Daphne.
You just gotta wake up.
Oh, no.
You have no choice but to give me the wand.
In the right hands, the wand fills the world with beauty.
No! I like it.
Stylish, isn't it? I want that wand.
We're doing this for your own good, Daphne.
She's still asleep.
This is awful.
Roast him.
Time to wake up, Daphne.
Oh, no.
This doesn't look good.
But just take a look at Uncle Scooby.
He's driving Maldor crazy.
Enough of these games.
I'll swat you like a fly.
Scooby-Doo, where are you? So you are a fly.
And I am a fly catcher.
Yikes! Come on, Daphne.
I know you're ticklish.
Come on.
Wake up.
Maldor's a frog.
This could be our chance to nail him.
Where's the chest of demons? I've got it here somewhere.
Ta-da! Gotcha.
Help me.
Help me.
Don't worry, Uncle Scooby.
Just leave it to me and the Wonder Wand.
Huh? We still have to get the bugs out of this thing.
Thank you so much for saving our kingdom from the hands of Maldor.
May he be locked away forever.
Too bad we couldn't save Daphne.
Nor Princess Ezmerelda.
They are cursed with the sleep of the centuries.
There must be some way to help them.
I'm afraid this spell can only be broken by the kiss of a great Danish prince.
Where are we ever gonna find a great Danish prince? You called? Hey.
Uncle Scooby's a Great Dane.
Like, that's close enough.
Am I glad to see you.
And now for the princess.
- My prince.
- Huh! My gosh.
Prince, prince.
My prince, come back.
And so, sweet prince, we bid adieu to The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.