The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (1985) s01e03 Episode Script

Me And My Shadow Demon

This is a warning to all living mortals that whosoever opens this chest of demons will release 13 of the most terrifying ghosts upon the face of the earth.
Yikes! - Let's get them, Bogel.
- I'm with you, Weerd.
Only you can return the demons to the chest.
Why us? Because you let them out.
Phew! As darkness falls And creatures of night howl and shout The wind in silent whispers Warns that trouble soon will be about What was that? The crystal ball.
Who could have done this? And why? Hey.
We're picking up something on the specter detector.
This old mine is loaded with ectoplasm.
And that's what ghosts are made of.
Like, I always thought that ghosts were made out of nothing.
Yeah, nothing.
Well, some ghosts are simply shadows.
Uh, uh, uh, shadows? Yipes! What's the matter, Scoob? Afraid of your own shadow? Yikes! - Ha-ha-ha! - Follow that ghost.
Ha! We've got you cornered now, you nasty ghostie.
Like, Flim Flam, this must be a mobile home.
- Look.
- We're doomed! Oh, no! We now return to The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.
Like, end of the line, dead ahead.
What are we gonna do? In the words of the great confused one, when all else fails, scream! Just what we had in mind.
Help! Help! Hey, Flim Flam, it worked.
Was there ever any doubt? Whoa! Shaggy? Daphne? Scrappy? Flim Flam? Like, I was hoping we could have made a cleaner escape.
Oh, no.
- What's wrong? - The chest of demons, it's gone! - Huh? - Uh-oh.
I'll bet that creepy old shadow demon took it.
We're doomed.
Ha, ha.
He'll kill us.
Who, the shadow demon? No, Vincent VanGhoul.
He'll clobber us for losing the chest.
Well, we better tell him right away.
Here's the crystal ball.
Who wants to tell him? Not me.
You tell him, Scoob.
- Uh-uh.
You tell him.
- Not me.
- No way.
- Uh-uh.
Oh, no.
Not on your life.
No, thanks.
Here, let me do it.
I'm not afraid of old Vince.
He and I are pals.
Well, that looks like old Vince now.
I'm experiencing minor technical difficulties.
Did you say, "minor"? Yes, you called? Uh, Vince Uh, I mean, Mr.
VanGhoul uh, sir, something terrible has happened.
When you hear this, you'll scream.
In all my years dealing with the macabre, I have never screamed.
We've lost the chest of demons.
Look, it wasn't our fault.
It was stolen by a shadow demon.
This is serious.
You've got to get that chest back tonight.
For tonight, the powers of darkness will be their strongest ever.
Strong enough to destroy the chest.
Oh, no.
The ghosts will convene at Bald Mountain to celebrate.
At the foot of the mountain, you will find Befuddle Manor.
Go there.
The ghosts will try to destroy the chest before the sun rises for that's when they lose their powers.
- Then we'd better hurry.
- Precisely.
But there is one last thing you must know.
You must Hey, where did he go? This ought to fix it.
Flim Flam, how many times do I have to tell you? Don't tamper with the crystal ball.
Sorry, Vince Uh, I mean, Mr.
VanGhoul, sir, l Flim Flam! Hey, the crystal ball just went dead.
Wait till I get my hands on that boy, I'Il If only I could have warned them that parts of Befuddle Manor are like a giant maze.
Those who enter never get out alive.
Come on, guys.
This will be a cinch.
We'll pose as bug exterminators.
But Flim Flam, suppose they don't need exterminators in Befuddle Hall? Ah, don't worry, they will.
I think we're needed.
Go ahead without us.
Like, we hate to be party crashers.
Yeah, how rude.
Well, okay, but you guys will be missing out on a great party.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
The party, with all those delicious party snacks.
Snacks? Gangway! Yes? May I help you? Is this Befuddle Hall? Why, yes, it is.
We're the Bug Busters.
We exterminate to please.
Exterminators? What a coincidence.
Do come in.
It just so happens that I need to have some pests exterminated tonight.
You don't say? But I'm having a party and I don't want my guests to know what you're doing.
Don't worry, lady, we don't even know what we're doing.
Ha, ha.
Don't be alarmed.
This is just my pet, Griswald.
If he's your pet, I hate to see what the real bugs are like.
Or the guests.
Oh, my guests are flying in from all parts of the world.
- See what I mean? - Ha-ha-ha! Well, let's get to work.
Gee, it was easy getting in here.
Getting in is no problem it's getting out that's impossible! We've gotta find that chest, pronto.
- The shadow demon.
- Yikes! He's the one who stole the chest of demons.
After him! Hey, where did he go? There he goes! Puppy power! It's locked.
And we can't get out.
- We're sunk.
- Relax.
I don't know the meaning of the word "fear.
" We'd better call Vincent for help.
Oh, no! Anything but that.
Please, I beg of you.
Oh, come on, Flim Flam.
Maybe he can help? Yeah, sure.
Besides, he's probably gotten over being mad at me by now.
I hope.
Calling Vincent.
Come in, Vincent.
Blast this crystal and Flim Flam's fiddling.
It's no use trying to call them.
I'll just have to go there.
Let's be off.
Oh, how I dread this.
It's such a long flight and this carpet never shows a movie.
We've got that shadow demon on the run now, Scoob.
Aha! Now you've got us.
- Yeah.
- Huh? Uh-oh.
Do something, Scoob.
Okay, Shaggy.
Me and my shadow demon Strolling down the graveyard lane Me and my shadow demon Looking for a way to raise Cain And when it's 12:00 You'll start to dream We'll rap and knock Till we make you scream Just me And my shadow demon Everyone thinks we're insane It's no use.
I can't reach Vincent.
Now we are in trouble.
Well, I know we'll think of something.
You know, at home when our TV is on the blink, Uncle Scooby fixes it.
How? Like this.
Wait, look.
The 3-D hologram projector is working.
It's picking up a TV show.
Jump! All right! We're out of here.
Ah, Scoob, our adoring public.
- What's going on here, Shaggy? - A curtain call.
Welcome to the AFLCIM.
The Associated Federation of Crazy and Irresponsible Monsters.
I am Queen Morbidia.
Nice to meet you.
On the contrary, you must stay.
You mean, as your guests? No, I mean as my prisoners for eternity.
So long, Scoob, old pal.
It's been nice knowing you.
Bye-bye, Shaggy.
But we're not through with you yet.
Not until you tell us where is the chest of demons? You don't have it? Yeah, like, you sent that shadow demon to take it.
I know nothing about a shadow demon.
Now talk or be destroyed! Wait just a minute-o.
You can't do this to us, we've got our rights.
- Flim Flam, what are you doing? - Leave this to me.
I once had a third cousin who had a brother that owned a parakeet and that parakeet's former owner was a lawyer.
- I can talk us out of this.
- Oh.
Listen, you can't lay a finger on us.
Why not? Because if you put Scooby in jail you'll leave his poor mother helpless and destitute.
She'll have to beg in the streets.
Seize them.
Well, so much for my defense.
Put me down, you horned toad.
Why, I'll splat you one.
Abuse a ghost and go to jail and no one can get you out.
No one! Well, we're stuck in this grimy jail.
Cheer up, Shaggy.
- Things could be worse.
- How? Oh, that's how.
Run for it, Scoob! Oh, no.
Help, Shaggy, help! Oh, no! Scoob.
- Look out, it's the shadow demon! - Ha-ha-ha! Yikes! Help! - Huh? - Oof! Wow-wee! What a clever escape, Uncle Scooby.
The shadow demon is escaping.
But should we follow him? As ancient wise men say, "Like, you got a better idea?" What is this place? You know, it kind of reminds me of an ancient Tibetan maze.
Follow me.
Are you sure you know where we're going? Posilutely.
Yeah, we're posilutely lost.
Like, absitively.
- Huh? - Huh? - Huh? - Huh? Those Tibetans had a lousy sense of humor.
Hey, there's that shadow demon again.
Oh, no.
Oh! We're doomed.
- It's about time you all got here.
- Huh? Who are you? Byron Befuddle.
I built this place, it was my home.
- But who's he? - My shadow.
Down, boy.
When Morbidia took over and let her magic loose in Befuddle Hall, he came to life.
- And he stole our chest of demons.
- True.
That was to lead you here.
- But why? - Because I need your help.
Morbidia and her monsters have trapped me in here.
Now, I want you to get rid of them.
But if you couldn't get out, how did your shadow do it? He can pass through walls.
When I try it, I hurt myself.
I also sent him to break Vincent's crystal ball so that Vincent wouldn't stop you from coming.
- You know about Vincent too? - I know about a lot of things.
All right, then.
If we help you get out, will you promise to return our chest of demons? - Deal.
Like, watch out.
Griswald's getting mad.
I'll lead you to the hiding place of the chest.
This is where I hid the chest.
In Queen Morbidia's bed chamber.
- That's the last place she'd expect it to be.
- Exactly.
So, like, where's the chest, Befud, old man? In the closet.
Allow me.
- Scrappy, are you okay? - Sure.
This happens every time I open Uncle Scooby's closet.
Besides, look what I found.
You did it, Scrappy.
The chest of demons.
And my search is finally over.
Good hunting, Griswald.
Like, run for it, gang! Where to, Mr.
Befuddle? To get out, we must go downstairs.
- Stop them.
- Down here.
Now down here.
This is the last one.
According to my calculations, this is the very basement of the manor.
Befud, old bean, I think you goofed.
Oh, dear.
- So what do we do now? - Can I give you a lift? - Mr.
VanGhoul! - At your service.
Break that door down.
Stop! Uh-oh.
Too much weight.
They've done it.
They've escaped from Befuddle Castle.
They must be destroyed! Somebody is getting awfully heavy.
Yeah, Scoob.
Looks like you better cut down on those Scooby Snacks.
Look, it's Morbidia.
After them! - Oh, no! A dead end! - What are we gonna do? There's only one solution.
We filibuster.
- Filibuster? - We stall for time until dawn.
That's right.
The monsters will lose their powers at sunrise.
- And that's not too long from now.
- Grr At last.
I'll take that.
And now I shall destroy the chest and all of you.
Do you have any last words? As a matter of fact, we do.
And we'd like to put those words to music, if you wouldn't mind.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Won't you join us in one last snappy song together? And a one, and a two, and a one, two, a three.
Ouch! Hey! Three, two, one.
And now.
No, the sun! We've been duped! No! I must hide from its rays.
Help! And good night, Queen Morbidia.
May pieces of your toothbrush get forever trapped between your fangs.
And now it is the time of light Say farewell to the night Happily we greet the sun Bringer of laughter, joy and fun That was beautiful, Mr.
VanGhoul, sir.
Thank you, Flim Flam.
And I'm glad to see you in such a good mood.
Oh, really? Why? Well, you see, when we all fell off the carpet I had a little accident with the old crystal.
Flim Flam, how many times have I told you? I know, I know.
"Be careful with the crystal.
" Hundreds of times.
But don't worry, Vince.
Scooby and I are taking the crystal to the Mystic Repair Shop right now.
But that's a thousand miles from here.
I know, Vince.
But I'm sure you won't mind us borrowing your magic carpet for the day, will you? Why, of course not.
You can borrow My magic carpet? Wait a minute.
Onward, Jeeves! Flim Flam! Come back here! Flim Flam! So long, folks.
See you soon.
And a Scooby-Dooby-Doo!