The 7 Lives of Lea (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Day 1

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [laughter and cheering.]
[techno music playing.]
I'm Léa.
I'm 17.
I'll never graduate high school, and I hate vodka.
[cheering and whooping.]
[techno music crescendos.]
Whoo! [Léa.]
This crazy journey begins at this epic party.
Where the sun sizzles your skin, and the bass vibrates your heart.
It was like an Instagram story, except it was real life.
I was pretending I was living my best life.
But actually, I had never felt so alone.
I was trying to understand how everyone else managed to always seems so sure of themselves.
How could they all be so reckless? Were they pretending, or was it just me? My friend Romane says we're all made of stardust and that the universe is ours to conquer.
Yeah, right.
Me, I just had stars stuck to my face while she was hitting on the DJ.
Turn down for what ♪ [Léa.]
I didn't understand that either.
Turn down for what ♪ Turn down for what ♪ [Léa.]
I just wanted to find a way to feel alive.
Why isn't there some magic pill to reset everything and let me start my life over? Can I have one more, please? - No, look at you.
You're a total mess.
- Please, Orso.
No, you're done.
You've had enough.
- [music stops.]
- [screams.]
[glass shatters.]
Ow! [Léa.]
But if I had to do it again, I'd do it all the same.
Because otherwise, we would have never met.
[police radio chattering.]
[distant siren blaring.]
Who are you? Hmm? What happened to you? Come on.
Answer me.
Wow, Léa.
You're talking to a bracelet.
You're coming down bad.
- [door opens.]
- [woman.]
What are the firemen saying? Complete skeleton? And when can we have it? - Thank you.
- [hangs up.]
- Well, you might have dug up a cold case.
- Do we know who it is? Not yet, no.
But given the height, it's probably a man.
Did he kill himself? In a very isolated place like that, it's possible, yes.
Léa - What were you doing all alone there? - Nothing.
I was just partying, that's it.
[horn blares.]
You go out on a weeknight without telling us.
Your father and I didn't know where you were.
The cops call us in the middle of the night Can you put yourself in our place? You don't give a damn? - Christ.
- You're heading for disaster, Léa.
I swear you are.
Your father and I won't let that happen.
In fact, you're grounded until your exams.
[text keys tapping.]
You're always on your phone.
You could have texted us.
We worried about you! ["Urban Mood" by Martin Mey.]
Okay, great.
And what should I have said in the text? "Hi, Mom, I stayed hydrated, and now I'm gonna have lots of edibles.
" Besides, she wouldn't have answered, because our family's specialty is silence.
No one ever says anything.
["Urban Mood" continues.]
[music stops.]
[frogs croaking, insects chirping.]
Okay, I got worked up earlier.
But we're just exhausted.
Can we, uh, talk about this tomorrow? It'll be okay, sweetheart.
Yeah? You gave us a fright.
- You 're not hurt, munchkin? - Dad, it's fine.
Leave her alone.
She's just a little tired.
So what happened exactly, though? Well, I found a dead body.
Have a good night.
[somber music playing.]
Worst day of my life.
Tomorrow is another day.
Yeah, right.
Hey, Romane.
Yeah, I got home safe.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Good night, babe.
[phone chirps.]
[alarm beeping.]
[alarm continues.]
[game music plays.]
[both screaming.]
- Oh.
- [gasps.]
- [Léa.]
Oh, fuck! - [woman shouting in Arabic.]
It's not me! Ismaël's the one screaming! [Léa.]
This can't be happening.
- What kind of bad trip is this now? - [gasps.]
Whoa! [gasps.]
Who are you? Okay.
I'm gonna wake up.
I'm gonna wake up.
Wake up, now.
You okay, Isma? I'm a boy.
I know this.
It's you.
Is this you, Ismaël? [boy.]
They don't put toys in the Rice Krispies? Morning.
[speaking Arabic.]
- What? - Help your mom a little.
- [woman.]
Huh? - Mom? - [speaking Arabic.]
- [boy.]
Oh, Mom - [father.]
Can't believe this.
- I don't know what's up.
He's out of it.
- [mother speaking Arabic.]
- Ma'am, I don't speak Arabic, actually.
Can we just sit for a minute? - Because I'm trying to figure out - [father.]
That's enough.
Sit down.
Ma'am, please, have a seat.
- I'm not Ismaël.
I don't - [father.]
What's wrong with your brother? - He's been so weird all morning.
- Who are you? I'm your little brother.
- I don't have one.
- Soufiane.
I don't have a brother.
- [Soufiane.]
Are you dumb? - [father.]
Sit down.
I'm sorry.
Ismaël! [Léa.]
What the fuck kind of pill did Orso give me? [clattering.]
- [gasps.]
- [boy shouts.]
[boy laughs.]
Uncle Jesse.
By the way, how's my hair? You like my mullet, don't you? - Give me your cell phone.
- Watch the hair! - You've never heard of that show? - Forget it.
How tall are you, private? Sir, five-foot-nine, sir! Five-foot-nine.
I didn't know they stacked shit that high! - I don't get the reference.
- You've never seen Full Metal Jacket? I believe you.
You're not my brother.
- For real? - My brother knows that movie by heart.
Exactly! Yes, I've never seen that movie.
I'm not your brother.
I don't know who I am, who Ismaël is! Wait, it's like in my book.
You're a body snatcher? Or perhaps a grave robber? I touched the bracelet of a guy who killed himself and I woke up in his body.
- My brother didn't kill himself.
- Yeah, maybe.
But I just I'm not myself.
My name is Léa.
Léa, listen.
It's a body transfer.
That's it.
Like in all the sci-fi books.
- I'm not in my body.
- You woke up in my brother's body.
- Yeah.
- You need to get back to where it began.
Damn, of course! So, where did it all begin? It was in the Verdon Gorge.
- It's below the Valmy cliffs.
- Come on, I'll show you.
This is the mountain.
This is you inside the house.
This is the river.
And these are the orchards.
It's lovely.
- So, you're here.
You need to go around.
- Okay.
- Go behind the mountain - What's this? A plastic bottle cap.
- Behind the mountain to the river.
- Right.
There's a problem.
Dad will never let you ditch the harvest.
You've gotta help me, then.
Yeah, I want to, but Are you tricking me to go to your audition? - What audition? - Okay.
Soufiane, Ismaël! - Oh, no, no, no - No, come on.
Come on.
It'll bring you closer.
[people chatting in Arabic.]
Ismaël! Come on, hurry up! Wait, wait.
Dad, could you please help me? Hey, Soufiane.
- [Soufiane.]
I - [father.]
Please, be more careful.
Oh, shit.
- [clatters.]
- [gasps.]
Damn it.
Stop, please.
What the hell? [groans.]
[horn beeps.]
Where is this guy goin'? - You lost? - No.
No, no.
I'm going to the river.
If you could get me closer? - Perfect timing.
It's where we're headed.
- His lucky day.
- [Ismaël.]
Oh yeah? - Yeah! - [Ismaël.]
Really? - Get in.
Come on.
Come in.
Get the fuck outta here! Did you think we were gonna give a fucking raghead a ride? - [all laughing.]
- Racists! [laughing.]
Whoo-hoo! [sighs.]
[grasshoppers chirping.]
[vehicle approaching.]
["Quand la ville dort" by Niagara on radio.]
- [woman 1.]
Who's that? - [woman 2.]
Come on.
Pull over.
Yeah! - Oh, thanks so much.
- You okay? Did you pull an all-nighter? I really need to get to the Valmy Gorge.
- The river.
- Going swimming? Uh Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I need to bathe.
I'm I'm hot.
- Can you take me? - All right.
Mais est-ce que je t'aime encore ♪ Et pourquoi je l'ignore ♪ Mes larmes s'évaporent ♪ Et le silence, le silence est d'or ♪ Quand la ville dort ♪ Je laisse aller le sort ♪ Je n'ai aucun, je n'ai aucun ♪ Je n'ai aucun remords, mais ♪ Si le ciel ne me tombe pas ♪ - [driver.]
Hey, you okay back there? - Sur la tête ♪ [Ismaël.]
I I really need to get to the river.
[women laugh.]
Don't worry.
We'll get you to the river.
He's dumb.
I like him.
Where the hell are we? [passenger laughs.]
[laughter and chatter.]
Stop! I want to get out! Could you pull over? - I wanna get - What, you changed your mind? Okay, fine.
1991? COMING SOON 16 OCTOBER 1991 Shit.
What day is it? Sandra.
Gee, you got all dolled up today.
Where are you going? - To Mass? - Please, do you know what day it is? - It's Sunday, dummy.
- No, no.
What date? Tell me the exact date? What do you want? Get lost, man.
- [girl.]
Oh, Sandra, I have your mixtape.
- It's freakin' dope.
- Everybody dance now ♪ - Mm! It's so rad.
This summer's hit, for sure.
15 JUNE 1991 [all sing along.]
Everybody dance now ♪ Give me the music ♪ - Hey, watch! - [gasps.]
Give me the music ♪ Everybody dance now ♪ [girl.]
Careful! Oh! [laughter.]
 A phone.
- Everybody dance now ♪ - [Léa.]
I need to find a phone.
Yeah ♪ Yeah ♪ Yeah ♪ Everybody dance now ♪ [music stops.]
[busy signal.]
- [presses receiver.]
- [buzzing.]
[Léa groans.]
How does this shit work? [beeping.]
Come on! Yes! [dialing tone.]
Uh 07 07 07, 07, 07 I'm so stupid.
Romane wasn't even born yet in '91.
[keys jangling.]
What the hell are you doing here? Ugh.
You're supposed to be there.
Come on.
["Kool Thing" by Sonic Youth on speakers.]
[tires screech.]
Seriously, Isma, you're fuckin' lucky that I found you there.
I don't feel so good.
Meaning? Could you please take me to the river? I'm serious.
I just have something to do.
It's really important.
Yeah, make fun of me.
Give me a drink.
Now you know You're sure lookin' pretty ♪ Like a lover, not a dancer ♪ Superboy, take a little chance here ♪ Hey.
Do we understand each other? I'm only putting you on the big stage if you guys can show me you can handle it.
Don't make me regret this, Mister "This is the chance of a lifetime.
" Kool Thing Let me play it with your radio ♪ Move me, turn me on, baby-o ♪ I'll be your slave ♪ Give you a shave ♪ I don't wanna ♪ THE BEAVERS PUBLIC LEISURE AREA I don't wanna ♪ I don't think so ♪ - [tires screech.]
- [brake clicks.]
- [birdsong.]
- [children playing.]
[distant pop music playing.]
Grandpa! Grandma! [laughs.]
Is this my house? Grandpa! Grandma! It's me.
[both laughing.]
What's gotten into you, Ismaël? Huh? [Léa.]
Oh, this is a nightmare.
Hurry up, they're waiting for you.
[drums playing.]
[guitar tuning up.]
The snare drum is too loud.
Fuck, man, we've been warming up for an hour.
- [girl.]
Thanks, Isma! - Where were you? You okay? - [Léa.]
Dad? - Dad? [laughs.]
Oh, boy.
We lost him.
Isma, I don't like it when you smoke before we rehearse.
Learn to manage your stress.
- [Léa.]
Mom? - Mom? - What kind of look is that? - Man, he's completely wasted.
- [Dad.]
Did you smoke? - You're so young.
- Yeah, fine.
I'm young.
- Dude.
- Can you handle it? - Hey, guys We've worked hard for this audition.
We're gonna ace it.
- Right? - We'll ace it! - You'll handle it, Isma.
- Listen to me.
I know it sounds crazy, but just listen.
I'm not Ismaël.
My name is Léa.
I was born in 2004.
I'm from the future.
I'm your daughter.
You're my parents.
You're gonna have me.
- I'm your child.
- [both.]
Sh, sh.
Stop, stop.
- So, what are we listening to? - [Dad.]
Hey, Patricia.
- How's it going? - [Patricia.]
- Cool.
We're almost ready.
Are you ready? - [Ismaël.]
- Isma, yes, you are.
- He's ready to play.
- Focus.
- You've got this, okay? - Play with your gut.
- Dad, you don't - Not Dad.
It's freaky.
- [Mom.]
Isma! - This isn't my gut - Patricia, we're ready.
Right? We're ready.
We're ready.
No, no, no, wait! Please.
I don't think you understand.
- Let me explain.
- [Mom sighs.]
- Stéphane.
- I'm sure I can convince you.
This shed here, in my time, it's not a shed, it's our house.
And you built it.
We live together.
- You, Mom You're married.
And I - Can we go now? [playing rock music.]
- [feedback reverberates.]
- [Mom groans.]
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
It's just that - Okay.
All right.
Well, I think I've wasted enough of my time.
- Later.
- [Stéphane.]
No! - Patricia.
- [Mom.]
- Isma! Please, Patricia.
- [Stéphane.]
Come back! [feedback squeals.]
Please, can you wait? Listen, he's under too much pressure.
It's all he's been talking about for six months.
Uh, Patricia, please.
Please, stop.
You can't do this to us right now.
Patricia, you're not leaving.
Come on, please, stop! Patricia! Get in the car! Mr.
Sir, please.
This is really important for us.
Today was really important for me as well.
And my son lied to me.
- [truck door slams.]
- [engine starts.]
DUBOST ORCHARDS NEW COMPOTE RECIPE You never let up, do you, boy? I went out of my way so you could make some money for next year.
If you keep going down this road, you can kiss your projects goodbye.
It's the boss's son who said you snuck away.
Do you realize that I could lose my job? Do you know, if we get fired, we'd lose the house? Do you understand that? Of course not.
You don't understand.
And you dress like a hobo, thinking you're clever.
And you drag your brother into your little schemes, to boot.
[voice fading.]
And your exams are next week.
- This is ridiculous! - [Léa.]
I'm sorry, Ismaël.
I'm ruining your life.
I mean, I'm not even sure it's still your life.
any more talks with you [Léa.]
Maybe it's my life now.
You need to focus on your exams now! Don't be mad at me.
I I'm not myself today.
- [Ismaël.]
I'm sorry, Soufiane.
- Leave me alone.
I don't wanna see you.
You really thought I was stupid, didn't you? With your stuff about body transfers and magic bracelet.
You're not a body snatcher.
You're a liar.
You won't believe me, but I never lied to you, Soufiane.
You tricked me big-time, all so you could go to your dumb audition.
I hope you failed.
Yeah, don't worry.
 I totally failed.
- Soufiane? - I asked you to leave me alone! [crickets chirping.]
"Quantik Destiny.
" [Léa.]
You have a band.
- Wow, look at all this.
- [Léa.]
You write lyrics.
The audition.
JUNE 15: NAIL THE AUDITION I'm so sorry.
You really wanna do all kinds of things.
Seems strange, for someone who's suicidal.
What about me? [sighs.]
Am I gonna be stuck here forever? Wait.
This way, if I ever get home one day, I'll have proof.
[motorcycle approaching.]
You okay, Ismaël? Yeah, listen.
You can't just lay off the job like that, you know? Because when you're not working, it's me, Pye, who loses money.
We have a problem.
Because, you see, all this, I'll own it someday.
Get what I'm saying, you little bitch? You ratted on me.
You snitch.
Are you crazy or somethin'? You're just a piece of shit.
You're just a curly-haired slave.
Just like your bitch father! - [groans.]
- Next time, do your fuckin' job, fucker! I fuckin' hate lazy assholes like you! Damn! Fuck! Look at you.
Consider yourself lucky.
Next time, I won't be so nice.
I'll miss my breasts.
There's something I've always wondered about.
You think I shouldn't, huh? You'd do the exact same thing in my place.
[Léa and Ismaël gasping.]
Fuck! [gasps.]
It was a dream.
15 JUNE 2021 But still, a super realistic dream.
Ismaël Messaoudène.
There's a blog.
"After years without any action from the police, we finally have some hope.
" "An informational meeting is planned on June 15, at 6:00 p.
at City Hall, following the discovery of an unknown corpse in the gorge.
" "Is it my brother? Could he finally rest in peace?" "To help our distressed family, if you have any information, you must attend this meeting.
" Oh, fuck! [text keys tapping.]
[message sent notification.]
- [alert chimes.]
- [chuckles.]
Look at the road! [forklift truck alarm beeping.]
- [sighs.]
Mom? - Yeah? I won't be going home with you tonight.
There's a meeting at City Hall about the body I found.
You're grounded, remember? Yeah, I know, but this isn't an outing.
It's a civic duty.
- Yeah, right.
But, Mom, I found him.
Maybe I can help.
What good would it do to hear those sordid details? Hi, Karine.
Hi, Pierre-Yves.
Hang on The boss's son? Anyway, you're late for school.
Get going.
Pye? Hey, Romane, I'm ditching philosophy, so please cover for me.
I'll explain later.
[wind whistling.]
[school bell ringing.]
Léa? What's with you? It was so intense I ended up falling asleep in the bathtub! Just like that! Bam! Okay.
You found a dead body, called the cops, then dreamt you were in the guy's body back in '91? Hey, Léa, I don't care if you skip school, but if they call your mom, you're really gonna need a better lie.
Romane, I'm not lying.
- Mm-hmm.
- I time traveled.
- I was in this guy's body.
- Okay.
Uh [chuckles.]
Have you ever heard of delusional episodes? If it was that, would I have this? Huh? Actually, that looks delusional to me.
You know what? Come with me to the meeting later.
How about I take you to the nurse's station? All the time, we say nothing's going on around here! Admit it.
What's happening now is amazing.
Well, one thing's for sure.
I'm going with you to the meeting.
That's best, I think.
Do you believe me a little? Uh, no.
I never said that.
I'm just saying I'm worried enough to keep an eye on you, that's all.
[rap music playing on speakers.]
Fuck, girl.
I didn't even ask about Dora.
How'd it end up last night? I guess it's not as interesting as time travel.
- Oh, come on.
Spit it out.
- [chuckles.]
Well, it was It was great, but nothing happened.
What? Why not? No idea.
She's just too cool for me.
But Romane, are you serious? - You're the coolest girl I know.
- [sighs.]
- Do you hear me? - [chuckles.]
I know there are a lot of rumors, but the goal of this meeting is precisely to reassure you.
There is no killer running loose.
You're safe.
And, given where the body was found, nothing at all indicates it could be a murder.
It could very well be an accident or a suicide.
The man we found died a long time ago.
So we're currently going through the list of missing people to try to establish the deceased's identity.
Yes, Léa.
You're right, it happened a long time ago.
Because the body I found is Ismaël Messaoudène.
Analyses are underway.
It's far too early for this kind of statement.
Ismaël Messaoudène is indeed on the list of local missing people.
- But we can't be 100% certain it's him.
- We can, we have his silver bracelet.
- [shocked gasps.]
- How does she know about that? I called all day trying to tell you it was my brother.
It's him, it's Soufiane.
Ismaël's little brother.
- Of course it is.
He's mad as hell.
- [Léa.]
It proves I'm not crazy.
Messaoudène, you understand that at this stage, details of the case are confidential.
My brother was wearing a silver bracelet.
I know that much.
I get your frustration, Mr.
But the identity of the deceased hasn't been established.
- And it wasn't a suicide.
- [officer.]
Keep your theories to yourself and sit down.
That's what we've always said.
We've been giving you information for 30 years.
It wasn't a suicide or a runaway.
But your colleagues here have never given a fuck.
They would have, had Ismaël been white.
That was before.
Things are different now.
I think you need to talk to someone, Léa.
Excuse me.
Proud of yourself? Find this funny? Come on.
I, uh I don't know how you know all of this, but thanks.
It's because I'm a body snatcher.
You and Dad, I'm sure you knew Ismaël Messaoudène, right? How sad this must be for his family.
Is this some sort of game to you, Léa? I know it's Ismaël.
I'm sure of it.
I don't know what planted this idea in your head.
And why do you care about this, anyway? Didn't you go to high school together? Yes, we knew who he was, but, uh we didn't know him very well.
So why did you come? I don't know.
I didn't see you after school.
And you told me you wanted to attend this thing, so, then Please slow down, Léa.
[tires screech.]
- You're gonna make us crash.
Be careful.
- You don't like it, buy me a scooter.
Given how you drive, that's not happening.
No way.
- Forget it.
- [horn beeps.]
[tires screech.]
What the fuck! [gasps.]
You're never gonna get your license, Léa.
No license, no SAT, no studies.
- What's your plan? - Yes, fine! I know I need a plan, okay? I don't have one.
Fuck! [Karine sighs.]
- Get out.
- [door alarm chiming.]
Don't tell your father about what you heard.
He hates news stories.
They bring him down.
Let's keep quiet.
Why does she lie when I talk about you? Your drawings are beautiful, Ismaël.
This, your music, your ambitions You should've had a nice future.
Is that why you sought me out? Do you want me to understand what happened to you? If you didn't commit suicide that means someone killed you.
But who? ["American Society" by L7.]
Shit, it's happening again.
BASED ON THE NATAËL TRAPP NOVEL "THE 7 LIVES OF LÉO BELAMI" Don't wanna drown ♪ Don't wanna be found ♪ This is not my destiny ♪ Oh yeah ♪ No 20th-century casualty ♪ Oh yeah ♪ I don't wanna watch television ♪ I don't wanna listen to the radio ♪ I don't wanna drown In American society ♪ Don't wanna drown In American society ♪ Don't wanna drown In American society-y-y-y-y-y-y ♪ Yeah ♪ Don't wanna be rich ♪ Now can't you see the way they dress? ♪ They dress ♪
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