The 7 Lives of Lea (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Day 2

1 A NETFLIX SERIES ["American Society" by L7.]
Shit, it's happening again.
Wait a minute No.
Don't wanna drown ♪ Fuck! - I'm Mom! - Don't wanna be found ♪ Fuck, fuck! JUNE 16 1991 [music stops.]
Why am I here, anyway? Why am I not you? She can't be linked to your death.
Can she? She won't mind if I poke around, right? MAY '68 THE START OF A LONG FIGH [Léa.]
May '68.
Karine, the libertarian.
Yeah, right TO THE MAX! [Léa.]
Fuck, Mom! Is this a drawing of you both? NEXT YEAR FUTURE DREAM APARTMENT! You and Mom? In Paris? I don't get it.
Is she your friend or your girlfriend? [woman.]
And three, and four, squeeze and one! Like two.
Again! And three.
And one, two Grandma? Grandma? Was that a compliment? Do you think I've got wrinkles? No.
No way.
- Workin' it! - Oh.
Don't forget to send the mail.
Today is the last day.
Now is not the time to trip yourself up.
Three, four Squeeze! I always knew you were a badass.
In photos, in [laughs.]
What's all this? What's up with you this morning? - Come on.
We'll be late.
- [murmurs.]
My oldsters are waiting for me.
I don't have time to drop you off.
[horn beeping.]
Mom I've got a moped, but not allowed a scooter.
Anything else? At least I've managed to convince your dad to keep paying child support next year.
He didn't think you'd go to college.
What college? [Léa.]
But Mom never studied.
["Give It Away" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.]
Oh ♪ Oh ♪ What I got You got to give it to your mama ♪ What I got You've got to give it to your papa ♪ What I got You got to give it to your daughter ♪ You do a little dance And then you drink a little water ♪ What I got You gotta get it, put it in you ♪ [Léa.]
Studying in Paris with you.
That is not the future my mom has in store for her.
All those lies yesterday.
Seriously, what is she hiding? [tires screech.]
- [horn beeps.]
- Confide with sly, you'll be the wiser ♪ Young blood is the lovin' upriser ♪ How come everybody wanna keep it Like the Kaiser? ♪ Give it away, give it away Give it away now ♪ Give it away Give it away, give it away now ♪ Give it away, give it away Give it away now ♪ I can't tell If I'm a kingpin or a pauper ♪ [music stops.]
- Looking for me? - [Léa.]
Oh, fuck.
My dad.
Are they already an item, or not? Don't tell me he's gonna kiss me! No! [kids laughing.]
She digs you, for sure.
- How's it going? - What happened yesterday? Was it that bad? It's awful, guys.
I can't remember a thing.
- Mm Nothing at all? - Well Snippets.
But it's all a blur.
It's I don't know.
It's like a bad hangover.
Fuck, I even woke up in the bathtub, buck naked.
Oh, shit.
- And I was covered in - I know.
- In - I know, I know, I know, I know.
In water.
Hey, man, you didn't find my notebook, possibly? - Mm-mm.
- Oh shit.
It sucks.
- I can't find it anywhere.
- [Stéphane.]
Damn, really? I had everything in it, it's messed up.
I had my lyrics, my drawings.
It's really bumming me out.
Pretty suss, huh? - What? - [Stéphane.]
Suss? Karine, listen, I I'm really sorry.
For real.
What happened yesterday.
I totally messed up the gig.
But I'll make it right.
- [Ismaël snorts.]
- Hey, I'm bummed too, you know.
Yeah, of course.
Sorry, Stoof.
Is he jealous or what? [chuckles.]
Oh, man.
This is way too Oedipal.
So is this some kind of love triangle or what? If I had to kiss someone as nasty as Stéphane, - I'd be disgusted too.
- [laughter.]
Does he ever shampoo? - Don't talk about my dad like that.
- Your dad? - Ew.
- Ugh.
- My boyfriend, I meant my boyfriend, okay? - Wow.
Things are pretty hot with you two.
Is that what you call him when you're in bed together? [gasps.]
- "Oh, yes, Daddy.
Keep going.
Spank me.
" - Mm! [kissing.]
- "Oh, yes, Daddy.
More, Daddy.
More! Oh!" - [all moaning.]
[all laugh.]
Hey, Spice Girls.
Can you just shut the hell up? Hmm? Spice what? [school bell rings.]
Ismaël! [Léa.]
What's going on with you both? I have to know.
Let's skip class.
Would you like to - Should we talk about our future together? - Sure.
Wait a second.
Pull over.
Come on.
Let's go.
[rock music playing.]
[shop bell rings.]
Sisters' reign of power ♪ Sisters' spirit is one ♪ - [Ismaël.]
I don't know what happened.
- Sisters' reign of power ♪ - I swear.
- Sisters' spirit is one ♪ Patricia, I swear, I really wasn't myself yesterday.
But you have to give us a second chance, please.
No favoritism.
Patricia, seriously.
Next year, in Paris, we'll try to get gigs.
We'll play in the subway and all that.
But right now, we need that gig.
- Please.
- No.
Back up a second.
Is that what we're gonna do in Paris? Play in the subway? That's hardly studying.
So that means my mom is lying to her parents to get money to start her rock star life? - That's fucking awesome! I'm so jealous.
- [shop bell rings.]
All right.
Excuse me.
I have work to do.
Sisters' spirit is one ♪ Spirit is one ♪ Dancing with a sister ♪ Do you know you're dancing With your sister ♪ Hello, sir.
- [man.]
- [Patricia.]
Can I help you? - Ismaël? - [man.]
Do you only sell rock and roll? - Come on.
- [Patricia.]
No, we also have grunge, some cold wave, hard rock When you talk about Paris like that Stéphane? No, no, no.
Don't worry.
Mariah Carey? Do I look like I sell Mariah Carey? I'd rather go bust than sell fucking Mariah Carey.
Come on.
Get out.
- [Patricia.]
What did you just say? - Here.
Oh, seriously, dude? - [door slams.]
- No, sorry, Ismaël.
Not gonna happen.
Yes, take it.
Spirit is one ♪ You're the one who messed up.
This is on you.
[playing acoustic rock music.]
My heart My gut desires the impossible ♪ It shrivels up in shame ♪ The heaviest screams I know ♪ Are the ones that stay inside ♪ 'Cause I'm not allowed to want you ♪ - But it ♪ - [Léa.]
Not allowed to want you? Not allowed to need you? I had it finished ♪ Are we really in love, then? Finished, waiting ♪ Till my ♪ Till my bones lie there naked ♪ Till my ♪ Till my bones lie there naked ♪ Karine composed the music.
I wrote the lyrics.
It's called "Our Secret.
" [sighs.]
I'll book you guys.
But don't embarrass me in front of Marc.
Guys like him rarely come to smaller gigs.
Whoo! - [horn blares.]
- We're on the main stage, man! Whoo! - Whoo! - [laughs.]
- We're still taking the summer ♪ - Wow! - Calm down! - Hangin' around with you is no bother ♪ Hot streets, let's burn some rubber ♪ Make like a tree and leave it with me ♪ Just fine ♪ Leave it all behind, my love ♪ Shh! Look.
It's grown even more since last time.
- [Karine.]
What is he doing here? - [Ismaël.]
Keeping an eye out.
He's pissed someone's gonna bogart his weed, I bet.
In your face! Okay.
Look at this motherfucker.
Son of a bitch! In your face, I said! What did you say? What's that? Wait, what? [yelps.]
The fuck you doin'? What are you guys doin' here? And that fucking bastard too! I knew it was you, you filthy hobo! Hey, dickhead! Check it out! A gift from Mother Nature! [gunshot.]
He's crazy! Go ahead! Shoot, you asshole! - [groans.]
- [man.]
Whoa! - [Ismaël.]
Karine! - [man.]
Shit! - [Ismaël.]
Karine, are you okay? - [whimpers.]
Fuck Fuck.
Are you okay? Hurry up, Karine.
Come on! [sighs.]
- Worried about your shoes? - Tomorrow.
You and me at the skate park.
Let's fucking finish this.
- Count on it, dick.
- Sure, you bitch.
Mmmph! [spits.]
That guy is insane.
We have to go to the cops, Ismaël.
Fuck! They're just pellets.
Don't worry.
What do you mean, pellets? You think it was a real gun? [whimpers.]
It's healing.
What's all that about the skate park tomorrow? - The fight, you mean? - Yeah.
You shouldn't go.
I swear, that guy is dangerous.
- Seriously, stop playing his game.
- Karine.
That arrogant prick's treated us like slaves for years.
So believe me when I say I won't miss the chance to beat his ass.
[gentle music playing.]
You comin'? Wait, don't! Dude, don't jump! Don't jump.
Come on.
Ismaël, that's dangerous! We can't jump from here.
We could You know, we could - We might die.
- Ah.
"Don't steal any weed.
" "It's dangerous.
" What's gotten into you today, huh? Huh? [laughs.]
Ismaël! No! Ismaël! [splash.]
Ismaël! Ismaël! Ismaël! - What's up with you? - [sighs.]
- Why are you freaking out like that? - Fuck me [gasps.]
You always jump.
Yeah, I know.
I'm being weird.
What's wrong, Karine? You know, the last time I came here, I found your [Léa.]
Your skeleton, Ismaël.
I had some dark thoughts, you know? What do you mean? [sighs.]
You can talk to me, you know.
[wind whistling.]
I wasn't well.
Not at all.
And nobody knows.
I'm sorry.
Are you feeling better now? Yeah, I'm feeling better.
I think I'm okay.
You know, Karine, if you're not doing so good, you have to tell me.
I'm here for you.
The main thing is that we're not alone.
We're together.
Together? Okay, so, now you kiss me, right? ["Gigantic" by Pixies.]
She said, "Hey, Paul, hey, Paul Hey, Paul, let's have a ball ♪ What is this? I love it.
Hey, Paul, hey, Paul Let's have a ball ♪ - Hey, Paul, hey, Paul ♪ - Here.
Take this.
Let's have a ball ♪ I'm gonna dry the weed.
Gigantic ♪ Gigantic ♪ A big, big love ♪ Gigantic ♪ - Gigantic ♪ - [coughing.]
Gigantic ♪ A big, big love ♪ [music fades out .]
BRIM? In London? Now, what do we have here? [clicks closed.]
[clicks play.]
Hello, thank you.
Thank you for listening.
I'm gonna sing a song that I have composed and written.
Um, I hope you like it and give me my chance.
It's called "Our Secret.
" [guitar plays.]
My heart, my gut desires ♪ [Léa.]
Is that Mom singing? Impossible ♪ [Léa.]
Hey, it's not bad.
So what is this? Is it another audition? Wait, wait, wait! The heaviest screams I know ♪ Are the ones that stay ♪ - I don't understand.
What's this? - [Léa.]
I wish I knew, actually.
allowed to want you ♪ Okay, Karine.
I've already told you.
You can sing in the band, no problem, but not my lyrics.
You should write your own lyrics, I think.
- I know.
- Yeah? - You're right.
I'll do that.
- Cool.
I can't wait to get to Paris.
We'll have our own little attic room.
It'll be tiny, but it's gonna be great.
That's enough.
I'm gonna try something.
Don't you think we should tell Stéphane? About us? Yeah, you're right.
We're being cowards.
Let's swim, and then go talk to him.
[Karine chuckles.]
- [gasps.]
- [both laughing.]
Karine? Are you okay? Are you sure? - What was that? - [Léa.]
Oh, what a stupid fucking bitch.
It's not my mom that likes you.
It's me.
Why are you doing this? We're friends.
We have plans.
Sure, sure, sure, of course.
I'm sorry.
It's the spliff, it's the sun, it's It's that fucking Pye too.
He has really good weed.
What can I say? [chuckles.]
I'm gonna be so hungover tomorrow.
Fuck, you scared me.
Shall we go? [Ismaël.]
Yo, Stoof.
Where were you? Uh, we skipped class.
And I turned things around with Patricia.
We're booked for the main stage, dude.
You did that without me? Yeah.
Um Um We're gonna go with Qantik next year.
In Paris.
We really want you to come with us.
You know full well that's not possible.
I have to take over the leisure center.
I don't have a choice.
Yeah, we know, but I mean, we can't all stay here because you made that choice for yourself.
Listen, uh, I'll let you two talk things through.
I'm sorry, Stoof.
- [door closes.]
- So you've been screwing with me.
- The two of you.
- No.
Not at all.
- Bullshit.
You're sleeping together.
- Not at all.
No, look.
No, really, I swear.
I can understand that you might think that, because for a time, I also I I thought that [door opens.]
[door slams.]
- [yells.]
- [winces.]
[Stéphane groans.]
Fuck! - [sighs.]
- You all right? Get lost.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone, I said.
You know, there's nothing going on.
Between Ismaël and me.
I need to be alone.
I didn't know Dad could be so jealous.
Karine? Come over here.
Can you give me a little massage, please? I've got a cramp here.
Please? [sighs.]
Oh, yes.
Mm! [sighs.]
Maybe you should quit smoking.
- [laughs.]
Yeah, right.
- You'll live longer.
To meet your grandchildren.
You pregnant? No! [laughs.]
Don't do what I did.
Put your studies first.
Speaking of which, did you mail your letter? For the conservatory.
Damn it [Léa.]
So, BRIM is a school.
Are you kidding me, Karine? Today was the last day for the second round.
I have been nagging your dad for months to help me pay for this damn Institute of Music.
- I would rather not have spoken to him.
- I just - And you didn't mail it? - I swear, I didn't know it mattered so much.
I'm really sorry.
I was completely unaware.
Uh - And Paris - Paris? Busking in the subway? You're bringing that up gain? Karine, we'd agreed! No? Anyway, Paris or London, I know I never left.
I I just [sighs.]
I know I'm stuck here.
I'm stuck here, it's You are not allowed to say that until you've tried! I'm going to send this letter.
and you are going to get in.
You may not believe that anymore, but I do.
[door slams.]
Fuck [pensive music playing.]
So, really, my mom's biggest secret wasn't what I thought at all.
If she had done music in Paris or at the conservatory in London, either way, she would've had an amazing future.
But to do either, she would've had to betray someone.
- [phone vibrating.]
- [tune playing.]
JUNE 16 2021 [footsteps.]
How are you? [grunts.]
- Here.
- Thanks.
So, what's it like to be together for 30 years? - [Karine sighs.]
- [chuckles.]
You've known each other since high school.
Didn't you ever want to take different paths? No.
Not even move to a different town? To go to Paris, for example.
- What would we have done in Paris? - I don't know.
You could've done music.
It could have been Paris.
It could have been London.
How do you know all that? Why didn't you go? You were talented.
You were gonna go places.
Why did you stay here? - Look who's talking, Léa.
- [sighs.]
Why did she stay? Why didn't she leave? To stay here with you? - Well, um - Worry about your own choices.
- Not other people's.
- [Léa.]
What choices? I'm not gonna graduate.
I don't have a college to go to.
I don't have a passion or any talent.
I don't have anything.
Okay? And my mom's always yelling at me.
But yours supported you.
Don't say that, sweetheart.
Listen You will do just fine.
Look at me.
You don't need a degree.
You can always get trained up with me at the center.
That's what my dad did when I was your age.
You'd like that.
All right.
I have to go, but let's talk about this again.
That work? Huh? [keys jangling.]
[door opens.]
- Don't do what I did.
Don't stay here.
- Why did you stay? Why didn't you leave? [sighs.]
[pensive music playing.]
- Hands up! - [gasps.]
Suddenly got the urge to watch The Great Escape, hmm, munchkin? [dog barking.]
Ah, I think it's in here.
Thanks, Grandpa! [electronic music playing.]
So, transference, according to Freud - one of his main concepts - refers to the process during which unconscious feelings or desires towards one person are redirected to another person.
This can happen during a dream.
Freud attributes Might be what happened to me.
- Uh - [teacher.]
to their underlying Léa, really pleased that you've suddenly discovered your libido, but you're not telling me that you're falling for a guy that died 30 years ago? - Right? - No, not at all.
I'm just trying to understand what's happening.
Hey! Chatterboxes! You can't skip psychoanalysis.
Particularly as you could be tested on that.
Don't worry.
We're moving on to hysteria next time.
- [laughter.]
- That should be your kind of thing.
I think it's a good idea for you to see the school shrink.
The shrink? And tell her what? That I time travel and wake up in other people's bodies? I should tell her? Or that I started with the body of a guy who died 30 years ago, I buried a notebook in a hole to prove it was true, I jerked off in that guy's body, but that was two days ago, because yesterday, I was in my mom's body.
Forget it.
I shall be your shrink.
Sound good? I promise to listen to you, but promise me you'll go see her if things get too crazy.
- Okay? - Mm-hmm.
[boys talking.]
I bet I'll go back there tonight.
I might as well get a head start.
We have to work out how to play these antiques of yours.
- Yeah, I know, right? - Hey, twinnies.
How's it goin'? Oh, Dora! [laughs.]
How's your head after the other night? Water between drinks, girls.
That's the secret.
Oh, so cool! VHS-C.
- You know that stuff? - Sure I do.
I love '90s relics.
Why do you have them, anyway? [Romane.]
They're for Léa.
We have to play them, but we don't know how to go about it.
Would you have the gear for that? Well, I don't have a VCR.
- But I might be able to find one for you.
- [Romane.]
Well, let's swap details.
That way, if you find one, you can message me, and, uh Yeah, of course.
- [chuckles.]
- Yeah? - [Dora.]
Hey, add me on Insta.
- [Romane.]
- So, my username's Dora - Mm-hmm.
- Glitter.
- There you are.
- Oh my God, I follow you already.
- [boy whistles.]
- I'm Romy, with lots of little Ys.
- Be right back.
- Later.
- All right.
What are you gonna tell her? That you're Marty McFly? [Léa.]
Good timing, actually.
I have to talk to you.
So, you're a medium now, huh? THIRTY YEARS LATER REMAINS OF TEENAGER ARE FOUND It is Ismaël Messaoudène.
Was it murder? The press doesn't know.
- I don't think it was an accident.
- You don't? - Do you know Pierre-Yves Dubost? - Yes.
He went to school with Ismaël.
He and Ismaël hated each other because Ismaël was stealing cannabis from him.
And may I ask how you know this? It's a small town.
Everyone knows everything.
It's not right that he died.
["Gigantic" by Pixies.]
And this I know His teeth as white as snow ♪ What a gas it was to see him ♪ Walk her everyday into a shady place ♪ With her lips she said ♪ She said, "Hey, Paul, hey, Paul Hey, Paul, let's have a ball" ♪ "Hey, Paul, hey, Paul Hey, Paul, let's have a ball" ♪ "Hey, Paul, hey, Paul Hey, Paul, let's have a ball" ♪ Gigantic ♪ Gigantic ♪ Gigantic ♪ A big, big love ♪ Gigantic ♪ Gigantic ♪ Gigantic ♪ [music stops.]
Well, thanks for your time.
Of course.
We bumped into each other earlier.
- Right.
- Please call me if you remember anything.
Either you're amnesiac or in the way.
It was 30 years ago, Ms.
All right.
What did she want? She's questioning everybody, that's all.
- I get where she's coming from.
- [engine starts.]
It might have been 30 years ago, but Ismaël was your best friend.
That's supposed to mean something.
[vehicle pulls away.]
Léa, what's with you? I don't get it.
- What is this about? - [Léa sighs.]
I need someone to answer my questions.
So answer mine, and I'll answer yours.
Why do you act like you don't know Ismaël? It's just too painful.
That's it.
It's painful, and your father and I don't want to bring it up again.
Accept that, Léa, please.
[phone vibrating.]
Hello? Yes.
She won't mind if I poke around, right? INCORRECT PASSCODE [Léa.]
Karine, the libertarian.
Yes! [door opens downstairs.]
So my mom really wasn't cheating on my dad in '91.
She's cheating on him now.
That's the fucking transference.
- [Stéphane.]
We need to talk.
- [Karine.]
Not now.
I'm not in the mood, and Léa must be asleep.
Let me talk.
- Stop.
That's enough, now.
- [Karine.]
Sh! You'll wake Léa! [Stéphane.]
I feel like I've missed out on the life I could have had.
Because of you.
What? [Stéphane.]
You've been stifling me for 30 years.
You tell me what to say, what not to say.
I've had enough! [sighs.]
I'm gonna speak to that cop.
How can you say that? I've always [sighs.]
Always what? I need to be alone.
[crickets chirping.]
I've been focusing on Mom all day.
But actually, this jealousy, this anger Could it be that the one hiding something is actually my dad? BASED ON THE NATAËL TRAPP NOVEL "THE 7 LIVES OF LÉO BELAMI" [pensive music playing.]

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