The 7 Lives of Lea (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Day 3

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Stoof? There is no Stoof.
He died along with Ismaël.
Dad, please tell me exactly what happened? We we were at World Music Day.
We were doing the sound check.
The three of us.
When it was time for the concert, we waited for him for ages, and He never showed up.
So why doesn't Mom want you to talk about it? Ismaël used to smoke a lot of weed.
That night, he took something really strong.
He was completely wasted.
But, Dad, do you know who his dealer was? No.
I only know one dealer.
It's Pye.
Leave it.
I'll clean up tomorrow.
Yeah, but no, seriously, girl, I've never seen him act like that.
It was freaky.
You should just stop torturing yourself with all that, turn over a new leaf and you'll be fine.
I can't just do that.
I'm sure I can change things.
'91 - Hey, maybe this was World Music Day.
- Mm.
But he doesn't look wasted at all, does he? What difference does it make, anyway? Well, it would help me find out when things went south.
These losers will end up together too.
Oh, fuck.
Look at that black eye.
Hey, Léa? I love gossip and all, but are you getting worked up about something that happened 30 years ago? - No.
- Girl, who cares? We don't even know these people.
It's 3:00 a.
You should just go to bed.
Anyway, your shrink is going to bed.
- Oh, you're going to sleep now? - Mm.
Take me for an idiot, why don't you? You think I didn't notice you're all dressed up.
I was speaking to Dora just now.
Oh yeah? - Yeah.
- And? I don't know.
We're just getting to know each other.
Aw, sweetheart.
Go on, then.
I'll let you guys chat in peace.
- Bye, heartbreaker.
- See you tomorrow.
If you die on World Music Day, that's June 21st.
What does June 21st leave me? Five days? Fuck.
Five days.
I don't know if I'm scared about it ending or looking forward to it? If this ends I'll never see you again.
Oh fuck! Oh no! Oh shit.
Fucking disgusting.
And today is the day of the fight! Oh fuck! It's so late! Why didn't you wake me up? Uh Why are you staring at me? - No reason.
No reason at all.
- Stop it.
You look disgusted.
- Stop! - Oh no, not disgusted at all.
I'm just I'm really not disgusted at all.
Miss Miss, uh - Miss? - I Seriously? - "Miss" was the best you could do? - Yes - Yesterday, you were moaning into my body.
- Yeah "Jennifer, your body drives me crazy!" - Now you're calling me fucking Miss? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
You're right! - I can explain.
Basically - You know what, Pye? - No, I I will - Quiet.
You're worse than the others.
- No! I'm really not No, no, no, wait! - Fuck you, Pye! Wait, wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No! Fuck.
You scared me.
Come on! Wait! You're really not disgusting! Pierre-Yves, you're late! Hey! Don't make me come get you! JUNE 17 1991 Ee dans tes yeux je lis l'espoir ♪ Mais cela te regarde Si tu veux y croire ♪ - Paix ♪ - Oui, les délires les plus courts ♪ Sont toujours les meilleurs Regarde autour de toi, tu y crois ♪ C'est que ton compte N'est même plus crédité ♪ - A la banque des réalités ♪ - La guerre ♪ A prouvé aux hommes Qu'elle pouvait s'imposer ♪ Paix ♪ - L'odeur concentrée de poudre ♪ N'est-elle pas un signe d'utopie? ♪ Paix, voilà pourquoi j'en ris ♪ Paix ♪ Whoo-ooh-ooh ♪ - Ah! ♪ - Paix ♪ Whoo-ooh-ooh ♪ Ah! ♪ If it's Pye, it may have been that fight that started everything.
It has to be him.
If Pye is gonna kill you in four days, we might be able to do something about it now.
I've had enough of this cycle of violence.
I'm gonna break it, and I'm going to save you, Ismaël.
You'll see.
Pierre-Yves! What are you doing? You're scaring the little one.
I can't start my scooter.
I told you I'd take it to the shop if you passed your exams.
Am I wrong? - No - Well, there you go.
- Hurry up.
You'll miss the bus.
- Okay.
ORCHARD WAY LINE 7 Makin' eye contact ♪ Eye contact ♪ Makin' eye contact ♪ Hello, sir.
Yo, Pye! Hey! How you doin', bro? - Yo - You good? - Yeah, and you guys? - Not driving your scooter today? - No.
It's dead.
- Oh shit.
- That's wack.
- What's the deal with your board? - Right? - Oh yeah.
You brought a super old skateboard.
You'll be doing sick tricks after school.
Yeah, it's gonna be lit, man.
What's lit, dude? - Huh? - Awesome? You know, on fire.
Lit! "It's gonna be lit"? I mean, uh - You know, like fly.
You know? - Totally rad.
- Yeah, totally.
- Rad? Nice.
Here we are ♪ Still together ♪ We are one ♪ So much time wasted ♪ Playing games with love ♪ So many tears I've cried ♪ So much pain inside ♪ But, baby, it ain't over Till it's over ♪ Man, Sandra is so far up her own ass.
Ugh, seriously! Who does she think she is with her with her big, lit boobs? Lit boobs! I don't see what her boobs have to do with anything.
Hey! You know what, Pye? Lookee what I got for you, man.
All right, you take one of these, and this afternoon at the fight, - you'll thrash him.
- Shut up, loser.
- I'm not thrashing anyone.
- You'll destroy Ismaël.
- Smash his face in.
- I'm gonna cancel this stupid fight.
- What? - Seriously? - Now? - Yeah.
That's not possible.
The whole school knows.
- You can't back out now.
- I don't want it to get out of hand.
And, well, it's immature, you know? There's no point.
- What's he talking about? - "It'll get out of hand.
It's immature.
" "I'll get hurt.
There's no point.
" Whoa! You sound like a bitch! Wake up, Pye! Your toxic masculinity is really fucking annoying.
I'm just looking out for you.
It's embarrassing.
You know? - Yeah, man.
it's embarrassing.
- You see? We agree.
Here we go, yo, here we go ♪ This or that? ♪ This or that? This or that? ♪ This or that? This or that? ♪ This or that? This or that? ♪ This or that? ♪ - Come on ♪ - Who's the black sheep? ♪ What's the black sheep? ♪ Know not who I am or when I'm coming So you sleep ♪ Wasn't in my realm Or wasn't in your sphere ♪ - Come on ♪ - Knew not who I was, but listen here ♪ - Come on ♪ - Dres, D-R-E-S ♪ Yes, I guess I can start ♪ If it's all right with you I'll rip this here joint apart ♪ Back, middle, to the front, Don't front ♪ Wanna good time Wanna give you what you want ♪ - Come on ♪ - You try it yet? We should try to sneak out the back, right down the stairs, do that.
- Yeah.
- The styling is creative ♪ - Black sheep of the Native ♪ - Jump down the stairs, yeah, yeah.
- Let's do that, yeah.
- Awesome.
I got brothers in the Jungle Cousins on the quest ♪ Dead departed uncles In pea porridge may they rest ♪ - Guess, which way, what, when, how ♪ - Come on ♪ Mista Lawnge, Dres Black Sheep slam now ♪ Know you've heard the others Phonies to the lovers ♪ - Come on ♪ - Then of course, the choice is yours ♪ You can get with this Or you can get with that ♪ - Come on ♪ - You can get with this ♪ Or you can get with that ♪ You can get with this Or you can get with that ♪ Stoof, please.
I know what you wanna tell me.
You're dumping me for Ismaël, right? - Why are you saying that? - Oh, stop acting all innocent.
Yesterday I smoked too much weed, I don't remember anything.
But you're imagining things.
Please, Stoof.
That really isn't what I wanted to tell you.
I took the entry exams for the music school in London.
Gonna go, if you get in? Well, we've got our exams, but yeah, I'd like to.
With your talent, I have no doubt you'll get in.
Okay, guys.
I've got the fucking flyers.
We've gotta get them out, all right? Come on.
Let's get going.
- Good evening.
- Let's do it.
Ladies and germs, take a flyer.
- Come see us on June 21st.
- Concert at 6:00! - On June 21st.
- At World Music Day, guys! Yes! - Here.
Take a bunch.
No problem.
Go ahead.
- Yeah.
- No worries, Ismaël.
- Guys, this'll be awesome.
- Take a flyer.
Don't be shy.
- Do you have one? - It'll be amazing.
- Thanks.
JUNE 21, 6:00 P.
- The main stage.
- You'll love it.
June 21st.
Since when are they good musicians? - Playing the main stage is awesome.
- Are you serious? - Whose side are you on? - Just talking about music.
Yeah, well, their music's shit.
- Where's he going? - Don't know.
- Look at your own dick.
- Yeah, yeah.
That window that you broke this morning, it's all good.
Don't you think all of this has gone too far? We should talk about it.
There is no "we," dude, okay? Ismaël, we don't like each other, but I have to tell you something.
You're gonna die soon.
You're crazy, dude! I don't give a damn about your threats, okay? I'll deal with you at the skate park.
See ya.
They're not threats.
I wanna call off this stupid fight.
So you're shitting yourself, aren't you? We'll see who's the slave after the beating you're gonna get.
But you beat him up.
That was the black eye in the photo.
You thrashed him.
And four days later, Pye wanted revenge.
I'm sorry, Ismaël.
But the only way I can save you is to bust your ass.
Why did I stop taking self-defense lessons? Such an idiot.
Girl, look who it is.
- Did you see the way he looked at you? - He's so hot.
- He's gonna ask you out.
- Yeah.
- You think? - Hey, look! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's totally gonna turn.
- He's to die for! - Hey, what the hell? So, what, he bats an eyelash, and everyone sucks his cock? Jennifer, listen Wait.
Wait! Wait! - Are you okay? Jennifer.
You all right? - Get off me.
Dude, I swear - But I really wanna know if you're okay.
- Since when do you care, Pierre-Yves? Hey, listen.
Hey! I'm sorry about this morning.
I was really spaced out.
I don't wanna hurt you.
I swear.
You've gotta be kidding me.
- What the hell are you doing with Fatty? - For fuck's sake! Her name's Jennifer! Damn it! Is it normal that her her arms are the size of your thighs? - Cut it out.
- What? - She's chubby, that's all.
- You two are so fatphobic.
- You shouldn't make fun of people.
- Quiet! I didn't say shit.
Fat what? I don't know what that is.
Grab a book, learn something, and then talk to me, okey-doke? - Life as a girl in '91.
- What lesson do we have next? History.
Dude, listen! Have you seen Rodney Mullen's demo? - No.
- I perfected my kickflip with it.
- Ah, sweet.
Sweet, bro.
- Yeah, I know it's sweet, man.
Jennifer! Wait.
Yeah? What? Screw those fools.
You look perfectly fine.
You should accept yourself.
You're the one embarrassed with me.
Does he love me? ♪ I wanna know ♪ How can I tell if he loves me so? ♪ - Is it in his eyes? ♪ - Oh no, you'll be deceived ♪ - Is it in his eyes? ♪ - Oh no, he'll make-believe ♪ - If you wanna know ♪ - Shoop, shoop, shoop ♪ - If he loves you so ♪ - Shoop, shoop, shoop ♪ - It's in his kiss ♪ - That's where it is, oh yeah ♪ - Or is it in his face? ♪ - Oh no, it's just his charms ♪ - Is it his warm embrace ♪ - Oh no, that's just his arms ♪ - If you wanna know ♪ - Shoop, shoop, shoop ♪ - If he loves you so ♪ - Shoop, shoop, shoop ♪ - It's in his kiss ♪ - That's where it is ♪ - Oh, oh, it's in his kiss ♪ - That's where it is ♪ That was ridiculous.
I get him, actually.
I think Jennifer's pretty cute.
- What's that? - Hmm? Hey, you gotta lay off the weed.
Get up on your feet ♪ Put your hands together ♪ Get up on your feet ♪ Because we jump, we don't stop ♪ Get up on your feet ♪ Put your hands together ♪ Get up on your feet ♪ Well, people, now It's time to come together ♪ You know your best day's About to get better ♪ If you got the party We got the groove ♪ You know what to do To light up the moves ♪ You can't be down now Why y'all so serious? ♪ - You got life before you ♪ - Hey, where are all the girls? on the needle, drop down the groove ♪ Seriously, look.
There's not one girl skating.
Get up on your feet ♪ If there's one thing that's moved on in 30 years, it's that.
Good going! Well, except for me, who once again is incapable of really enjoying life.
Get up on your feet ♪ Fuck.
I've had enough.
I'm gonna have fun too.
And if I have to start having fun in the body of an asshole, I don't care if I break his legs.
up now as you're really hearing this ♪ It's a new deal, man ♪ Back on your feet now Time to get movin' ♪ Get up on your feet ♪ Allez! Allez! Allez! Get up on your feet ♪ Put your hands together ♪ Get up on your feet ♪ Put your hands together ♪ Go for it.
I warmed the ramps up for you, so Whoo! Oh.
Oh! - You okay? - I'm fine.
- You good? You sure? - I'm fine, I'm fine.
What? Don't you like my style? Hold on, hold on.
Wait for it Yo! Shout out to Romane! Wake up, man.
Can't you see you're embarrassing yourself? - Everyone's watching! - Wake up? Dude, I would love to! That'd be amazing.
But I can't.
I'm like that! I give things a try! Hey, hey, hey.
Where are you going? Don't you owe me some money, by any chance? Uh I don't know.
Let me explain, because you're starting to get on my nerves.
The videos from the previous session, and from today.
I could give them to the wrong people.
Got it? - Yeah.
- Right.
So give me my money, quickly.
- Hurry up.
- I don't have any.
- Pye, I swear, I wanna smash your face in.
- Wait, wait, wait.
You know what? It doesn't matter.
No money, no tape.
Ladies and gentlemen! Fight! Pull up and look at the fire ♪ I wanna see the desire ♪ Switch off and pull out the wire ♪ I'm higher, it's fire ♪ Pull up and look at the fire ♪ I wanna see the desire ♪ - Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! - Switch off and pull out the wire ♪ I'm higher ♪ - Stepped out smoother than anything ♪ - Come on! - All eyes on me 'cause my juice ♪ - You'll get beaten so bad! Kick his ass! I'm overly loose But I usually get it in ♪ You're dead! - You son of a bitch, you're dead! - Get away from me! - You bee-yatch! - He's gonna eat your friend for breakfast! - Go on! - Go for it, man! - Go on! Hit him! - Hey, watch this.
Go on! You have to throw the first punch! Whoo! You're in trouble now! To save you, I have to crush you.
- Yeah, take him down! You scared? - Get him, Ismaël! Son of a bitch! - You better run! - Take him down, come on! Okay.
All hands on deck.
Come on, heat right there! - Put that heat on him! - Vagina closed.
 Taint clenched! Yeah! Pull his hair, dude! Come on, hit him! Destroy him! Come on, get up! Get up now! What, shithead? Got nothing else to say? You fucker! Fucker! Sorry, Ismaël.
I'm sorry.
Sorry! Fuck! Stop it! Stop it! Stop! Stop! This has gone too far! Come on, guys.
Cheer him on.
Get up! I'm doing this for you, Ismaël.
In the balls? Really? You asshole.
- Yeah! - That's our fucking boy! Yeah! - Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! - You dick! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! - Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! - We're even now.
Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! Pye! In your face! Whoo! Dreams used to be better days ♪ My feet above the ground, flying high ♪ Dreams used to be better days ♪ Explain yourself.
Yeah, I, uh Don't you think it's high time you stopped messing around? Do you understand? Yeah, but it's okay, I didn't do anything Is this how you're planning on earning a living? Tell me! Are you crazy? What was that for? Never talk back to me.
Understand? You can't just hit me! Domestic violence will land you in jail! Shut up! Get out of here! Get out of here! You don't deserve to be my son.
What a dick! Hey! - Are you afraid of me? - Yeah.
- Shit, Pye.
That's super fuckin' red.
- Yeah, I know.
- That needs ice.
- Oh, oh, be careful.
- Where's the kitchen? I'll get ice.
- No, no! No, it's okay.
I already iced it.
It's fine.
That looks painful.
It's not.
Battle wounds don't hurt if you win.
Oh, don't make me laugh.
You're so silly.
This morning, I was planning on stopping all this, but, um what you did in front of everyone at school, that was cool.
You deserve it.
I really want you.
Oh no.
Wait, no.
Oh! Oh! Oh no.
Oh fuck.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I Oh.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Uh, can I maybe I don't know.
- Maybe I can do something for you? - What? I don't know what.
I wouldn't know how, but Oh God.
Today, you're really different.
Forget about it.
Don't worry.
This is nice.
For once, I feel alive.
It's good to try.
To fall, to get back up, to succeed.
It's good to have saved you, Ismaël.
JUNE 17 2021 REMAINS OF TEENAGER DISCOVERED AFTER 30 YEARS What? Why are you still dead? That can't be right.
What the fuck have I messed up this time? I won't let this go, Ismaël.
I'll save you, I promise.
Can it work? - Oh, three.
- Four.
You look nice.
- Hello.
- Uh May I? - Sure, go ahead.
- Thanks.
This will only take a minute.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Uh, for my exams, I I, uh I have to do a case study about our region's economic dynamics.
Well, that sounds very interesting.
Yeah, it really is, actually.
So I thought I could ask you some questions, because I have to, uh I have to present a local success story.
- And you thought of me? - Well, yeah, right away.
Well, you'd be better off making an appointment with my father.
- He's the figurehead of the company.
- Yes.
That's true.
But I thought it would be more interesting to speak to you, seeing as you represent the new generation.
It's true that after 20 years of good, loyal service to the family business, I'm eager to take over.
- Sure.
- Well, yes.
- Um I'm ready.
Can I get started? - Go ahead.
I'm all yours.
- Yeah.
- Great.
Thank you.
Uh I thought we could start by discussing your business model.
Uh-huh? - It's based on seasonal labor.
- That's right.
And How's it going? Having fun? Come to my office.
- Is it urgent, Dad? - Yes, it's urgent.
I've just been looking at your numbers and they're shit.
And your sales reps are just a bunch of clowns.
So I'm sorry to bother you, but yes, it's urgent.
When the fuck are you gonna let me retire, huh? I'll be right there, Dad.
- Don't let him speak to you like that.
- Don't get involved, Léa.
- But he's an asshole.
- This interview wasn't a good idea.
- I have work to do, so - I just need another moment.
Do you remember Ismaël Messaoudène? Is this about your school project? It's more of a case study.
Can you answer my question? Do you remember him? He worked for your dad.
We were schoolmates, Léa.
But we were not friends.
Okay? Yeah.
You hated each other.
Say it.
What are you talking about? On the night Ismaël died, he'd taken hard drugs.
- I know you used to deal cannabis.
- No, I did not.
I also know you had guns at home.
- And that you were a good shot.
- Stop it! Stop.
This is all in your head.
Ismaël is dead.
It's sad, but it's got nothing to do with me.
Now, get out.
Go on.
Pierre-Yves! Léa, where are you? Aren't you coming to class? Yeah, I'm coming.
I just got caught up.
So she came to see you in your office? Some bullshit story of a school project.
Well, it's not bullshit.
She does have a school project.
- What have you told her? - I haven't.
- Really? - I haven't.
Because somehow, she knows that I used to be a dealer in high school and my dad collects guns.
- What, now? - Yeah.
- I'm shocked.
- How'd she find out? I have no idea.
No, you really don't.
I haven't said anything.
I don't know.
- You didn't say anything about us? - Of course not.
I never would.
I don't even know where you're at with Stéphane these days.
- God, you're such a bitch.
- Oh, I missed that.
Come on.
That's enough! There are people around.
Thank you.
It's not what you wanna hear.
But this isn't any of your business.
What do you mean by that? They're my parents.
And my mom's lover might be Ismaël's murderer.
I know things are strained between you and your mom, but you should stop torturing yourself with all this murder stuff, because it isn't doing you any good.
I know.
I just can't, Romane.
That's all I think about.
I can't go a day without thinking about it.
Let's cheer you up, huh? What do you wanna do? Shall we go check some ass? Monochrome ♪ What? ♪ Hey, hey ♪ Monochrome ♪ What? What? ♪ Monotone ♪ Hey, hey ♪ 'Cause they monochrome, monotone ♪ Ride or die, live alone ♪ So monochrome, monotone ♪ Ride or die, live alone ♪ Hey, monochrome, monotone ♪ Ride or die, live alone ♪ So monochrome, monotone ♪ - Ride or die ♪ - Live alone ♪ Tell 'em, sit and listen I'm never sitting with them ♪ They get mad and watch me glisten Like what these people give 'em? ♪ They livin' on hope but they can't even Cope with inner dopeness ♪ Rap tracks and I leave 'em hopeless ♪ Cut 'em up like guillotines And leave 'em soulless ♪ Got a couple thousand Ask me if I wrote this ♪ Like 'em lost kitties with no titties They can blow this all right ♪ Tell 'em where I get this offsight Spitting on this world ♪ Do you like her, or something? No! No, but she's really good, right? You're right, she's good.
Hey, you know, yesterday, when I was in Pye's body, I slept with a girl.
- And it was really great.
- Are you making some kind of declaration? Well, no.
No, if I'm in a guy's body, then it's still heterosexual, right? Uh Depends on how you look at it.
Because you're in his body, but they're your thoughts.
So in some ways, it's not that straight, I mean - Oh God, you're right.
- Sure I am! - You know what I'm saying? - You're right.
Maybe, right? - Oh man! - Do you want me to show you something? - Sure.
- Okay.
- What are you doing? - Okay, let's do it.
- Yeah.
- Hang on.
- Oh boy, oh boy.
- Hey, could I borrow one of your - Léa? - One of your boards? - Yeah, sure, here you go.
- Thanks.
Oh fuck! - Yo, Romane! - What is all this, Léa? I actually really like it.
It's fun.
- Oh yeah? You wanna have fun now, do you? - Yeah, I do.
- Hey, I'll buy you a beer to celebrate.
- I like sound of that.
- What happened here? - What? I mean, what happened to our HQ? Léa, we've never been here before.
I don't know why you brought me here, actually.
You're really crazy.
Come on.
There's Dora's mom.
- Hello! - Hello.
- How are you doing? - I'm good, thanks.
Is Dora not working today? Oh, I don't know any Doras.
Your daughter, Dora.
You run the snack bar with her and your husband.
I don't have a daughter.
Or a husband, for that matter.
Well, are you sure? Sorry about this, ma'am.
She's really tired.
Léa, let's go.
Jennifer? - What's going on with you girls? - Sorry.
Pay no attention to us.
Léa! What the hell are you doing? How could I have been so stupid? That's her.
- Right - Jennifer.
The girl I slept with yesterday.
- That means Dora - Who the fuck is Dora? What's going on, Léa? I killed her.
I fucking killed Dora.
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