The 7 Lives of Lea (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Day 4

I've gotta be the only person on Earth who kills a girl by trying to save a guy.
Well, technically, you know, she never died if she was never born.
You do know I'm talking about a girl you were head over heels for.
[rock music playing.]
You're supposed to hate me, not make fun of me.
I think you hate yourself enough as it is right now.
[rock music continues.]
Excuse me? Yeah? Is it true you had a thing with Pierre-Yves Dubost? The applesauce guy? Where'd you get that from? Um Well, my parents told me.
You went to the same high school, and they told me about it.
That's just what it was.
A high-school fling.
Nothing more.
Have a nice day.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Way to go on the parents bit.
It sounded very believable.
Even too much.
What's that supposed to mean? Are you calling me a liar? Léa! Léa, wait up! You're saying that 30 years ago, you hooked up with the girl from the bar, and it went so well, you kept her from dumping Pye? - What I'm saying is fuck you, okay? - Okay! [laughs.]
But she just told us it was only a high-school fling.
It still made her pass up her chance with Dora's old man.
[whistle blows.]
You mean they were supposed to hook up back in '91? Yes, they were.
Here, look, that's him.
That's Luc.
They could totally have beautiful kids.
I'm sure it's him.
I recognize him now.
He did say he thought she was cute.
Hold on.
That's changed too.
- Yesterday, she was in the photo with Pye.
- Hmm? Does that mean I've changed that too? Yeah, but it's perfect.
The right people are back together.
- Worst part is you don't even believe me.
- No.
That said, come on.
You promised me this perfect girl.
- Of course I got my hopes up.
- [both laugh.]
Oh, and I beg you, please.
Tomorrow, don't be like, "Oh my God, I started World War III because I beat up some random guy.
" - Shut up.
- [laughing.]
Obviously, the one night I have a definite plan, I can't fall asleep.
I've been given a superpower, and all I do is fuck things up.
Come to think of it, it's not that easy not to start World War III.
What got into me, going around making decisions for others that way? Since when do I ever do anything but fuck things up? The only thing I used to screw up was my life.
What choice do I have, anyway? I have to bring Dora back.
But after that, enough screwing around.
I'm sorry, Ismaël, but I'm done interfering.
[birds chirping.]
[gasps and groans.]
- [sighs.]
- [rooster crows.]
I knew it.
First the king of jerks.
Now the queen.
Ow! [Léa.]
[Léa sighs.]
Come to think of it with what I have planned today, it's a pretty good fit.
[animal bleating loudly.]
[dog barking.]
[chickens and geese squawking.]
JUNE 18 1991 [water dripping.]
What's wrong? Why are you fondling yourself? [rooster crowing.]
It's just my breasts.
They hurt, and they're big.
That's enough.
Come give me a hand.
I can't do everything here.
Go get dressed, and properly for once.
Go! Hurry up! [vehicle approaches.]
[dog barking.]
- [geese honking.]
- [engine idling.]
[men shouting.]
- [sheep bleats.]
- [laughter.]
[man 1.]
We have been waiting think they're holding back - [man 2.]
Oh, yeah.
- [man 3.]
[man 1.]
I know.
Sorry, you [Léa.]
Ugh! - [pop music playing.]
- [man 1.]
Yeah, maybe it's a bad time.
I'm just saying, you know.
You needn't do everything, man.
- Well, you can't afford going off.
- [pans clanking.]
A rabbit? - All we have is rabbits.
- [boy.]
Well [woman.]
You might as well come back empty-handed.
- [baby crying.]
- [man 1.]
It's not a rabbit.
It's a hare.
And second, you'll be interested to know I was this close to catching a boar as big as yourself.
- And where's that boar now? - [father.]
Well, I missed it.
Because of that dufus.
- Like always.
- [boy laughs.]
- [boy.]
Jonathan, you're just a pussy.
- [father.]
There you are.
What are you doing? - [boy laughing.]
- [baby crying.]
Come here.
Make yourself useful.
Cut it up.
Oh! I'm not gonna stand here like a fool all day! Damn it.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- [boy.]
Oh! The bread! - [father.]
Hey! The bread! Watch out! You've got to respect the animal.
Fuckin' [Léa.]
No World War III.
No World War III, Léa! Don't start World War III.
- I'll handle it.
You hold him.
- [baby wailing.]
He needs changing.
That's why he's crying.
Go change him.
Come on, hurry up.
- [father.]
What's your problem? - [boy.]
Come on.
Beat it! Go! [baby crying.]
Didn't you forget something? [baby coos.]
I'll deal with him.
You deal with your own business, okay? Don't let anybody see you this way.
[baby fussing.]
Get yourself ready.
Put some make-up on.
What are you doing? [baby whimpering.]
Turns out there's a change of plans.
The old man's gonna be on my back all day.
So we won't be able to go before 6:00 p.
- Okay? - Okay.
Don't be late.
Or they won't see us.
- [sighs.]
- [baby laughs.]
All cleaned up.
- [sighs.]
- Here.
- No.
- What do you mean, no? If anyone sees me doing girlie stuff, I'm done.
Don't fuck around.
[baby cooing.]
[baby crying.]
- You didn't get him to calm down? - [wailing.]
- [man 1.]
Look at her face! Slut! - [father.]
I can't stand your slutty getups as it is, but now you look like the cheapest whore in town Don't talk that way about your daughter.
If you'd raised her better, I wouldn't have to.
I'm not done, that's all.
Sandra, you don't have time.
The bus I'm warning you.
You're not leaving this house looking like that.
Oh no.
If you miss school, you won't be able to save Dora.
What a loser.
You're gonna miss school and have to stay here and work.
[baby crying.]
- Whoa! My jacket! Wait till you get home! - [slams door.]
["She Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals.]
Wait! Stop! Stop! No! Hey! No! Stop! I can't stop ♪ The way I feel ♪ [laughter.]
Things you do ♪ Don't seem real ♪ Tell me what you've got in mind ♪ 'Cause we're runnin' out of time ♪ Won't you ever set me free? ♪ - [school bell rings.]
- This waiting round's killing me She drives me crazy ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ Like no one else ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ She drives me crazy ♪ - And I can't help myself ♪ - Letting yourself go, are you? - What? - Well, that's a shame.
Kind of spoils my morning pleasure.
Go fuck yourself.
- [laughter.]
- Any rest ♪ People say ♪ [Léa sighs.]
It's such a relief to see you like this.
I totally wanna join you and joke around with you too.
- Well, especially with you.
- Everything you say is lies ♪ - We'd finally forget all this shit - [record scratch.]
[buzzer sounds.]
What are you doing? - What happened to you? - Nothing.
Where's Pye? Jordan's jump shot sent the game into overtime! [girl.]
You'd really have to be desperate to go out with such a cow.
Don't worry.
I'll get her out of there.
Se lever - [Léa.]
Pye! - Se lever Pye! - [teacher.]
Se lever - Pye! [beatboxing and rapping.]
- First group verbs are basic knowledge - Pye! - [all.]
Hey! - Whoo! Whoo! - Pierre-Yves! - [teacher.]
Now, payer - Give me a sheet.
- Oh.
Uh, yeah.
- [teacher.]
Payer - [students bleating and laughing.]
- A pen too.
- [laughs.]
Really good fun - Why don't you have your stuff? - Same reason I look like shit.
- Do you have a pen? - [teacher.]
to give the answer.
Come on.
- Here.
- [teacher.]
Sandra? Somebody? Jennifer? CAN WE TALK? [teacher.]
No, Dorothy, I said indicative present.
Shall I add anything else? You can add a heart.
Well, you know best.
Questions, anybody? Let's move on to "to blow.
" [loud laughter.]
Really, Camille? You think it's funny? Well, you've earned the right to give the answer.
Come on.
Come on, Pye.
Don't leave me hanging.
What's up with the new style? [teacher.]
basic knowledge That clown plays concerts for hobos, so you're going grunge too? - No, that was just an accident.
- [Pye.]
That it? And I don't care about Ismaël, because you're the one I like.
I didn't wanna say it, but now I've said it, so [laughs.]
So can we talk at the end of class or not? - [teacher.]
Questions, anybody? - What's with you? - You really think I'm a fool, don't you? - [teacher.]
Pierre-Yves! [Pye.]
You dump me, avoid me, now wiggle your ass, and expect me to follow you like a puppy? - [teacher.]
Pierre-Yves! - You're out of your fuckin' mind! - [all gasp.]
- [teacher.]
Vous êtes fou? [loud laughter.]
And you, don't bust my balls! [laughter.]
- Bee-yatch! - [boy.]
Hey, he doesn't mean you! Oh - [door slams.]
- [teacher.]
Well - Pierre-Yves left - We used to date, Pye and I? Did Pye and I ever date? - Are you serious? - Really? [Léa.]
So I'm supposed to get these two back together? [teacher.]
talking [Léa.]
This is gonna be way harder than I imagined.
- [door slams.]
- [toilet flushes.]
[water running.]
[door closes.]
Poor thing.
Are you okay? [sighs.]
I need a plan B.
I can stay with you if you want.
But Tiff and Laura left already.
Why? Are they cutting class? [laughs.]
It's Wednesday.
[school bell ringing.]
There is no PE.
The entire high school's being let out? Damn it.
[school bell continues ringing.]
Luc! Luc, wait! We need to talk.
I won't give a message to Pye.
You can forget it.
Um, no, not at all.
I Feels like we haven't been talking much lately, huh? What's with you? Last time we spoke, you called me "jungle boy"! [Léa.]
Well, she's not making my job any easier.
No, Luc, wait.
I'm really sorry.
- I didn't mean to say that.
- Yeah, yeah.
If you saw Sand I mean, if you saw my family, it's - Are you justifying your racism? - Not at all.
Well, yes.
I mean, no, it's not what I meant Damn it! - Luc! - [groans.]
I just think Sand I mean, I I'm trying to clear the air about something, and it's still sort of clumsy, but, I'm I'm really sorry and I'd like to be friends.
What do you want? It's Jennifer.
I know you like her, and she likes you back.
And I wanna help you.
Well done.
I almost fell for it.
Your goal is to humiliate me.
- Bitch.
- That's not what I meant at all.
- Yo.
- [coughing.]
- Are you okay? - [sighs.]
No, I'm not okay.
I wanna throw up all the time.
My breasts hurt and everyone hates me.
[gasps and sobs.]
- Oh no.
- What's wrong? You need to take me to the pharmacy.
- Actually, I have stuff - Luc.
Don't be an idiot.
I'm a damsel in distress and you're a nice guy.
- Okay.
- Huh.
[' "Knock Em Out" by East vs West.]
Knock 'em out, knock 'em out ♪ Burn a bag, burn a bag ♪ When you done ♪ Heard we kickin' it Workin' on that bag ♪ Breakin' barriers Captain of the stack ♪ Bomb, we dipped And then hit the strip ♪ [whooshing.]
Cranked another blood Scooped the neighborhood ♪ Run up in the club, call ♪ - [knocks.]
- Step on it.
I can't really hang around here.
[toilet flushes.]
Let's go.
[girls laugh.]
Fuck, I can't believe I have an embryo inside my belly.
And, um is Pye the dad? - You think it's Pye? - How should I know? You guys split up what? Three weeks ago? It's possible, yeah.
Oh, God damn it.
It has to be Pye.
[motorcycle passing.]
- Hmm.
- [sighs.]
It doesn't matter.
Uh Jennifer.
You like her? - Hmm - You can tell me, now you know about this.
Well, yeah.
What can I tell you? I like her.
- So why don't you tell her? - I was gonna.
On Wednesdays, I go to her parents' joint, to see her.
I wussed out.
Hold on.
You mean right now, she's at her parents' place? Yeah.
I even figured, "This time, man, you're laying it all out.
" - But now that Pye's here - Okay.
It could work.
Um - Jennifer and Pye broke up.
- What? If you don't believe me, go see her.
She's single.
And sad, as well.
If you take care of her, things will go your way.
You a psychic? Don't worry.
I got this.
Don't let me down, bruh.
All right.
- You in the big leagues now ♪ - [game.]
Round two! Yo, pass the mag It's time to rob the nation ♪ I'm on my last Before I pass salvation ♪ - I need needle blunts ♪ - [characters grunting.]
And a chick I can trust With the safe combination ♪ I be upon somethin' To blow up a bomb shelter ♪ [yelling and gunfire in game.]
- [music echoes faintly.]
- What's wrong with you? We weren't done, before.
Oh, yeah, we were definitely done.
Get out of my crib.
You look like a fool too.
What's with the style? You don't like it? Want me to take it off? Okay.
Oh no.
That won't work at all.
- Should I take the dress off as well? - What are you playin' at? - [video game music playing in background.]
- I'm not playing.
- I just want us to get back together.
- Are you deaf? - I don't want anything to do with you.
- Stop it.
Your buddies are gone.
It's just you and me, and you want it as bad as I do.
Does that mean you still love me? I never stopped loving you, Pye.
Wait, um I can't do this while you're still with Jennifer.
- Call her and tell her it's over.
- Sure thing.
I'll do it right away.
- [Pye sighs.]
- [grunts.]
Hold on.
- I love you so much.
- Stop! - Do you have any condoms? - Huh? - Uh - [sighs.]
- No.
- Oh no.
We can't have sex, then.
- Don't worry, baby girl.
I can hold back.
- Apparently not.
- What's wrong? I thought you wanted to! - I'm pregnant.
And it's yours.
Okay? [Pye sighs.]
Damn it, babe.
It's up to you.
We'll do whatever you want.
What do you wanna do? You wanna keep it? Or not? I don't know.
It's up to you.
You're not angry? What? Why would I be angry? Wait How long have you known about it? You left me because you didn't wanna tell me? I don't know.
Yeah, that's right.
That's why.
It's because sometimes, you can be violent.
What? No way! Never.
- Then what about that stuff with Ismaël? - [tuts.]
It's different.
I have to.
Anyway It's weird, it's like I wanna forget.
Everything's blurry.
I don't remember anything.
I swear it's true.
Baby [vehicle draws up.]
If anybody know that I hate violence, it's my girl, right? - [dog barking.]
- Baby.
Pierre-Yves! [Pye sighs.]
Pierre-Yves! - Come down this instant! - Go hide in the closet, please.
For a minute? I don't want him to see you.
- [sighs.]
- [opens door.]
What I'm telling you, Hocine, is that I found marijuana plants on my property.
And I'm sure you know who's behind it.
No, Mr.
"No, Mr.
" Pierre-Yves, tell him what you told me this morning.
- Ismaël's growing weed.
I saw him.
- [Ismaël.]
That's a fucking lie! - It's him, Dad.
He's lying! - [Hocine.]
Ismaël! Don't shout.
Dad, I swear, that asshole's been dealing to the entire school Don't insult my son.
Is that clear? - Forgive him, Mr.
- [Mr.
I'm done forgiving.
- He's fired.
- But it's fucking unfair! - Sir, I need this money.
Don't you see? - You should've thought about it first.
You have 24 hours to leave my property.
- [Ismaël.]
Sir - Or your family can beat it too.
Shut up.
Damn it.
Shut up.
- Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up - [Ismaël.]
It's unfair! No, wait! [clanging.]
Dad, don't let him do this.
[in Arabic.]
Shut up.
You humiliate me.
You humiliate yourself.
- [Hocine.]
Ismaël! - Ismaël! I have to go.
And you're calling Jennifer now.
Okay? [vehicle approaching.]
[rap music playing on speakers.]
[car horn blares.]
[car slowing.]
- [Ismaël.]
Hey, how's it going? - [driver.]
Straight? [Ismaël.]
Yes, please.
Thank you.
Can I get a ride too? - [driver.]
Sure thing.
- [Ismaël.]
What are you doing? [Léa.]
Damn it, what am I doing now? Sandra was never with you in that car.
What if it was enough to create another diabolical parallel world? What? Nothing.
Wait! Wait, wait.
- [driver.]
What? Oh.
- Sorry! Thanks! - [driver.]
You're welcome.
[birds calling.]
[children playing.]
[flies buzzing.]
How did you do? [Ismaël.]
That asshole.
And that's not even the worst part.
Guys, I got kicked out.
Karine, we have to go now.
I don't have anywhere left to stay.
Ismaël, can we talk about it later? Please.
I [Ismaël.]
Damn it.
Are you hearing what I'm saying? I got kicked out, Karine! We have to go, now.
We have to leave for Paris now.
But there are exams coming up.
We can't, Ismaël.
Who cares about the exams? What's this about exams? We're not going to college.
Go ahead, Karine.
Come on.
Tell him, or I will.
What's he talkin' about? Tell me what? Tell me what, Karine? [sighs.]
I took, uh, the entrance exams for BRIM.
And I'm in the final round.
Wait a second What's this? What are you talking about? What's BRIM? It's a conservatory in London.
A college of music, and, um, if I get in, I won't be able to come with you.
You understand? No.
I don't understand at all.
Hold on.
What are you doing? You're You're insane to hide this from me.
Ismaël, I swear, the entrance exam is really tough.
I I wanted to know the results before telling you about it.
- I didn't wanna get you upset.
- Damn it.
Stop lying all the time.
[Karine sighs.]
- Did you think I was your plan B? - Not at all.
It should be the other way around! You wanna go to a conservatory now? Stop it, please.
- You'd do the same, given the chance.
- No way, man! [Ismaël.]
You're just saying that to avoid the fact that you're a fucking traitor! I'm a traitor because I have bigger dreams than playing in my school band? - Ismaël, please.
- Okay, you know what? Forget it.
- And you, you knew? - [Stéphane.]
She told me yesterday.
It felt as bad as your plans to go to Paris.
- Dude, it's totally different! - You pulled the exact same stunt on me.
- You don't understand a goddamn thing.
- What do I not understand? How come you asked Karine to go off with you, as if I didn't exist? [breathing shakily.]
Guys I don't think you realize the situation I'm in right now.
I mean, I I don't have my future all planned out.
Uh, Paris was my only option.
Karine, please don't bail on me.
Don't bail on me.
Otherwise, my life is ruined.
I [breathing shakily.]
- [kicks crate.]
- [grunts.]
What the hell are you doing here? [sighs.]
I came to take canoe lessons.
And it's making you cry.
Canoe is super stressful.
No, Ismaël, don't do it! Damn it! Leave me alone! [sobbing.]
[thunder rumbling.]
You know, Ismaël, with everything that's happened to you, I understand why you wanna call it quits.
That's what happened on June 21.
- [car accelerating.]
- ["Putain Putain" by Arno on speakers.]
[tires screech.]
Sandra, what the fuck? Where the hell are you going? No idea.
We said 6:00 p.
, Sandra.
Come on.
Hop in.
We can still get there in time.
Get in.
Sandra, please.
[thunder rumbling.]
Putain, putain, c'est vachement bien ♪ Nous sommes quand même Tous des Européens ♪ Putain, putain, c'est vachement bien ♪ [music stops.]
[thunder rumbling.]
MATERNITY EMERGENCIES Are you sure about this? What? Don't tell me this is what I think it is? Not necessarily.
- You're afraid of ending up like Mom.
- Oh shit.
- I'm sure there are other ways.
- I can't believe it.
Put it up for adoption, raise it someplace else.
I'll help you.
I will.
 Pye doesn't even have to know.
When I make a decision for someone, I ruin their lives.
Stop asking me stuff like this! - I don't know.
Do you want an abortion? - No Yes! I mean, yes.
I don't know.
What am I supposed to say? If you don't know, I can't tell you! - How should I know? - I don't either! - Stop yelling! Let's drop it.
- You're the one who's yelling! [Jonathan scoffs.]
No, hold on.
I know.
[thunder rumbling.]
Tomorrow, bring me back and ask me the same question, okay? Only then will I give you my answer.
- [sighs.]
- Promise me.
- You're a pain in the ass.
- Please, promise me.
Look at me.
Fine, fine.
I promise.
- All right.
- [revs engine.]
["Putain Putain" plays.]
Putain, putain, c'est vachement bien ♪ Nous sommes quand même Tous des Européens ♪ - Putain, putain, c'est vachement bien ♪- - [switches engine off.]
- [dog barking.]
- [women's voice on television.]
[Sandra's father.]
I'm sick and tired of these goddamn women.
Huh? - Women should stay at home with the kids.
- [sighs.]
Don't tell me some woman is gonna tell us what to do! - Okay? - [both laugh.]
Completely wasted again.
Who cares what a female politician has to say? It's garbage.
- [brother.]
But she's such a turn-on.
- Use the back door.
- [father.]
We know - I'll cover for you.
Or else he'll start busting your balls again.
I wanna thank you for today.
- [dog barking.]
- It's not like I had much choice.
Well, you think you don't have a choice, but you always do.
You're a good guy, Jonathan.
Hey, Secretary of Stuff.
Get me a fucking croissant.
[father laughing.]
So, is that what happened on June 21st? You felt like you had no future ahead of you, and you took something a little stronger than usual, and you went down to the river? Come to think of it, we did exactly the same thing.
The only difference between us is that you kept me from going all the way.
Maybe that's why I've been going back in time.
To return the favor.
[phone alarm playing.]
[turns alarm off.]
JUNE 18 2021 Yeah, times has changed Still windy but the brace is different ♪ [Romane.]
Léa, what's going on? Why did you tell me to meet you here? - Wait a sec.
- Devils try and seduce me ♪ But I don't dance, I keep my distance Life can be elusive, inconsistent ♪ I just keep positions ♪ Yes! Dora! - [Dora.]
Whoa! - [Léa gasps and laughs.]
- [Dora.]
Okay - [Léa sighs.]
- [laughs.]
Well - Yes! - What? - Yeah, sorry.
It's not every day you're greeted so warmly by customers, but - [mouths.]
- [Dora.]
It's nice to see you.
I'll explain.
[music stops.]
- What does it feel like, you know? - What? - Being pregnant, idiot.
- [laughs.]
Honestly, it's gross, dude.
- You feel queasy all day.
- Hmm.
- The child of your mom's future lover.
- Stop it! The thought alone makes you queasy! - [laughs.]
- [Léa sighs.]
Oh shit.
I found Sandra's Facebook account, but it's all in private mode.
I guess that means she ended up okay.
Yeah, but I'd like to know if she ended up having her son or not.
What are you expecting, Léa? That she posted, "#Me and my 30-year-old son I decided to keep because some girl from the future made me miss my only chance of an abortion"? - You're right.
- [Romane.]
I know.
["Holla" by Joell.]
Everyone wants a piece of the pie ♪ Now that I'm the guy ♪ Fuck these feelings I'm just in it for the flights ♪ I already told you I'mma do this till I die ♪ Holla, holla, holla, holla ♪ Ooh, I'm only in it for the commerce ♪ [music playing faintly.]
I want euros, I want pounds, I want dollars ♪ [music fades out.]
Yeah? Uh, Jonathan? Yeah.
What is it? Who are you? Is Sandra here? Sandra? No, it's been a while since Sandra left here.
And do you know where I could find her? No.
If you're here to sell something, you've come to the wrong place.
No, wait, wait, wait! In '91, you drove your sister to the clinic twice, right? Wednesday June 18th, and the following day, June 19th.
How do you know that? Okay.
It's perfect.
That's it.
Thank you! I Sorry for bothering you.
Uh Well, bye.
It's sad.
I really hoped his life would turn out differently.
At least I didn't ruin Sandra's.
To be honest, between this and Dora's resurrection, damn it, I've accomplished a thing or two.
For real, this time.
It feels good.
Now I'm gonna convince you to stay alive.
Léa, you said you were done interfering.
[siren bleeps twice.]
How's it going, Léa? - What? - You look like you're gonna faint.
No, I'm good.
- Hop in.
I'll drive you home.
- I said I'm fine.
Oh, come on.
I'm telling you, baby ♪ You will never find another girl ♪ In this heart of mine, oh ♪ Look into my eyes Can't you see they're open wide? ♪ - Would I lie to you, baby? ♪ - Any progress on your case? - What? - Would I lie to you ♪ - [turns radio off.]
- The case.
Have you learned anything new? Maybe.
Have you? Maybe.
But I think, after all the information I gave you, it's your turn to give me some answers.
- Ismaël died from a gunshot.
- [Léa's voice.]
What? Details are pending, but the shot was likely fired at point-blank range.
[Léa's voice.]
That changes everything.
Does that mean he could have done it alone? Was there a gun by his side? That was your initial theory, wasn't it? - Yeah.
- What made you change your mind? Nothing.
It would just be a logical place to kill yourself.
- Is that what you wanted to do then? - No, I was high.
- That's all - Léa.
Talk to me.
That's not the issue.
Who cares, really? Then what is the issue? [Léa's voice.]
Am I doing better enough to help someone else appreciate life again? Was there a gun by his side? Okay, let's try this differently.
You want my answer? Your precious information.
Who gave it to you? Your parents? If there had been a gun there, the case would already be solved by now.
Léa, they didn't tell me everything.
Unless there was a gun, and you can't just accept it was a mere suicide.
Oh? And why is that? Because it'd mean you'd have to go back to your boring little life.
[Miriam laughs.]
Are you talking about me or you? Ooh, look into my eyes Can't you see they're open wide ♪ Would I lie to you, baby? Would I lie to you? ♪ [music stops.]
Last chance, Léa.
No, you gave yourself away.
There was a gun near him.
Too bad for you.
- [car alert beeping.]
- [Léa's voice.]
I really thought I could bluff it out.
Actually, I don't care.
I don't need her.
I may not have the right to make decisions about other people's lives, but it doesn't mean I can't help them.
If I'm alive, I owe it to you.
So now It's my turn to help you.
Why did you go into my room? You're not the one asking questions.
Where did you find this notebook? I dug it up.
I have a gift for that lately.
Plus, it's really for the best.
Maybe it's time we had a chat, don't you think? What happened on the night of the concert with Ismaël? I already told you that.
- We did the sound check - [Léa.]
No, the true version.
What doesn't Mom want you telling the cops? - [Karine.]
Stop imagining things.
- I'm not imagining things! You're the one always giving shitty answers! - Nobody believes you! Not Miriam, not me - Shut up! [sighs.]
Miriam knows you're lying.
I've been covering for you from the beginning.
And it's been costing me some vital information, so thanks a lot.
All right.
Let's start from the beginning.
It's no use.
You won't believe me.
You don't know.
Talk to us.
Go on.
I buried the notebook in 1991, and then I dug it up.
It might sound crazy, but for the past four nights, each time I go to sleep, I [sighs.]
I've I've been reincarnating in bodies from 30 years ago.
- Listen to me! - Hilarious.
I swear it's true.
Each time I travel back in time and I do something, it has an impact on the present, that's why I have this notebook.
I can save Ismaël if you tell me the truth.
- Do you think we're morons? - [Léa.]
No! - Are you on drugs? - [Léa.]
What? - [Karine.]
Go to your room.
- [Léa sighs.]
Do what your mother says.
Are you ever gonna stop defending her? I'm not defending her.
- She's just not bullshitting me.
- Oh, she's not bullshitting you? She's cheating on you.
With who? Pierre-Yves.
Pye? Why? [Karine.]
You know very well why.
I'm going.
Going where? Wait.
Where are you going? - [door opens.]
- Leave him.
- [door slams.]
- Leave him! - Are you proud of yourself? - Probably not as proud as you are.
[Karine sighs.]
You don't know anything, Léa.
You don't know anything! Well, tell me, then! Tell me, damn it! I've been waiting for you to speak! You've been ignoring me for a week when all I want is for us to talk! You've been lying to everyone for 30 years and you're fine with it? Ismaël's dead! He killed himself because of you and you don't even give a shit! [door opens.]
[clothes hangers rattling.]
[thumping and clattering.]
[zip closing.]
Mom, I didn't Where are you going? Where are you going? - Mom, I'm talking to you! - [door opens.]
[door slams.]
[car door opens and shuts.]
[engine starts.]
Mom! Mom! [screams.]
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