The 7 Lives of Lea (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Day 6

1 A NETFLIX SERIES whelmed so easily My anxiety creeps inside of me ♪ Makes it hard to breathe What's come over me? ♪ Feels like I'm somebody else ♪ I get overwhelmed so easily My anxiety keeps me silent ♪ [Léa.]
Go ahead.
Call me afterwards to tell me about it.
What's come over me? Feels like I'm somebody else ♪ - Are you gonna be on your own? - Hey, don't worry.
You won't be getting rid of me any time soon.
Apparently, the future's nice.
Just like the past.
It's the present that sucks, actually.
[thunder rumbling.]
This mind isn't mine Who am I to judge? ♪ Oh, I should be fine But it's all too much ♪ I get overwhelmed so easily My anxiety creeps inside of me ♪ Makes it hard to breathe What's come over me? ♪ Feels like I'm somebody else ♪ [thinks.]
Romane really is the best.
I would have never found that fucking gun without her.
[faint chatter and laughter.]
Sir? Can I get off here? - [Stéphane groans.]
- Dad! Dad! Hey, hey, hey! Dad! Oh! Sweetheart.
Give me the keys.
I'll - Here.
I'll take you home.
- No.
I'll take you home.
I'll just open this door first - No - [Léa.]
Careful! - [grunts.]
Come on.
Be careful.
- [grunts.]
- All right.
Are you okay? I'm absolutely fine.
- We were meant to stay together.
- What did you say? You lied to me.
Come back.
Were you talking to Mom? [bicycle bell rings.]
[man shouts.]
Cool it, man.
I'll just put this here.
[Stéphane sighs.]
Are you gonna be okay? Hmm I'm pleased you're here.
[Stéphane grunts.]
My big little girl.
You know, I'm sorry about the activity center.
I saw how happy you were, thinking that I could take it over.
I couldn't have done anything to save it, you know.
Before saving anything else, I have to save myself first.
- Make my own way in life.
- [sighs.]
You're just like the others.
How so? You're abandoning me.
Mom's abandoning us.
She's the one who left.
I'm here.
Ismaël What about Ismaël? Did you see him leave the concert with Patricia? [sighs.]
He's the only one who really knew me.
What do you mean by that? [exhales.]
Wake up! Dad.
- [phone vibrating.]
- Oh fuck.
Stop harassing her.
She's not coming back.
She's with me now.
[hangs up.]
[Léa's voice.]
So really, the couple you knew is just a wreck sinking beneath an ocean of lies.
- I know I keep going on about it - [sighs.]
I just want you to know how shitty things are at the moment.
[vehicle approaching.]
[pop music playing on speakers.]
Yes! You're the best.
What are you waiting for? Kiss her, damn it.
Yes! [laughs.]
They're too cute.
- I saw everything! You did great! - And I have the VCR.
- My girl is amazing.
- Well done.
[man on video.]
To connect your VCR to your television, - you'll just need a composite cable.
- I don't get it.
You've done all this.
- Plugging into the back of the VCR - We'll have to call Dora again.
The yellow wire in the yellow hole.
The white wire in the white hole.
On the side of your television, the red wire in the red hole.
The white wire [both laugh.]
- [whirring.]
- Yes, that's it! [Ismaël.]
Cameraman! [laughing.]
Are you for real? [Ismaël and Karine laughing.]
Don't worry, you'll get yours.
We should do something weird.
- They were talking shop.
- Hey, we're talking! - [Léa.]
They're sweet, right? - Am I not invited? Yeah, you are.
What do you think? [Karine.]
- [Ismaël.]
I think it's a terrible idea.
- Yeah.
- [Stéphane.]
Course you do! [laughs.]
- [sighs.]
[playing rock music.]
Wait, that's me! There, that's me! [both chuckle.]
Do you think I'll fall for that because of the crazy fuckin' feedback? If only you knew.
- [Luc.]
You okay? - Wait.
You'll see.
What's up? Hold on, hold on.
Now I've got it.
- Whoa! - Hold on - [skateboard clattering.]
- [crowd cheering.]
Yo, shout-out to Romane! Wait.
Press pause.
- [click.]
- [tape stops.]
But that's not possible.
I - That guy - That's me.
That's impossible, I mean - That guy there is you? - That's right.
It's Pye, and I'm in Pye.
And earlier on, with that fucking feedback, I was in Ismaël.
- But that's not possible.
- No, it's not.
- But it is! - Fuck, so it's true.
But isn't this all really dangerous? I don't think so.
I mean, you can even see I'm doing better than I was.
This is very sad, actually.
Because it means that you really like Ismaël, but he doesn't even know you exist.
But that's why I wanna save him.
If, for example, you knew Dora existed somewhere and that she was happy, would that be enough? You've gotten even more romantic than me.
You idiot.
Fuck, this is it.
It's World Music Day.
This is when Ismaël disappeared.
Can I fast-forward a bit? Sure.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Go back.
- Okay.
- [static crackling.]
[crickets chirping.]
[heavy breathing.]
[bird shrieks.]
[birds shrieking.]
Is this your dad filming? [boy.]
- [scuffling.]
- [grunting.]
- [girl screams.]
- [both gasp.]
[maniacal laughter on video.]
[stops tape.]
- [Romane.]
Hi, Stéphane.
- Hi.
- Do you think he saw anything? - No.
- [door closes.]
- I don't think so.
He's still wasted from earlier.
[Léa's voice.]
What the fuck happened? Whatever it was, it definitely happened during World Music Day.
I don't care where I wake up tomorrow.
I'm gonna get my hands on Patricia's gun.
[crickets chirping.]
["Bongo Bong" by Manu Chao playing.]
[birds twittering.]
Mama was queen of the mambo Papa was king of the Congo ♪ Deep down in a jungle I started banging my first bongo ♪ Every monkey like to be In my place ♪ [Léa.]
It's just missing Grandma's rowing machine.
And then, it'd be as if I hadn't traveled through time.
King of the bongo ♪ King of the bongo bong ♪ [Léa.]
There's absolutely nothing weird about Stéphane turning up at the White Rabbit to pick up some flyers.
I'll definitely be able to find an excuse to head up to the bedroom.
And that's how I can get the gun.
If that sex mad hippie doesn't jump on me, that is.
From the jungle to the city Looking for a bigger crown ♪ - I played my bongo ♪ - No! - For the people of the town ♪ - No, no! - [groans.]
- [Léa.]
Think of something gross! - Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein - [Léa.]
Uh Donald Trump! - having diarrhea - Trump having sex with Kim Jong-Un.
- Why the fuck isn't this working? - Mom in bed with Pye! Morning, Steph.
Your dad is Oh, sorry.
Sorry to bother you.
Your dad's waiting for you to give him a hand at the center.
I'm coming.
- I mean I I'll be right there, all right? - Okay.
- [sighs.]
- When I'm playing on my bongo ♪ They said that I'm a clown Makin' too much dirty sound ♪ - They say there is no plan ♪ - [Léa.]
A radical solution.
JUNE 20 1991 [disco music playing.]
Give back ♪ [sighs.]
You can't hide from yourself anymore ♪ Time you faced the truth ♪ Of what you made it for ♪ Okay, then.
Can I go? There's still one to go.
- [sighs.]
- What's up with you? - You usually love doing this.
- I do love it.
I do.
But I I just don't want to be late for school that's all.
Leave it.
I'll do it.
Enjoy your last days of school.
Afterwards, with all the plans you have in mind What plans, again? Well, the treetop course for the kids.
And the mini golf.
Isn't that your plan anymore? What's up with you today? Nothing.
I mean I hope that, uh that I'll manage to do it all.
Maybe, um, I'll realize it doesn't make me happy.
You know? Selling my business would really upset me.
But seeing my son unhappy, that that would break my heart.
He's never on the level with me ♪ Wouldn't the mini golf be great over there? [chuckles.]
Stoof? - Shall we go? Hello.
- [Grandpa.]
Have you forgotten? No, we'll play as a duo.
 Stéphane and I.
- Ismaël! It won't be the Quantiks if - We'll change our name! - [Karine.]
We won't Fine.
- [Ismaël.]
I don't give a fuck.
- You're right.
- Can you change the arrangements? [Karine.]
What arrangements? We're not changing anything.
This is our last concert.
We're gonna do it well.
Want us to organize a firework display for your departure? - Whatever.
Come on.
Fuck that.
- Stop acting like you give a damn.
- You'll forget us in London.
- We don't even know if I'll get to go! You know what? Stéphane, you choose.
You decide.
Do we play as a threesome or a duo? [Karine.]
I won't blame you if you choose him.
- [Karin scoffs.]
- [Ismaël.]
Me neither.
- Come on! - I don't know.
I don't know.
We'd said that the three of us would play.
Let's not change our plans.
Right, well, Karine was supposed to come to Paris with me.
Won't you have to be there for the sound check? The sound check? Not the gig? Hey, Ismaël, can't you see that you're torturing him? Fine.
You know what? You're the winner and I'm out.
I'm not gonna do it.
Are you happy now? Fuckin' unbelievable! [Léa.]
I don't need to tell you that it isn't just the gig I have to save.
It's my parents' relationship too.
For now, they still love each other.
Wait! [sighs.]
We should play together.
- [Karine.]
Thank you.
- [scoffs.]
Seriously? - [guitar thuds.]
- [sighs.]
[kicks metal.]
[birds twittering.]
[children playing.]
- Thank you.
- No worries.
Ismaël's my friend, but you are my girlfriend, so don't mention it.
And I love you.
You've never said that to me.
There it is.
You're right, sure.
I've never said that.
And yet, uh, I do love you.
And, um, I really don't want us to to break up, you know? And, I mean, if you leave, I - We have to make our relationship work.
- I agree.
We really have to fight for it, even if we're apart and all, you know? Right.
Well, you know, being apart might actually do us good.
- Well, aren't you romantic? - [laughs.]
[both chuckle.]
Come on, want a lift? What? Oh, uh, no, I've got to help my dad, so I'm gonna skip class.
I'll see you tonight, then.
Uh, tonight? Yeah, tonight, I'm gonna sneak out.
Right, we have to talk about next year.
Not just that.
It'll be tough, though, won't it? To find somewhere, and It's not like we're spoiled for choices, Stoof.
- The usual place.
- Yeah.
[starts engine.]
See you.
["Suicide Blonde" by INXS playing.]
Don't you know what you're doin'? ♪ You've got a death wish ♪ Suicide blonde ♪ Suicide blonde ♪ Suicide blonde ♪ [music stops.]
- [shop bell rings.]
- Patricia? Patricia? Looks like I'm not the only one looking for that bitch, huh? Fuck.
Your eye.
Is that from today? Thanks to your buddy, that nutcase ratted me out.
- Where is he? - Don't know.
We fell out.
Don't mess with me.
Don't mess with me.
Don't mess with me! - [panting.]
Did your dad do that? - What are you saying about my dad? Do you have a death wish, or what? You're dead.
You and your friend.
[Stéphane grunts.]
This can't be happening.
[Léa sighs.]
So, what? She's gone and taken the gun with her? Is that it? Or was it Pye? Did he steal it? It doesn't make any fucking difference.
Either way, you're done for, Ismaël.
How to navigate a run-of-the-mill male friendship in 1991? What are you doing here, dude? Aren't you pissed at me? [chuckles.]
Well, I couldn't turn my back on my last friend.
So, are you looking for a place to crash, or what? Uh - Can I borrow some of your camping gear? - Yeah, sure, dude.
What's up with this "dude" thing? Uh, well, I mean, apparently it's the latest thing in Paris, so You have to fit in, right? - Well, I'm not there yet.
- [chuckles.]
So you wanna camp out on your own? - It's not very safe, is it? - What could happen to me? - Can I come with you? - Sure.
And, you know, since you've got together with Karine, we haven't spent much time.
- Just us dudes.
- [both chuckle.]
Oh fuck.
What? She won't let you? Uh, yeah, it's just that we were supposed to meet up.
- But I didn't get where.
- Go ahead.
I shouldn't have asked you to choose between us.
That was shitty.
No worries.
Anyway, we said that even if she leaves, we'll stay together long distance, so I reckon we'll still be together in 30 years.
- Thirty years? Really? - Mm.
I'll go let her know.
- You can help yourself to the shed.
- Okay.
I miss cell phones.
[dial tone.]
- 92 - [keys beeping.]
[call ringing.]
[Karine's mother.]
Hello? - Hello? - Yes Uh hello, ma'am.
Call me Nicole.
Nicole, I'm sorry.
I wanted to know if I could possibly speak to Karine, please.
She's out running errands.
Can I take a message? - Yes, it's about tonight, actually.
- Tonight? What do you mean? - Oh, no - Tonight, she's revising for exams.
And without you, kiddo.
- Did you make plans to see each other? - No.
I know that Karine needs to revise.
So I just wanted to bring over her math notes.
- I wasn't born yesterday.
- [sighs.]
We had a deal.
I'll let her do this concert tomorrow, but other than that, no nights out.
You're the reasonable one.
You can't do this to me, Stéphane.
- Hello? - Yeah.
Well, I'm sorry.
Uh Just tell her I can't make it.
Thanks, bye.
[Stéphane sighs.]
Hey, are you sure you know where you're going? [Stéphane.]
Don't worry.
It's my dad's favorite spot.
We go there all the time.
Oh fuck.
You okay, bro? You having a stroke? You usually get this up in five minutes.
- No, I just don't know this design.
- How so? I mean, I do I don't It's just that It'd be so much easier if you could just throw in the air like that - [clattering.]
- then it just puts itself up, you know? Yeah, but isn't the point of camping to work up a bit of a sweat? Sure is.
It is.
You're right.
- Here.
- Sure.
- So, where'd you sleep yesterday? - At Patricia's.
But, like, with her? Well, yeah.
Are you surprised? No.
But, uh I mean, do you love her? Yeah, but it makes no difference.
I mean You know, Patricia is she's a free woman.
Right? There's not just me.
But yesterday was different.
I mean, you know, she's always intense when it comes to sex, but, I don't know, it was just different.
It was a bit like we were in love.
You know? [Léa.]
Does that mean you wanted me as much as I wanted you? - Hmm.
- I fucking knew it! But I wrecked everything anyway.
We argued, and then, she let me go back there for the night, but I couldn't ask for more.
That's it.
It's staying up.
Can you grab the canvas? Sure.
- That's the wrong way round.
- Oh, right.
Well, I You do the canvas while I keep holding the poles? Okay.
[crickets chirping.]
Is it me or is it really fuckin' hot? No, it's I mean, I'm good.
Oh yeah? You're good? You sure? [grunts.]
[owl hooting.]
- When do you leave for Paris? - Well, as soon as possible.
Patricia's supposed to hook me up with some friends of hers who I can crash with, so Do you trust her? Hey, why do you say that? Well, I don't know.
You're together, but she has loads of guys.
You argue, and then you're straight in her bed.
I mean, it's kind of toxic.
Okay, what is this? Are you are you some relationship expert now? Seriously, it's been what, six months since you got with Karine? - Yeah, I think so.
- You think? You don't even know for sure.
Why are you jumping down my throat? Hold on, how many times have you broken up? Because I have lost count, actually.
Listen, it doesn't matter.
Karine and I love each other.
She loves you.
But I love her too.
And that's why you're here with me instead of being with your girlfriend? That's not it.
I just didn't wanna leave you on your own.
It's too dangerous.
Fuck, man.
Seriously, just say it.
I mean, I know.
I know you.
And I I see the way you look at me.
I don't look at you.
Why did you do that? Well, I mean, you like boys.
It's obvious.
- [sighs.]
- [owl hooting.]
I have to get out of here.
Are you okay? Oh fuck.
- Stéphane.
- [grunts.]
- Stéphane, are you okay? - I'm not Stéphane.
I'm his daughter and I'm from the future.
That's why I'm not okay.
- It's not funny! - Hold on a minute.
Bro, you don't need to make up that kind of bullshit, right? I don't care that you're a faggot.
You're my friend.
For starters, don't say "faggot"! And I'm not gay! I just I'm here to save you because you're gonna die! You know too much about Patricia.
Pye wants you dead.
I don't know who's gonna actually do it, but I do know tomorrow you'll be shot in the head! You've gone completely crazy, man.
Are you threatening me because I kissed you and you're freaking out? - Is that it? - No.
No! Okay, listen.
Yesterday, I was in Patricia's body.
That's why you felt something was different.
Because it was me! It is! Because I, Léa, am the one who wants you! Not Stéphane! Okay.
I really shouldn't have kissed you.
I didn't think you Ismaël, that kiss, that kiss was I mean, it was just like yesterday.
It was intense.
You felt it, didn't you? No, I'm sorry, but I felt nothing.
It was just to prove I was right, you know? [gasps.]
["Blinding Sun" by Mudhoney playing.]
We fell asleep on the riverbank ♪ One sunny afternoon ♪ We fell asleep on the riverbank ♪ One sunny afternoon ♪ [car horn beeps.]
Woke with a rope round my neck ♪ Swear I did no wrong ♪ [Karine.]
Where were you? - I've been waiting for you for two hours.
- [sniffs.]
I don't get it.
 Why are you here? This is where we planned to meet.
What about that message you left? You tried to dump me over the phone? Hold on, hold on Hold on.
I'm sorry.
I can't deal with this right now.
You can't deal with this right now? Well, you know what? I can.
Please don't leave me on my own.
- What's wrong? - [sobs.]
What's wrong? Don't cry, please.
Hey, don't cry.
It's okay.
Don't cry.
Come on, don't cry.
I'm here, I'm here.
I'm here.
[Stéphane sighing.]
I'm here.
I'm here.
What if you were right? You're the only one who really knew him.
[Stéphane's voice.]
"Dear Ismaël, you don't know it, but meeting you changed my life.
" "For a long time, I thought my twisted mind was playing tricks on me, that it was impossible for my dreams to really mean what they meant.
" "I spent the entire junior year refusing to understand.
" "But now, I can't pretend anymore.
I have to say it.
" "Ismaël, what I feel for you" "a long time" "one more day spent pretending nothing was wrong" "As if every last bit of you didn't make me want to yell 'I love you.
'" "I have to say it.
" "I love you.
I love you.
" "Your morals, your body" "It really drives me crazy, not knowing whether" "Fuck, I love you.
" "deep down, you already know what I feel for you" "How can I think I'll be able to tell you for real one day?" "I love you.
" "If only you knew how just thinking about it burns me up inside.
" "I really am a hypocrite.
" - "But what can I do?" - [laughing.]
"I love you.
" "And you'll never know.
" "Stéphane.
" [sighs.]
I know that pain.
I feel it.
But he couldn't tell you how he felt.
As for me, no matter how loud I yell, you'll never hear me.
My heart, my gut desires The impossible ♪ It shrivels up in shame ♪ The heaviest screams I know ♪ Are the ones that stay inside ♪ 'Cause I'm not allowed to want you ♪ Body trapped in amber like an insect ♪ JUNE 20 2021 I hadn't finished ♪ Finished waiting ♪ Till my, till my bones lie there naked ♪ [song ends.]
- [Ismaël.]
Big love.
- [Karine.]
Now do it - [Ismaël.]
What? - [Stéphane.]
What you did with the smoke.
- [Karine.]
Don't be jealous! - [Stéphane.]
Listen, listen.
[playing electric guitar.]
Why are you looking at me like that? [Léa's voice.]
You didn't listen to me.
You're still dead.
[birds twittering.]
Today, I'm supposed to say goodbye to you.
I hope it'll just be a "See you soon.
" Come on, Dad.
[Stéphane sighs.]
It's time to go.
Go take a shower.
I'll wait for you.
I'm not going.
So you're gonna miss his funeral? He wouldn't have wanted me to come.
That's not true, and you know it.
You were his best friend.
You have to - [grunts.]
- [cup clatters.]
[hushed chatter.]
You coming? We saved you a spot.
Do you still think your mom is mixed up in this? No.
I mean, with the laugh on the tape, and the gun, it was Patricia for sure Knowing that all this is real, I can't stop thinking about it.
[tapping on mic.]
Thank you for coming to say goodbye to Ismaël.
- I have to tell you something.
- [speaking Arabic.]
[group responds in Arabic.]
He was a good son and the best brother.
When I was little, I always had my head stuck in my sci-fi comics.
When the kids at school used to tease me, he'd say, "Don't listen to them.
" [gasps.]
"They're stuck in their little lives.
" You live in the stars.
" He never bowed down to those in positions of power.
Ismaël looked them in the eye.
And today, I do the same.
[door opens.]
- Wait, Dad! - [whispering.]
Uh, Stéphane is Stéphane was his best friend.
He would've liked you to say a few words about him.
All right.
[breathing shakily.]
I I I miss him.
So much.
For so long I loved him.
He knew I did.
He wanted to help me, but I wasn't ready.
I [sniffles.]
I've lied to myself my whole life.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- [Karine sighs.]
- [sobbing.]
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
[Stéphane weeping.]
[Karine sighs.]
- It's okay.
- [sniffles.]
Would you like to say something, Karine? Uh Uh I haven't touched my guitar since.
I was waiting for him to come back so we could play together.
I don't know.
I told myself that that he was writing in bars all night.
And that he slept all day, as if he were still 17.
Come here.
Um This is what he wrote.
"Body trapped in amber.
Like an insect.
" - "I haven't finished.
" - [sobs.]
"Finished waiting.
" "I'll keep saying your name until ash rains down from the sky.
" "I shall carry this within me till my bones are there naked.
" "Until my bones are there naked.
" Thank you very much.
Would anyone else like to say anything about Ismaël? That's Sandra.
It's her.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Over there.
It's Patricia.
- We have to follow her.
- No, I don't know - I can't just let her leave.
- Léa, we have to talk! Come back! - Léa! - [Léa.]
Wait, wait.
Patricia Roche just left in that direction.
- And? - And it's her! I saw her throw a gun in the river.
She killed her ex-husband.
You can't let her go.
What exactly is your problem? Is this not dramatic enough for you? Did you speak to Sandra? - Did she tell you anything? - It's none of your business.
Why is she sorry? Are you taking her to the station? I'm taking you if you don't quit it.
Okay? [tense music playing.]
[Imam chanting in Arabic.]
[Imam praying in Arabic.]
[Hocine grunts.]
Are you okay? Come on.
[Léa's voice.]
Who would have caught my father if it had been me? Who would've told my mother I loved her? [earth falls on coffin.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[wind whistling.]
I can't say goodbye.
- I'm gonna save you, Ismaël.
- [Romane.]
No, Léa, you can't do that.
What should I do, then? Abandon him? I don't know, but you have to leave the past alone now.
It's not just Ismaël that I need to save.
This is for my mom, for my dad, for Soufiane You'll sacrifice yourself, too? - [sighs.]
- You just don't get it.
If Ismaël survives, your mom will move to London, you dad will come out a lot sooner, and yeah, they'll be happy, for sure.
But you won't exist.
[somber music playing.]
She's right.
I have to choose between you and me.
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