The 7 Lives of Lea (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Day 7

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Blood felt ♪ Jewel of life ♪ Take my soul ♪ - You or me.
- Take my sacrifice ♪ Blood felt ♪ I'm gonna have to choose between you and me.
Jewel of life ♪ There's no way we'll fall asleep with all this.
If I don't sleep, I don't time travel.
Up yours, '91.
So has your mom come back for good? I don't know.
Well, I hope we never end up like them.
Blood felt ♪ - Are you pleased they're back together? - Jewel of life ♪ I'd rather they were happy.
Blood felt ♪ So this is it, huh? It's true love for you and Dora? Right? She introduced me to her parents.
It's going so fast.
- Well, if you're feeling overwhelmed - Hmm? - don't forget that I banged her mom.
- Oh, stop it! - You're disgusting! Get outta here! - Okay, let's go! - What are you doing? - I won't go to sleep.
- We will not sleep! - I won't go to sleep.
I won't go to sleep! We're full of energy! We won't sleep! I won't sleep! I won't sleep! I won't sleep! I won't last much longer.
In case you fall asleep, I wanted to tell you I won't fall asleep.
I won't go back there.
What if you time travel anyway? Well, whatever body I end up in, I'll stay away from Ismaël.
It bums me out, but I have to leave him to his destiny.
This is it.
I have plans, and I wanna live my life.
It kills me to say it.
If it's him or me, it'll be me.
Good night, Romane.
See you tomorrow.
Goodbye, Léa.
I can't fall asleep.
I can't fall asleep.
I can't fall asleep.
No! No.
No! No! No! No You or me.
What do I do when you are me? I can't say goodbye to you, Ismaël.
And yet, I have no choice.
Today is your last day.
And I just wasted half of it by sleeping in super fucking late.
I'm sorry, Ismaël.
I really didn't want to be here today.
The last time my dad saw you was at the sound check ROCK SHOWCASE 91 SOUND CHECKS So you have to go.
I mean, I have to go.
Getting shot in the head.
Will I have the ovaries to take it? JUNE 21 1991 pleine de vices ♪ Antisocial, tu perds ton sang-froid ♪ Repenses à toutes Ces années de service ♪ - What the fuck is he doin' here? - Antisocial ♪ - Bientôt des années de service ♪ - Isma? That's it.
Now, when I look at that photo, instead of seeing your beautiful eyes, I'll see mine.
The eyes of someone condemned to death.
Hey, beat it! Get out of here! Bitch! Let's go.
- What's up? - Hey.
I have to try and figure this thing out again? Here.
Mm! Mm, mm! You're gonna be great tonight.
- Are you leaving? - Yes.
Come with me.
- What? - What? - When? - Well, tonight.
After the concert.
Uh What do I do? Let's go on an adventure.
It'll just be the two of us.
On our own.
Had we planned this? Hmm? - Forget it.
- Shit.
Wrong answer.
Yeah, okay.
I'll come with you.
Truth is, I'm bored here.
And my friends are dropping me next year.
I've got nothing to lose.
So, sure, I'll come with you.
We'll be together all the time.
I can make sure you don't get into any trouble.
Where's the bass player? Okay, go on.
Go on! Is that really what you did? The shitty-ass punks she dragged in.
- Hey! - Right.
I I was just tuning.
Ah, fuck! - Whoo! - Yeah! Right.
Well, that's great.
Thanks, man.
See you later.
Whoo-hoo! This is it! It's our time to shine, guys! - Are you ready? - I have no choice.
Well, you do have a choice.
Anyway, if we're gonna do this gig, let's smash it.
Cheers! - Now the drums.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm gonna tell you the truth.
I don't want you to find out from anyone else, so, uh - Kick drum.
- I got into London.
And the song I used for the audition is It's "Our Secret.
" You're telling the truth for once.
I know, I should have asked you.
- High hat.
- But you would have said no.
You would have.
You know you would have.
And I did write the music.
Right? You see, you can tell the truth.
Rack tom? Anyway, I'm pleased you're taking it so well.
You know, before we get too high.
- And now the whole drum kit.
- Too high? Ah! Yeah.
Patricia's acid? - Yeah.
- Right.
I was gonna take them, but actually, I'd rather stay sober.
I don't wanna miss out on anything tonight.
Too late.
Are you serious? You drugged me? But it's Quit playing around, Ismaël.
We always said we'd do it together.
I don't get it.
But but when did you decide this? I'm sorry, Isma, I that can dope the group ♪ But I don't see no other way ♪ If I carry on ♪ Soon I go on the radio I get constant flow - Hit it ♪ - Whoo! Right.
Okay, you were on drugs, but but I wanted to stay sober! And I've never even taken any fucking acid! Sing, don't cease ♪ Let it go on the radio ♪ Let it come and go ♪ - Get it, I'm going to play ♪ - Fuck! Tell everyone I'm runnin' away ♪ See that it's easy to see Nanny go! ♪ Okay, so what what happens now? You're so pissed with my mom that you're gonna get the gun and end it all? No, that doesn't make sense.
I saw Patricia throw that gun in the river.
So it was her, it has to be.
Or was it Pye? - Did Pye get Patricia's gun to - Isma? Uh I think I need to know what happened yesterday? Because I mean, I remember I mean, it's all blurry.
But nothing happened yesterday.
I mean, nothing special.
No, you don't get it.
It's like, all morning, I've been feeling, you know Like I have these pictures in my head, I don't know, uh I think I might be going crazy.
I kissed you yesterday.
And I told you you were gay.
I still think you are.
Oh yeah? You told her, right? - What? - What were you two talking about earlier? No.
- No, Stéphane.
I'd never do that.
- Sure, take me for a fucking fool.
- Ah! Stop, you're hurting me.
- You told her, didn't you? I didn't, I swear.
I swear.
If you tell her I'll kill you.
Pye Patricia and now him? I have to make up my mind quick, before I'm completely wasted.
- You'll see.
There's some real gems here.
- Oh yeah? - You'll love it.
- Can't wait.
- I'm sure you can't - Let's get outta here.
Who cares about the showcase and all that? Let's leave now, okay? Um Excuse me, Marc, but, uh the more talented they are, the more unruly they are.
I'll be right back.
Have you lost your mind? Yeah! Whoo! What the hell are you doing? Huh? I swear, we have to take off, the two of us.
- You said you loved me.
Let's do it.
- You thought you could get away with it? - Hey! Hey! - You old whore! I know you rang my dad! Just to make your shitty little gigolo happy! But I don't care.
I'll tell the police about this.
See what they think about corruption of minors.
Now! What do you want? You want to fight? Is that what you want? - You want to fight, motherfucker? - Hey! Stop, stop, stop! You won't ruin this evening with your your bullshit! You should have thought of that before! - What are you doing? - You like weed, huh? I've got something much better for you.
I bet you'll like it.
I don't care! - I want you to call my dad! - Okay, I'll talk to him! But I've had enough Oh shit.
The drugs.
Ismaël, are you okay? - Has he taken somethin'? - Let's go somewhere else.
We'll talk.
We'll be more comfortable.
Okay, so which one of them has the gun now? Hey, Isma! - This can't be happening.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? - Nothing.
Nothing, she just offered me something.
- You know? - Mm! More? 'Cause I'm really feelin' it right now! You shouldn't be here.
Get lost.
What are you doing, Isma? Ah! I'm here! Come on! Come on! Come on! I'm here! Come on! Whoo! Oh, sorry! Get outta my way, idiot.
NO TRESPASSING Are you okay with this? Patricia.
What about us? Fine, have half.
- Half each.
- Hobo.
Relax, guys.
You gotta let it happen.
All the lives of my week.
Who's gonna do it? Come on! Whoa! Yeah! - This isn't my flesh.
- You guys.
- This isn't my flesh.
- I can't hear anything.
Is that normal? I have flesh everywhere.
Is that normal? It's choking me.
You're gonna die now, Ismaël.
That owl didn't sound like that at all! I'm Fuck, I'm alive! Me too! I feel so alive.
What am I still doing here? Shit.
Looking for this? Stop it.
It's loaded.
Oh yeah? It's not funny at all.
Stop it.
Come on, babe.
- Right, calm down, Pierre-Yves - You can shut your mouth, hippie.
Don't speak to her like that.
Here he is.
The hero.
Are you still a rock star now, or just a piece of shit? You're the piece of shit.
Stop it.
Stop it, Pye.
Pye, stop it! Pye, stop.
Fuck, stop it! Pye! Pye, stop! Are you insane? What was that? - I was just playing around.
- What do you mean? Look at yourself! What's wrong with you? What are you doing? Give me that.
- You're acting like my dad.
- Go on.
Shoot me, baby.
- What? - Go on! Give that back! - What are you doing? - It's mine! It's mine! - Stop it! Ah! - Way to go, girls! - Let go! - Stop it! Let go! - Let go! - No! - Stop it! - Let go! There! Go on! Grab the gun! Where is it? Where is it? Yes! Shoot! Shoot! What is it? Stop that! Go on, shoot! Take him out! Take him out.
No! - Stop it.
- Not him.
Stop it.
You know very well I won't shoot you.
You know damn well, because you know I love you.
Hmm? I love you.
I've loved you for so long.
I can't take it.
I can't take it anymore.
Fuck! I'm just a piece of shit! You don't know what it's like.
To be ashamed of yourself.
To hate yourself.
You don't know what it's like.
But I do.
I'm really sorry.
- But I can't take it anymore! - Stop, Dad! Go on, shoot! Do it! - Stop! - No! Isma! I jumped.
And I'm not hurt.
I jumped, and I saved you.
I'm glad.
I'm glad I did.
I couldn't let my dad live with that.
- Ismaël? - Ismaël! Ismaël! - Ismaël! - Hey! - Isma! - Ah! Isma! Isma! Ha-ha-ha! Look at that.
Look who we have here! Always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Little raghead! Hey! Come see what I found! Come here! Hey! Doesn't he look handsome? Hey! Are you still thirsty? Hey, are you still thirsty? Come on! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That's it! Hey, he's thirsty.
Come over here, you! - He's thirsty! - He's thirsty! Thirsty! He's thirsty! Yeah! Hold him tight.
It's your fault! You said to do it for longer! - You killed him.
- Come on.
- No, no, guys, It's your fault - Fuck.
Come on, man! Fuck! Oh fuck! He's alive! He's alive! He's fuckin' alive! - Hang in there, man.
- Fuck, what do we do now? Now he'll rat us out.
We can't let him leave.
Get it? - Come here.
- What the hell are you doing? End him, man.
- We have no choice, bro.
- He'll rat us out, the motherfucker.
We don't have to take it that far.
Don't be such a pussy, okay? Don't be such a little bitch, all right? - Finish him.
What are you waiting for? - Are you a fucking little sissy? You little fucking sissy.
Hey! What are you doing? He's running for it! Catch him! - Fucking bastard's escaping! - Hey, get him! Where are you? I understand it all now.
My dad blames himself for your death, but he didn't kill you.
It wasn't his bullet.
This is where you saved me.
Now it's my turn.
Don't move! Jonathan.
How do you know my name? You don't know me, but I know you, Jonathan.
- You're worth more than this.
- Don't you move! Don't move.
You think you have no choice.
But there's always a choice.
- You don't have to be like them.
- What? If you do what they expect of you, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
- I know you will.
Trust me.
- Be quiet.
If you let me leave right now, you'll have a future.
You're a good guy, Jonathan.
I saved you, Ismaël.
For good this time.
Thank you! Good night! Oh, thank you so much! Thank you so much! - I fired the gun.
- You didn't mean to.
I'm gonna turn myself in.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
Where do you think you're going? Calm down.
Are you crazy? Listen, I have nothing to do with all this, okay? - What are you gonna tell them? - Turn myself in.
- I killed him, asshole! - I touched the gun.
- So you're not going anywhere! - But it wasn't him.
Pye's right.
He's right.
Sit down.
So what do I do about the people who are guilty? - Stop it.
- Do I report them? If you see the cops, they'll know you weren't alone.
He wasn't down there, okay? Maybe he jumped in time.
We'll keep looking, and then if we still can't find him, we'll go to the cops.
That's not possible.
I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
It's my gun.
I don't have a license.
I can't.
Karine, do you agree with them? Oh fuck! That's what linked them all.
All those lives.
They all felt the same guilt.
Without even knowing that they weren't really guilty.
My heart, my gut Desires the impossible ♪ It shrivels up in shame ♪ The heaviest screams I know ♪ Are the ones that stay inside ♪ 'Cause I'm not allowed to want you ♪ Body trapped in amber ♪ Like an insect ♪ I haven't finished, finished waiting ♪ Body trapped in amber ♪ Like an insect ♪ I haven't finished, finished hoping ♪ My heart, my gut Desires the unfathomable ♪ It's splitting out in pain ♪ My heart, my gut is yearning ♪ The unspeakable ♪ I shudder ♪ The heaviest screams I know ♪ Are the ones I keep on top ♪ 'Cause I'm not allowed to need you ♪ The most inane lie I've known ♪ Is the one that I am living ♪ I try to fight the ache ♪ I'll be spelling out your name ♪ Till it's raining dying embers ♪ I'll be hiding it deep inside ♪ Till my bones are lying naked ♪ Till my ♪ Till my bones lie there naked ♪ Till my ♪ Till my bones lie there naked ♪ Amazing! I haven't seen a sunrise in so long.
- You still have to hold on till then.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
- Okay, then, you know what? - The first one to fall asleep loses.
- Sure, sure.
- 'Cause I am not tired at all.
- Yeah, whatever.
- You're so tired, you've already lost.
- Yeah, right.
- You're yawning.
You're yawning.
- I know.
I know.
Guys, I wanna tell you something.
I think I may not have the opportunity to tell you later.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for for causing all this trouble.
I dug around in your secrets because I couldn't stand seeing you so unhappy.
And with what happened Well, what what almost happened this evening I understand that I was sad and and I was desperate, sometimes.
Because I was carrying your pain inside me.
Well, I have something to say too.
Karine you really are my favorite person in the whole world.
But I don't wanna keep lying to myself and above all, keep feeling ashamed.
I just wanna be me.
I really want you to understand it's nothing to do with you.
It's just that I just don't think I like girls.
Well, I'm leaving, anyway.
Better to end things.
And we'll stay friends, right? You're also my favorite person on Earth.
It's done.
Farewell, Léa.
This time, there will be no tomorrow for me.
I was born on October 12th, 2004.
Yeah, I know, it's weird when I say it like that.
This is a crazy story, but everything I'm gonna tell you is absolutely true.
I'm Léa.
I'm 17.
I'll never graduate high school.
And I hate vodka.
It all began at this huge party.
A day where the sun burns your skin, and the bass vibrates in your heart.
But actually, I had never felt so alone.
I didn't understand anything about love.
But if I had to do it again, I'd do it all the same.
Because otherwise, we'd never have met.
You all right? For 30 years, my dad has lived with that horrendous burden.
He thought he'd murdered the one he loved.
Thirty years.
Stopping himself from living.
My mom didn't push you to suicide.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
She wanted to save my dad.
What do I not understand? How can you ask Karine to go with you as if I didn't exist? I always thought she was an uptight neat freak, but she's actually a heroine.
Forget about it.
And one hell of a guitarist.
You choose.
You decide.
If you choose him Come on.
So it's with a light heart that I sacrifice myself.
To avoid such a waste.
Too bad that I just found out how to enjoy life.
Just long enough to realize that I should never have been born.
In a way, I kind of took your place.
So maybe it's not such a big deal if I give that place back to you.
And what is a body, a life, anyway? I've just been reincarnated seven times, so who knows? After all, we're just stardust.
So maybe conquering the universe is just returning to it.
I'll never go to Lyon with Romane.
It's true that I really don't like ditching my friend, but My parents will be happy at last.
And above all, you will live.
And what a life! Whoo! I would've loved to see the adult you will become.
Ismaël, my love, you'll never know me, but I saved your life.
Because I love you.
"Hi, I'm Léa.
" "I'm 17.
" "I'll never graduate high school.
And I hate vodka.
" - Oh, hey.
You found your notebook.
- Yeah, very funny, guys.
Who's the joker? Who's Léa? Did you have a good night? And your gig? Did it go well? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, I think so.
- Well, I just came to get my things.
- Get some sleep.
We'll talk later.
And the boss? I'm sorry, son.
You can stay.
Ismaël, my love, you'll never know me, but I saved your life.
Because I love you.
Soufiane? Soufiane? What comes to mind, when I say "Léa"? What? I don't know.
Never mind.
Go back to sleep.
Wait Wasn't that what you said your name was when you made me believe you were a girl from the future? BASED ON THE NATAËL TRAPP NOVEL THE 7 LIVES OF LÉO BELAMI
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