The A-Team (1983) s01e05 Episode Script

A Small and Deadly War

Ten years ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn"t commit.
These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.
Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them maybe you can hire the A-Team.
[Siren Wails, Stops.]
[Siren Chirping.]
[Police Radio Chatter, Low, Indistinct.]
- You know how tough it is to prosecute a cop? - Cops? You're not cops.
You're killers.
You're murderers killing for money.
I think you'd better forget that appointment tomorrow morning with Chief Metcalf.
Hey, Maloney, you"re gonna pension off in three months.
Don't go out in a tailspin of speculation and accusations about your fellow officers.
If you thought all I had were accusations, we wouldn't be standing out here talking in the night air, now, would we? We're the police.
We protect and we serve.
Anything happened to us, and who knows what'd happen to all those nice, innocent people out there including your wife and your daughter.
That"s a real rough neighbourhood by the university downtown.
You wouldn"t want anything to happen to a cute little item like that, now, would you? Better just forget about that appointment with the chief tomorrow morning.
But if you don't, we'll find out about it because after all, we're all on the same team, aren't we? Goodnight, Maloney.
Let's go.
- Mick, give me a beer, will ya, please? - Ed.
My, my.
It looks like the problems of all time are weighin' you down.
Sounds like you haven't been takin' care of yourself.
Will you save the conversation for the customers who need the analysis and just give me a beer, huh, please? Sure.
Your wife called twice lookin" for ya.
- You gonna be needing some change for the phone? - No.
Oh, my.
Not you again.
Oh, come on, Mick.
- You can spare a brew for old Kid Shaleen.
- I thought I sent you home an hour ago.
Did I tell you about the time I knocked down Floyd Patterson? - Yes, you did, Kid.
- It was in the third and he threw his great right hand, and I saw it, but I ducked.
And I pumped him.
And up I came and down he went.
Did you see that fight? Of course, he knocked me out.
But Patterson was a great champion, and I knocked him down.
It must have been a great fight.
Hey, Mick, give him a beer, will ya? When I was young, I had all the moves.
Didn't we all, champ? Didn't we all? [Chuckles.]
- Come on.
- Hey, what are you doin'? I'm Hannibal Smith.
You wanna hire the A-Team? - The A-Team? Yeah.
- Come on.
Sorry to work things like this, Inspector, but I'm sure you understand.
You know, I all but gave up on you guys.
I went down to the Long Beach Pier the other night, like Mr Lee said.
I waited and I waited, and all I got was a cold.
I thought maybe you didn"t want this job.
- Hey, man, we don't work for no police.
- Then what is this? What are we doin' here? Let's say you intrigued us enough to want to find out if this is some kind of trap if you"re working in conjunction with the military police.
You think anyone would make up the kind of story that I told you if they were trying to trap someone? Who"d believe there"s a SWA Tteam out there who are murderers for hire? It is a crazy story.
That's why we're talkin' to ya.
They were roped in by the leader, Captain Stark.
He managed to get something big on each one of them.
Then he pulled "em together and had "em all transferred to his command.
Now, his SWAT officers, they have one of the hottest records on the force but I know of at least seven killings they're responsible for while off duty.
Look at this.
They warned me tonight they'd hurt my wife and daughter if I went to Chief Metcalf with this, but I don"t have any proof and the chief would never believe me.
- I don't think anyone would believe you.
- It's gotta be some kind of trap, Hannibal.
- This guy"s a cop.
- Now, I been standin" in alleys.
I met your guy at the Chinese laundry.
You pulled me in here, and for what? Here.
Take that.
I brought my money like the Chinese guy said.
And you're right.
I am a cop.
And I'm a good cop.
And if I weren"t up against the wall and knew you guys were wanted I would bust your butts in a flat second.
You know why? Because it's my job.
And so is nailin' those animals.
$ 14,602.
That"s right.
That"s all I got.
There"s a bankbook in there that"ll show you that that"s the truth so, uh, what you see there is every dime that Edward Maloney has.
Now, uh, if you want the job, you take it.
If you don't, then goodbye and good luck, and I'll see the chief in the morning.
Without proof, it's your word against four other officers'.
- And what about your family? - I'll do what I have to.
I'll take care of them.
I've been a cop too long to let this one go by.
There are 8,000 good guys on the force in this town and I'm not gonna let one crud like Stark muck it up for the rest of'em.
We"re not killers.
What do you expect us to do, Maloney? l"m not hiring you to murder them.
Look, if you could get them to confess, maybejust one of them You've gotta stop them.
You've got to.
We'll call you.
That Maloney's one tough dude, ain't he? I tell you, Hannibal these photos of his wife and daughter? Judging by the distance of photographer to victim, perfect target range.
- Any number of isolated areas with easy escape.
These guys are not slouches.
- [Car Door Opens, Closes.]
- Neither are we.
- [Engine Starts.]
Well, we're off the bricks again.
- Workin' for the police? - Now, B.
, just because we got a little problem with the law doesn't mean you gotta have a bad attitude.
- Not all cops are like Lynch and his M.
- That's true.
You know, when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a policeman.
- Did you know that? - No.
I remember, in the orphanage, I had a whole scrapbook of Dick Tracy and his Crimestopper texts.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
My favourite TV show was Dragnet.
Learned most of my cons from watching episodes about bunco artists.
All right, Hannibal, how do we shut these guys down? I mean, these guys are SWAT-trained in special weapons and tactics.
- That's our bag.
It's gonna be like going up against ourselves.
- Exciting, isn't it? - Are you still tinkering with miniaturized electronics? - Yeah.
Then I have a plan.
- You, uh, got the kit from B.
? - Yep.
I got it right here.
- I can't believe this thing is gonna work.
- Sure, it's gonna work.
- Everybody hates roaches.
Put 'em in your pocket.
- In my pocket? - Right.
- [Groans.]
Let's go.
- We don't have any cockroaches in our clothes.
- The custodian's puttin' me through hell throwing my schedule around told me I had to get down here this morning before it gets any more out of hand than it already is.
- Well, I haven't seen a one.
Oh, it must've been Louie who called you.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but he doesn't come in for an hour and I don't have authorization to let you do this.
Hey, think I wanna be up at this hour? But, Louie, he said I had to be in and out before your shift change.
What the heck.
We get paid for service calls anyway, you know, so, uh, we"re out of here.
If I could just get your John Hancock, huh, Sergeant? Wouldn't want Louie to think we didn't show up.
- Sorry.
No pen.
- [Gasps.]
- Where the hell did that come from? - Lookie there.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh! Oh! Why, you little devil.
Yeah, looks like a breeding red.
- Probably comes out of the baseboards.
- Look at them! - l"ve never seen"em before! - [Face.]
Bad they"re runnin"around in the open like this.
That means there's no more crawl space inside the walls.
They probably laid all their eggs in there, need a little more room, little buggers.
Yeah, that's when they usually wind up lookin' for anyplace else around where it's cool and dark.
- Yeah, like lockers.
- Oh, tell the guys to shake out their clothes before they put 'em on.
Oh, and check inside the caps.
These are germ carriers.
Say, you know, we got that other call we could make over on Gower.
- Oh, Hip Bagel.
Yeah, they're open by 9.
- Just a minute here.
Uh - Okay.
Uh, we called you - Yeah.
You're gonna charge us.
So, uh, why don't you just spray that thing or something? But I got roll call in 20 minutes, so I expect you out of here in 15.
- No prob.
Great new stuff.
Only the bugs'll smell it.
Huh? - All right.
How can Hannibal stand those things? - You got the kit out? - Yeah.
Replace the button on the collar with the one from the kit.
- Bringing me along to sew how wonderfully sexist.
- Well, we each do what we have to do.
If you think you can pick these three locks in 10 minutes, then, uh Collins! Hey, Collins! [Approaching Footsteps.]
- Someone's coming.
- I'm almost done.
Hey, Cap"n, wait up.
What"s your hurry? This one's not as good as the other one.
Don't worry about it.
- Aw, gee, guys.
- What? Are you nuts? - I'm sorry, man.
You know - What the hell are you doin' with that thing? - Well, l [Stuttering.]
- You're supposed to be killing bugs or something, aren't you? Yeah, roaches and the like, yeah.
Come on, kid.
This one's a wrap.
- See that game last night? - Oh, yeah.
- Lakers really did it to 'em, didn't they? - Yeah.
- [Stark Over Machine.]
In that first half, man, I thought they were gone.
- [Officer Chuckles.]
- He really pulls 'em out, doesn't he? - Yeah.
Did you see those moves? B.
's mini microphones are comin' in better than an F.
As long as we stay within a mile radius, the reception'll be great.
Stark and Meadows are into any and all sports, and Collins is into anything with a skirt.
Incredible case of the hots.
And Stark hangs out with some chick named Bonnie Webb.
- I'll get the address and phone number.
- I'll drop you at the paper on my way to dump the exterminator truck.
We need all the backup we can get.
Swing by the V.
hospital and pick up Murdock.
Murdock? Why do we need that crazy fool? We ain't flyin'.
Now, no one said anything about flying.
No one said anything about tuberculosis.
There was nothing on the chart.
- Surely we'd have noticed.
- It showed up on his biannual.
With something as infectious and contagious as this, we run the risk of a full-out epidemic.
Uh [Video Game: Weapons Firing.]
- Hi, Murdock.
- Oh, man.
I was practically through the meteor shower.
Time to go bye-bye.
The magic word is tuberculosis.
[Shallow Cough.]
[Heavier Cough.]
- [Throaty Cough.]
- Yeah.
- [Wheezing, Choking Cough.]
- Good Lord! Mr Murdock! I don't remember him being like this.
It must have been incubating all this time.
Good thing his tests showed us the infestation this early.
- [Coughs.]
- I gotta get him right down to County General into quarantine.
- County General? - I'd like a complete list of all patients whom Murdock has been in contact with.
- [Coughing Continues.]
- He spends most of his time by himself.
[Southern Accent.]
And with my doggy, Billy.
What about my dog, Nurse? - He's been in that same position for a month.
- This man has a dog? Uh, no, you see, there is no dog.
Oh, no! He's gone! It's too late, Doc! [Throaty Cough.]
Oh, look.
I don't know if I should release him.
- Mr Murdock is under care.
- Nurse, if you wanna take responsibility for contaminating this entire ward maybe the entire wing, perhaps the entire hospital, then by all means I'll leave the patient here with you, but unless you have proper quarantine facilities available - No, no, no.
It's just that - [Strangled Cough.]
- Ohh.
- Thank you.
Oh, and if this man has been eating in the cafeteria I want the dietitian's staff to be given full examinations and, if necessary, shots.
- Hopefully this thing can be contained.
- My dog, Billy, Doc.
Tell me he's gonna make it.
- Feel better, Mr Murdock.
- [Wheezing Cough.]
I really have to off this laundry guy? I mean, eight grand is only 2,000 apiece.
Listen to Rockefeller.
Two thousand is all we each make in a month.
How many more of these we gonna go for? I mean, I don't know about the rest of you guys but I got a nice little stash.
Got the cabin up by the lake.
I'm just lookin' to take it easy.
We just got into this to make a couple of extra bucks.
All right? - A little extra dough.
- I got it.
I just wanna have a good time.
- Why push it? - Because maybe the rest of us aren't as easy to please as you are, Collins.
We're gonna make this hit, and of course, as you know, until we all back out, we're all in.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
I was just, you know, well - Zip it! - Just get over to Whitsett Street and dust that laundry guy, Delgado.
- Eight grand to blow away your brother so you can take over the stinkin' laundry.
It's set, B.
The guys should be here in a couple of minutes.
I want this set up just like it was with the stewardess last month.
Take Meadows with you, but you get this Delgado.
Okay already.
Come on, Meadows.
- [Door Opening.]
- Hey, guys.
Long time, no see.
- Not long enough.
- Be nice.
I've been ill.
- Hey, what's happenin'? - We got one goin' down.
- They got a hit set up in half an hour.
Whitsett and Arroyo.
- Half an hour? - That doesn't even give us time to pitch our tents.
- Depends upon how fast B.
gets us there.
What are we gonna do? Even if we catch them in the act, we can"t make a citizen"s arrest.
Four guys wanted by the military aren't gonna have much credibility in court.
All I'm worried about now is cuttin' 'em off at the pass.
Besides, I'll think of something.
- Señor Delgado? - Sí.
¿ Qué pasa? - Do you speak English? - Sí.
What is it? What's going on? I'm Captain Roy McEvedy.
Lieutenant Harv Esterhaus and Sergeant Smith.
Move it, Sergeant.
We're with the armed robbery task force.
We're trying to crack a ring that's working this area.
- I have heard nothing about any ring.
- We've kept it under wraps, sir.
We didn't want the perpetrators to find out how far along we were in the investigation.
They got two good approaches, but the fastest escape route is heading east on Fullerton.
They'll probably work it from the rooftop, either over the movie theatre or the brownstone on the corner.
- What does that have to do with me? - One of our sources tells us they're gonna hit your shop this morning.
They are? Bueno.
Let them come.
Señor Delgado, you're a brave man.
We need more citizens like you.
Now, we need your help.
He's there now.
Don't know why he's so late today.
[Meadows Over Walkie-Talkie.]
Do it before the street gets crowded.
Hold it! You're a heck of an actor, Hannibal.
For a minute there, I thought that bulletproof vest didn't work.
- Who are you guys? - You're shut down.
Take that back to Stark.
You"re all measured for body bags.
Who were those guys? - [Stark.]
Who do you think they were? - [Officer.]
Cops maybe.
No, no.
No way.
They didn't act like cops.
They're pros, Captain, and they nailed us dead bang.
They had us outnumbered.
I told you we were pushin' it tryin' this last one.
- Sooner or later, somebody had to find out.
- It had to be Maloney.
- We should"ve dusted him.
- And what if he had our names on some papers stashed around? So, instead of going to the chief, he hires the seven samurai.
Yeah, but how did they find out about the Delgado hit? - There's no way they could've figured that one out.
There's no way.
- They had an ear on us.
A bug? You think they had us bugged? Had to.
I don't want any more talk in the room at headquarters until we"ve had a chance to sweep for those mikes, understand? But who in the hell were those guys? It makes me nervous to think we might've been bugged.
- [Stark Continues Speaking Over Recorder.]
- Now we"ve primed the pump let's see if we can get it to blow a cylinder.
- Man, I don't know why you had to go and send them that warnin', Hannibal.
- B.
, that is what is called style.
I call it dumb.
You don't go and kick the snake you tryin' to sneak up on.
- Part of my plan.
- Plan? I didn't hear anything about any plan.
- I must be fadin' in and out again.
- If you have a plan, Hannibal, perhaps you'd care to share it with us.
These guys gotta have an Achilles' heel.
We'll just keep pushing them and pushing them and pushing them until we find their weak link.
It's the same plan we nailed that Cong general with outside Khe San.
- Ah, you mean where I took it in the leg? - Where I got shot down? - That was a terrible plan.
- Now we got all the kinks worked out of it.
Excuse me.
Captain Stark, there's a phone call for you.
I left word with the watch commander where we'd be.
Get ready.
We might be rolling.
- Thanks, Nancy.
- Mm-hmm.
- How you doin', cutie? How's everything? - Fine.
Anything else you would like here? Everything I'd like, you got.
Ooh, she's mine, all mine.
I can tell.
- Stark.
- Hey, Cap'n, your Stevie boy is right.
We are pros, and you guys are scuzzballs.
- I don't know who or what you are, buddy, but you're talkin' to a cop.
- Really? None of the cops I know sit around over their coffee discussing a murder they attempted that morning.
- Nice, huh? - [Stark.]
Let's get out of here.
The booth is bugged.
How can they be buggin' us in here? This is a coffee shop.
We do always take one of the back booths when we come here.
There's just no telling how big their operation is.
These guys know exactly what kind of a game they're playing.
What we gotta do is get on the board and turn this thing around.
I'll, uh I'll be at Bonnie's, just in case any of'em contact you, okay? - Okay.
- Who are these guys, man? I think you know what I want: something tasteful.
- Something with red roses in it? - I like that.
[Affected English Accent.]
Ah, the rose.
The rose is a flower of passion which can be fully appreciated for its Murdock, just go.
You should take care and watch your attitude when speaking to people with fragile psyches.
What"s more, you give the impression that your attitude is singularly and pointedly directed at an individual when, in fact, you're just one mean, angry sucker to everybody.
- Get! - Gone! Really, B.
, you shouldn't talk to Murdock like that.
- You're gonna drive him nuts.
- [Grunts.]
Robert, I have never seen you this tense.
Something at work? - Yeah, something at work.
- [Knocking.]
- You expecting somebody? - No.
Not really.
- Who is it? - [Murdock.]
Flowers? Well, I hope they're from you or I'm going to have some awkward explaining to do.
Yes, you are.
[Indeterminate European Accent.]
# Did you ever see a hearse go by # # And think that someday you'd surely die # # They put you in a little box and cover you over with dirt and rocks # How am I doin'? - Who sent you here? - Hey, wait, man.
Look, I'm just a driver, you know what I mean? I'm not even supposed to sing, but Chiquita Banana got hung up at Valley Presbyterian.
- Get out of here.
- What about the song? - You got two more verses comin'.
- Out! [Snapping Fingers.]
Hey, take it easy.
It was probably just a mix-up at the flower shop.
- It was just a mistake that someone made.
- It sure was, baby.
But it was a big one.
Come on, now.
You've been real on edge.
You know, you haven"t told me that you love me in days.
- [Giggles.]
- No, no.
- You wouldn't, Hannibal.
Not now.
Yes, you would.
- [Giggling Continues.]
- What's up? - He's on the jazz, man.
He's on the jazz.
- [Line Ringing.]
- [Woman Continues Giggling.]
- [Stark.]
Answer the phone.
- Forget it.
- [Stark.]
I said answer it.
Go on.
- [Woman Groans.]
- Yes? - [Hannibal.]
Hello? Bonnie? - Yes? - Is Captain Stark there? Yes, he's here.
- Stark.
- Captain, I hope I haven't pulled you away from anything important.
How long you wanna play this game? How long you gonna hide behind this receiver, mister? I wanna meet with you tonight, you and me.
You got a favourite place? Maybe where you bury the bodies or something? Indian Dunes.
Four miles from the exit.
You got it.
Oh, and Cap'n if you wouldn't mind me giving you just a little advice it's important to tell 'em you love 'em every couple of days.
[Line Clicks Off.]
Stark just contacted the last of the others.
He made the call from a phone booth on the street.
I didn't think we'd get away with those buttons as long as we have.
They'll find out about 'em sooner or later.
When they do, our advantage is over.
- I been disadvantaged all my life.
You get used to it.
- All ready.
- Gonna work, B.
? - My part of the plan always works.
See you later, kiddo.
Collins, you take that ridge up there, the one we used last time.
Donny, that slope over there.
Cover it well.
I don't want anybody coming in on our backside, all right? - Now, remember: This is it.
- [Sniffs.]
When we determine how many they are, Meadows gives a signal, then it goes down.
Don't worry.
When we drive away from here, those slimeballs are dead.
Turn to channel 38, tack two.
- [Over Walkie-Talkie.]
I'm here.
- Wanna step out and have a little talk? Oh, sure.
Have you crank off a couple of rounds into my duffel bag? - You first.
- Ready or not, here I come.
Wait a minute, Hannibal.
What if they got a surprise? - You can't go out there.
- [Rifle Cocks.]
Come on, Stark.
Show some moxie.
He's on the jazz.
He's on the jazz.
You been jerkin' my chain for two days now.
- Just what is it you're after? - It's simple.
I'm giving you a chance to live.
Tomorrow morning, you four march into your chief"s office and give yourself up - for all the murders you've been paid to commit.
- [Chuckles.]
You think a couple of phone calls a wreath of flowers, and I'm gonna send myself up for life? It's either that or the death penalty, Stark.
And I've already passed that.
Tonight"s your last reprieve.
I've passed a few sentences myself, my friend.
Well, if you like, why don't you have Meadows ring up your sentry see if they've found anything nice out here in the night air.
Collins, show this gonzo we mean business.
- [Groaning.]
- Pulls a little to the left.
Your captain almost lost a, uh, vital piece of equipment.
Donny, you there? Come in.
## [Pop Instrumental Plays On Walkie-Talkie.]
## [Stops.]
This is Mean, Musical, Howling Mad Dog coming to you from high atop Indian Dunes.
- You're good.
- [Hannibal.]
And you guys are finished.
Tomorrow morning the resignations and the confessions, or you're all dead men.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Hit it.
And that, my friends, is how they did it.
They had us every damned inch of the way.
- Nothin' else, Captain? - They didn't need anything else.
We were wondering how in the hell they're bugging everywhere we go before we get there, and we're carrying the mikes right along with us.
- That doesn't change our situation.
- The hell it doesn't.
What about this threat they made? They said we had until today to turn ourselves in.
You think I'm gonna sign a piece of paper saying I'm a multiple murderer? - You think I'm gonna let any of you guys do that? - They said they were gonna kill us.
- And it's not as though they haven't had a chance.
- These guys aren't gonna kill anybody.
They're not magicians.
They're only as good as their G-2.
Right now, they're cut off.
Right now, I make my move.
We're off-line, Hannibal.
All four mikes are dead.
- [Hannibal.]
Looks like they found 'em.
- Great.
That means we've lost the edge.
Up against guys like these, that doesn't make me feel too good.
Shut up, Murdock! Shut up! I told you this plan stinks.
That old snake could get led into an inferno by a nice set of legs.
[Motorcycle Engine Starts, Revs.]
- [Talking, Indistinct.]
- You like that, don't you? - [Shutter Clicks.]
- [Gun Cocks.]
You better know right now I'm a cop.
- I could debate that statement.
- Say "cheese.
" - What is this? - Well, don't you recognize your hill-climbing buddies from last night? But Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
We've been talking about that all morning, about signing that confession and everything.
I'd sign that thing in a hot second.
Meadows would too, but Stark It's him, you know.
Yeah, I figured as a group, you might hesitate, so I decided we need one of you to fink.
- [Camera Shutter Clicks.]
- Huh? Guess who pulled the short straw? - What are you talkin' about? - You're gonna turn state's evidence on your friends.
Stark'd kill me if I tried anything.
Stark"ll kill you anyway once I send him these photographs of you and us sitting here nice and cosy chatting about which guys you did or did not kill.
It's just one cop's word against another.
There's no evidence against us to convict us.
What about the murder weapons? I mean, ballistics are great in a courtroom.
What? Do you think we're ding-dongs? We get the weapons from the evidence room and then when we're done, we put 'em back.
And since they're impounded and tagged before we do our jobs, there's no way to check 'em.
Well, that means they're still there.
That means you can get 'em.
- That's not so easy.
- You can get 'em! Yeah, we can I can get 'em, but, uh, I could also go to the gas chamber.
But if I send these pics over to Stark right now, they'd be throwing dirt on your box by midnight.
You got me bumpin' off the walls no matter what way I spin.
If you turn state's evidence, you could get a reduced sentence and from where l"m standing, that should look mighty cushy.
You'll get the guns and give 'em to Inspector Maloney.
You'll, uh, also give him a signed confession describing what you and your buddies have been doing off hours, won't ya? - Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I'll get 'em and, uh, meet you.
- Good.
[Hannibal Over Recorder.]
I'll have Maloney at the Oceanside Amusement Park at 3.
00 this afternoon.
Collins, you wimp, I knew you'd go belly-up.
Planting that bug on Collins was a smart move, Captain.
Well, never let it be said that I don't learn by example, Meadows.
Two hours, Oceanside Amusement Park.
Maloney'll be there too.
Only this time, the surprise is going to be on our side.
They're never gonna know what hit 'em.
Let's go.
Oh, Collins! Got 'em by the ring toss.
They're heading over toward the merry-go-round.
I got 'em.
And there's another one.
Shaeffer, flank 'em on the right.
, hang on to this.
It's Amy's exclusive.
- Where's Maloney? - Well, we're showing you.
- Position? - Position.
So long, Collins.
What the Pow! "You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you.
" [Low Mechanical Whirring.]
[Hannibal Grunting.]
Who are you guys? [Dispatcher.]
Notified military police that suspects John Smith, Bosco Baracus and Templeton Peck have been spotted at a cocktail lounge at Fifth and Broadway in Los Angeles.
- How's the cold, Inspector? Feelin' any better? - Ohh.
Feelin' better? Are you kiddin'? I'm a hero downtown.
- Even though you busted your fellow cops? - Look, the P.
is made up of the best.
They don't like wires burning in their own house.
Cancers like this are few, and that's how we like it.
I wanna thank you guys, Miss Allen for getting my name put in the paper.
- I don't deserve it.
You caught them.
- Only if That"s not true, Inspector.
If you hadn"t had the strength to ignore their threats and to go around a system you respect, Stark and his men would have never been caught.
Which brings us to this.
Wait a minute.
What is this? - I put the money in your name.
We had a deal.
- Read 'em the score, Face.
Four mini mikes: $ 1,500.
Four hot lights: $200.
The bug van rental, purchase of fire extinguishers, overall patches that"s 400.
Floral display: 75.
Oh, and we're billing this at $300 a day per man which is below the going rate, but that"s the way Hannibal wanted it on this one.
We"re throwing in make-up, film, incidentals.
Call it $3,680.
We deducted it.
You keep the rest of your savings, Inspector.
- Looks like I found a bargain.
- Well, all things considered, it was kind of fun.
Hey, Hannibal, you were right.
Lynch"s men spotted us, and they"re comin"up the street! - [All Groaning.]
- Hey, wait a minute.
Aren't you gonna have a celebration drink with me? - Oh, I'm sure Miss Allen - Yeah, but I'm gonna No, no.
You can't be spotted with us; you'll get burned.
- Look.
I wish I had the words to - Book 'em, Danno Murder One.
[Sirens Wailing.]
Why do they do it? [Chuckles Softly.]
For the jazz, man.
For the jazz.