The Act (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

A Whole New World

1 You can tell me anything, Gypsy.
I'm trapped.
[SOBBING] DEE DEE: My mama used to say, "Sometimes the only way out of the fire is through it.
" I never once disrespected my mama the way you do nearly every day! I prided myself on being a good daughter! Look what Ruby's wicked stepmom did to her neck.
You can't show Victor stuff like that.
[BOTH PANTING] He might lose control.
GYPSY: [MOANS] Would you actually be able to hurt a person like that? NICK: Like, the good side of me would never do anything like that, but don't ask Victor unless you actually mean it, because he might just do it.
GYPSY: She's never gonna let us be together.
She said so.
Victor, will you please kill my mother for me? [INSECTS CHIRPING] [OMINOUS MUSIC] DEE DEE: [WHISPERING] Gypsy Who's there? [SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] Help! [COUGHING] Help Gypsy! Gyps! [ECHOING] Help! [SCREAMS] Gypsy! Somebody! [WAILING] [FLESH SLOSHES] DOCTOR: Good.
Good, Dee Dee.
Another push.
NURSE: Here we go, and push.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight DEE DEE: [GROANING] DOCTOR: One more, here we go.
Push, push, push, push.
NURSE: Seven, eight, nine, ten.
- Good job.
- DEE DEE: [WAILS] - I need more drugs.
- You're doing okay, Dee Dee.
You don't anything else, you got this.
DOCTOR: I think we've got a nuchal cord situation.
What is that? Tell me what NURSE: The umbilical cord might be tied around baby's neck.
But it happens all the time.
We just need to get her out to fix it, okay? DOCTOR: We're crowning.
I need a big push.
- Here we go.
- NURSE: And one, two, three - DEE DEE: [GROANING] - DOCTOR: Push, push, push.
NURSE: Seven, eight, nine, ten.
- [STRAINS] - DOCTOR: Good, we got a baby.
- NURSE: We got a baby.
- DOCTOR: We got a baby.
- DEE DEE: [WHINES] Good work, Dee Dee.
[WHIMPERS] Why isn't it crying? NURSE: She's just transitioning.
The doctor's got it all under control.
She's gonna be fine.
Just breathe.
You did a great job.
[BABY CRYING] DOCTOR: We have a beautiful, healthy girl.
[LAUGHS] NURSE: Well done.
NURSE: Yeah, she's so beautiful.
Say hello.
- Got her? - DEE DEE: Yeah.
Oh NURSE: Do you know her name? DEE DEE: Oh, yes.
She's Gypsy.
Gypsy Rose.
[TENDER MUSIC] And what's her father's name? DEE DEE: I I'll send you home with some paternity papers for if you want to add him to the records later.
I'll go get some stuff for baby.
I'll be right back, okay? Oh, Gypsy.
Oh, Gypsy Rose.
You are an angel from heaven.
Look at her.
[SOBS] - Hello.
- Oh, Gypsy Rose.
Oh, this is your grandmama.
EMMA: Hey, little girl.
Oh - [GYPSY CRYING] - Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, give her here.
Give her here.
Hi, there.
I'm Debbie.
And you are? I am Grandmama, who knows best.
[ALL LAUGH] We should get her measured and then probably feed her.
Dee Dee probably hasn't asked about that.
I apologize, it's her first time.
And what about sponge? She still got stuff all over her.
I feel like you've done this a few times.
EMMA: [LAUGHS] I still want to give her her first bath.
EMMA: No, no, no, no, that that's much later for you.
Okay, come on, girl.
Come on.
Yeah, let's get you measured.
Ooh, I wonder how much you weigh.
Come on, girl, I got you.
[INSECTS CHIRPING, DOGS BARKING] [LOW HUMMING] DRIVER: Where to? Just hold your horses for a minute.
DRIVER: Meter's running.
I got all night.
Um, we're kind of in a hurry.
DRIVER: Slow down, hurry up, I can do whatever you want, honey.
[GEARSHIFT CLICKS] [SERGE GAINSBOURG'S "BONNIE AND CLYDE"] MAN: Ooh-whoo! Ooh-whoo! MAN: Vous avez lu I'histoire de Jesse James MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Comment il vécut, comment il est mort MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Ça vous a plu, hein, vous en d'mandez encore MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Eh bien, écoutez I'histoire De Bonnie and Clyde MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Alors voilà, Clyde a une petite amie MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Elle est belle, et son prénom c'est WOMAN: Bonnie MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: À eux deux, ils forment le gang Barrow MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Leurs noms - WOMAN: Bonnie Parker - MAN: Et Clyde Barrow - MAN: Ooh-whoo! - BOTH: Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde MAN: Ooh-whoo! WOMAN: Moi, lorsque j'ai connu Clyde autrefois MAN: Ooh-whoo! WOMAN: C'était un gars loyal, honnête et droit MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Il faut croire [MUSIC STOPS] Oh.
[STAMMERS] NICK: Uh, Victor didn't have time to clean up last night.
I pretty much only take my men's vitamins.
[MELLOW, UNHAPPY MUSIC] [SNIFFS] [SIGHS] Candy loves what you've done with the place.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Well, I love Candy.
[BOTH GIGGLING] - [SIGHS] - BOTH: Whoop! GYPSY: He's eating brownies, but soon he'll be eating me.
Not so fast like that.
Maybe maybe slow down just [GIGGLES, STAMMERS] Let's just do it the normal way.
Come here, come [GIGGLES] - NICK: [GRUNTS] - GYPSY: Oh! [BOTH GRUNTING] [BOTH GIGGLE] NICK: [LAUGHS] [LAUGHS] [GASPS] No, no! [BOTH LAUGHING] I'm so excited to see where you live.
What should I wear to impress your mom and Vance? [CLICKS TONGUE] Um my mom likes purple things.
You didn't say that when I was packing.
Well, she she likes different colors too.
Tell me more about Wisconsin.
Pretty cool, I guess.
Yeah? Cool, how? Like like, are the people really nice? Are there lots of meadows and My boss Brian is pretty nice.
Anything else? Nope, not really.
- [GYPSY FUSSING] Please eat.
Damn it.
[SIGHS] - Oh, she won't eat! - [GYPSY CRIES LOUDLY] I'm so afraid there's something wrong with her! Your agitation is making her agitated.
Not to mention keeping her awake.
I know something's wrong! EMMA: Give her here.
Go on to bed.
Oh, you got your daddy's eyes, possum.
[LAUGHS] But you don't need him, do you? 'Cause you got your grandma, huh? - DEE DEE: Okay, okay, give her back.
- You got your grandma.
DEE DEE: Come on, come on.
Give her back.
- Oh - EMMA: [SIGHS] We're gonna go on a little trip together to the doctor, just you and me.
Oh [SHUSHING] I'm getting seasick, all this back and forth, back and forth.
Dee Dee.
Why don't you just sit down? [GENTLE MUZAK PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Doctor's gonna say she's just fine.
Blanchard, you wanna come in? Oh, thank you.
[MUTTERS INDISTINCTLY] - DOCTOR: Oh, everybody's coming in.
- EMMA: [CHUCKLES] DOCTOR: Well, the headline is nothing too concerning, but she does have what we call "failure to thrive.
" - Oh, my Lord! - What? - Oh, that doesn't sound good.
- Lord! That's a creepy name, right? But it's not too bad.
Basically it just means she's underweight and she's smaller than she should be at two months.
I just don't know I'm doing all of this so wrong.
DOCTOR: You're not.
Infants grow out of it most of the time, especially if the parents get a system in place.
Well, you tell us what to do.
Let us know exactly and I'll make sure it happens.
Here's everything you need to know.
Uh, there's a list in there of the things that the mother can do.
Like, it's important to feed her more, e-even through the night.
And I'll send a supplement with her, and you check her weight, make sure she's gaining enough.
Dee Dee can't ever give her enough milk at a time.
- Oh, that's not true! - EMMA: Yes, it is.
DEE DEE: Sometimes I try and you tell me not to wake her.
- That's not so.
- DOCTOR: No worries.
I will send home a high-calorie formula that you can try between breastfeedings.
You can rest easy, mama.
You got this, right? Okay, then I will see you back here next month.
Oh, thank you so much.
DOCTOR: You're gonna be great.
[BLOCKS CRASH] Mollie, that is not nice! All I'm saying is that Mollie was puny as a twig and all it took was my own two tits, a breast pump, and a crap ton of time sitting there being milked like a mama cow.
Not everybody's like you, Janet.
Everybody's not like you.
Don't even use a fancy doctor Yeah, and not everybody needs to put their two cents in, is all I'm saying.
- Do you hear me? - Dee.
- Dee? - Uh-huh.
I got 20 minutes to nap time.
What were you saying? JANET: Well, I don't know where I lost you.
- You want me to start over? - No, no, Janet.
Go on outside with those girls.
Go outside with the girls.
JANET: Yeah, we're going.
EMMA: Please give us some peace.
JANET: Okay, girls, you ready? Trampoline.
Ready, set, go! Who's gonna beat me, who's gonna beat me, who's gonna beat me? [MELLOW MUSIC] Ugh, you need to go to bed now too.
You look a mess.
I'll take this bottle and put her down.
No, no, no, I'll give it to her.
Doctor's orders.
All right.
- All right.
Give us some peace.
Well, I'm not gonna go outside with your cousin Janet and those hellions.
I get a stress headache every time they come by.
You see that, Gypsy girl? Just the two of us.
Like it ought to be.
Checking out already? She actually needs to meet my mom pretty soon since the wedding is coming up, so we need to catch a bus.
Except we're gonna grab breakfast first.
We've got continental till 9:00.
Um, I'm gonna take her to someplace fancier.
No offense.
Yeah, it's our first real date.
- Are you ready? - NICK: Yep.
GYPSY: Okay.
Bye, thank you.
[DOOR CHIMES] WAITRESS: All-Star special, chocolate chip waffles.
Anything else? Um, yeah, could I have a different drink, please? WAITRESS: Sure.
Orange juice, chocolate milk, hot tea Oh, um, what kind of pop do you have? I have lots of tables.
Do you wanna look at a menu? [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] N-no, um I'll just have orange juice.
[PLATE SCRAPING] Nick Nick? [SHARP INHALE] Don't don't worry.
- We're just here on a date.
- Okay.
NICK: Just be smiley and I'll do the talking.
- It's okay.
- Oh, gosh.
No, no, no, no [WHIMPERING] We still have it.
The knife, we still have it.
What? Who? It's this couple who are criminals on the run.
They're pretty famous.
GYPSY: We're not criminals.
We're not criminals.
I know, I know.
COP: "Claudinea Blanchard?" GYPSY: Yes, that's me.
I, um I must have dropped it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
COP: Have a nice day, Claudinea.
GYPSY: You, too.
- Oh, my gosh, can we please go? - Yep.
Can we go, please? Um does the bus station have metal detectors? NICK: I guess.
GYPSY: So we can't take the knife with us.
NICK: Oh, there's a lake by my house, we can throw it in when we get there.
GYPSY: Nick, we can't keep it that long.
Let's find a post office and just mail it to ourselves, okay? If we mail, it, it'll be safe.
NICK: That's good thinking.
Baby? Baby? DEE DEE: Yeah, you're mama's baby.
- Baby? - DEE DEE: Baby.
Baby? Baby? DEE DEE: Now show me, where's your cranium? Can you say "cranium"? Christ on a cracker, Dee Dee.
She's two.
When I was her age my mama let us just figure it out.
I mean, you know, not your mom.
'Cause she was always so worried about you.
Probably because you're the baby, right? Dee Dee? - Baby? - JANET: Are you listening? Baby? JANET: Hey, Dee Dee, where'd you get that camera? GYPSY: [BABBLES] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Say "baby.
" JANET: Who knocks on someone's door this time of night? Hmm, you got a hot date? DEE DEE: Baby.
MAN: We're here for Ms.
Dee Dee Blanchard.
JANET: Hi, baby.
Dee Dee.
EMMA: Come on in.
They there must be some kind of misunderstanding, Claudine.
MALE COP: We need to take you in, Ms.
EMMA: What are you what did you do? MALE COP: County attorney's charging you with felony check fraud.
EMMA: Oh, my Lord.
Well, I might have written a bad check without knowing, but I can clear this up.
MALE COP: Bad check from your grandpa's checkbook? He's pressing charges.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back, please.
DEE DEE: No! FEMALE COP: We have to do this whether you cooperate or not.
Turn around.
- [GYPSY CRYING] - Oh, no! Don't bring her in here! Leave her back there! I don't want her to see this! She's scared! Can't you see that she's scared? Turn her away! Anything you say can and will be used against you - Turn her away! - MALE COP: You have the right EMMA: You shouldn't have done this if you didn't want her to see it! MALE COP: One will be appointed to you.
JUDGE: So with all these factors plus your criminal record, I have no choice but to give you six months in jail, 60 days credit for time served, plus full restitution.
[GAVEL BANGS] [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] That didn't work out the way you thought it would, did it? Taking the baby to court thinking the judge would take pity on you.
She saw right through you.
[SOMBER MUSIC] DEE DEE: Oh, please, can I say goodbye? - COP: Come on.
- EMMA: You can't hug her with those things on.
[GYPSY FUSSING] I know you could have gotten together the money for the bond, I just know you could have.
Sometimes the only way out is through.
COP: Time to go.
- Oh - EMMA: Uh-huh.
- DEE DEE: Please Wait, you're the only other one who knows her routine.
Please check the list every day and keep the schedule till I get back.
Yes, yes, this little girl and I are gonna have a grand old time.
DEE DEE: Well, just just tell me that you'll follow the list like the doctor asked.
- [GYPSY CRYING] - Exactly what he wrote.
Oh, promise me! Give me your word! Yes.
Okay, sure.
Gypsy! Oh, baby.
It's okay, I'll be back soon.
[GYPSY SCREAMING] [BRAKES SQUEALING] There's just the one ticket on this reservation.
"Nick Godejon, round-trip, Big Bend to Springfield.
" Um well, could you check under "Gypsy Blanchard"? [KEYS TAPPING] CLERK: Nothing.
I thought I checked it before I hit the button.
Can I just buy, um, a seat on this bus, please? [KEYS TAPPING] CLERK: Unfortunately, it's chock full.
The first seat I have on this route is two days from now.
I-I thought I had checked it.
I-I remember GYPSY: Can we just get two one-ways for the next bus? CLERK: Mm-hmm.
$104 economy per person.
$131 economy-extra.
GYPSY: I don't I don't care, just get us out of here.
[HEAVY BREATHING] NICK: Whatever the cheapest one is.
Hello? For Gypsy.
GUARD: Of course it is.
Sorry, I got nothing for you today.
[MELLOW MUSIC] [GATE BEEPS] JANET: Happy graduation! [LAUGHS] DEE DEE: Oh - How are you doing? DEE DEE: Oh - Huh? Aww.
- How you doing? - Oh [LAUGHS] I don't wanna think about it.
Uh, let's pretend that never happened.
Well, everybody's waiting for you at home.
I can't wait to see Gypsy.
JANET: She got so big.
The wagon? Uh-oh, hey! Yeah, girl, look at you! That's good.
Look at how smart that girl is! Thank you so much.
You wanna go get that wagon and we'll put these other buckets in there? Get the wagon.
Would you give me a Cheeto? [CHILDREN LAUGHING] I want one too.
Here, you want mine? You want mine? [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Oh Oh, girl, you're so big now.
- [GYPSY CRYING] - It's okay, sugar.
What is wrong with her? EMMA: Honeybee, she just needs time to remember you.
[GYPSY CRYING] DEE DEE: What is she even doing out here? It's her nap time.
She could get sick.
EMMA: Don't I even get a "thank you"? How about a smile? Smile for me, Dee Dee.
Come on, now, smile.
[GYPSY CRYING] She's dirty.
EMMA: I been here for six months taking care of her.
We do things different now.
She's happy.
I think she's getting a fever.
EMMA: She's fine.
She's sick a little bit, but I fixed her.
She's been good since you left.
- DEE DEE: I didn't leave! - EMMA: Well, call it what you want to.
I was trying to be polite.
You want me to call you a thief? I'll call you a thief.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I learned from the best.
Just let her be.
Let her be.
[GYPSY FUSSING SOFTLY] She's fine, Dee Dee.
You gave her cough syrup an hour ago.
You can see that she's sick! What are you trying to do? Prove that you're a better mother than me? With all your gripes about me, you couldn't keep one tiny little promise.
To follow the list that the doctor gave us.
Oh When the cops came, I could have told them you weren't here.
But you needed to learn your lesson.
I knew she's better off with me from the day she was born.
[CHUCKLING] DEE DEE: Don't worry about her.
I know you don't feel well.
But mama's here.
She's here [DRAWER SLIDING] I know.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SHAKY BREATHING] Here we go, it's coming.
Just a little more for good measure.
[GYPSY CRYING] There we go.
[CHUCKLES] [DOORBELL JINGLES] I think basically I had the tickets right, but then I messed them up.
GYPSY: All right, it doesn't matter.
Well, look who's here.
Welcome back.
GYPSY: We need to check back in.
The same room is fine.
Oh, okay.
Um, hmm.
Well, I can't give you the same room.
Somebody else is in it.
Uh, this one's smaller.
Two twin beds.
You could push them together.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
Okay, um Thank you.
[GRUNTS] [TESTY MUSIC] [TV CHATTERING] [MAN SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY] [NICK GRUNTING] MAN: Your goddamn music! NICK: It's about this guy who's, um, a cop, but he's also this really old dragon as well.
He's, like, thousands of years old.
Let me go! I have to be with him! No! Robert! [WATER RUNNING] [SIGHS] [CLEARS THROAT] [SIGHS] We should get ready for bed now so that the morning will come faster.
Do you want one of these for sleeping? No.
No, thank you.
We're supposed to do everything together, like Cinderella and and Prince Charming.
I already told you, I don't want one.
I don't like drugs.
I'm gonna go to the vending machine.
[PILL BOTTLE RATTLING] Ooh, now we're ready for the whole week, Gyps.
[PILL BOTTLE TOP POPS] EMMA: Dee Dee! Play time, girlies.
EMMA: Dee Dee, I'm stuck! Dolly says she wants jump on the trampoline.
DEE DEE: Oh, but you and Dolly are never gonna jump on that trampoline.
'Cause that's how noggins get broken.
EMMA: Dee Dee, I need you, girl! Dee Dee! DEE DEE: Oh, you got a little caught up, there.
A mama shouldn't have to holler for help.
It's undignified.
Just get me to bed.
[METAL BANGING] Oh, God Almighty! You almost threw me out of the chair! DEE DEE: [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] - DEE DEE: Oh - Not so fast.
DEE DEE: I was just getting all your pills together.
Oh, no, you weren't.
You make such a racket with those pills, I'd have heard you.
[TENSE MUSIC] - Come on.
- EMMA: There we go.
Okay, come on.
EMMA: You a good girl, Dee Dee.
EMMA: You a good girl.
- Oh, God.
- DEE DEE: Okay.
- Here you go.
- [GRUNTS] Ah, it's this leg.
- Get get this leg.
Oh, Lord.
DEE DEE: [SIGHS] - Wore me out.
[SIGHS] Oh you're looking peaked.
No shit.
DEE DEE: I think I should call Patrick.
No hospice.
Just get me Percocet and and an Ensure.
They're here already, Mama.
Where's my Ensure? We're all out of Ensure.
Sometimes the only way out is through.
[COUGHS] [RETREATING FOOTSTEPS] Dee Dee? Dee Dee, I need you.
I do need you.
[BABBLES] Well, I guess I'd better teach you to walk first.
First you lift one foot, then you put it down in front of you.
EMMA: [HACKING] LITTLEFOOT: Then you lift the other.
[EMMA GASPING] DEE DEE: Oh, that doesn't sound good.
Has she been taking anything for pain outside of the IV? Not that I know of.
Something wrong? NURSE: [STAMMERS] It's her tolerance.
The morphine, it doesn't seem to be enough anymore.
I-I don't get it.
Her system is shutting down, and I'm guessing she's got a few days at most.
Oh I wish there was more I could do for her.
NURSE: Here you are, you're taking care of Emma and Gypsy.
You're a saint, Dee Dee.
Oh, thank you.
NURSE: You let me know if you need anything.
NURSE: Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow.
Try some.
[GYPSY AND DEE DEE LAUGHING] [SPITS, GROANS] EMMA: Dee Dee! LITTLEFOOT: This is gonna be harder than I thought.
EMMA: Please, come! [LAUGHS] EMMA: I need you, please! - Dee Dee! - LITTLEFOOT: Good.
- I'll be right back.
- EMMA: Dee Dee! - Dee Dee! - LITTLEFOOT: After I get some advice from my grandparents.
I love you, we all do.
I know you tried your best to always love me.
[STOPS BREATHING] [SCOFFS] [SHAKY BREATHING] [EXCLAIMS] You got a mama that loves you.
Do you love your mama? [SOBBING] It's okay, Mama.
JANET: Girls, just stay out there on the trampoline for a while! Hey, you started packing? Not yet.
JANET: Oh, so you found the money to buy the place all on your own, then? That's great.
No? Come on, Dee.
The bank ain't gonna buy back the house with y'all sitting in it.
GYPSY: Where are we going? You didn't oops.
All right.
I'll start in there.
DEE DEE: Doesn't matter where we go, as long as we're together.
[CHILDREN LAUGHING] I wanna jump on the trampoline.
DEE DEE: Uh no, honeybee.
Can I go play with Mollie and Abbie even if I don't go on the trampoline? I said no! [GRUMBLES] Tough love's the only thing that's gonna keep those kids from going to hell in a handbasket, Dee, so good on you.
Here, I found these old letters in your mom's things.
They look like they haven't been opened.
DEE DEE: [SNIFFLES] Oh [SNIFFLES] [SIGHS] [SHAKY BREATHING] Gypsy Gypsy, girl, where are you? Gypsy! - Gypsy! - GYPSY: [SCREAMS] Gypsy! [PANTING] Oh! [SCREAMS] What happened? Now, don't touch her, Dee! Don't move her! - [WHISPERING] Oh my God.
- DEE DEE: Are you okay? [INDISTINCT WHIMPERING] Oh, my God! JANET: Girls, you get down too! - Get down! - DEE DEE: Are you bleeding? Here, baby.
Oh, sweetheart.
[WHIMPERING] Honey, oh oh, don't scare me.
JANET: I'll call 911! [MOTOR RUMBLING, HORN HONKING] - CHELSEA: Mommy! - MOM: Chelsea, don't test me.
CHELSEA: Mommy! Mom! You already had dessert, Chelsea, I said no.
CHELSEA: Mommy! Mommy! Mom, can I get You are trying my last nerve.
CHELSEA: Mom, Mommy! Mom! - Mommy! - MOM: [SHUSHING] CHELSEA: Mom! Mommy! Mom, can I have candy? Mom! Mommy! Mom! [TENSE MUSIC] Mommy! [WHIMPERING] [HEAVY BREATHING] CHELSEA: [ECHOING] Mom! Mommy! GYPSY: Nick! Nick! Nick, open the door! Please, please, open the door! [CHELSEA'S VOICE ECHOING] [DEE DEE SCREAMING] GYPSY: [WHIMPERS] Nick! Nick! Nick? Why did you [WAILS] [GASPING] NICK: I probably should have come with you.
Why didn't you answer the door? I was I was in the bathroom.
I was going to the bathroom and I heard you, but then I had to finish before I could let you in.
[SIGHS] [HEAVY BREATHING] We're not even supposed to be here.
We're not even supposed to be here.
We're not even supposed to be in Springfield right now.
[SNIFFLES] And you're not helping.
You are not you are not doing this right.
Well, I-I'm sorry.
Sometimes I just don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing.
Tell me one single thing that you do know, Nick.
Tell me.
Because I can't keep doing everything for you.
I can't keep oh, God.
I can't keep fixing everything for you! You have to think! You have to think! NICK: I do think No, you have to think about us! [SIGHS] You have to say everything's gonna be okay, because you have to make it okay before it even happens.
[SHAKY BREATHING] I'm I do know one thing.
GYPSY: [SNIFFLES] That I will never, ever leave you alone, Gypsy Rose, because I love you.
And you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
And also, I'm gonna pretty much always do anything for you because I love you.
GYPSY: [SNIFFLES] And I want you to be happily ever after.
I'm sorry.
[SNIFFLES] [SOBS] NICK: I'm sorry.
There you go.
[INDISTINCT MURMURING] [SIGHS] Now, come on, honey.
I can walk, Mama.
DEE DEE: Oh, no, you're too weak.
You gotta rest.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Okay, baby, you stay here.
Don't move.
Okay, come on.
[GRUNTS] Oh, just until you feel better.
[SIGHS] [MUSIC INTENSIFYING] [SERGE GAINSBOURG'S "BONNIE AND CLYDE"] MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Vous avez lu I'histoire de Jesse James MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Comment il vécut, comment il est mort MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Ça vous a plu, hein, vous en d'mandez encore MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Eh bien, écoutez I'histoire De Bonnie and Clyde MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Alors voilà, Clyde a une petite amie MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Elle est belle, et son prénom c'est WOMAN: Bonnie MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: À eux deux, ils forment le gang Barrow - MAN: Ooh-whoo! - MAN: Leurs noms - WOMAN: Bonnie Parker - MAN: Et Clyde Barrow BOTH: Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde MAN: Ooh-whoo! WOMAN: Moi, lorsque j'ai connu Clyde autrefois MAN: Ooh-whoo! WOMAN: C'était un gars loyal, honnête et droit MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Il faut croire que c'est la société MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: Qui m'a définitivement abîmé BOTH: Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde MAN: Qu'est-ce qu'on a pas écrit sur elle et moi MAN: Ooh-whoo! WOMAN: On prétend que nous tuons de sang-froid MAN: Ooh-whoo! MAN: C'est pas drôle, mais on est bien obligé MAN: Ooh-whoo! WOMAN: De faire taire celui qui s'met à gueuler BOTH: Bonnie and Clyde