The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (2002) s01e07 Episode Script

See Jimmy Run/Trading Faces

Gotta blast!
here to the stars
fueled by candy bars ♪
Rides a kid with a knack
for invention ♪
( gasps )
With super-powered mind,
a mechanical canine ♪
( barks )
He rescues the day
from sure destruction ♪
This is the theme song ♪
( screams )
For Jimmy Neutron. ♪
( mechanical whirring )
( barking )
( yells )
Listen up!
What we have before
us today is a race.
This race, once started,
shall not stop for any reason.
If you trip,
you will be trampled.
If you stumble,
you will be trampled.
If you refuse to trample,
you will be trampled!
On your mark
( blows whistle )
( kids cheering )
( breathing hard ):
Lungs straining.
underwear chafing
( heavy breathing )
Go, Sheen!
Ooh I-I'm floating
the light.
Yes, move toward the light.
Just passing through, Libby.
Hey, Sheen,
have you seen my back?
Well, check it out.
( kids cheering )
You're going down, Neutron.
Oh, please, if you
run half as well
as your report on the
time-space continuum
I already beat you
2,000 years ago.
Take it to him, girlfriend!
You got it, Jimmy!
No pressure, but for
the love of humanity
don't lose!
Isn't that big head getting
a little heavy, Neutron?
Ha-ha! That's really
funny, Cindy.
After I cross
the finish line
remind me to
fake a laugh.
( kids cheering )
Hey, Jimmy, you know
the only thing worse
than you losing
this relay race?
What's that, Vortex?
Losing to a girl!
( grunts )
( cheering )
Quick, trample him!
Trample him before he gets up!
You call that running?
My grandma's faster.
Race you to the
lockers, Jimmy.
( all laughing )
Ah, don't let it
get you down, Jim-jam.
I lost all sorts of races
when I was your age.
But I turned
out okay, huh?
Well, sure, the
tramplings left
a scar or two
but I'm basically
all right.
I think what your father's
trying to say, Jimmy
is that losing's
not important
as long as you
try your best.
Look, this one's shaped
like President Grover Cleveland,
in his second term.
Well, I've had enough losing
for one week.
That's why, at this very moment,
Shoebot is coating my sneakers
with a mixture
of thermal-silicone
and my all-purpose, endlessly
adaptable compound neutro-gunk.
The resulting combination
should create a propulsive
yet frictionless environment
around my sneakers
that will power me to victory.
But won't the combustion cycle
become increasingly irregular
due to the inhibiting effect
of the silicon's
thermal resistance?
Don't worry, Mom.
It's just going to be
one quick experiment--
but, oh, so satisfying.
( kids cheering )
( humming )
Going to kick your butt twice
in the same week, Nerd-tron.
They say pride goes
before the fall, Vortex.
Yeah? All I know is
I go before you.
Jimmy, now run like the wind!
You're a cheetah!
You're an eagle!
Take it--
seriously run.
Um, Jimmy,
you're supposed to run now.
Go, Neutron, come on!
( yawns )
Well, got to blast.
Little short of
breath there, Vortex?
That's too bad.
Well, got to go. Bye.
( yawns )
Looks like there's still time
for a purple flurp break.
Come on, Vortex!
You still have
a chance
to be a loser!
Oh, look, a 1957 Van de Graaff
electrostatic generator!
What? Who? Where?!
I win!
( cheering )
( blows raspberry )
That was amazing, Jimmy.
But I lost humiliatingly.
Yeah, but before that!
Uh-huh, you were
going so fast
you were completely
Which you might want
to stay all the time
because you're
the laughingstock
of the whole school.
( girls cheering )
For she's
a jolly good fellow ♪
For she's a jolly good
fellow! ♪
Invisible, huh?
That just might come in handy.
( boinging )
Oh, hello, Mr. Squirrel.
Would you like
to keep me company
while I eat my lunch?
Now to test how
invisible I really am.
Well, I-- who took my sandwich?!
Oh, so that's your game, is it?
Well, Mr. I'm-Too-
how'd you like a nice detention?
I am moving
too fast to see.
Imagine the possibilities.
I could benefit all mankind!
Or I could totally
get back at Cindy.
Yeah, I'm going to go with that.
( scoffs )
Come on, Nissa, your turn.
And my name is Nissa ♪
I'm a good kissa ♪
My favorite
Tomei's first name ♪
is Marisa! ♪
Ah, sweet revenge.
See, my name is Cindy ♪
Chicago is windy ♪
Mario Andretti
won the 500 Indy. ♪
Um, I didn't do it!
Oh, I suppose the rope
tripped me by itself?
Hey, what's going on?
( yelling )
Dude, you're not a dude!
Wait, I-I can
explain, Nick.
See, I was jumping rope
and the jump rope
came alive, and I just
( shouts )
( laughs maniacally )
Invisible Boy strikes!
This may be my greatest
invention ever!
Think what I can do!
Think what I shouldn't do,
but will do.
Think wait a minute.
Something's wrong.
I can't stop! Oh, no!
Mom was right!
The combustion cycle is
accelerating out of control!
Can't get my shoes off!
( grunts )
( yells )
but, what if Ultra Lord
found a baby llama
and he named it Carlito
and he raised it
and taught it karate
and how to fly?
Ultra Lord doesn't need
a sidekick, Carl.
And if he did
there's no way
it would be a llama sidekick
named Carlito!
Wow, what the heck
was that?
Carl help! Stuck! I!
Did you hear something?
Yea-- uh not-not
if you didn't.
D-d-definitely not
if you didn't.
Great, they can't see me
or hear me.
I've got to communicate somehow.
Don't be alarmed
or anything, Carl
but I think we may be
in the presence
of a creature
from the other side.
Of the playground?
No, I mean a spirit,
a phantom, an apparition!
Oh you mean
like a person
that used to be a person
and then they died and
now they're a ghost?!
"Help Jimmy"?
Oh, no! He's got Jimmy!
What are we going
to do, Sheen?
Uh, since we're just kids
and this is a ghost
I suggest we run away
as quickly as possible
screaming at the top
of our lungs.
( screaming )
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
I can't just keep running around
and around forever.
Wait a minute, "running around"!
That's it!
If I could spin around
fast enough
my mass will become less dense
and, in theory, I could slip
right out of my shoes.
Or I could end up
a gelatinous mess
splattered all over the ground.
( gulps )
I really hope
it's the first one.
Ah, perfect.
( yelling )
Let's see if it's working
I'm lifting out of my shoes.
It is working!
( screams )
I have never been
so embarrassed in all my life.
And in front of Nick.
Oh, cheer up, girl.
With your grades
you can transfer to
any school in town.
I just know
Neutron's behind this.
When I see him
We just saw a ghost!
Yeah, and
it has Jimmy!
Good, it can keep him.
Boy, you really have some
anger issues, don't you?
( squishing )
( coughs )
Hi, guys.
I'm back, and by the way,
that wasn't a ghost.
It was me!
But once again,
I've solved everything.
I thought Nerd-tron
was hard to look at before
but this is disgusting.
Yeah, Jimmy, you're totally
gross yet somehow cool.
But completely nasty!
Yet strangely awesome.
What are you guys talking about?
Oh, my molecules
haven't reassimilated.
Hey, look
( chuckles )
He's fun to poke.
Stop it, Carl!
No, it's fun.
Pick up a stick
and poke him, Sheen.
Wow, Jimmy, you finally
invented something
we can all enjoy.
Yeah, this is better
than a video game.
Stop it!
I could do this all day,
and I think I will.
Okey-dokey, pokey-pokey!
( laughing )
I call it the Neutron
It isolates and amplifies
alpha brain waves
passes them through a
12-tone interpreter module
and outputs them in
an audible frequency.
Uh, what was that
first part again?
And that middle part?
And the end-y part, too.
Well, simply put
it translates
your thoughts and feelings
into notes and rhythm.
And so, without
further ado
I now present the musical
stylings of my brain.
( yodeling plays on tape )
( laughter )
The feminine brain is a
treacherous minefield, Carl.
Thanks for coming over to
console me in my darkest hour.
Well, actually,
I was hoping you'd help me
with my geometry homework.
Now, the triangles
are the pointy ones, right?
Today was only the latest
in a long line
of humiliating pranks
Cindy's pulled on me.
If only I knew
what she was thinking
I could catch her in
the planning stage and
( lightning cracks )
( squeaking and whirring )
I'll pull out the tone generator
and substitute
a voice synthesizer
Come on, work, work!
It works!
the ends of my fingers
look like
little pink plums.
If I use headphones
Cindy will never know
I'm reading
her every thought.
I wish I could
try it tonight
and see if she's got
something sneaky planned
for tomorrow.
Nick, um, um, I-I hate
to bother you at home
but I'm stuck with these
two dumb tickets for, um
What was that band
you liked again?
( click-beep )
Oops, um, call waiting.
Don't go anywhere.
Hi, Cindy, uh, what you doing?
After I hang up, I'll be getting
an unlisted number.
Hmm, no brain wave response.
Goddard, recalibrate
to 3.8 Gigahertz.
( rapid beeping )
I hope Brainzilla
isn't on to tomorrow's
little surprise.
Ah, jackpot!
Oh, uh, yeah, I
just phoned to see
if you had any special plans
to humiliate me tomorrow.
Oh, no, don't tell me.
He's found out about the--
Are you okay?
If you can hear me,
tell me the answers
to 5-a through 11-c.
I mean, just so I know
that you're okay.
I'm Cindy, and what are you
doing in my room?
Where is my room
and what happened
to my puffy pink nail polish?
( screams )
( Jimmy's voice screaming )
( both screaming )
( electronic hum )
Girl hair! Girl hair!
Girl hair!
Vox, it's me! Let me in!
If you get garbage on my hair,
I'll never forgive you!
What have you got
to say for yourself?
Or myself?
Or whoever you are?!
Please don't put my hands
on my hips!
Guys don't go that!
I'll put my hands anywhere
I want to put my hands.
I'll skip to the doll shop,
swinging my hips, like this.
Swingy, swingy,
swingy, swingy ♪
Girlie, girlie, girlie ♪
Then fix this, you idiot-- now!
I just need to tinker with it
for a few hours.
We don't have a few hours.
School starts in 20 minutes.
You may have stolen
my body and my clothes
but you're not ruining my
perfect attendance record.
Now get my butt to class!
My ankles are freezing!
Why don't girls just buy
pants that cover their legs?
Stop dragging my feet.
Those are new shoes.
Look, if we just act like each
other, nobody will ever know.
( imitating Jimmy's voice ):
Look at me, everybody!
I sure am smart.
Admire my big,
show-offy brain.
You think I spent
enough hours on my
hair this morning?
Hey, everybody,
look at my ankles.
When will I get a pair
of pants the right length?
Who knows?
Here he goes.
Oh, this one's
going to be great.
He doesn't
suspect a thing.
Oh, yeah, uh
today's practical joke.
( splat )
( laughter )
Oh, so it's war, is it?
( imitating Jimmy's voice ):
Look at me, everybody!
I, Jimmy Neutron, am a blue-
faced, cross-eyed nosepicker.
( laughter )
Oh, yeah?
Listen to this.
Don't you dare.
( farting noise )
( laughter )
( imitating Cindy's voice ):
How very ladylike of me.
Cindy, what happened
last night?
You said something about
an extra concert ticket
and then the line went dead.
( in Cindy's voice ):
I wouldn't go to a concert
with you
if you were the last boy
on Earth.
That's how stuck up I am.
( all gasp )
( faking Jimmy's voice ):
I mean, Nick,
she doesn't mean that.
Quiet, children.
Pop quiz.
( class groaning )
I hope you enjoyed your
straight A's, Neutron,
'cause they're a
thing of the past.
"The ant is a member
of the vegetable family."
"Name the planets:"
Farkle Gub-Gub
I would like
an explanation
for these two
disgraceful papers.
( imitating Jimmy's voice ):
There's a simple explanation,
Miss Fowl.
I, Jimmy Neutron, am a complete
gabble-headed dipstick.
( as Cindy ):
But not as big a dipstick
as you are, Miss Fowl.
and if I don't get
a month's worth of detention
for that, you're even
dumber than you look.
( faking Jimmy's voice ):
Oh, yeah?
Well, how many detentions
is this worth, Miss Fowl breath?
( distressed clucking )
( snoring )
( metallic squeaking )
You think you could
figure this out
sometime before
I need to shave?
Hey, I want out of
this badly dressed body
just as much as you do.
Badly dressed?!
Do you know how long
it took me to floss
your big, old beaver teeth
last night?
And, uh, by the way
you start tomorrow
at Hank's Weenie Barn.
Here's your weenie.
( laughter )
( as Jimmy ):
It's something I've wanted to do
all my life, Miss Fowl.
( clears throat )
Here's a list
of all the boys in school
who make me, Cindy Vortex
feel all fuzzy inside.
Abraham "Mud-Face" Adler
( imitating Jimmy's voice ):
And I want more chores
around the house
And I want a meat log
for Christmas
Okay, maybe not Butch.
And I'd like you to sell my bed
forcing me to sleep in the crawl
space under the house
with the rats.
Are you sure
about this, Cindy?
( faking Cindy's voice ):
Yes, Cindy's Mother.
I'm glad
the expensive outfits
I used to be
so foolishly proud of
will now be
clothing the needy.
Do we have to
hide behind here?
Well, sorry, Jim
but we don't want to be seen
talking to a girl.
Yeah, that's a mandatory
five months
of people
pointing at you going:
Nyah-nyah nyah-nyah-nyah ♪
without the possibility
of parole.
I've got to reverse this effect
Do these shoes make me look
Oh, no, I'm starting
to think like her.
At least you're thinking.
Ooh, conflict-- got to go.
Look, we've spent all our
time sniping at each other
and hardly any time finding
a solution to our problem.
But I don't know
how to generate enough power
to affect a simultaneous
brain transference.
unless I dump both our minds
into a virtual brain pod.
"Dump our minds"?
Yeah, yeah-- while our bodies
are lying useless
we get the most trustworthy
people we know
to sort our respective memories
and abilities
into the correct heads.
Don't worry,
Jimmy and Cindy
I'll put your minds
back in the right places.
You can't even keep the gravy
inside your mashed potato
volcano at lunch.
You expect me to let
you put my brain back?
Cindy, don't worry.
I know your brain,
and I won't let them
put any stupid
boy stuff in it.
Okay, listen up, here.
When our brains are uploaded
all our memories
will appear on that screen.
You three have to decide
what belongs to who.
Don't give Cindy
my astounding ability
to create and build
pioneering technologies, okay?
Oh, yeah, like I'd want to
invent a toilet in a briefcase.
Hey, hey, that could have been
an invaluable accessory
for the traveling businessman.
Carl, throw the switch
and shut them up.
( whimpering )
( zapping )
Look, there's Jimmy's entire
memory of the third grade.
And we drag that
to the jimmy side.
"Supreme dislike
of show-offy boys."
That's Cindy.
Oh, yeah.
"Ability to whistle."
Can Cindy whistle?
I don't know.
We gave Jimmy rapturous
enjoyment of mustard.
Let's give Cindy whistling.
"Extreme dislike of girls who
dislike boys
"who dislike girls who dislike
show-offy boys who dislike"
It's so confusing!
Just throw that one away!
( beeping )
( bell dings )
And download.
( flushing )
Jimmy? Cindy?
Are you back
in your heads?
I I can't see my ankles.
Oh, no! He's blind!
No, Carl,
I've got my own pants back.
I warn you, Neutron, if anything
at all is wrong with my brain
You mean other than
what was wrong with it before?
I'll hit you
so hard in the mouth
it'll wake up your dentist.
( bell dings, gears whir )
Did you, um, notice
when our brains
were floating inside
that thing together--
which was disgusting,
by the way--
one of us
was imagining us
walking down a country lane
holding hands and, um, kissing?
Okay, I remember that, but
it wasn't my brain thinking it.
Well, it sure as heck
wasn't mine!
It must have been yours, Vortex,
because it was not mine!
No, you just said
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