The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s02e04 Episode Script


El Gato! 2x04 - "Bees" Hey, catch! - Excuse me, - Huh? I see you have Se?ora Zapata's prized Sweetie Boy doll.
Did you purchase it fairly, or are you filthy thieves?! Uh, the second one? Return it at once! Or face my boots! What are you going to do with your books? I said "boots"! Puss? Oh! Hello.
I have a little bit of a predicament I was hoping you could un-pickle for me.
Anything for a beautiful se?orita.
We have a little visitor at the orphanage.
A bee.
Huh? A bee? Well, I am quite busy at the moment.
- Have you tried opening a window? - Yes.
- Shooing it away with a scarf? - Yes.
Perhaps the orphans could just live outside for a while.
Fresh air is good for children.
Puss? Are you afraid of bees? Puss in Boots? Afraid of bees? That is ridiculous! That is the craziest thing I have ever heard, and I have talked to Artephius.
Oh, good, then you'll help us.
Okay, so it's right in there.
Obviously, I cannot work under these terrible conditions.
Oh! Cleevil! What was our agreement? "No playing the gobflute around anyone who has ears.
" That's right.
All clear.
Can you get the bee out of the orphanage now? I I I, um "Being brave does not mean that fears have you none.
It means you face up to your fears and do what must be done.
" I am not afraid of bees! You are the one who is afraid of bees! Yes, I am afraid of bees, but I'm not the town hero.
I am going in.
It is gone.
Another victory for Puss in Back, fiend! Back! En garde! Puss in the Boots! I am triumphant.
Interesting word choice.
Well, that is taken care Huh? Bees! Children, get inside.
Dulcinea, close the windows! That's a good boy.
Mayor Temeroso, are you not afraid? Interestingly, bees are the one thing I do not fear.
I had a pet bee as a child.
Eh We were very poor.
The bees are coming! I have noticed this! You are quite strong.
I eat a lot of ham.
Say, Pajuna, what kind of soup are you serving today? Cream of mushroom.
My own recipe.
I grow the mushrooms on a large heap of cow pies.
Oh, soup and pie! That sounds delicious.
May I help myself? You don't know what cow pies are, do you? Do not open the door! You will let the bees in! Is that what I look like when I am afraid? Mm-hm.
That is so sad.
I am not afraid.
I'm merely cautious about the bees because they will kill us with their terrible stingers full of poison! Ah! Oh.
Ow! Ow! Ow! The stingers they are relentless.
Oh, my gosh, these bees are terrifying.
Aren't they, Puss? Puss? It is really quite cozy in here.
We had a room like this where I grew up.
Only it was small and instead of treasure, it held our clothes when we were not wearing them.
Fear is nothing to be ashamed of, Puss.
Fear? I do not know the meaning of the word "fear.
" I've never heard this noun that indicates a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, whether the threat is real or imagined.
You sure? Everything you're doing makes it seem like I am sorry, I cannot hear what you are saying because I am extremely interested in this goblet.
What craftsmanship! Puss, bees are harmless.
Let me show you.
I'm in an incredible amount of pain.
All right.
We must find a way to drive the bees from San Lorenzo.
Now, if hypothetically, I were afraid, perhaps I would deal with it the way the mayor does.
This is not working.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Plan B: We will all move to a new town.
- What? - We cannot do that! I have too many things buried around here.
Uh, just ordinary innocent things that definitely are not evidence of crimes.
I am afraid of other towns! We can't leave San Lorenzo, Puss.
It's our home.
You are right, of course.
There must be some way to get rid of those bees.
Like, hi! I'm the Piper, but you can call me the Piper? Whoa, I thought I was going somewhere else with that sentence, man.
What do you want? I can get rid of those bees for you.
You are my new best friend.
- I I mean, this sounds excellent.
- Hang on, Puss.
How do we know we can trust this Pied Piper? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not the Pied Piper.
That guy is a total sellout.
I'm just the Piper.
What do you know about the bees? So much, baby brother man.
I can totally get those bees to beat it with my magic flute.
Whoa! How'd that get there? Ha, there it is! This is the perfect solution.
So, should she begin at once or sooner? What sort of payment are you expecting? Oh, you know, I'm just looking for a little bread.
Oh, well, we do have an excellent bakery here in San Lorenzo, but I don't know if No, no, no.
It is settled.
Get rid of the bees, and you can have all the bread you want.
Far out, man.
This is gonna be a trip! Thank you so much.
This is excellent.
Please, get rid of those bees.
I would do it myself, but you are already here, and I have quite a bit on my schedule today, you understand.
Our hero! The Piper saved us! I am not used to being on this end of applause.
Is it like this? I just slap my paws together like so? Hey, man.
It's time for me to collect my bread, baby brother man.
Ah, yes.
If you follow me to the bakery, we have a fine selection of baked goods.
You're bumming me out, boss man.
I don't want your food.
I'm talking about bread here.
Bread, man.
Dough! You want your bread uncooked? I did something for you, now you do something for me.
I think she wants money.
This cat digs it.
I'd say half the loot in your Treasure House makes us even.
Half the treasure? There is no way! I am afraid that taking our treasure is out of the question.
That's too bad.
Looks like I'm gonna have to bring the bees back.
What? No! This is gonna be a real buzzkill.
What is that? Guess you don't know about a little thing called bee lightning! Children! This, I do not like! Felina, protect me! This, I do not like.
The Piper must be running a protection racket.
What is that? It is when someone offers to protect you from a threat that they themselves are responsible for.
The Piper makes the bees attack towns, then charges to get rid of them.
What can we do? I may not be afraid of bees, but I am afraid of that Piper.
And giant bee balls, and cotton balls.
I know! We can learn to like being stung.
Who wants to practice? Ow! Ow! Ow! Mm Please say you have an idea, Puss.
If we could break her control of the bees, I could fight her.
There must be some way.
That is it! We need a sound that will disrupt the Piper's flute playing so that she loses control of the bees.
Quick, what is the most annoying sound in existence? Cleevil's gobflute.
- Ugh, yes.
It's enough to sour your milk.
- I think Cleevil is in the orphanage.
Who's going to go get her? Hm? No! The mayor is not afraid of bees.
No, but I am terrified of flutes.
Mommy! I know that I must be the one who goes, but I have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I feel hot, and my mouth is so dry.
And you keep feeling like you have to go to the bathroom? And your knees are rubbery? Yes! What does that mean? I feel that way all the time! It is fear.
It cannot be fear.
But it is.
I, Puss in Boots, am afraid.
It's okay, Puss.
You just have to face your fear.
I know you can do it.
I can face my fear, and I will.
I will retrieve Cleevil from the orphanage.
If I run fast enough, no bee can catch me.
Puss, no.
Bees respond to movement.
You have to go slowly so they won't attack.
Be calm.
Calm and slow.
- Okay, whatever you do, don't freak out.
- No, I Let me in! Let me in! Let me in! I am kind of freaking out.
I cannot stand the slow! Ow! I am stung! What inconsiderate fool left this cactus here? Oh, it was me.
Calm and slow.
Calm and slow.
Keep it together, Puss.
You can do this.
Puss, I'm so glad you're here! Puss is here to save us! What are you gonna do about the bees? Did you know that bees can count to ten but not to nine? - Where is Cleevil? - She went to the cantina.
Said something about mushroom soup.
She went back out there? All the way to the cantina? Yeah! As soon as I told her mushrooms grow on cow pies, she really wanted some.
I don't think she knows what cow pies are.
Puss, are you here to try the soup? No, thank you.
Cleevil, I need you to play your gobflute.
- On purpose? - Yes.
Please come, we must hurry.
You will save the entire town.
One problem.
- I left my gobflute back at the orphanage.
- Huh? I didn't want to get soup on it.
Let us go.
Did you bring back soup? No, we have come for the gobflute.
I am not going back for soup! Should I start warming up, Puss? No! Ha, you think you can take me on? Let's see what you've got, little flower! Bad vibrations, man! Play, Cleevil.
Play! Cleevil, you can do it! Look! Elephant-monkeys! My favorite! Oh, no! Cheater! You thought you could outplay me? I'm the Piper, man.
The Piper! No! Bees! I would have words with you.
The mayor will translate.
Uh, hello.
We must unite against our common foe.
The Piper has enslaved you for too long.
The time has come for you to take your freedom.
You can ignore me, you can sting me, but you know in your hearts who your true enemy is.
You know what you must do.
Also, please do not sting me.
What? I thought you were afraid of bees.
That's my gobflute! Ha-ha-ha! Now it is you who should be afraid of the bees.
Bummer! Yay, Puss! Whoo-hoo! I'm proud of you, Puss.
You faced your fear, like a true hero.
Ah, bees are nothing to be afraid of.
They are just friendly little insects.
The swarm is coming back! Classic.