The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s06e12 Episode Script

And, Having Writ, Moves On

El Gato! No! Can't you see? No! See? No! See no.
- Sino? - Is it really you? Yes.
It is I.
You have done well, Green.
Just doin' my job.
It's good to have you back, sir.
Puss in Boots.
My work here is done.
I am going back to the beyond to join my sister, Orange.
It's been an honor.
Thank you, Cleevil.
For everything.
Cleevil, you are an excellent Tulpa? Uh, goblin? Whatever you are, you are an excellent one of that.
Thank you, Puss.
Good luck, and farewell.
Couldn't help myself.
Sino, you were Artephius all along? Artephius was a part of me, yes.
We all have a light side and a dark side.
A yes and a no.
Artephius was the light, the side of joy and acceptance.
That other he was the dark, the side of fear and rejection.
He Is that a pancake in my shoe? Probably.
The joy and acceptance side of you was a really, very, really strange guy.
Why were you split up like that? When I learned the Bloodwolf was coming I knew he could only be defeated by the most powerful of all magical objects: the Arcanum.
With the Arcanum, I was able to defeat him and imprison him in the Netherworld.
I created San Lorenzo and hid it to protect the Obelisk of Night so the Bloodwolf would never be freed.
There I was, my great mission complete, ultimate power in my possession.
What was I to do? Should I change the world? Destroy all its evil? Take away everyone's freedom to choose between right and wrong? But these were the thoughts of my dark side.
No one could be trusted with the power of the Arcanum not even me.
I created three Tulpas: Orange to maintain the Realm of Shades should the Bloodwolf return, Green to bring me back should I be needed, and White to protect the Arcanum.
To be safe, I removed my memory of this third Tulpa.
I hid the Arcanum.
Then, lest my dark side take control, I divided myself.
Now that I have returned, I must say it is so weird having just one body.
It's like when you forget you got a haircut and you look in the mirror and you're like, "Who's that guy?" Um, sorry, but maybe we should focus on, you know, the world and how it's about to be destroyed by crashing into the Netherworld and ending all life, like, with a boom? The Netherworld? Quick, tell me, how long has the portal been open? - Mm - Uh, uno, dos, tres For months now.
Then it is too late.
Too late? Too late for what? I am afraid there is nothing I can do.
Once the portal has been opened, the destruction of our world cannot be stopped.
Oh, my.
If only it had never been opened.
But we cannot change the past.
Actually, we can.
You can change the past? Perhaps.
Just perhaps.
But there is only one source of power great enough the Arcanum.
But you said you wiped your memory of it.
But I must have hidden it somewhere in the safest of all places San Lorenzo.
In San Lorenzo? I know where the Arcanum is! It is Ha! The Eye of Sino! Ha! See my brilliant deductive reasoning? Nope.
It is not the Arcanum.
But thanks for defacing my statue.
Darn it.
But you must admit, that would have been pretty satisfying.
I mean, we are looking for a magic item, and here is one that has been here all along.
It's the Great Mage Sino! No, it ain't.
That's Artephius.
My friends, I am both.
He who you knew as Artephius was a part of me all along.
Too much change! Did you know that this is very shocking? Arty? Is that Ooh! Mama got a brand-new boyfriend.
I am no longer Artephius, my dear.
Look at you.
You're so powerful and distinguished and not smelly.
The part of me that was Artephius, uh, well, he wasn't big on bathing.
I know.
Everyone knows.
People of San Lorenzo! A magical object called the Arcanum is hidden somewhere in San Lorenzo, and we must find it, or the world will end.
I'll check my sofa cushions.
We must seek high and low, scrutinizing every nook and cranny searching ceaselessly until No! Dulcinea! I-I-I saw it.
- You saw what? - In my mind.
I know where the Arcanum is.
Is the third Tulpa down here? I do not know.
But if we find the Arcanum, it will appear to protect it.
Well, surely you are powerful enough to defeat a Tulpa.
Did I not mention that because I created the Tulpa from my life force, I cannot fight it? What? No! I see.
That was kind of important, wasn't it? Yes! My bad.
Now I see the Artephius part of you.
The Arcanum! It is here, within the Obelisk.
Emuq abanayyartu ma abzu, anbar ma shargaz, alka hamta! Alka hamta! Alka hamta! The Arcanum! Dulcinea! You will leave this chamber now! Dulcinea? She is the third Tulpa! I do not want to fight her.
It is our only chance to save the world! Uh-oh.
I said now! Dulcinea! What are you doing? Whoa! She cannot help herself.
It is what I created her to do.
You'll need more power to defeat her! Yikes! Aha! Your sword has power, Puss! Use it! I cannot hurt Dulcinea! Now, Puss! Strike! I cannot.
No! No! I will not do this.
Puss! Oh, Puss! What have I done? You had no choice.
I created you to protect the Arcanum.
Puss? Puss! Wake up.
Wake up! I'm sorry, Dulcinea.
If I had known it would lead to this I would have done things differently.
Bring him back.
You have to bring him back.
Bring him Huh? I cannot.
Even the magic of the Arcanum is not great enough.
Good-bye, Puss.
I love you.
What is this? Puss? Now, that was a first kiss to remember.
Puss! But but you were dead.
How? It was the only thing stronger than magic: love.
I'm sorry I killed you.
No big.
So I guess my work is done? Am I gonna fade away like Cleevil and Orange? No.
You are not like the others, Dulcinea.
You are not just a tool.
You are a real, living being with your own destiny, a destiny which is not yet fulfilled.
But you, Puss I am afraid you must go.
- Wait.
What? - What? We have to hurry! Huh? Everything is gone.
Sino, please say there's a way to undo this.
There is a way, but the price will be a heavy one.
Puss, there is something about you.
Your personality is too strong.
I have been told that before.
The Arcanum has shown me that your power is too great to coexist with San Lorenzo's magic.
Your very presence here will inevitably trigger events leading to the end of the world.
The only way to save the world is for you to go back in time and never come to San Lorenzo.
I am sorry, Puss.
No one will remember you.
Puss, you must understand that none of your adventures since coming to San Lorenzo will have happened.
I understand the sacrifice I must make.
But I ask that you grant me one favor, Great Sino.
Speak, Puss.
Please, allow me to keep my memories of my time in San Lorenzo.
A wise choice, Puss.
Because of your time in San Lorenzo, you will be a better hero.
You will be the hero the world needs.
Please give me a moment.
My friends, I must leave you.
Our time together has meant more to me than you can imagine.
But I must give it up, or our world will end.
I hate him, but I love him so much! I am told that you will not remember me.
But I will remember all of you.
- Even me? - Yes.
- And me? - And me? - Of course.
- Even me? Uh, do not push it.
I will remember all of you.
And I hope that in some way, I will remain in your hearts.
Even though I won't remember you, I'll always remember you, Puss.
Good luck, Puss in Boots.
Taru, etlu! Laku seru anna lapan, ina ana harrani sa alaktasa la tarat! The world will be a cold and lonely place without you in my life, Dulcinea.
But at least there will be a world.
You will go on without me.
I don't know if I can.
You can.
You can, and you must.
I love you.
So what now? I'm only asking because it's nearly lunchtime.
Should I should I make some sandwiches? One by one, you will all fade away and return to the moment in time to which I sent Puss.
Sino I owe you my very existence.
But But there is a favor you need to ask.
Mystic treasure at the center, lift the veil, that I may enter.
Mystic treasure at the center, lift the veil, that I may enter.
Huh? I am back.
Stop, thief! One leche for the gentleman.
Huh? Huh? What? This is good leche, Pajuna.
Who is Pajuna? - It's Raul, Puss.
- Huh? His name is Raul.
Are you ready for adventure? Yay! Hooray! Oh! Ya-ha! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!